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Throwback Fails: Saved It! (January 2018) | FailArmy


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It's Thursday, so we meticulously put together a collection of throwback stops working. We have an awesome ATV fall short, a cooking calamity, as well as extra! Enjoy it promptly prior to your teacher/boss notices you as well as let us know your preferred below!


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Man Virtually Explodes Bathtub
Female Falls While on Pogo Stick
Fire Erupts Underneath Car
Guy Uses Coffee Table as Workout Bench and also Breaks it
Dog Fails to Capture Hotdog
Skater Falls Off Rail and Faceplants
Family Members Accident on Slip N' Slide
People Attempt To Trip Kayak
Drone Crashes While Giving Pet Treat
Longboarding Cowboy Falls Into Shrub
Motorcyclist Falls off Teeter-Totter
Kid Tries Frontflip Off Ottoman Unsuccessfully
Male Falls Off Bike on Route
Male Faceplants Riding Hoverboard Cart
Pet Dog Plays with Beetle in your house
Lady Cracks Phone Attempting To Open Up Container
Papa Crashes into Wall Surface Attempting to Eliminate Moth
Youngster on Sled Gets Stuck under Fencing
Person Spins 2 Buddies at the Park
Girl Gets Stumbled With Mat
Girl Can Not Board Kayak
Firecracker Virtually Explodes in Person's Hand
Duo Falls out of Canoe and right into Water
Girls Cannot Cook Frozen Pizza
Girl Attempts To Do Donuts on ATV
Young Child Intends To Go to the Bar
Kid Spreads Baby Powder Throughout Area
Kid Rides DIY Zip Line and Falls
Child Falls Off Surface Area Lift While Winter Sports
Man Rides Kayak Down Stairways and also Into Lake
Grandpa Grumbles About Not Being Permitted to Get Game
Birds vs. Male
Guy Fails to do Front Flip Off Table
Child Regurgitates on Mom's Face
Drone Crashes Into Falls
Little Lady Unintentionally Hits Head on Wall Surface
Female Flips Over Chair Attempting Yoga Exercise Pose
Woman Riding Paddle Board With Pet Dog Faces Rocks and also Falls
Men Fall Through Net
Dancer Gets Torn Down in Unforeseen Mosh Pit
Man Falls in Box Jump Attempt
Person Fails to Throw Ice Onto Concrete
Guy Falls Trying to Run Away From Firework
Suit Cases Diminish Conveyor Belt
Person Attempts Gymnastics Proceed Bars at Beach
Distribution Guy Encounters Mail Box
Guy Breaks Chair
Individual Falls In Reverse Into Canal
Papa Falls Off Rope Swing
Woman Falls off Table While Aiming To Do Scorpion
Guy Falls Off Bike Trying Ramp Jump at Lake
Person Flies Off Inner Tube Into Snow
Lady Attempts To Look Sexy in the Water
Woman Ruins Welcome Mat With Lawn Mower
Individual Gets Struck With Weight Doing Shoulder Exercise
Woman Trips Over Sphere
Walker Falls While Filming Landscapes

Throwback Falls Short: Waited! (January 2018)|FailArmy

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    WHAHAHAHA i cant stop laughing about the man in the first video. Hes like AHHHHHH YEAH SAVED IT😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Lol! So funny. Such a bro move

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    Is ein deutscher hier

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      Keine Ahnung 😕

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    #FailArmy is the Best Channel on YouTube❤

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      VERY far from being the best. Too much recicled content and not really quality videos. However, MonthlyFails and Raging Humor always deliver quality over quantity.

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      Thanks!! We think so too.

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      FailArmy no at all

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      They used to be pretty cool. Just recycle the same material over and over now.

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    5:48 He went through the fence! 😂

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      Yup almost.

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      Suomalainen spotattu: Mite helvetis.
      Finsish spotteted: How the hell

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      We know we watched

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    Give that man 20 dollars

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    Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    03:16 Scott Reinwand & Trey Warner – Bigger Faster Stronger (Full Mix)
    04:02 Pryda – Choo
    08:32 WebMusic – Roberto’s Grooves 2

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      coub army you use Shazam liar

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      Sir Zowsie He just want to help.

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    7:26 Rice Gum is that you?

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      Anthony Brandt thats pretty racist! Like

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    0:00 what kind of porn is that?
    6:13 and this?

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      Why it has so many likes? Horny teens press “like” on everything that has “porn” in it?

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      The guy had an orgasm at 0:00 . That’s sick.

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      ΛDDICƬIθП lol

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    5:04 wtf is this dog?

    • Posted by jot just happened, at Reply

      POLARTTYRTM Yorkshire terroir cross jack Russell I thing

    • Posted by Weelki, at Reply

      It’s broken

    • Posted by Fredrik haugland, at Reply

      POLARTTYRTM ugly dog

  19. Posted by NoJusticeNoPeace, at Reply

    You know, I can’t help but notice, for a dude to make the cut for one of these videos, he has to do a double-backflip onto rusty nails and land on his head, then get bitten on the nutsack by a rabid coyote. For an attractive woman to make the cut, she just has to fall over while wearing a bikini.

    • Posted by YanRuyo, at Reply

      NoJusticeNoPeace lol ok

    • Posted by Sam Stanfield, at Reply

      Actually you just have to fail

    • Posted by James Cook Ródenas, at Reply

      The nails don’t have to be rusty…. 🙂

  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Throwback Fails are here, we hope you dig some of these classics. Which is your favorite?

    • Posted by JAMAL SPARTAN, at Reply

      0:58 best part of video for me

    • Posted by Filip Wojciechowski, at Reply

      Guys… you are getting hard money on it, so maybe do it good all the time? All fails was there in not long amount of time, so do smthng better. Less video but better quality with new fails!

    • Posted by eekpie, at Reply

      its all trash panda

    • Posted by News Tube, at Reply

      All m/