Throwback Thursday Fails: Here Goes Nothing (April 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Throwback Thursday Fails: Here Goes Nothing (April 2017) || FailArmy


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TBT! Enjoy a few traditional throwbacks! We've obtained a Let us understand just what you think in the comments listed below. Have a few of your very own? Send them to !!

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  1. Posted by Dan Kaharl, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr. Seabiscuit, at Reply


    • Posted by Cartman, at Reply

      dan kaharl is first to get cummed in his bum

    • Posted by ZenBunny, at Reply

      Mr. Seabiscuit nein

    • Posted by Dan Kaharl, at Reply


  2. Posted by Derpsta101, at Reply

    This is dave->🐨
    He has no family
    1 like equals one more family memeber

    • Posted by Lapdap Gaming, at Reply

      Derpsta101 when you’re called dave you deserve no family

    • Posted by Aimless, at Reply

      Lapdap Gaming then the name dave doesnt even exist since if you dont have no family you were never born and if every single person with the name dave dont have any family they were never born and the name dave never existed

  3. Posted by Tell Truth, at Reply

    By the time you are watching this video Fail Army has made 53469$ US Dollars. You can check out on social blade

    • Posted by Aimless, at Reply

      Tell Truth thats what they get once every month

    • Posted by v2446v, at Reply


    • Posted by JUST FEET, at Reply

      dont forget add blocker .. social blade shows 18-293€ month ,i got 7€ in life time xD

    • Posted by littlepiggydog on IG, at Reply

      no…. 4 mil views is 50k dollars lmfao.

    • Posted by Zeoic, at Reply

      4 millions views would be around 3k – 3.5k…

  4. Posted by Ludvigdreng, at Reply

    What kind of psychedelic drug do they use at american dentists?!

    • Posted by TheDragiix3, at Reply

      America is amazing! You can’t even drink alcohol in public and everybody believes cannabis makes your head explode but the dentist… well, the dentist can drug you 😀

    • Posted by John Shepard, at Reply

      Would you rather them not be able to?

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

      it is called “zyklon b” to be precise

    • Posted by Catarina d'Orion, at Reply

      Yeah I also dont get it, I extracted my 4 wisdom teeth and they gave me just a normal anesthesia…

    • Posted by David Gomez, at Reply

      nitrous oxide

  5. Posted by abhishek kr., at Reply

    00:57 OBAMA EXPLAIN THAT !!!

    • Posted by meowmeowrawrable, at Reply

      Now it’s up to Trump

  6. Posted by Andrew McDonald, at Reply

    Can I have prayer? I am sick and need prayers 🙂

    • Posted by Robin, at Reply


    • Posted by Andrew McDonald, at Reply

      Aussie Edits thanks I saw only one human commented

    • Posted by DSkiter, at Reply

      Andrew McDonald like-bait

    • Posted by Ironie Fan, at Reply

      Andrew McDonald Just die please

    • Posted by Bloody Grundel, at Reply

      Prayers wont help, go to the fucking doctor

  7. Posted by Patrik Hajdúch, at Reply

    5:41 Can we just talk about how it’s supposed to be “brakes” instead of “breaks”

    • Posted by Poseidon, at Reply

      Patrik Hajdúch true dat

    • Posted by The Randalizer, at Reply

      Patrik Hajdúch oh yeah ha lol

    • Posted by Red Nick, at Reply

      That’s probably why he crashed into the tree. He hit the breaks instead of the brakes.

    • Posted by TheVideogucker333, at Reply

      haha didn’t even noticed xD

  8. Posted by František Preissler, at Reply

    The guy that just gets up and does that jump into the snow…. damn….

  9. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    Q: What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?
    A: Snowballs.

    • Posted by AND CZR, at Reply

      please do a firefighter fails lml

    • Posted by Theo W, at Reply

      AND CZR Thats not fail army

    • Posted by Darth Korn, at Reply

      delete your channel, stop trying to copy fail army

    • Posted by een anonieme man, at Reply

      FailUnited y do u copie fail army…

  10. Posted by Silver Wolf, at Reply

    and fucking again some of them aren’t even from 2017

    • Posted by Kova Koala, at Reply

      Martin Håkanson What are you, fucking Norwegian? Go lay an egg you massive bafoon

    • Posted by Danny&Kacey, at Reply

      Silver Wolf it’s called tbt for a reason.

    • Posted by Worques, at Reply

      Look up the meaning of throwback and you might understand

    • Posted by Brendan Ryan, at Reply

      Everything is throwback on Fail recently…

  11. Posted by Matt Terry, at Reply

    How to make easy Youtube money, take a video from a year ago, mix you clips around and call it Throwback Thursday
    *Failarmy’s Logic!*

    • Posted by Anonymous Faggot, at Reply

      FailArmy savage

    • Posted by John Shepard, at Reply

      And yet, here you are watching it!

    • Posted by n3kbrEak3r, at Reply

      Matt Terry Reeeeeeeeekt

    • Posted by TheSilentWay, at Reply

      Can you guys just stop complaining? It was still hilarious

  12. Posted by airri, at Reply

    9:15 i swear to god that guy is The Rake 😀

    • Posted by Patrik Gornicsar, at Reply

      airri 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 awesome comment, you just made my day

    • Posted by airri, at Reply

      Patrik Gornicsar you’re welcome😂

  13. Posted by EBOPRO, at Reply

    The fucking sheep at the end

    • Posted by Joseph Williamson, at Reply

      EBOPRO makes me lol every time

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      So good! Sheep get me every time lol

    • Posted by phil_of, at Reply

      EBOPRO i feel so sorry for this sheep😔❤

    • Posted by I love SNAKES, at Reply

      EBOPRO it’s cool that they get a little wool as souvenir

  14. Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

    Don’t you hate being stuck at the end of the map like that sheep?

    • Posted by Zouaoui Hocine, at Reply

      Ball is LIfe lol

  15. Posted by Rainbrou123, at Reply

    10:30 That girl at the left side trying to get a high-five for the whole vid

    • Posted by General Penultimo, at Reply

      Lol true

  16. Posted by queerhomofag, at Reply

    If I had a dollar for everytime I saw that sheep fall down the hill…

    • Posted by DuArsch, at Reply

      … i would be rich…

  17. Posted by Terminator, at Reply

    5:00 why tf you have to scream like that?

    • Posted by Terminator, at Reply

      so annoying

    • Posted by TheDragiix3, at Reply

      women (I say this as a woman who is as annoyed as you are)

  18. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    What type of videos should we bring back for #TBT?

    • Posted by Atoy Ekra, at Reply

      New ones

  19. Posted by Gill, at Reply

    4:00 gotta love those idiots who walk in the bikes lane :^)