Throwback Thursday Fails: Try not to laugh! || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Throwback Thursday Fails: Try not to laugh! || FailArmy


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We chose to return and also pull out several of our favored stops working! Appreciate Throwback Thursday, as well as let us understand just what you think in the comments listed below. Have a few of your own? Send them to !!

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Human Slingshot Dual Flip Ends in Flop
Person Faceplants Table after Slip 'n' Slide
Champagne Bottle Opening Fail
Dad Throws Snowball at Child's Face
Cartwheel Touchdown Fail
Woman Falls on Butt after Damaging Goat Head
BMXer Goes Somersaulting Over Handlebars
Guy in Sunglasses Falls off Chair
Electric Massager Cable Triggers Power Failure
Man Faceplants Concrete after Bouncing on Pogo Stick
Woman Breaks Light making use of Hula Hoop
Woman Falls off Tree after doing Cartwheel
Bowling via Legs Fail
Lady Faceplants Lawn after Failed Leapfrog Attempt
Guy Hits Head Trying to Glide into River
Male Rides Bike Down Stairways
Ordinary Garments Kayaker Falls in Water
Lady Falls off Kayak Spreading Web
ATV Biker Flies off Track
Parkour Youngster's Foot Goes through Roofing
Ski Dive Collision Fail
Big Individual Breaks Tire Swing
Lady Flies over Bicycle Handlebar
Lady Fails to Capture Sweet in Mouth
Bench Backflip Head Hit
Buddies Break Pull Up Bar
Rope Swing Bond Fail
Auto Loses Tire while Drifting
Wakeboarder Wipes Out on Makeshift Rail
Model Rocket Nutshot
Motorcyclist Flies over Handlebars
Bass Hits Diva and also Lead Singer Strikes Back
Rollerblader Falls on Butt
Teenager Kicks Sphere right into Good friend's Face
Male Tips Over in Spinning ATV
Wheel Flies off Big Rig
Unicycle Train Fail
Parkour Falls short at the Flight terminal
Man Falls in Flooded Street
Wakeboard Flip Fail
Youngster Flies out of Trampoline Cage
Youngster Takes out Table from Under Friend
Female Gets Revenge on Other half with Firecrackers
Sandboarding Launch Fail
Guy Falls Off Rope Swing
Female Falls Off Steed
BBoy Falls on Head after One-Handed Spin
Hostile Girl Plays with Hula Hoop
Snowmobile Jump Faceplant
Biker Turns over Handlebars in Woods
Omelet Flip Fail
Guy Crashes right into Barrel Attempting to do Flip
High cliff Jump into Rock Fail
Block Tower Falls on Youngster
Pedestrian Tosses Cup in addition to BMW
Little Kitty Can not Jump
Arrangement Toss Fail
Husky Screams Noisally
Kid Fails to Make a Skid Mark
Girl Stops working at Kitesurfing
B-Boy Falls Hard on Butt
Table Jump Fail
Rollerblader Smashes Nuts on Rail
Person Gets Tangled in Dive Rope
Skier Diminish Cliff throughout Race
Child Erases Throughout Classroom Tirade
Mahi Mahi Runs away Watercraft
Automobile Stuck on Tracks Struck by Cargo Train

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  1. Posted by Moritz Schmidt, at Reply


    • Posted by Mize, at Reply

      Hi (sorry for bad english)

    • Posted by Oshi Stevens, at Reply

      Moritz Schmidt hi

    • Posted by legendarygirl Gamer, at Reply

      Moritz Schmidt HARLLO!!!!!

    • Posted by Lvcas, at Reply

      ja moin

  2. Posted by Tobias Bornemann, at Reply

    plas make drunken fails

    • Posted by Shhh, at Reply


    • Posted by GummyRules 1500, at Reply

      Shhh *Please

    • Posted by bryson heath, at Reply

      Shhh …you corrected him incorrectly

    • Posted by Galaxy glitter, at Reply

      bryson heath lol

    • Posted by Shhh, at Reply

      bryson heath btw Ik it’s please I’m used to texting

  3. Posted by D05 Gaming, at Reply

    the grandpa isnt funny ,the people should have helped him not laugh at him

    • Posted by D05 Gaming, at Reply

      danzoil im not a female xD and i sexually identify as an attack helicopter! (#memesarentdreams)

    • Posted by MagikGimp, at Reply

      You need to watch more FailArmy videos, the Russians ones specifically. Plenty of drunkard idiots doing stupid things and falling in rivers in those. He brought his embarrassment (and probably pneumonia) on himself.

    • Posted by MagikGimp, at Reply

      And yes, I would try to have some more self-respect as a an OAP. It might be Scotland with all their alcohol problems but we still make sure those who have dementia or whatever are looked after.

    • Posted by Green Connector, at Reply

      Yeah, that’s true. I have seen quite a few of them…I guess it comes down to the context of the video. 😛

  4. Posted by The Universe Arch, at Reply

    Dammit. I didn’t comment first.

    What a fail… :/

    • Posted by Cubic 0660, at Reply

      The Universe Arch I thougt i was first

    • Posted by Ostin Brown, at Reply

      I sing songs in pantyhose ;D
      Check my videоs pls)

    • Posted by Thomas Hooper, at Reply

      Ostin Brown you’re crazy lol

    • Posted by Hawk Eye, at Reply

      +Spider Man I like your profile pic!!! It looks like you’re whispering your comments out from behind a corner!!😂

  5. Posted by Cyrusjr, at Reply

    5:20 cringe…

    • Posted by legendarygirl Gamer, at Reply

      Cyrusjr Dude same

    • Posted by Dancing Deity, at Reply

      dude was psyco looking i almost think that guitar guy did that on purpose to shut him up.. lol

    • Posted by Linus H, at Reply

      Yep that was clearly scripted…

    • Posted by Schokofussel Acalon, at Reply

      Dancing Deity Of course he did. Everyone with ears would have done the same thing..
      Good band though

  6. Posted by 25provo, at Reply

    I didn’t laughed because it wasn’t funny + i already saw most of them…

    • Posted by 25provo, at Reply

      Jacob Ok! English isn’t my mama language, thanks!

    • Posted by MY MOM MADE A FAIL AND NAMED IT SARAH, at Reply

      25provo my mama Language😂😂😂

    • Posted by 25provo, at Reply


    • Posted by William Nicastro, at Reply


    • Posted by Squatch_ Gaming, at Reply

      I love how that Jacob guy tried to roast 25provo and failed miserably

  7. Posted by Tommy Simonson, at Reply

    I feel like I’ve seen these before

    • Posted by Science Mad Gamer, at Reply

      +ty313331313 Pretty sure that was the joke……

    • Posted by mokats11, at Reply

      Science Mad Gamer and how are you so sure it was a joke? What if he really is being stupid?

    • Posted by Up High Down Low, at Reply

      Science Mad Gamer preach 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Posted by mokats11, at Reply

      Science Mad Gamer yea but is the grass greener on the other side? Did the acorn fall away from the tree? Or does the sun reflect off the water or the Retna from your eyes?

  8. Posted by Kody_BRO, at Reply

    every video should be a tbt cause it seems like you use clips that were filmed 2 years ago

    • Posted by JamEngulfer, at Reply

      Milli W Sounds like getting corrected made you pretty triggered.

    • Posted by Milli W, at Reply

      JamEngulfer You caught me. Triggered like how u were impelled to comment? Kettle calling the pot black dummy.

    • Posted by Loreta Nelu-Kuchiki, at Reply

      Milli W calm down! Kill yourself stupid

  9. Posted by S Ssleet, at Reply

    Not funny, just sad

    • Posted by Schokofussel Acalon, at Reply

      Humanity has gone somewhere… cannot find it anymore :/

    • Posted by Taylor Williams, at Reply

      I find humans hilariously​ stupid, so these are funny to me.

  10. Posted by Abhi Chaudhary, at Reply

    6:55 I felt so bad for grandpa..

    • Posted by Siena Davis, at Reply

      Abhi Chaudhary i Agree

    • Posted by Music Is Life, at Reply

      and the bastards filming are laughing.

    • Posted by Brigitte Snelson, at Reply

      Abhi Chaudhary ikr and no one helped him

    • Posted by Kate Browne, at Reply

      Abhi Chaudhary ik, I’d be straight out the door helping him! idiots

  11. Posted by Life In Reverse, at Reply

    10:36 ARE YOU ALRIGHT? She just fell into the water. Hot girls are getting far more attention than needed

    • Posted by Archangel Omega, at Reply

      Life In Reverse she was taking a class and as an instructor they have a responsibility to ask if their alright

    • Posted by _soqotra, at Reply

      Life In Reverse someone’s salty

    • Posted by Rasul Soltabai, at Reply

      Thirsty much?

  12. Posted by Zade More, at Reply

    This video is an excuse to get quick views with already used videos. Like who tf wants throwback fails? No one

    • Posted by TheSilentWay, at Reply

      Zade More I do too

    • Posted by WillsCreationStudios, at Reply

      Zade More I thought it was pretty good

    • Posted by Freckled Rogue, at Reply

      I’m guessing they are doing this so they can find more clips and to give themselves a bit of a break.

      Gathering so many clips from different sources and put them together can be an absolute fucking nightmare. Also sometimes you just have a hard time finding enough decent footage to put together for a video.

      This is why I’m cool with it plus it says throwback in the title. If they were advertising it as new clips in the video then that would be shitty.

    • Posted by free4one2three, at Reply

      Nothing wrong with seeing something you’ve already seen and liking it. Or does nostalgia not exist in your world?

      “actually no it’s not free content in the way that you think” I’m not paying for it. So it’s free. Yes they’re making money from it, but as long as you’re not paying for it, it’s free.

    • Posted by Science Mad Gamer, at Reply

      A fail is a fail. I’ve seen so many I don’t remember most of them anyway.

  13. Posted by MissKalashnikova, at Reply

    6:38 Poor man, what kind of assholes make fun about that? I hate that histerical stupid laughs…

    • Posted by SmileypandaGaming Smiles, at Reply

      MissKalashnikova I

    • Posted by isitdan1, at Reply

      Its funny because he is drunk

    • Posted by Schokofussel Acalon, at Reply

      What if he couldn’t get up anymore because he was drunk?He could have easily drowned there.
      I hate such ignorance. If I see people near me, that need help, I HELP.

    • Posted by Isaac Steltzer, at Reply

      Its funny to see people drink their lives away and fail. If he would of began drowning, they would of probably helped, but he came back over the water so its not like he was in any real danger. Calm down lol

  14. Posted by Anthony 2k, at Reply

    Its for shure that those guys werent GTA Player…

    Know why?

    They tried to stop the Train

    • Posted by Schokofussel Acalon, at Reply

      But yes.
      They had no clue what they were doing.

    • Posted by Derrick Jee, at Reply

      Lol his spelling errors really bothered me too.

    • Posted by RushInNinja, at Reply

      Did pretty good for English not being his first language.

    • Posted by Giit Huub, at Reply

      +Anthony 2k LOL dat *.gif xDDD

  15. Posted by UniqueGalaxy 800, at Reply

    Who is actually watching on a Thursday

    • Posted by Dude Head, at Reply

      Not me.

    • Posted by A.J. Swierzbinski, at Reply

      UniqueGalaxy 800 I am lol

    • Posted by Random Vids, at Reply

      UniqueGalaxy 800 no I’m watching this yesterday

    • Posted by Eli Grai, at Reply

      Not me

    • Posted by Backyardmech1, at Reply

      Just watched it. Burned up 13 minutes and now I have 4 more hours of work.