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Throwback Thursday: Are My Teeth OK? (May 2017)


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This week for Throwback Thursday, we're going back for some incredible event fails, mountain cycling falls short and hilarious parkour fails. Plus, a lots of various other amazing fail between. Remark your favored clip below and also remember to send us your funny fail videos to!


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Woman Slaps Mouth right into Kid's Head
Cat Pushes Water Bowl
Woman Injures Butt on Rock while Crossing Stream
Skier Cannot Grind down Ramp
Bicyclist Breaks Collarbone and also Right Arm
Pet dog Overturns Man at Gender Reveal
Little Woman Discovers a Negative Word
Guy Flies over Handlebars Without a Helmet
Snowmobiler Goes Turning over Handlebars
Lady has a rough start on the track
Skier Faceplants Off Jump
Downhill Slip N Slide Fail
Male in Undergarments Fees right into Door
Man Slips on Sailing boat
Bicyclist Faceplants in Poop
Post-Op Woman Convinced She Sees Aliens
Person Breaks Table after Getting on It
Teen Goes Flying Over Bike Handlebars
Man Doesn't Know How to Enter Kayak
Skier Takes Out Cameraman with Flip
Skateboarder Crashes and also Goes Rolling Down Hill
Tic Tacs Fall Out of Girl's Mouth Doing Lip Smack Sound
Individual Jumps off Pommel Horse and also Hits Directly Floor
Shy Woman Falls off Swegway
Bike Crashes Directly right into Guardrail
Little Lady on Bicycle Crashes right into Mailbox
Kid Frightens Mom Bulging of Shop Aisle
Woman Aims to Consume Gelato
Individual Cannot Get Pole on Ceiling
Grandfather's Pearly whites Falls into Cake
Goose Assaults Male
Guy Breaks Computer Table
Individual Attempts to Ride Board down Sand
Potato Sack Race Ends in a Faceplant
Son Gets Tickled and also Snot Comes Out
Longboarder Gets Caught in Wobble
Guy Obtains a Rubber Band to the Face
Man Failing Triggers Pal to Fail
Little Lady Laughs at Traveling Snacks
Pinata Flies Towards Electronic camera
Person Crashes Hard right into Sand after Backflip
Man Falls short at Parkour
Soccer Gamer Takes a Tumble
BMX Lady Crashes Off Homemade Dive
Bridesmaid Stumbles and also Falls at Wedding celebration
Female Utilizes Basket Stand while Shopping
Longboarders Collide throughout Race
Grandmother Overwhelmed by Selfie
Snow sled Water Crossing Ends Severely
Drone Crashes right into Pilot
Drunk Male Climbs up Open Entrance
Little Girl Rides Mechanical Bull
Car Crashes right into Mail box
Infant Slathers Cream Around Space

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Throwback Thursday: Are my teeth ok? (May 2017).

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  1. Posted by Jimster 101, at Reply

    Raindrop, droptop, pin this comment to the top top

    • Posted by Squidward, at Reply

      Raindrop droptop I want to die today

    • Posted by Vicente, at Reply

      Jimster 101 rain drop drop top you are fucking 3 months late for that joke

  2. Posted by Bernd das Brot, at Reply

    0:40 who else checked his smartphone?

    • Posted by Elouan le footeux, at Reply


    • Posted by Whyte Wolf, at Reply

      Bernd das Brot I checked my heart.

    • Posted by The Bunny Granny, at Reply

      Bernd das Brot me

  3. Posted by Fabien White, at Reply

    “Nope” xD

    • Posted by Verchrieben, at Reply

      TheDennis I Vlogs und Lets Plays Ja!:D

    • Posted by TheZui, at Reply

      +Jan Schmidt1 How to likes abstauben um sich im Internet cool zu fühlen…

    • Posted by Mister Cuțu, at Reply

      Fabien White #motocross

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Fabien White HIII

    • Posted by NoahSnook, at Reply

      Fabien White i

  4. Posted by Realypse - Clash Royale, at Reply

    i Would to go to toilet but i saw a new failarmy video

    • Posted by Lolzcool, at Reply

      Realypse – Clash Royale why not just watch it at the toilet?

    • Posted by Realypse - Clash Royale, at Reply

      I am on Computer.

    • Posted by Magua, at Reply

      Hope you has reached this place in time))

    • Posted by Platon, at Reply

      Magua i hope you dont. Wanna see you in the next vid…. XD

    • Posted by Magua, at Reply

      Do you like to watch movies from WC? really? Sorry mate i havent talent to make that. But dont worry i sure you can try to find something for your delicate taste on internet))

  5. Posted by Music is Win, at Reply

    Upon reading this, you are imbued with a sense of invigoration and self-worth. You may experience a floating sensation as your life goals suddenly become more attainable. As others fail around you, you shall rise, stomping on their faces as stepping stones to glory. Good day.

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      And now they are in big butt.))

    • Posted by TheBLUBBER, at Reply


    • Posted by Semper Fi, at Reply


    • Posted by Screaming into the void, at Reply

      Music is Win nope, still want to die

  6. Posted by Sam Ibeling, at Reply

    May the fourth be with you,

    Starwars day? Anyone?

    I’ll just leave

    • Posted by Shadow Youtuber Kid, at Reply

      I asked my friend what the date was and she said that and I knew she was referring to star wars, but since I don’t really like star wars I didn’t know it was star wars day until I read this comment.

    • Posted by Canadain Dude, at Reply

      Sam Ibeling It’s my birthday today, May 4th 🙂

    • Posted by SANCHEZ RICO, at Reply

      michaela keay thanks and to you too

    • Posted by Marley Savolainen, at Reply

      Out school played star wars over the speaker and all the teachers had to be dressed up as a Star Wars character and they all had to say that joke. One of the most embarrassing things my school has ever done

  7. Posted by TrollForce, at Reply

    Sub me and I won’t sub back because I don’t believe in that bullshit.

    • Posted by Arfat Shaikh, at Reply

      Sub me I subbed

    • Posted by ShishkaBerry, at Reply

      amen brotha

    • Posted by Rinstinkt, at Reply

      I can sub your moms and sisters…

  8. Posted by Karmelek, at Reply

    3:53 #Poland

    • Posted by Jakub Nikolajczyk, at Reply

      Karmelek ale przyjebał xd

    • Posted by Crazy Horse, at Reply


    • Posted by Derpi, at Reply

      “Ale kurwa…”

    • Posted by saman barwary, at Reply

      Karmelek yup i heard kurwa 😂

    • Posted by Hubert KT, at Reply


  9. Posted by IJ SAY, at Reply


    • Posted by Crowley, at Reply

      You know that New York and Arkansas are both in America? And that they all speak American English there?

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      +john Barry – no, because , unlike democrats, trump loves America.

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      +john Barry – and, what does English being the third most popular language on the planet have to do with the democrats trying to eradicate English? transgenders make up less then 1% of the population of the US, but democrats want everybody to change to fit their needs. you are required, by law in many areas, to let an adult male watch your little girl pee in the ladies room.

    • Posted by Da Kellinator, at Reply


    • Posted by MaximusStudio Productions, at Reply

      It’s funny how mad Americans get when someone jokes about them but they always joke about us Canadians…..Americans are hypocrites

  10. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    Amazing Video as Always 🙂

    • Posted by 10.000 Subscribers without Video, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic 👍👍

    • Posted by dominik becker, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic Nice Channel 👍

  11. Posted by Patrick, at Reply

    Throwback Thursday:
    To quote that grandma at 9:10:
    “Oh my God..I don’t like it”

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      She was referring to anal sex when she said that.

    • Posted by Miss Unicorn xx, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein ..u know how

  12. Posted by A10, at Reply

    “Are my teeth okay?” “Nope” lol

    • Posted by SandiandBodiandI, at Reply

      Will the Thrill just your senseless generation of pussies and idiots 🙂 Worthless generation.

    • Posted by BananaPancaking, at Reply

      @SandiandBodiandI     You need less dicks in your mouth, and more Jesus in your life. Also, I’m very sorry about your father. Really a shame he left your family when you were at such a young age.

    • Posted by Da Kellinator, at Reply

      A10 has 5 subscribers yet no vidoes 😂😂😂

  13. Posted by Stormtrooper 2718, at Reply

    Samantha why did you do that?
    Butt Paste 😂

    • Posted by Rebecca M, at Reply

      That’s going to be my answer to every problem in life now.

    • Posted by moto_life_vl, at Reply

      Stormtrooper 2718 я

    • Posted by OverFabulousPugPuppy OfUltimateDestruktionAndDoom, at Reply

      This Girl is The Devil

    • Posted by Dani5000 Dani5000, at Reply

      Butt Paste, solution of everything xD

    • Posted by swanclipper, at Reply

      i think she’s gonna have some fun stories when she’s 18

  14. Posted by Hamish Johnson, at Reply

    Another throwback, come on fail army your better than this

    • Posted by Ategra, at Reply

      But its TBT!

  15. Posted by Weezy, at Reply

    2:16 Donald Trump launched the Atomic Bomb

    • Posted by wanton noodle, at Reply

      Weezy stop fat shaming, although that was pretty funny

    • Posted by deonisp, at Reply

      Weezy that was MOAB

    • Posted by BrianShaggy074, at Reply

      Weezy lololol

    • Posted by Jack Clasen, at Reply

      “fat shaming”

  16. Posted by NPCarlsson, at Reply

    Can someone please explain the one at 8:01? I don’t get it. Is there something in her basket?

    • Posted by Czarna Monia, at Reply

      NPCarlsson She took a stand (I don’t know if it’s a good word, English is not my native language) for baskets, this isn’t a part of the basket.

    • Posted by Nerdy Bird, at Reply

      NPCarlsson she took the basket rack and thought it was a roller for the basket or something I believe

    • Posted by Ane GameS, at Reply

      the basket didnt had wheels

    • Posted by MC Just Noisy, at Reply

      It didnt had wheels

  17. Posted by Doruk Tolga, at Reply

    Is that girl naked in the background @ 10:59?

    • Posted by Jamison David, at Reply

      Doruk Tolga
      yeah, your mom is hot in that birthday suit

  18. Posted by Barry b, at Reply

    4:35 I can’t stop laughing please make that a meme

  19. Posted by AirportHobo Triggers Me, at Reply

    good ol butt paste prank