Throwback Thursday Fails: This Water’s Gross!! || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Throwback Thursday Fails: This Water’s Gross!! || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Throwback Thursday is below !! We're drawing several of our favorite old falls short consisting of woman falls short, health club stops working, and also parkour stops working! Appreciate Throwback Thursday, as well as allow us know exactly what you think in the comments listed below. Have a few of your personal? Send them to !!

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Woman Slips as well as Falls off Dock
Youngster Falls Off Play area Swing
Canine Pushes Pet cat off Stairs
Child Scared of Father's Sneeze
Man Satisfies Plastic Chair
Woman Headbutts Sweetheart's Nuts
Child Lands on Head after Doing Backflip
Feline Fall under Cardboard Box
Individual Urination Falls in Water
Unmanned Tractor Drives Via Parking Lot
Woman in Swimwear Falls Down Stairs n/a
Man Hits Good friend with Golf Ball
Boat Car parking Disaster
Teenager Crashes Into Automobile
Skier Crashes right into Tiny Tree
Couple Falls into Wall at Cinema
Man Gets on Creek
Ladies Fail Harmonizing Each Various other
Duo Fails to Do Acro Yoga Appropriately
Dirt Cyclist Falls into Creek
Woman Gets Hit in the Head by Guitar
Snow sled Crashes on Top of Biker
Bride-to-be's Sibling Decrease Wedding celebration Cake
Man Presses Pal Over on Wheel Board
Ladies Pile on Each Various other
Little Child Flies over Manage Bars
Snowboarder Crashes and Flips over Rail
Girl Attempts to Shoot Weapon with Safety and security On
Guy Removes Youngster at Ice Rink
5-Year-Old Nearly Hits Papa with Arrow
Two Ladies Slide off ATV during Wheelie
BMX Biker Cannot Wall surface Flight
Scaredy Feline Frightened by Cucumber
White Van Crashes right into Tow Line
Educator Autumns in the Middle Class
Mountain Cyclist Breaks Collarbone
Woman Falls off Chair Making Video clip
Deliberately Tossing a Round under Treadmill n/a
Skateboarder Slams Butt on Cement
Lady Gets Little bit on Butt by Monkey
Cat Aggresses Owner
Newborn Horse Loss after Sneezing
Bicyclist Taken Out by Parking Gate
Male with Chainsaw Falls right into River
Feline Tries to Break Fish tank Glass
BMXer Falls Doing Icepick Work
Teen Breaks Collarbone Flipping Over on Bike
Chauffeur Crashes during Hillside Climb up Race
Auto accident into Big Clock
Grandfather Faceplants Snow
Girl Falls while Dancing but Conserves Beverage
University student Falls Off Stage throughout Style Show
Dual Swing Flip Fail
Cucumber Scares 2 Pet cats
Zip Line Crash
Father of the New bride Trousers Fall
Motorcyclist Runs over Kid
Backpacker Falls on Nuts Crossing River
Woman Falls Aiming to Cross River
Eagles Try to Swipe Camera
Very first Timer Crashes on Mobility scooter

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  1. Posted by Lukas Prantl, at Reply

    Nice video

    • Posted by Tbiblaine23, at Reply

      Lukas Prantl shut up lol

    • Posted by vigilanceX, at Reply

      MrDogAndCat wrong message reported
      Lukas Prantl shut up lol

    • Posted by Dominic Smith, at Reply

      vigilanceX shut up lol

    • Posted by DarkWarrior1613, at Reply

      Lukas Prantl shut up lol

  2. Posted by Die Saubazis - Clash of Clans, at Reply

    GERMANY !!!

    • Posted by Rodrigo Lima, at Reply

      OMG it seems like the Reich is back…

    • Posted by b0zina, at Reply

      More like GERMISTAN haha,after all this immigrants came 😀

    • Posted by Daniel kim lakezurichkim, at Reply

      Die Saubazis – Clash of Clans KOREA!!!

    • Posted by Erock's Adventures, at Reply

      Definitely Germanistan

    • Posted by Avesthin, at Reply

      nazi germany

  3. Posted by Levi Simmons, at Reply

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I don’t know what to do
    And either do you

    • Posted by Vox Studio, at Reply

      Roses are red
      violets are blue
      Buy a dictionary

    • Posted by Exozxn, at Reply

      It would be neither….

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      Vox Studio
      i fixed it for you

      Roses are red
      violets are blue
      I bought a dictionary
      and so should you.

    • Posted by Vox Studio, at Reply

      MrYfrank14 be my best friend

    • Posted by The Devil Himself, at Reply

      Violets are purple*

  4. Posted by OSuperGuyO RotMG, at Reply

    I like seeing fat kids fall and then cry

    • Posted by Shawn T-roll, at Reply

      Fatty fatty 2×4
      Couldn’t even fit through the bathroom door.

    • Posted by YouJelly, at Reply

      lol wtf, literally just playing realm then came to this vid

    • Posted by Braydon Malone, at Reply

      OSuperGuyO RotMG your harsh

    • Posted by Priyanka Chandrami, at Reply

      OSuperGuyO RotMG can you follow me

  5. Posted by KXgaming, at Reply

    Who loves FailArmy?
    ignore if you hate him:/
    Help me hit 3.4k subs? I’m so close

    • Posted by KXgaming, at Reply

      ChilangoJr nah not really😬You’re probably taking to yourself last video you made was 1 month ago!😂😂

    • Posted by Tyler37575, at Reply

      Kys 🙂

    • Posted by ChilangoJr, at Reply

      KXgaming at least I am not begging people to sub to my channel

  6. Posted by Jurica Drezga, at Reply

    i challenge you to find ONE new clip in this video.

    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      Can’t find one. 😀

    • Posted by samu8882, at Reply

      i actually didnt see a lot of these before than again im not an og

  7. Posted by Burnsy, at Reply

    my dads going to kill me, he will think i did this…….YOU DID DO IT hahahaha

    • Posted by Emiliano Felix, at Reply

      I think he was about to say “on purpose”

    • Posted by Agnostic Monk, at Reply

      But he *DID* do it on purpose; and the uploaded video proves it!

    • Posted by FaZe Jeroen, at Reply

      Agnostic Monk w8 a sec, what do you think on purpose is

    • Posted by Agnostic Monk, at Reply

      FaZe Jeroen C’mon, dude, the last part of my comment was the punchline!

  8. Posted by Domest02, at Reply

    I like it how everybody tries to act cool after they failed ….

    • Posted by iGot AssMa, at Reply


    • Posted by Toby2p, at Reply

      Nick Brown really…… >_<

    • Posted by lyesryes, at Reply

      uh…. I didn’t see a single instance of people trying to act cool after failing in this video. Except maybe the teacher on the desk, but he was clearly being sarcastic.

    • Posted by EvanThe Lemon, at Reply


  9. Posted by mystery mystery, at Reply

    1:02 – 69 style

    • Posted by xxcsgokid channel, at Reply

      God. Isnt real so….

    • Posted by pUrG3 Gaming, at Reply

      mystery mystery dude just stfu

    • Posted by Ayy Lmao, at Reply

      xxcsgokid channel he is real.(to me)

    • Posted by Gaming _Python1212, at Reply

      pUrg3 gaming stfu cuz you know you will never to 69

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      gym 69

  10. Posted by ray, at Reply

    *What they see:* Throwback Thursday
    *What I see:* We’re-running-out-of videos-Thursday c:

    • Posted by Andrew Stanley, at Reply

      people are getting smarter

    • Posted by Rehyzn, at Reply

      I like watching these actually. and some of them iv never seen.

    • Posted by Agnostic Monk, at Reply

      Most of these I’ve never seen, and I can’t be the only one.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      How can we make even more money out of stuff we’ve already shown before.

  11. Posted by Evan Meberg, at Reply

    my rock just died can i get likes for him

    • Posted by Spooder Man, at Reply

      sure G

    • Posted by Anders Byttner, at Reply

      You mean pop is dead, not rock!?

    • Posted by Dr.Magic 2003, at Reply

      I think you mean your sense of humor

    • Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

      Getting likes won’t bring your rock back, Evan.

  12. Posted by Renee Sorbara, at Reply

    argh, when you want to like a comment but then u accidentally click on their name and then the keyboard comes up.

    • Posted by Champstamp83, at Reply

      lyesryes 60% of people who access the internet worldwide do it on a mobile device. Your phone has many times the processing power of the machines used when the term PC was coined, and it is most definitely a personal computer. So yes phones are the PC of 2017

    • Posted by kaner Vid, at Reply

      lyesryes Not everyone has those specs though, most people use pc’s to browse the internet and write documents and you can already do that on a mobile phone.

    • Posted by alexander troyak, at Reply

      lyesryes to watch yt, hell no, but to play games or type documents, yes

    • Posted by AzZy 76, at Reply

      Renee Sorbara I

    • Posted by Tyson Castro, at Reply

      Renee Sorbara I know I. Did it to this comment

  13. Posted by Gannicus, at Reply

    Lol girl @2:25 pulling her dress down trying to save some dignity, too late little lady 😀

    • Posted by Rodrigo Lima, at Reply

      why dignity when you’re fucking hot

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      it because she knows she could be bleeding to death and if her panties are showing, guys would stare at her panties instead of calling 911, so girls always pull the dress down first.

    • Posted by Choppalove, at Reply

      the THICC kind

    • Posted by I don't use this channel anymore Bye. -, at Reply

      +Axlur lmao wtf 😂

  14. Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

    09:28 I guess it’s time to run

    • Posted by aZa, at Reply

      Ball is LIfe hilarious

  15. Posted by Sebastian Dalessandro, at Reply

    Haven’t we all learned now that women can’t drive… 2:40 it’s your own fault…

    • Posted by Carter R., at Reply

      Or you just suck at telling jokes.

    • Posted by Isaac Steltzer, at Reply

      People get it, but its still fucked up.

    • Posted by Sebastian Dalessandro, at Reply

      Carter R. 33 people seem to like it hahaha

    • Posted by Sebastian Dalessandro, at Reply

      Isaac Steltzer not my fault if people get offended, you’re the one who’s sad in life not me..

    • Posted by Kenneth Busler, at Reply

      Sebastian Dalessandro hard to drive when she is making me a sandwich.

  16. Posted by Katie Lemelin, at Reply

    God damnit Steve!

    • Posted by Inuyasha6594, at Reply

      I say the exact same thing every time my cousin Steve does something stupid, which is damn near every day.

    • Posted by Dude Labowskee, at Reply

      Katie Lemelin It’s ok. That was “Scuba Steve”.

  17. Posted by Γιωργος Δριδακης, at Reply

    10:06 wtf is that on the corner

    • Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

      Oh my God I just noticed that. It looks like a HUGE insect of some sort.

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      cat eating spider. they use cucumbers as bait.
      it looks like a cat toy. feather on a stick type.

    • Posted by MEDsoft, at Reply

      Γιωργος Δριδακης when the cat ran the airflow moved the feather on the toy.

    • Posted by MEDsoft, at Reply

      Γιωργος Δριδακης when the cat ran the airflow moved the feather on the toy.

    • Posted by Γιωργος Δριδακης, at Reply

      MEDsoft lol i didnt know that

  18. Posted by Tyra Wodén, at Reply

    “uhu-uh-hu uuu Uu”

    • Posted by Bass Addicts, at Reply

      Tyra Wodén Nailed it!!!

    • Posted by valentin ion, at Reply

      Tyra Wodén wow accurate

    • Posted by Dat Boi, at Reply

      Tyra Wodén lol