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Throwback Fails: It’s Hard Not To Laugh (April 2017)


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This weeks traditional throwback fails have everything from infant fails, faceplants and also a lots of funny stops working! Comment your preferred clip listed below and always remember to send us your amusing fall short video clips to!

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Little Woman Has Too Much Fun at the Dinner Table
Lengthy Dive Faceplant
Kid Shoots Mother with Marshmallow Weapon
Rollerblading Kid Falls while Using Box
Man in Uniform Falls Through Ceiling
Grandmother Falls off Grandkid's Three-Wheeled Mobility scooter
Birthday celebration Candle lights Go from Negative to Worse
Man Obtains Caught in Ice as well as Falls Hard
Failed Backflip Triggers Snowmen to Topple
Woman Chips Tooth During Rant
Jeep Attempts to Park on a Wall surface as well as Flips
Guy Dives Headfirst Down Stairways
Teenagers Riding Chair Drop Stairways
Storage facility Worker Slides into Chute with Keg
When Men Assault Balls
Person Fails to Damage Wooden Board
Individual Throws Sphere in Buddy's Face
Sidetracked Biker Crashes right into Parked Automobile
Little Lady Swings Bat right into Sibling's Head
Guy Hits Directly Light fixture while Playing Guitar
Surf board Strikes Surfer in Face
Tandem Searching Fail
Internet user Breaks Tooth on Electronic camera
Snowmobile Can't Walk on Water
Guy Drops Weights at Fitness center
Tractor Loading Fail
Guy Falls Hard Near Swimming pool
Lady Falls off Cart
When Balls Collide
Golf Round Hitman in the Nuts
Baby Pukes Right into Dad's Mouth
Man Body Slams right into Sand Attempting to Jump in Water
Pull Up Bar Slaps Individual in the Face
Man Sheds Ski after Jump
Shopping Cart Skitching Fail
Buying Cart Skitching Fail
Guy Stops working at Karate Chop
Racer Flips over on Street
Individuals Kick Can ablaze
Woman Cannot Rollerblade
Rollerblader Falls as well as Crashes right into Cam
Electronics Store Patron Walks right into Glass
Man Gets Taken by Kite
Man Drops Close friend Throughout Feat
Lady Soars after Colliding into Yoga Ball
Youngster Collides right into Trailer
Person on Inflatable Swan Come under Pool Reaching for Wine
Rollerblader Gets Angry after Falling
Fish Runs away Angler's Watercraft
Crashed Ferrari Rolls Off Truck Bed
Vehicle Engine Bursts right into Blazes
Trash Truck Explodes in Neighborhood n/a
Individual Falls off Bike after Throwing Snowball
Ski High cliff Dive Fail
Garage Door Rips Man's Pants
Youngster Accidentally Kicks Ball at Close friend's Phone
Teen Hurts Himself Leaping Over Fencing
Girl Falls off 40 Foot Cliff
Lady in Bikini Falls at Beach
Individual in Underwear Dives into Snow
Drunk ATV Chauffeur Backs right into Garage
Mother Tip over after Scare Prank
Lady Gets Mad when Dad Poops in Her Bathroom
Snowboarder Crashes into Old Skier
Person Does not Know How you can Race Cars

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  1. Posted by NickDoetAlles, at Reply


    • Posted by F is for fantastic, at Reply

      NickDoetAlles val dood

    • Posted by F is for fantastic, at Reply

      NickDoetAlles dom kanaal

    • Posted by Kelly van Schaick, at Reply

      F is for fantastic wtf, waar slaat dat op?

  2. Posted by Owen Duke, at Reply

    I bet 98659063566258765012$ that you didn’t read that number. Give me my like

    • Posted by Fearful Path2, at Reply

      Owen Duke No. Have a cookie 😏

    • Posted by sintetsu2, at Reply

      Owen Duke desperation fail

    • Posted by sorry signs, at Reply


    • Posted by Alex Boshey, at Reply

      Owen Duke Where’s my money?

  3. Posted by fritz, at Reply

    I like fails.
    Do you like fails ???

    • Posted by Oh yeah Mr Krabs!, at Reply

      Woa, unexpected.

    • Posted by Ansariz Bros, at Reply

      I Like Trains

    • Posted by Skythunder Sky, at Reply

      Yes, I like you!

  4. Posted by Terrow, at Reply

    all those people losing teeths that’s fcked up

    • Posted by FinPS, at Reply

      Terrow Teeths is not a word

    • Posted by JakeFromStateFarm/ TheMasked Gamer, at Reply

      FinPS – Cod Videos more likes than the comment itself

    • Posted by Terrow, at Reply

      Wafflez Yup kys my as

  5. Posted by Austrian Army, at Reply

    your channel is a throwback fail

    • Posted by Austrian Army, at Reply

      +Matthew games 123 I ain’t jealous it was just a joke hahaha and everyone here is insulting me salty virgins

    • Posted by thewestwardsky, at Reply

      und ich dachte, der lugner wär peinlich genug für österreich.

    • Posted by Angel Cortez, at Reply

      Austrian Army only virgins call other people virgins

    • Posted by Austrian Army, at Reply

      thewestwardsky ayy

    • Posted by Austrian Army, at Reply

      Angel Cortez not rly tbh

  6. Posted by The Cunt, at Reply

    Kill me

  7. Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

    2:03 dude was like: *I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYY!!!*

    • Posted by clray123, at Reply

      Nah, it’s just the gene pool cleaning itself.

    • Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

      clray123 Could be

    • Posted by GhastsStudio, at Reply

      5:00 also

  8. Posted by I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers, at Reply

    No one in this video said “Bazinga”, so I do not know why I would laugh about this.

    • Posted by Anthonycentral 1, at Reply

      Do soccer fails pt2

    • Posted by MineCtutWeh !!!, at Reply

      I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers junge du bist überall

    • Posted by Anony Mouse, at Reply

      I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers a

    • Posted by Action Gamer HD ツ, at Reply

      MineCtutWeh !!! ja eben

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers ._. Dafaq

  9. Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

    My back hurts…my neck hurts….probably tried to sue him after that

    • Posted by Hazuk.i Sonohara, at Reply

      A ‘sincere’ apology doesn’t change what happened, and I’m sure each person has their own definition of sincere. And since we only saw a few seconds of the video, maybe the guy calmed down after a few seconds?

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      He’s acting like the guy hit him on purpose.

    • Posted by Delta Frost, at Reply

      David Murphy take an advil

    • Posted by TheChubsta, at Reply

      David Murphy aqa

  10. Posted by -3-, at Reply

    5:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

      -3- I wonder, how much beer did they have?

  11. Posted by THEmickTHEgun, at Reply

    why did the chicken cross the road?

    Seriously why?

    • Posted by Gary Buckley, at Reply

      THEmickTHEgun Because you didn’t fucking cook it

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      THEmickTHEgun because the side he was previously standing on had a kfc nearby

    • Posted by REYS8, at Reply

      why not?

    • Posted by MR. SUICIDE, at Reply

      THEmickTHEgun he was running away from the hood and KFC

    • Posted by SPARKS081, at Reply

      THEmickTHEgun .
      because North Korea’s long-range missiles can’t make it that far

  12. Posted by Citizen Z Fra, at Reply

    0:06 sirène d’attaque nucléaire

    • Posted by Epic Erik, at Reply

      Citizen Z Fra baguette

    • Posted by Citizen Z Fra, at Reply

      oui c’est bien moi

    • Posted by Romain T., at Reply

      Citizen Z Fra c’est tellement ça 😄

    • Posted by LikeAMountainbiker, at Reply


  13. Posted by Mike M, at Reply

    2:02 What the hell did he think is going to happen? xD

    • Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

      Mike M Fly like an unicorn?

    • Posted by Kevsky, at Reply

      Mike M that’s a common thing jeep owners do to show off the traction on the wheels

    • Posted by DsyR, at Reply


    • Posted by Das Heino, at Reply

      Blastphamous HD are you here? xD

  14. Posted by CODsizK, at Reply

    my reaction to basically all these videos: “why tho?”

    • Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

      CODsizK We will never know.

    • Posted by JakeFromStateFarm/ TheMasked Gamer, at Reply

      CODsizK how many idiots will it take to destroy the earth? Let’s count. 1,2,3 I can’t even count anymore. THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW (what commercial did I steal from 😉

    • Posted by Don't check out my channel and don't subscribe, at Reply

      JakeFromStateFarm/ TheMasked Gamer From the tootsie pop commercial

    • Posted by Koopa550, at Reply

      mine: “why would you film that?”

  15. Posted by Jonah Pschl, at Reply

    11:03 that slap hahaha

    • Posted by Jana Sophie, at Reply

      Jonah Pschl Jonah iz da

    • Posted by Eye Yam Stew Peed, at Reply

      Jonah Pschl Nice views

    • Posted by Sapere Aude, at Reply

      I do this to my bf all of the time, lmao.

    • Posted by Alara, at Reply

      Jonah Pschl du auch hier

  16. Posted by Alby, at Reply

    i hate the way little kids cry, it winds up like an alarm or something, annoying as hell.

    • Posted by GETR3CKED, at Reply

      Lmfao so true

  17. Posted by Pablo Figueroa, at Reply

    11:21 a future feminazi on the works.

    • Posted by Sapere Aude, at Reply

      This is why we need feminism; because if this video were of a little boy complaining, no one would say anything. GTFO and leave the child alone.

    • Posted by Geroldo R., at Reply

      nah, no one needs feminism xd

    • Posted by Noah F, at Reply

      Sapere Aude I’m sorry but feminism is not going to stop people from making jokes on the internet

    • Posted by Felipe Deliberaes, at Reply

      look at all these men thinking their opinions on feminism matter

  18. Posted by Adrià f. g., at Reply

    Not funny. Not a single laugh.

    • Posted by DyNamic, at Reply

      I tried really hard not to laugh, it was a good compilation, but I held and didn’t laugh either 😀

    • Posted by ImJamon, at Reply

      I laughed several times, wasn’t trying not to laugh tho, i found it quite funny, i guess its subjective

    • Posted by Sayu Satoru, at Reply

      Cool, I found some parts funny and enjoyed the video more than you then.

    • Posted by Bacondonut1, at Reply

      Adrià f. g. I never laugh I just watch cause am bored

  19. Posted by Danny Ruiz, at Reply

    Who else stops the microwave at 1 so it doesnt beep.

    • Posted by Cancerous news reporter, at Reply

      Danny Ruiz me

    • Posted by Danny Ruiz, at Reply

      Henry Hancock didnt know you were on your period.