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This Trump Administration Is Brought To You By Goldman Sachs


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Yet another man tied to Goldman Sachs is entering the Trump administration. This time it’s bank president Gary Cohn. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Now, Trump is putting Goldman executives at the helm of his administration's economic team. He's expected to name bank president Gary Cohn to an influential White House policy post, according to two people informed of the decision, and has already nominated former Goldman executive Steve Mnuchin to lead the Treasury Department. Steve Bannon, Trump's incoming White House senior adviser, also worked at Goldman before becoming a conservative media executive.

Wall Street executives have long wielded influence in Washington, filling top jobs in both Republican and Democratic administrations. Goldman Sachs itself has produced several Treasury secretaries, White House chiefs of staff and top economic advisers.

But the financial industry's high-level presence in Trump's burgeoning administration runs counter to some core campaign messages that energized his supporters.

Trump repeatedly warned that Clinton's Wall Street ties — the Democrat gave paid speeches to Goldman and other banks — meant she would never reform the financial industry. He promised that he would "drain the swamp" in Washington, a city he painted as beholden to financial and political special interests. And he cast himself as a champion for working-class people who watched the big banks grow wealthier after a government bailout, but haven't seen the effects of an improving economy in their own lives.”*

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  1. Posted by emile heskey, at Reply

    drain the swamp facts b

    • Posted by Lost Guardian, at Reply

      Andrew Schumm How about both?

    • Posted by Mary Rodger, at Reply

      Andy, WHO is the subject?

    • Posted by cb94, at Reply

      your in denial my friend

    • Posted by cb94, at Reply


    • Posted by Pamela Boss, at Reply

      Andrew Schumm Stay on subject, dude. lol

  2. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    Trump supporters were conned sooooooo hard

    • Posted by bob ross, at Reply

      +A54321 you idiot, if Trump’s cabinet of billionaires and swamp things was
      your intention, which he lied about, then you are dumber than I thought.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      I don’t care how much money they have. No one does. They are qualified,
      have republican ideals, and are going to put in the policies we want. Thats
      all we care about.

  3. Posted by Drm R, at Reply

    i thought agent orange’s cultists hated goldman sachs. oh thats right, they
    only hated goldman sachs when it pertained to hillary. now they are
    praising goldman sachs as the heroes on his heroic administration.

    • Posted by Grygory Malchuk, at Reply

      *As a Trump supporter, Goldman Sachs DOES bother me, a LOT.*

  4. Posted by Inferno361, at Reply

    I hope all you stupid trump supporters are proud of yourselves.

    • Posted by Vynjira, at Reply

      It wouldn’t matter because at the end of the day it would of been another
      Democrat opposed solidly by Republicans.

      Which means the corruption wouldn’t get as far and cause nearly as much
      damage, and that btw.. would of given us 4 more years to build up the
      Anti-Establishment Sentiment and take apart the system..

      Meanwhile, the morons who supported Trump put someone in office that a
      significant number of his base will support no matter what.. and he will
      make the country Whiter.. which means in 4 years time.. the corruption will
      be STRONGER.. and the Anti-Establishment sentiment will be WEAKER.. We’ve
      seen time and again that Republicans REALLY DO NOT CARE what their guy
      does.. as long as it’s their guy.. and they are the most resistant to facts.

      So the idea that Republicans are gonna wake up to this corruption is
      insanity… You have hope that Democrats will change and notice the
      corruption.. and you had a lot more hope with Hillary.. since her own party
      hated her.. They were literally only on her side because of Trump.. you
      take Trump out of the equation and suddenly a massive number of Democrats
      would of been against her..

      TL;DR: Instead of uniting everyone against Hillary in a split government..
      and trying to use that to change Democrats.. you decided it would be better
      to unite the government and split the country.. and use that to try and
      change Republicans??

      Yea.. let me know how that plan works out for you.

    • Posted by The Young Federalist, at Reply

      I made a video criticizing trump for not draining the swamp.

    • Posted by oh yea, at Reply


    • Posted by Mind Fucking Blown, at Reply

      Cut off the nose to spite the face, smart…

  5. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Yet the morons who voted for this clown thought he was going to be
    anti-establishment looking out for their best interest. What a joke.

    • Posted by Antony Stringfellow, at Reply

      Spunky 1991 ‘moron’ is the right word! The only people Donald ever ‘looked
      out for’ other than himself, was his family. He’s spent his entire life
      screwing people… even little old ladies (one who was 92 and left without
      a water supply for 5 years and another who was dying of cancer). Wtf were
      they thinking – he was suddenly gonna do a complete about turn at 70 years
      of age??? They’ve chosen a delusional second-rate con artist as
      commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the history of the World.
      Thanks guys!!!!

    • Posted by Doktor McNasty, at Reply

      nhz013, relevance?

  6. Posted by Astarisk XR, at Reply

    Hey TYT trolls! Thanks for the support 😂 your dislike and possible comment
    has allowed the video to gain more revenue 😊

    • Posted by America First, at Reply

      I figured a stand up leftist like yourself would be out burning cars ,
      rioting or looting a 7 eleven. At very least blocking traffic. Proof not
      all leftist are insane I guess.—- I’m glad the young Turks enjoy profits
      in competitive markets. It’s amazing when capitalism works. When they have
      host on like Jimmy Dore, water buffalo Cenk it’s worth watching for a
      different view point. If I’m wrong, I change my stance. To be honest thou,
      I’m enjoying myself some President Elect Trump. ———- Cheer up, We
      vote in 4 years.

    • Posted by Astarisk XR, at Reply

      +America First​​ I’m not gonna bash you or anything, I’m just gonna say
      that both the left and the right are being screwed over. We don’t have
      politicians who represent us.

      We have both been forgotten. I’m not a leftist. I hate the left and I hate
      the right. Yes I’m a liberal when it comes to social issues, but when it
      comes to security and defense, I lean more to the right.

      Neither side is the true answer. The right have their fair share of
      radicals (The Alt-Right (Neo-Nazi) and the left have our radicals like
      people trying to make pedophilia legal, and women trying to restrict mens
      parental rights.

    • Posted by ibesweetp2, at Reply

      Astarisk XR The trolls are gone man. Look at the like/dislike ratio on an
      anti-Trump video now. They used to always have more dislikes than likes. I
      think a majority of Trump’s supporters online have realized they were
      conned and have given up.

  7. Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

    He sure as hell sold out fast. Hope his supporters actually notice

    • Posted by TrumpanzeeHunter, at Reply

      They would have to be capable of caring more about their country than their
      political party/team or bank account first.

    • Posted by Геннадий Шишкин, at Reply

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    • Posted by Matt Lu, at Reply

      Thats so dumb. You should have voted for Bernie or something, not just give

  8. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald trump actually hired the swamp thing

    • Posted by Allard Freichmann, at Reply

      The orange ape hires apes.

    • Posted by David Rook, at Reply

      JO 93. Well if I had to go into a swamp, I would most definitely hire
      swamp thing. Duh!

    • Posted by POTUS Putin, at Reply

      He’ll hire who I want him to hire.

    • Posted by MickeyLovesIceCream, at Reply

      JO 93 Man-Thing was cheaper.

  9. Posted by Eric Thomas, at Reply

    Alex Jones trolls and Trump supporters will just say this is fake news. I
    really can’t comprehend why some people choose to be so ignorant. Makes you
    wonder what the world would be like without religion.

    • Posted by TheFireflyGrave, at Reply

      Tribalism predates religion. Lots of them are just fighting for their
      ‘team’ no matter what.

    • Posted by sanch Sanchayan, at Reply

      In reality Alex Jones is a deep racist and all his bullshit is to cover up
      his hate for the foreigners, the same foreigners that are actually
      contributing to the economy

    • Posted by Mary James, at Reply

      Eric Thomas The criminal who put our national security at risk and lied
      about it under oath lost! we the people won already! cheer up sheep!

    • Posted by JMT, at Reply

      David Rook Tick off the 1%, wall street, and bankers? Are you serious, they
      are all those things. Goldman Sachs is legitimately one of the major
      reasons for the Sub-Prime mortgage crisis.

    • Posted by A Knight Who Says Ni, at Reply

      Mary James troll

  10. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    Looks like I was too late… Alex PMS Jones already logged into his 20
    youtube accounts to dislike this video.

    • Posted by Person the person, at Reply

      LincDN FUVK HOU

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      Alice PMS Jones LMAO!

  11. Posted by F-22 Raptor, at Reply

    Trump Supporters were raped by Trump. literally raped.

    • Posted by randomguy5990, at Reply

      South Park?

    • Posted by Victor Ibarra, at Reply

      골드로저 Why are you against Jill Stein? I just want to know your input about
      any policies you disagree with her.

  12. Posted by Hi-Tec Jaymes, at Reply

    I admire Trump supporters cause no matter how bad he messes up or screws
    them over they remain loyal. Such profound resilience I must say lmao

    • Posted by Electrodude, at Reply

      They put so much hope in trump that they will not believe trump screwed
      them already, they are in deny.

    • Posted by Allard Freichmann, at Reply

      +goodfella21f Cheers to Trump Vodka.

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      POTUS Putin eww, sweater made from inbred hair.

    • Posted by Disconnect From, at Reply

      Hi-Tec Jaymes Here, here… that’s customary of the right…the right stand
      by their convictions…the left is wishy washy like a pendulum with
      erectile dysfunction…

  13. Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

    The average IQ of ……….
    Trump supporters…………………………………5

    • Posted by Johnny Martinez, at Reply

      Damn that’s harsh..

    • Posted by Welfare Crusader, at Reply

      Come on dude give Americans a bit more credit, we did invent the atomic
      bomb after all. I’d say we’re at 40.

    • Posted by Sycotic Deninard, at Reply

      Toad Jiang lol, Pigs are actually smarter than dogs.

  14. Posted by Adam Gellar, at Reply

    Why did we elect trump instead of Hillary again?

    • Posted by Isaac Luscombe, at Reply

      Adam Gellar
      Because he’s better than Hillary Clinton

    • Posted by MrFrotier, at Reply

      +Isaac Luscombe

      lmfao sure

    • Posted by Isaac Luscombe, at Reply

      Well he is, were going to have a better relationship with Russia, the
      borders will be protected, jobs will be saved and Syria has a better chance
      at being stable again. The only thing he is really bad at is climate change.

    • Posted by Johnny Martinez, at Reply

      Look I get it. Back your team no matter what and all that. But I’m more
      than certain that your convictions are based on conspiracy theories. What’s
      that famous line we use to yell out, wake up. Well I did. on my journey
      through life I happened to fall into a situation where I could finally know
      the truth of the cornerstone of conspiracy theorist like myself. Mind you I
      never believed anything the government or any of their
      defenders/gatekeepers put forward. I was the Info warrior of my time with
      some of my buddies. And guess what I found out. It was complete bullshit.
      Every single last detail of it was bullshit. At that moment of realization
      is like I woke up from a nightmare. I began to look for the obvious
      evidence rather than the circumstantial at that moment. I wasn’t afraid and
      angry anymore about the world imploding in on itself and secret elite
      killing of 80 percent of the population per Georgia guide stone
      inscription. Although that last one I’m not a hundred percent sure on but
      still, I know conspiracies and how they act like a coping mechanism to fall
      back on and blame society for our problems. I lived in Florida and when
      work dried up I moved to NY. Guess what I got a job within 4 days. Can’t
      move because your broke. The federal government helps you if your destitute
      and want to move. But don’t let people like Alex Jones and Trump keep you
      from seeing the truth. That they feed off of our fears. I knew he would win
      because Ron Paul’s Original Tea Party was massive and the MSM had ignored
      him. That was 8 years ago and that number had doubled by 2012, I predicted
      critical mass of freedom lovers and Info warriors in this election. And
      Trump knew that the only way to get elected was to make a lot of noise.
      Because the MSM would have just ignored him otherwise. To let people know
      that he’s there to solve all the problems. With Hillary we knew what we
      would get. But Trump is a conspiracy theorist. If any of you ever wake up
      from that world before the end of this presidency. You will understand why
      I’m more afraid of him then I’ve ever been of any conspiracy.

    • Posted by Sycotic Deninard, at Reply

      Adam Gellar We needed a swamp king. All hail the swamp king!

  15. Posted by Sloth7d, at Reply

    I’m willing to bet Trump supporters are now okay with Goldman Sachs despite
    their previous attacks against Hillary.

    • Posted by RNL Valen, at Reply

      Hillary wasn’t willing to put America first e.g. listen to the Rustbelt

    • Posted by Mary James, at Reply

      Sloth7d The criminal who put our national security at risk and lied about
      it under oath lost! we the people won already! cheer up sheep!

    • Posted by TrumpanzeeHunter, at Reply

      Yep. Putting a Goldman Sachs sock puppet in the White House who isn’t
      Hillary Clinton means “we the people” (FUNNY WHEN THIS WAS THE LOWEST VOTER

    • Posted by Say10, at Reply

      +TrumpanzeeHunter That’s actually not true at all. There have been many
      more elections where the VAP turnout was lower than the 2016 election.

  16. Posted by Toddiscool2, at Reply

    Meet the new swamp, same as the old swamp.

    • Posted by AG, at Reply

      It’s actually worse than the old swamp

  17. Posted by Jamie Mathieson, at Reply


    • Posted by David Rook, at Reply

      Tastes Great! But I know you can’t hear me, because you got your head
      stuffed up Hillary’s rear-end eating her peanuts…

    • Posted by barbtube01, at Reply

      Tea Baggers tea bagging Trump.

  18. Posted by Agulani, at Reply

    So i went to Alex Jones videos comment section and started confronting
    Drumfsupporters, it seems they are the ones salty now)))

    • Posted by Agulani, at Reply

      +Colonel 100 They either ignore it or they say “he was forced to” otherwise
      he would end up like JFK. No comment here!

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      Agulani LMFAO! Their damage control knows no bounds.

    • Posted by Welfare Crusader, at Reply

      You’re a brave man to enter Trump’s domain. You deserve a medal.