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Throwback Thursday: Try and stay balanced! (April 2017)


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For todays throwback fails we decided to restore whatever from segway's to cooking fails as well as other funny fails in between. Comment your preferred clip below and also always remember to send us your amusing fail videos to!


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Throwback Thursday: Try and also remain balanced! (April 2017).

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  1. Posted by 4u2u, at Reply

    Can my comment get famous??

    • Posted by Stillex 22, at Reply

      4u2u pls sub me

    • Posted by JackyVivid, at Reply

      give me 10 dollars first!

  2. Posted by Iris' lapislake, at Reply

    wow here in less than 500 views. fastest i’ve ever clicked on a video

    • Posted by Kshitij Haldani, at Reply


    • Posted by Iris' lapislake, at Reply

      thanks for that.
      wtf would i write “fasted” xD
      thats a fail haha

  3. Posted by nedErlands, at Reply

    please make fat people fall compilation !

    • Posted by Ricardo Handels, at Reply

      Juércoles fat stupid disabled jewish trans women of colour falling.

    • Posted by een anonieme man, at Reply

      opjp35 stupid women and fat women are the same…

    • Posted by Eryk Urban, at Reply

      Fat people are funny thats whz

    • Posted by JonahDePona, at Reply

      precies die xD

    • Posted by NP Spacebook95, at Reply

      nedErlands ben je nederlands ? :p

  4. Posted by octypig, at Reply

    Come on failarmy, I’ve seen some of these 5+ times now, don’t milk them too much

    • Posted by Juan Quintanilla, at Reply

      Every video is a throwback then. Like i said, the same videos over and over again

    • Posted by Naki Jordan, at Reply

      octypig That’s why it’s called ThrowBack Thursday. Dumbass

    • Posted by Aoife kennedy, at Reply

      Kristoffer Kristiansen because they rely on people donating their videos to them

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      octypig HIIIIIII

    • Posted by Dr.Magic 2003, at Reply

      +RMA hey

  5. Posted by Shane Stiller, at Reply

    UPVOTE if you want to see a street fight themed FailArmy episode 🙂

    • Posted by A10, at Reply


    • Posted by FinPS, at Reply

      Shane Stiller But the channel is about fails not violence

    • Posted by sparrow819, at Reply

      Shane Stiller- What if they were bum fights?  Because bums failed at life.

    • Posted by Viggo Vogt, at Reply

      FinPS o

    • Posted by Extreme Gamer, at Reply

      Wow the first one was not good

  6. Posted by hole - 1st drill press channel, at Reply

    People should learn more about the risks of gravity in school

    • Posted by Adri Da Grizzly, at Reply

      hole – 1st drill press channel Bro i litterly see you everywhere

    • Posted by GoalkeeperZz, at Reply

      hole – 1st drill press channel
      200th like 😀

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      hole – 1st drill press channel HIIIII

    • Posted by The Fearmoths, at Reply

      Oh I get it now. These kids want to be Steve-O. They don’t realise it was his money and fame that made him cool, not the humiliating, homoerotic fetish acts.

  7. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Just wanted to say that FailArmy has made my life 10x better, and that it will make your lives better too 😀

    • Posted by Jwhym Jonas, at Reply

      A10 no they didnt

    • Posted by Bone Crusher, at Reply

      A10 no they won’t. Are you drunk?

  8. Posted by louisbrach, at Reply

    Happy 4/20

    • Posted by DE VANOV, at Reply

      Nice Geometry Dash videos dude, I love playing this game when I’m high =)

    • Posted by FamousLos23, at Reply

      I get my loud for $12 and it’s damn fine… no need to drop 20 bones

    • Posted by DE VANOV, at Reply

      Considering the little money it actually costs to grow some decent weed, 12$ is still fucked up. On the Valhalla Market (ask google for the URL) there are several US vendors who provide plenty of strains for less than 10$/g. So if you’re tired of insane prices you should at least take a look at it.


    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      louisbrach HIIII

    • Posted by Manu 孤身, at Reply

      Wie sind eine DEMOKRATIE!!!!!

  9. Posted by Dan Rap, at Reply

    8:46 φυγε φυγε το μπουλο
    +1 αμα το βλεπεις απο ελλαδα

    • Posted by TheLegend27, at Reply

      A n a l?

    • Posted by Illãqee Gýllöy, at Reply

      Dan Rap They also said many bad words!!

    • Posted by KANN1X, at Reply

      wodka blyad counterstrike

    • Posted by George Derilas, at Reply


    • Posted by Rock Stath, at Reply

      Xalkida einai afto… ke afti einai i palia gefira tis xalkidas pou exei anixei gia na perasoun karavia. exei simvei poles fores afto, eimoun brosta otan mia varka voulia3e

  10. Posted by computerssuck93, at Reply


    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      computerssuck93 HI

    • Posted by hello, at Reply

      computerssuck93 420K VIEWS AT 4:20 ON 4/20 OMG!!!

    • Posted by Daniel, at Reply

      Lol that’s what Jews deserve 😂

    • Posted by Delta Frost, at Reply

      Daniel ummm r u German or..

    • Posted by Biggy Hughs, at Reply

      Delta Frost Do you mean German or…

  11. Posted by Tower of Power, at Reply

    6:26 No one died….

    buuut….they became disabled. It’s still funny?

    • Posted by Ruskinek, at Reply

      Makes it even more funny

    • Posted by Sandman, at Reply

      “Miraculously, everyone survived the crash and escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was not wearing a seatbelt and flew out of the vehicle.”

    • Posted by Normen Yu, at Reply

      I think that is why it says *No one died*, thus making it qualified as a fail.

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Tower of Power HIIIII

    • Posted by Normales Fahrrad, at Reply

      Tower of Power a little bit funny

  12. Posted by Vasilis - Stelios Chalikiopoulos, at Reply

    Greece anyone?

    • Posted by scarecrow 12, at Reply


    • Posted by Still Playz, at Reply

      Vasilis – Stelios Chalikiopoulos

    • Posted by Kostas Louros, at Reply


    • Posted by tskcthulhu, at Reply

      hi from İzmir, neighbour.

  13. Posted by Bene Beck, at Reply

    6:35 just wasn’t funny at all

    • Posted by Tim 11, at Reply

      Bene Beck Yeah thas Not funny

    • Posted by Ethan Madden, at Reply

      Bene Beck no one said it was suppose to be funny

    • Posted by EriczHype, at Reply

      It isn’t a ‘Try not to laugh challenge’ It’s just fails

    • Posted by Dennis Åkerlund, at Reply

      Hence the name FAILarmy

  14. Posted by Raju Mith, at Reply

    Hit like if your penis stinks ..!!

    • Posted by Toby Braddock, at Reply

      Raju Mith More my Hand

    • Posted by THE AMERICAN PATRIOT, at Reply

      Raju Mith fucking wash it you filthy animal!

  15. Posted by L.P.E JAMES, at Reply


    • Posted by L.P.E JAMES, at Reply


  16. Posted by Tbruh, at Reply

    10:55 (my favorite)
    DAD: “Look at him mom.”
    >Kid falls off Hoverboard< KID: "Ok i'm dead!" >Picture kills kid<

    • Posted by Weareight, at Reply

      Tbruh 10:46… the dog 😀

  17. Posted by Juan Quintanilla, at Reply

    Get new videos bro. The same videos over and over again. This channel used to be good. Now is boring

    • Posted by Cheeto O, at Reply

      Juan Quintanilla you understand what “throwback” means…?

    • Posted by Juan Quintanilla, at Reply

      +Cheeto O Do you understand what over and over again means? I’ve seen this videos multiple times

    • Posted by Mazua, at Reply

      It’s resemblant of PewDiePie’s new content, and we all know how that’s going. One’s gonna recover and one’s gonna die, but failarmy never had a reason to be likeable so…

  18. Posted by The Banana Melon, at Reply

    @2:08 “just fall straight forward”


  19. Posted by Cerveau . exe, at Reply

    When everybody and everything want your death.