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Throwback Thursday: Watch Out For That!! (April 2017)


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

This Thursday we brought some timeless throwback falls short for you to enjoy. Including a ref taking on a football player and also a pair ATV falls short! Let us recognize your favored clip below and also remember to send us your amusing fall short video clips to!


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Woman Enters into Steeplechase and also Falls right into Water
Auto Drifting
Individual Enters into Via Frozen Lake
Girl in Swimsuit Belly Flops off Rope Swing
Little Woman Falls off Swing
Canine Obtains Frisbee Stuck on Face
Individual On Bar During Chinup
Referee Unintentionally Tackles Pass receiver
Spider Fail
Piece of Wood Falls on Lady while Training
Child Hits Himself in Eye with Tennis Sphere
Makeshift Swing Breaks in Fifty percent
Pet cat Come under Cardboard Box
Feline Attempts as well as Fails to Delve into Closet
Guy Rides ATV right into Mud
Quad Rolls over Biker as well as Motorcycle
Mama Falls Off Play area Rewriter
Cat Loss in the Bath
Skateboarder Can't Brake Like Buddies
Elephant Whacks Man in Confront with Trunk
Tree Loss Down on Lawn Mower
Snowboarder Falls after Tossing Snowball
Woman Falls off Floor covering after Doing High Jump
Chauffeur Inadvertently Owns right into Web traffic
Granny Face Swaps with Pet
Pedestrian In Crosswalk
Driver right into Ladder with Man on it
Snowboarder Slides on Ice
Fisherman Falls right into Water Spreading Net
Little Kid Repeats Poor Word
Lady Falls Via Thin Ice
Hula Hoop Headstand Fail
Girl Falls in St. Patrick's Day Parade
Bicyclist after Handstand on Bike
Old Man Surfing Down Slip n' Slide
Vehicle In The Wind
Parkour Person Overshoots Landing
Individual Virtually Falls Off High cliff
Woman Goes into Heap of Poop
Dirt Biker Enters into ATV Rider
Man Hit by Toy Airplane
Jagged Truck Drives on Freeway
Girl on Purchasing Cart Crashes into Camera
Football Round Smashes Home window
Woman Accidentally Injures Self while Doing Splits
Wind Blows Food into Individual
Table Breaks Under Shirtless Person
La caída de Joselo.
Equipment Breaks throughout Back Workout.
Lollipop Gets Stuck in Grandmother's Dentures.
Individual on Pedal Kart Goes into Van.
Baby Falls Putting on High Heels.
Dirt Cyclist Stops working at Wheelie.
HMB Hnadstand on a Surfboard.
Dance Man Falls Off Roof covering of Automobile.
Truck Crashes right into Auto.
How Not to Ski.
Skier Flails Uncontrollably after Dive.
Fail on Ski.
Taxi Cab is screwed up.
Children Mistake in the Cooking area.
Person Slides On Sand Dune.
GoKart Chauffeur Obtains Pounded after Cutting Off Various other Driver.
Camping tent Loss during Band's Efficiency.

Throwback Thursday: Watch Out For That!! (April 2017).

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  1. Posted by The 2 Gamerz, at Reply


    • Posted by Black Hawk, at Reply

      You are the really really first one

    • Posted by Leo Bergström, at Reply


    • Posted by DiamondOre, at Reply

      I’m glad this is still a thing.

    • Posted by ruan JANSE VAN RENSBURG, at Reply

      The 2 Gamerz nice hahahahahaha

  2. Posted by Lazy_Fork_6199, at Reply

    Early squad where you at

    • Posted by Mrcraft, at Reply

      Lazy_Fork_6199 in ur mom vagina

    • Posted by LoopyMCGoat, at Reply

      Mrcraft You had one job…

    • Posted by Mrcraft, at Reply

      LoopyMCGoat lol thx

    • Posted by Jan Dryl, at Reply

      Lazy_Fork_6199 huh I have log from Silver chest 🙂

  3. Posted by Romano Schwengel, at Reply

    Schwengel ist am Start !

    • Posted by Tobs, at Reply

      Romano Schwengel oh gott

    • Posted by Squuz Was, at Reply

      seid ihr almanyias

  4. Posted by Teodor Teisberg, at Reply

    It’s fucking painful how lazy and sad this channel is. Actually 0 effort. But I love it so I won’t complain.

    • Posted by derbigpr500, at Reply

      Well the whole fucking premise of this channel is taking videos from someone else and just compiling them into one long video, zero skill and very little effort, with actual zero work done by Fail Army other than downloading clips from youtube, liveleak and other places.

    • Posted by ###########, at Reply

      yeah they just gotta do like 5 mins of editing for millions of views. any of us could do this but give credit where its due they did it first

    • Posted by Niko Rubesa, at Reply

      Teodor Teisberg I

    • Posted by 21chemicalfalloutphanics!, at Reply

      Teodor Teisberg well they have to review TONS of clips and see if they’re suitable to be put in videos

    • Posted by Dante Stone, at Reply

      Teodor Teisberg “But I won’t complain,” he said, complaining.

  5. Posted by Phillustriert, at Reply

    Maybe I should buy a camera and record my life. Could fill this channel with so many dumbass things 😀

    • Posted by Niemampomysłunanazwe, at Reply

      Like my life XD

    • Posted by Reyyan, at Reply

      Phillustriert just do it dude, what are you waiting for?

    • Posted by illumenati GT, at Reply

      i am a badass

    • Posted by Dean Woods, at Reply

      Yeah like breathing

  6. Posted by Œłï 433, at Reply

    One Like = One Potato

    • Posted by Kunt Fart, at Reply

      Israel won’t get away with this u suck my grandads balls

    • Posted by Sweet Potato, at Reply

      U aint gettin’ me

  7. Posted by MalexLav, at Reply

    “What on earth!” Lol

    • Posted by Mau T., at Reply

      12345 09876 0:25

    • Posted by 12345 09876, at Reply

      Mau T. Thank you

    • Posted by Some Juicy Fags, at Reply

      dylancrazy88 vs stikbot riggs What accent? Is that England accent?

    • Posted by DestinedToBe, at Reply

      Some Juicy Fags its English

    • Posted by tobster 066, at Reply

      Some Juicy Fags – Scottish

  8. Posted by gega27tt, at Reply

    1:42 i love it when cats answer :3

    • Posted by Schwarz87, at Reply

      I love it when people use the wrong time stamp

    • Posted by Squuz Was, at Reply

      Schwarz87 i love it when german guys answer on comments.

    • Posted by The Divine Rod, at Reply

      gega27tt My cat always answers my call, lol.

  9. Posted by Anakin Skywalker, at Reply

    Wow never got this early at 8:06 p.m. In the Philippines

    • Posted by Alex Hazell, at Reply

      Anakin Skywalker Same here bro! 8:46 pm here!

    • Posted by DaRealG_Crafter, at Reply

      Anakin Skywalker lol pinoy ako pinoy tayo!!!

  10. Posted by Guko, at Reply

    “you ok kiddy? meow!” – random person and cat 2017

    • Posted by 21chemicalfalloutphanics!, at Reply

      Pandała no. Just… no. Joking about autism is just terrible

    • Posted by Magnus Holm Hansen, at Reply

      Guko it’s a cat, not a kid.

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      “can i pet your titties?”

    • Posted by Guko, at Reply

      ik, I juts heard it like this 😛

    • Posted by Marcelo Solaris, at Reply

      Guko hahahaha the Cat answer

  11. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Come on FailArmy I’ve already seen these! Are you guys running out of videos? Come on people fail some more!

    • Posted by Dean Woods, at Reply

      A10 shut yer mouth.

    • Posted by TheRandomhobo123, at Reply

      A10 What do you think throwback Thursday is?

    • Posted by Harry 8642, at Reply


    • Posted by Derek Tingle, at Reply

      throwback thursday you muppet

  12. Posted by Noam Hayot, at Reply

    3:40 for the thirsty guysgirls out there…

    • Posted by derbigpr500, at Reply

      Those pillows…

    • Posted by The zerastora, at Reply

      Noam Hayot I don’t understand how is that going to quench someone’s thirst?

    • Posted by Radioactive Lemon, at Reply

      The zerastora did you see that booty??

    • Posted by Radioactive Lemon, at Reply

      The zerastora and he mean thirsty like dehydrated type of thirsty

  13. Posted by Jorge Nevarez, at Reply

    Is it me or are they just reposting most of the videos again and again

    • Posted by n3kbrEak3r, at Reply

      Jorge Nevarez Maybe you haven’t heard of the word Throwback….

  14. Posted by J KB, at Reply

    I’m getting sick of hearing gay jokes
    Like its 2017, cum on guys

    • Posted by Warden-u 48, at Reply

      J KB I hope your mother is proud of you.

    • Posted by Numan XII, at Reply

      J KB hahahah i get it 😂😂😂

  15. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ thursday

    • Posted by 21chemicalfalloutphanics!, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti how can they run out of videos if people are constantly sending in their fails?

    • Posted by Keepitonme Homie, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti good one

    • Posted by Kiroho Joka, at Reply

      He just didnt get what “throwback thursday” means.

  16. Posted by Bawz, at Reply

    I’ve seen this thumbnail before…

    • Posted by New York College of Health Professions, at Reply


    • Posted by Dabz, at Reply

      Im dabbing as great as Trumps wall

    • Posted by Coca Cola, at Reply

      DRINK ME

    • Posted by 21chemicalfalloutphanics!, at Reply

      Bawz did it say #TBT on it?

    • Posted by 21chemicalfalloutphanics!, at Reply

      Coca Cola gladly

  17. Posted by Raf Cio, at Reply

    9:15 blyat twoja mac cyka cyka

    • Posted by юный Левак, at Reply

      so emotional

    • Posted by Schwarz87, at Reply

      Every time I see a video like that where some russian screams cyka blyat a little part of me dies. I think I’ve played too much CS

    • Posted by nick nv, at Reply

      This brit here knows

    • Posted by NightCrawler, at Reply

      +Schwarz87 jokes on you! I’m neither russian nor english! I’m just a random Latvian passing by.(also I understand english way better than russian, well, it’s still a long way off from my knowledge of Latvian language)

    • Posted by Schwarz87, at Reply

      Nice try +Nightcrawler, but I meant in those videos 😉

  18. Posted by Сергей Дегтярёв, at Reply

    This is a wonderful feeling when you’re Russian and video from Russia is not censored)))))))))))))))))

    • Posted by futebolcapixabatv, at Reply

      Сергей Дегтярёв 9:22 sounds glorious

    • Posted by João Matos, at Reply

      Сергей Дегтярёв you’re? your inglish is not to good

    • Posted by Sam Winchester, at Reply

      Да ты урод что-ли сука пидорас бляяяять !!! ))) Это восхитительно.

  19. Posted by Fluttering ASMR, at Reply

    The motorcycle guy who just left his bike in the middle of the path pisses me off. You’re clearly not that injured so pull your damn bike out of the damn path. I don’t understand why people just stare like slack jawed idiots.

    • Posted by Two Flaps, at Reply

      Fluttering ASMR cause they r slack jawed idiets

    • Posted by Blossom Wish, at Reply

      Two Flaps Oh, how ironic.

    • Posted by hans brix, at Reply

      have you ever ridden a bike offroad before? there’s no way he had time to pick his bike up and move it or drag it off, if he had tried to move it he probably would have been taken out by the quad too

  20. Posted by савелий крамаров, at Reply


    • Posted by БЕЗ ИМЕНИ, at Reply

      савелий крамаров сукаааа бляяяять