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Tomi Doesn’t Understand How Healthcare Works


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Tomi Lahren admits she dislikes Obamacare to Chelsea Trainer that still has a hard time possessing her. Organized by Hasan Piker. See more TYT Facebook originals at

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  1. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    You mean, you socialist bums don’t understand how healthcare works. Here’s my advise, pay for your own healthcare, lazy dipshits. Stop begging American workers to pay for yours.

    • Posted by PEACE MAKER, at Reply

      i like the idea of broadening perspective. it’s healthy. but exclusion…not so much. we were both born here, so what gives you the right to tell me to leave? why do you believe this is your house, and we are guests? what makes it anymore yours than mine? oh that’s right…your white. you see how that feeling of entitlement works. superiority. you see how it affects your attitude towards other races? naw?…maybe you need to broaden your mind

    • Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

      Healthcare costs (Just insurance): 12,000 a year.
      Housing costs in midland USA: 10,000 a year
      Other costs (Food, Gass) 3,200 a year

      This, with rather conservative estimates, comes up to around 25 grand a year.
      working forty hours a week at ten dollars an hour all year round gets you 20k before taxes.
      Please, tell me how ‘budgeting’ fixes everything..?

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    >Bashes Obama Care 24/7
    > Is actually using Obama Care

    Is hypocrisy just more prevalent among right-wingers, or has it just become a prerequisite?

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Hypocrisy is prevalent among the ignorant.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Bill Anderson So basically every conservative and alt-right jackass.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Conservatism and ignorance have practically become synonyms at this point.

  3. Posted by Thomas Lawrence, at Reply

    Hello, I am a Muslim and the solution for all of life and its ailments its found in the sunnah of our prophet, Muhammad (SAW), may peace be upon him. Thank allah for using the democrats for our cause. There are two cures for every issue one deals with:
    1. dip a fly in water and then drink it
    2. drink the urine of the blessed camel

    • Posted by Thomas Lawrence, at Reply

      Hal, you have NO idea what you’re talking about. We don’t call animals ‘holy.’ ‘Blessed’ is a whole different term.

    • Posted by NoneOfTheAbove, at Reply

      Oops there’s Hal being a bigot yet again…. Soooo “progressive” of him…..

    • Posted by Ramyar Alizadeh, at Reply

      Thomas Lawrence THOMAS!!? Yeah real muslim alright.. go back to Alex jones and learn to troll better.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    “I shouldn’t pay for others people health insurance”

    *Thats exactly how insurance works moron. Everyone pays into it so when something bad happens you are covered.*

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      Universal healthcare, even for fatties and smokers, is still way cheaper and more beneficial for society in general than private insurance. The math is done, the jury is in, the matter is settled, universal healthcare is cheaper, better, and superior in every single way for everyone.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      Tomi has someone paying for hers, _because of the Obamacare rules_ but she doesn’t believe people should pay for other people’s health insurance or that we should keep Obamacare.

    • Posted by Heffman55 Tomlinson, at Reply

      +disinfect777 Not everyone deserves it dude. What about the 11 million undocumented immigrants living with us?. They are taking OUR jobs and destroying our economy and culture, they don’t deserve healthcare, or any rights, for that matter.

  5. Posted by rain segaran Alfaran, at Reply

    Just do porn, Tomi.

    • Posted by Gur, at Reply

      Well, she sucks in every way possible. The transition wouldn’t be hard.

  6. Posted by Oberyn Martell, at Reply

    I like this Piker dude.

    • Posted by Tits Magee, at Reply

      Then you’ve the absolute worst taste in people, Hasan’s what you’d call the pricks prick.

    • Posted by Ramyar Alizadeh, at Reply

      Oberyn Martell “I disagree”

  7. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    I’ve seen a lot of right-wingers making an argument for universal health care without knowing it.

    • Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

      That’s cause they mostly idiots who just play party politics.

  8. Posted by fAppIicationof SeIf, at Reply

    Chelsea certainly didn’t Handler very well

    • Posted by Paul Coleman, at Reply


    • Posted by Political Heart, at Reply


    • Posted by Dave Mills, at Reply

      fAppIicationof SeIf but at least Chelsea has hooters

    • Posted by tsntana, at Reply

      iswydt 🙂

  9. Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

    The start of Tomi’s porn career should be epic…

    • Posted by Dave Mills, at Reply

      jacksprat418 but she seriously needs to get implants

    • Posted by ryan piper, at Reply

      Dave Mills more than a mouthful seems like a waste.

    • Posted by Dave Mills, at Reply

      ryan piper those mosquito bites are hardly a mouthful

    • Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

      BLACKED (.com)

  10. Posted by D Dudley, at Reply

    Tomi is pretty but stupid…pretty stupid. “Donkey of the day”.

    • Posted by Tru metalhead on Maui ey, at Reply

      D Dudley For the second time she won hands down.Tomi Lahren should be given the long ears and buck teeth, again.

    • Posted by tsntana, at Reply

      Tru metalhead on Maui ey I thought she was a 3 time winner. 🙂

  11. Posted by RoughneckMP, at Reply

    Tomi Lahren – quite fuckable but incredibly insane

    • Posted by Kuma El Negro, at Reply

      RoughneckMP I bet she like to get choked. Republicans are almost always secretly sex freaks.

  12. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Tomi doesn’t understand how a toaster works

    • Posted by Terisita Santiago, at Reply

      Give her a fork and let her figure it out.

    • Posted by tsntana, at Reply

      Terisita Santiago Savage 🙂

  13. Posted by Davy Mike, at Reply

    Tomi is about as dumb as a rock and I I say this without offending any rocks….

    • Posted by Jai D, at Reply

      Davy Mike You offended some rocks.

    • Posted by Michael Rooker, at Reply

      Davy Mike I think that’s a defining characteristic of a rock. They never get offended.

  14. Posted by Domenic D'Amelia, at Reply

    Tomi Lahren and the “catch me outside how bout dat” girl, are the same fuking character. They’re both pretty little white girls that say outlandish and absurd things for attention. The only difference between the 2 is one is hood and one is rich. She has never had an original thought in her life.

    • Posted by Domenic D'Amelia, at Reply

      She constantly contradicts herself. And any “half wit” under the age of 70 knows that she doesn’t really believe in, let alone understand , what shes saying.

    • Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

      Domenic D’Amelia i didn’t know being raised in the suburbs made you “hood”

  15. Posted by Katrina L, at Reply

    Tomi is 24??? She looks 35. Holy molly, that anger sure took its toll.

    • Posted by Benjamin Button, at Reply

      Katrina L i always said that! she is stressing fs

    • Posted by ToldYouSo, at Reply

      Yeah I’m sure most men would prefer you over her. Riiight….

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      She looks 20. – A guy’s perspective

  16. Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

    Its not that conservatives don’t understand how health insurance works, its that they are against the very concept of health insurance. Because the part of them that isn’t childishly ignorant, is malevolent.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Libs (and RINO’s) don’t understand that covering pre-existing conditions ISN’T INSURANCE. Look up the word “insurance”.

    • Posted by Lonestar24, at Reply

      Insurance: contractual coverage against a loss. Everything else is a matter of contract. Not sure what you´re trying to insinuate.

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      “Libs (and RINO’s) don’t understand that covering pre-existing conditions ISN’T INSURANCE.”

      Yes, it is. And looking up the definition of the word “insurance,” and then thinking you know everything about it, is a perfect example of how divorced from reality the modern day conservative has become.

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply


      He’s not trying to “prove” anything, he’s just another compulsively lying conservative who demands that we treat his ignorance as if it were hard earned knowledge.

    • Posted by Lonestar24, at Reply

      +Thad Stevens
      Thank you, I know. I tried to bait to expose his ignorance even more 😉

  17. Posted by Jessica Smeltz, at Reply

    Why don’t we have this guy debate Lahren?

    • Posted by Adur N Pandya, at Reply

      Yes. His arguments may have gone over the heads of pretentious ntjs, but he accomplished his goal with the audience.

    • Posted by Christian Kensing, at Reply

      Adur N Pandya he never really made any arguments, spent most of his time attacking Charlie Kirk and his organization and couldn’t keep his topics or talking points in order, he just kept regurgitating the same stuff. If not agreeing with someone because they make no sense and make no definitive arguments in an hour long debate than sure, I’m pretentious.

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Cuz Lahren would win

    • Posted by Clifton100, at Reply

      Spoder man hates TYT – I agree with you. Brown Fabio (thanks AIU) is not an intellectual heavyweight, even in comparison with other TYT hosts.

    • Posted by Dak Thaddeoso, at Reply

      Adur… What did he accomplish??? Giving 10 Rutgers cheerleaders in the crowd something to clap about when ever he “tried” to give the BURN jokes?? I was waiting for the YO MAMA IS SO……. from him.