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Throwback Thursday: That was amazing! (May 2017)


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Today for Throwback Thursday, we're returning for some incredible scares, a unicycle stop working and also an amazing diving board stop working. Comment your favored clip below and also do not forget to send us your amusing stop working video clips to!


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Throwback Thursday: That was amazing! (May 2017).

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  1. Posted by icetool34, at Reply

    but every fail army video is throwback? all you do is reuse clips…

    • Posted by Henning Simensen, at Reply

      icetool34 i think they do a pretty good job at finding fail videos conisidiring they upload like every 4-5 days or so

  2. Posted by Tom Davies, at Reply

    Sometimes I like to cover myself in Vaseline and pretend i’m a slug

    • Posted by Bartosz Brzozowski, at Reply

      Tom Davies whole body? lol

    • Posted by SOME90SGUY, at Reply

      Tom Davies danny duncans friend said that u jew( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

    • Posted by Traumâțu' Mîț Mîț, at Reply

      in cum, you mean

  3. Posted by YouTube Account, at Reply

    We ran out of clips, quick lets do tons of Throwback Thursday videos! That’ll keep em’ entertained for a while.

    • Posted by Snax, at Reply

      Bro i watched the same episode of Spongebob more then a million times and i still enjoyed it when i was little, and this is just the same

    • Posted by Beckynolife, at Reply

      yeah and every Thursday people post these comments. It happens once a week, get over it already.

    • Posted by HorniPorniPoppyCorny, at Reply

      +Beckynolife Sais the one that has “nolife” in thier name 😛

    • Posted by Beckynolife, at Reply

      HorniPorniPoppyCorny HEY! shut up 😂

  4. Posted by NeverN Nightcore, at Reply

    1:17 Let’s Ride
    1:22 Rest in Peace

    • Posted by NeverN Nightcore, at Reply

      DeafGirl LoVeANIME sorry it’s a joke

    • Posted by DeafGirl LoVeANIME, at Reply

      NeverN Nightcore oh no it okay

    • Posted by TriggaByte, at Reply


    • Posted by Mark Javier, at Reply

      More like rest in pieces. Broken bone pieces

  5. Posted by Yousuf Ahmed, at Reply

    dont click read more

    damn you savage 😎😎

    • Posted by Hej Hej, at Reply

      i clicked läs mer

    • Posted by Sabri Meyer, at Reply

      I clicked “más informacion”

    • Posted by Nauticat Gaming, at Reply


    • Posted by ComZeroGaming, at Reply

      I don’t see a click more

    • Posted by Ben Jones, at Reply

      That’s the point of the joke, fucktard

  6. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    Save the trees! Eat more beavers!

    • Posted by 10.000 Subscribers without Video, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic 😀😀😀

    • Posted by Tom Hellriegel, at Reply

      draven draven you to

  7. Posted by Felix Müller, at Reply

    Please Not so many Videos with People hurting hard. Please other, funny fails!

    • Posted by Keks, at Reply

      Felix Müller find ich auch

    • Posted by Felix Müller, at Reply

      Keks kann man auch mal in Deutsch antworten 😀

    • Posted by Keks, at Reply

      Warum nicht hab deinen Namen gesehen 😂

    • Posted by Yuan Yamada, at Reply

      dein englisch ist aber schlecht xD

  8. Posted by kadigeN, at Reply

    5:04 why wasnt that a fatality. No way his neck didnt break under the pressure that is put on him by the other guy

    • Posted by Anoyous, at Reply

      that video was shared on facebook. the teen was confirmed to have died from a head injury

    • Posted by kadigeN, at Reply

      but you can see him getting out of the pool 😀

    • Posted by Anoyous, at Reply

      yeah he was bleeding inside his head

    • Posted by Lmas Slka, at Reply

      He’s fine… he’s too stupid to have a brain injury.

  9. Posted by Liv's Life, at Reply

    What do we learn from this? Never attempt to drive up a hill with a quad.

    • Posted by wideout3485, at Reply

      And if you do and it starts going back down, don’t hit the rear brakes 😉

  10. Posted by McJony, at Reply

    8:35 You want…. sum fuk?

    • Posted by UrAnus, at Reply

      McJony go find becky

    • Posted by Kaden Cerny, at Reply

      McJony is

    • Posted by SOH 102, at Reply

      Lemme smash…baby lemme smash

    • Posted by JosephBHZ, at Reply

      Ben is a hoe

    • Posted by ᎠᎪᏒƘ • ƘղíցհԵ, at Reply

      McJony he is so cute!!

  11. Posted by Orangehas, at Reply

    8:35 Best clip

    • Posted by School Shooter, at Reply

      Orangehas agreed

    • Posted by KiloOne Shady, at Reply

      you know what’s good

  12. Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,500 subscribers, at Reply

    00:02 He didn’t scream because he was scared, he screamed because he rage-quit Candy Crush.

    • Posted by Paulo Avila, at Reply

      The second scream was because she took off the mask

  13. Posted by Damien Ridge, at Reply

    0:31 looks like buddy’s acid just kicked in…

    • Posted by BBoy Rebels, at Reply

      Damien Ridge did it , too hilarious

    • Posted by Cra Everyday, at Reply

      Damien Ridge l llelerleleerl

    • Posted by BossSquirrel433 XD, at Reply

      Damien Ridge I

    • Posted by dragon slayer550, at Reply


  14. Posted by Joe Powell, at Reply

    7:30. HAHAHAHA! I cant stop watching!

    • Posted by Nicolas Petroni, at Reply

      Joe Powell indeed haha

  15. Posted by Mark Howls, at Reply

    10:08 *HAY A VAGINA!*

    • Posted by Scpablo1, at Reply

      se escribe “AY”

    • Posted by Miss Unicorn xx, at Reply

      Mark Howls what

    • Posted by Miss Unicorn xx, at Reply

      Ivan Vieytes .gayy

    • Posted by Fabri Crembil, at Reply

      Si queres escribir en ingles, aprende a escribir en español primero…

  16. Posted by Kitty Kitty, at Reply

    The bird at 8:30 has a place in my heart.

    • Posted by Verbes 15, at Reply

      Three eyed crow

    • Posted by NotQuiteEpic, at Reply

      I’ve seen it, I know it’s coming, and it still CRACKS ME UP!

  17. Posted by Claus O'Polo Wy, at Reply

    11:12 brazzers

    • Posted by Kappa Cino, at Reply

      Claus O’Polo Wy i’d smash the one on the driver seat

    • Posted by Claus O'Polo Wy, at Reply

      i’d too my friend haha

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      Could have been better if there was camel toe at 11:13

  18. Posted by watchingrob, at Reply

    Aww poor kid 0:42
    Also, what a douchelord 9:48 acting all cool when an accident happens just because everybody is looking. Hate guys like that.

    • Posted by Mildred Pechpilz, at Reply

      John toupe. please kys

    • Posted by Raphael Wechselberger, at Reply

      watchingrob please kys

    • Posted by watchingrob, at Reply

      #outoftheloop I have no idea what that means

    • Posted by Miraak, at Reply

      watchingrob he said “kill yourself”, kys means kill yourself

  19. Posted by RafaelDsHere, at Reply

    09:41 best fail

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Finish Him!