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Throwback Fails: That’s one greedy cat!


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We're taking it back a step with some FailArmy Throwbacks, enjoy some skateboard fails, summertime stops working and also a money grubbing feline. Leave a remark regarding your preferred clip listed below and do not forget to send us your amusing fall short video clips to!


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Video clips:
Male Carelessly Drops Pricey Camera
Golfer Falls into Lake
Bike Flip Faceplant Fail
Boy Hits Daddy in the Nuts
Motorcyclist Squeezes with Vehicle as well as other Motorcycle
Diet plan Coke and Mentos Experiment Fail
Motorist Costs right into Flooded Street
Skateboarder Faceplants Halfpipe
Chauffeur Loses Control and also into Parked Automobile
Parking Lot Shopping Cart Trip Fail
The real world Tarzan Fail
Canadian Geese vs. Lady
Camaro Z28 Catches Fire
Daddy Falls after Rotating Youngsters
Individual Slides while Recovering Fish
Guy Detects Water
Waterskiing Accident
Jeep Brushed up Away by Flooding
Truck Virtually Hits Lady's Head
Little Child Tip over During College graduation
Motorcyclist Falls into Ditch
Sea Raft Wipe Out
Man Breaks Vase after Falling off Swegway Motorist right into 3 Automobiles
Guy Tackles Box Obstacle
Diver Loss Onboard Rather than Over the top
Burglar Autumns after Swiping Flag from Patio
Car Owns right into Flooded Location
Snowboarder right into Ramp
Lady Goes Traveling Off Trampoline
Woman Falls Off Equine while Getting Asked to Senior prom
Motorcycle into Rear of Subaru
Guy's Nuts Wounded by Plaything Bullet
Car on Edge of Crossway
Hand Tree Stump Breaks Fencing
Mentos Container Rocket Hits Camerawoman in Face
Goalkeeper Unintentionally Ratings Factor for Rival Group
Shark Strikes Angler
Dancing Backwards Woman Trips and also Breaks Table
Man Riding Zip Line Practically right into Tree
Gymnast Turns off Trampoline
Teenager Operating Forklift Decline Palettes
Money grubbing Pet cat Falls off Fish Tank
Swing Burpees Fail
Little Kid Pool Slide Fail
Traceur Swims
SUV Sprinkles Water right into Chauffeur's Car
The Loss of DJ Cat
Truck Flips on Salt Lake City Freeway
Mobility scooter Cyclist and Mountainboarder Fall throughout Trick
Person Faceplants into Above Ground Pool
Guy Terrified while Enjoying Frightening Flick
Woman Fails to Jump Over Obstacle
Woman on Mobility scooter Faceplants Sidewalk after Embarking on Ramp
Wardrobe Falls during Video game of Hide and also Look for
Expanded Man Aims to Show off Sword Abilities
Male Falls Off Plastic Pet crate Tower
Bear into Cyclist on Route
Snowboarder Runs into Various other Snowboarder Head-First
Man Flies right into Water while Examining New Rowboat
Swing Set Light Tube Hit to Back
Driver Swipes Automobile Against Highway Barrier
Male Gets Overly Thrilled at College graduation Event
Skateboarder Gets Struck in Nuts with Plaything Football
Silverback Gorilla Provides Center Finger
Various other Internet user Causes Man to Diminish Board
Youngsters Uncooperative During Photo Shoot
Child Falls off Piano Bench
Kid into Cars and truck on Bike
Individual Faceplants Yard after Bouncing from Trampoline

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  1. Posted by thatonepotterhead7879, at Reply

    Don’t try this at home because if you do you’re dead
    …so then why are you doing it

    • Posted by Kalle Keränen, at Reply

      he is pro and nobody else is

    • Posted by Lowezar, at Reply

      He’s not at home, I guess.

    • Posted by °•†M¡racle†•°, at Reply


    • Posted by xCrushax, at Reply

      Why he does it? Crippling Depression.

  2. Posted by KURKUMA ROKSANA, at Reply

    3:47 witamy w Polsce

    • Posted by Djon Drobe, at Reply

      yee boy, Poland love, pozdrowienia z Rosji

    • Posted by Bartosz Brzozowski, at Reply

      KURKUMA ROKSANA dokładnie xd

    • Posted by Tomek Freestyler, at Reply

      Bartosz Brzozowski xd

    • Posted by Donald Tysk, at Reply

      KURKUMA ROKSANA 6:54 witamy w Polsce

    • Posted by Rafał Chaciński, at Reply

      to jest nie do przejechania – It’s impossible to drive through 😀

  3. Posted by LoteEB Roblox, at Reply

    Who else laughed? 😂😂

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      It’s rather to difficult to laugh when you’ve already seen half of the videos before.

    • Posted by LoteEB Roblox, at Reply

      I know right! lol

  4. Posted by BeetzMeinName, at Reply

    1:17 … fucking Idiot!

    • Posted by Nick Fenny, at Reply

      Kristoffer Kristiansen Killing a fish isn’t the same thing as killing a human

    • Posted by Tha Reaper, at Reply


    • Posted by Tha Reaper, at Reply


    • Posted by BeetzMeinName, at Reply

      Guys wtf he can do this when the shark attake him

  5. Posted by LeoneDonCitrone, at Reply

    1:17 I love karma!

    • Posted by hunter PRO1, at Reply


    • Posted by Question_Mark, at Reply

      The guy was defending himself from the shark but somehow he’s in the wrong? What pathetic people you are.

  6. Posted by NBRS COMMANDER, at Reply

    Damn, I laughed hard at least 3 times watching this!
    Very nice compilation! Hard to pick a favorite part but, I liked the part where the guy was flooring it to drive his car through the water. LOL. Anyone that knows anything about driving through water like that, knows you drive slow and steady. LMAO

    • Posted by NBRS COMMANDER, at Reply

      Also, maybe you need to be a grown up to learn how to spell. Not being mean. Just saying! 🙂

    • Posted by That Guy, at Reply

      NBRS COMMANDER no u don’t drive slowly because the current will wipe you away

    • Posted by NBRS COMMANDER, at Reply

      That Guy what current?
      It’s a puddle. lol

    • Posted by Bafflez, at Reply

      NBRS COMMANDER I liked the part where I fucked your mom

    • Posted by NBRS COMMANDER, at Reply

      I liked the part where I reported someone for being a dumb s**t. LOL

  7. Posted by bAWSM, at Reply

    lol I actually dodged my screen at 8:45

    • Posted by mow 26, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein looks like you have nothing better to do, fucking twat!

    • Posted by Vitor Patinha, at Reply

      same here

    • Posted by khryzbr, at Reply

      Girl: It’s too far away, come back!
      Bottle: OK!

    • Posted by pablo vargas, at Reply

      yeeesss!! I was laughing of myself!! haha

  8. Posted by vicast115, at Reply

    8:39 I actually dropped my phone and tried to block my face. I knew it was coming but, damn.

    • Posted by flops031, at Reply

      “It’s to far away come back!”

    • Posted by MLGKOOLAID 360, at Reply

      vicast115 yeah

  9. Posted by I Z, at Reply

    2:18 most british thing ever

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Why? There are no horse teeth involved.

    • Posted by Pick A Shoe, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein -_-

  10. Posted by BangDroid, at Reply

    “Did it break our microwave?”

    Eric is concerned with the important things.

    • Posted by Eric 2.1, at Reply

      Important things first 😀 !

  11. Posted by Busy-A !, at Reply

    4:36 me when I’m checking my bank acc in the middle of the month

    • Posted by Thomas, at Reply

      Eric Trent it’s Norwegian

    • Posted by Eric Trent, at Reply

      Thanks. Was trying to figure it out.

    • Posted by igano, at Reply

      LOL nice one dude..

    • Posted by Kristýnka Pařilová, at Reply

      or playing FNAF lol maybe

    • Posted by Kevin H.A, at Reply


  12. Posted by Planet Neptune, at Reply

    Your house is falling apart and you’re worried about your microwave? Who?

    • Posted by Simple -, at Reply

      so true xD

    • Posted by Klokinator, at Reply

      What was even going on in that video?

    • Posted by Jonas, at Reply

      probably poor people who can’t cook food any other way

    • Posted by lukngud, at Reply

      Planet Neptune, obviously Renters…

  13. Posted by A10, at Reply

    0:45 *SACK TAP*

    • Posted by Cameron Hagon, at Reply

      A10 ew.

  14. Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply

    *so romantic*

    • Posted by КОВЁР, at Reply


    • Posted by AD Advertising, at Reply


    • Posted by Viktor Kostelić, at Reply

      Alexei Zhdamarov i

    • Posted by Gay Pudding, at Reply

      That’s why you get your horse used to rastling plastik.

  15. Posted by TheRapidfire01, at Reply

    0:38 thats a monkey holding the camera

    • Posted by SangtankerVN, at Reply

      you damn right 😀

    • Posted by Sapere Aude, at Reply

      Well, I mean, we are still apes so…

  16. Posted by Keith Craw, at Reply

    I’m just here passing by

    • Posted by PaulTheGamer, at Reply


    • Posted by Keith Craw, at Reply