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Tomi Lahren Defending Her INDEFENSIBLE KKK Comments


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On The Daily Show recently Tomi Lahren made a lame attempt to defend her INSULTING comparison of the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan. Do you think Trevor Noah was tough enough on her? Francis Maxwell of TYT Network breaks down the benefits of protesting while white. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Posted by Jeff Pride, at Reply

    BLM never hung white people by trees, tied their faces to cotton gins,
    burned them on crosses, burned their houses down, raped their families,
    list goes on. Tomi is a deplorable bottom feeder

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      +Honey G. “Please Allah, give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and
      white folks out here today. Plz plz plz”

      Yusra Khogali – cofounder of Black Lives Matter

    • Posted by Honey G., at Reply

      dancinkindofguy Hey don’t do anything stupid now, especially in the name of
      Allah. Can’t you see, that is exactly what they want brother. Brother they
      want to see us fall, we cannot be evil like them. Please please and please
      follow the right path in life and head towards jannah 🙏

    • Posted by TheTechnoPilot, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy are you trying to make the point that there is a problem
      with that because it refers to Islam? If so that just proves even further
      we are arguing with a bigot.

    • Posted by Afifa M, at Reply

      +dancinkindofguy why don’t u people ever stop deflecting. we are talking
      about racism and white supremacy not religion. if u always feel the need to
      push the convo away from white supremacy then know that says alot more
      about u then anything ur deflecting to.

  2. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    It’s a good job she’s pretty, because she aint very bright.

    • Posted by Nassir J, at Reply

      Sinessa she is not that pretty but she ain’t ugly either

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    How dare blm expose police brutality. Cops should be able to murder an
    unarmed person and get away with it.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond and this man should be in prison no excuse…….

    • Posted by DOMINICPAULL, at Reply

      I was an EMT in a large-city ghetto in the 1970’s. I soon learned that
      police brutality, including murder, committed by both white and black
      officers against blacks was common. Unfortunately, things have not changed.
      And even though it’s only a small percentage of officers directly involved,
      almost all other officers are aware of standard operating procedure and
      won’t or can’t do anything other than be quiet or quit. Fortunately, now
      that we the people are becoming evermore aware and evermore empowered, we
      CAN bring about the necessary changes to insure fair play for all of us. I
      pray we do it peacefully

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      ^^^^ liked his own comment lmfao

  4. Posted by Mj 206, at Reply

    Tomi is the most saddest person ever lol she is so insecure & hateful

    • Posted by AcelSam, at Reply

      Accurate and she is given a platform to spew that hate.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      she seems pretty secure in her convictions

    • Posted by National Socialist, at Reply

      Is everyone who disagrees with you insecure?

  5. Posted by OMASSAMO, at Reply

    Tomi Lahren is just a giant toilet for the alt-right, they also call her a
    soup bowl.

    • Posted by Awakened Mind, at Reply

      OMASSAMO #PizzaGate

    • Posted by Nassir J, at Reply

      OMASSAMO she’s probably getting molested at fox news hehehe. they are known

  6. Posted by ziljin, at Reply

    Some Trump supporters harassing and attacking minorities. don’t judge all
    Trump supporters for the actions of the few. Some BLM harassing and attack
    ing white poeple. BLM is a terrorist organization. Tags some sound logic
    there Tomi.

    • Posted by kokofan50, at Reply

      Trump and his campaign had no power over who liked or supported him. BLM
      has the power to control what it’s protestors are chanting and can stop its
      protests from turning into riots. This is what is called a false
      equivalency. Also, thanks for making me defend the orangutan in chief.

    • Posted by GoSu MonSteR, at Reply

      Lmao! That’s bullshit kohoe.

    • Posted by kokofan50, at Reply

      +GoSu MonSteR I’m in awe of your way with words.

  7. Posted by Fabian Moreno, at Reply

    In defense of Tomi, she didn’t say it as if the KKK did nothing wrong, it
    was a question made with the purpose of making a comparison between KKK and
    BLM. Not trying to defend her position, just the intention of the comments.

    • Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

      I’m glad you made this point. I thought they took that comment out of

    • Posted by Patrick Noll, at Reply

      Fabian Moreno It still illustrated that she is off-base. While it was a
      rhetorical question, it is so ill-conceived that it should be belittled. If
      the question is “What did the KKK do?” and she gets the most common answer
      of “Lynch people.” what point would she have made?

  8. Posted by Sophie Malec Trash, at Reply

    The comparison was down right stupid. However, BLM original founders were
    black supremacists. Also BLM disrupted and blackmailed at least 2 lgbt
    pride events to which the pride events were honouring those that were
    killed in the Orlando gay nightclub shootings, trying to make the event
    about them. That behaviour is disgusting.

    • Posted by alejandro frade angel, at Reply

      Sophie Malec Trash yeah, but I think until they hang people by trees, the
      comparison is still way off.

  9. Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

    I wish Francis had shown more of the video instead of taking one statement
    Tomi said out of context. I’m not defending her. Give me a moment and I
    will get where I’m going. When she said “What did the KKK do?” she meant
    “When BLM (some) commit acts of violence, how are they different than when
    the KKK did it?” Her comparison is flawed but Trevor took that as Tomi
    saying the KKK didn’t do anything wrong. Anyway…………My problem with
    Tomi Lahren is that she has talking points, rather than beliefs. She
    repeats the same lines “BLM is the new KKK” “They’re looting and burning”
    “Somebody said fry pigs like bacon” but when Trevor asked her what she
    thought was the right way for people to protest, she didn’t have an answer.
    He asked her three times. I believe that she and many who think like her,
    believe that everything is equal in this country and that there is no
    discrimination against African Americans anymore. So when people protest,
    she gets angry. Tomi Lahren says she is not a racist and that she doesn’t
    see color and she doesn’t treat people differently based on their race, yet
    her focus is overwhelmingly about black celebrities, BLM, and anger when
    people say unarmed black men are being killed by police. She doesn’t give
    the same focus with the same level of outrage to any other group. I
    disagree with people saying that they shouldn’t had her on the Daily Show.
    I actually think Trevor needs to have more people on whom he disagrees with
    rather than just bringing on people with the same view point.

    • Posted by Adam Barratt, at Reply

      Tamsin Holmstrom Well enunciated. People are so busy following down the
      line of “She said the KKK didn’t do anything wrong.” which clearly is not
      the case. In all fairness, this is TYT, and Chunk does that all the time.

      Where I would disagree with you is in the rhetoric that ‘unarmed black men
      are being killed’ etc. An unarmed person is clearly capable of inflicted
      harm/death on a person, so someone resisting arrest is a threat. The key is
      to comply. A vast majority of shootings occur when someone is resisting
      arrest or failing to follow commands.

    • Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

      Adam Barratt, I don’t think it’s rhetoric. I’m not saying that there isn’t
      justified lethal action taken by police in dangerous situations. I’m
      talking about specific cases where a video is released and it doesn’t match
      what the police say happened before the video was released to the public.
      And some of the videos have shown people running away and still being shot
      in the back. Sometimes people comply, are unarmed, and still get shot.
      That’s not rhetoric. Also, I notice that when it’s a black man, some people
      will go out of their way to excuse the police for everything and assume the
      black man should have been shot. If I am committing a crime and not
      complying with police, by all means, I should be arrested and taken to
      jail. I don’t think non compliance should be an automatic death sentence. I
      don’t think somebody running away from the police should be shot in the
      back, unless it is certain they have just run away from a violent crime and
      are putting others in danger. Hostage situations, for example. I understand
      police, swat team, etc have to act in those situations. I believe that some
      people have a bias that black men and black teenagers are inherently more
      dangerous and commit more crimes than non black people, so when a 14 or 15,
      or 17 year old black teenager gets shot or killed, people comb thru their
      facebook pages to prove to themselves that teenager was a thug and a bad
      person. There are some people who won’t even consider the idea that
      sometimes, maybe the police could have taken different action. When a
      traffic stop for a “broken tail light” ends up with an unarmed person dead,
      shouldn’t we at least investigate to find out why something so minor
      escalated so quickly and try to prevent it from happening again? Why is it
      that law enforcement is able to take people who have committed terrorism
      into custody alive but not an unarmed person during a traffic stop?

  10. Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

    She’s just a provocateur. Stop giving her attention and her career won’t
    take off. But you won’t and she’ll become a famous pundit like Ann Coulter
    in the future: she’s basically the Ann Coulter 2.0.

  11. Posted by Ivory Oasis, at Reply

    JOB…..stop playing into it and fawning over her every word. She is
    irrelevant. Nothing more than the latest right wing ignorant pretty face
    doll propped up to repeat what they want to hear.


    • Posted by TheRefractingOne, at Reply

      “i am going to cower away from addressing her arguments bcuz… she’s
      young! she wants attention! ignore her! ignore ppl who disagree with u!”

      As I’ve said before, her argument IS poor, but your types’s intellectual
      cowardice is only going to make it appear that much stronger.

    • Posted by Ultra BoBo, at Reply

      24 yo whos more successfula and richer than your parents put together hun

    • Posted by Ultra BoBo, at Reply

      +Ivory Oasis Milos went to Oxford and Tomi when Ivy league, which uni did
      you go white dumbass??

    • Posted by Ivory Oasis, at Reply

      +Ultra BoBo Be quiet. You are too simple to understand what we are talking
      about. Go watch pewdiepie or something.

  12. Posted by RTC1655, at Reply

    A long back to when airheads made sex videos to become famous.

    • Posted by Ultra BoBo, at Reply


  13. Posted by Joseph Sandoval, at Reply

    I like how 50 white men need to gang up on ONE black man. that’s strange
    🤔.also that they need their guns to fight 🤔also strange.

    • Posted by Ultra BoBo, at Reply

      Na it didnt take 50 it just took 1 or 2 the others were there just to watch
      idiot how did you come to that conclusion?

  14. Posted by Kadafi yaki, at Reply

    She got exposed

  15. Posted by Eduardo Alfonso, at Reply

    Its official Idiocracy is here, want proof? a dude comes around wanting to
    provide free education, and whats America’s response? You commie bastard, I
    ain’t readin’

    • Posted by it cums naturally, at Reply

      Eduardo Alfonso America’s response: You want free education, health care,
      and increased subsidies on industry standards for environment impact, while
      also narrowing the tax bracket of what is considered “middle-class”?
      Interesting, strange man who had his first job at age 40, how are you gonna
      do this without crippling the middle class?

    • Posted by RayValdezPhotography, at Reply

      The money the money is needed for weapons and bailouts. Why good is
      education you fucking hippie?

  16. Posted by rayamat01, at Reply

    I’d still impregnate her

  17. Posted by hustler2300, at Reply

    BLM are the black version of the KKK, and they are both horrible.

    • Posted by Moss Quito, at Reply

      You are an idiot…and that may be understating how completely and utterly
      ridiculous you are.

  18. Posted by NessOnett8, at Reply

    I really hope that woman is brutally raped to death, there is no person on
    earth more deserving.

    • Posted by darkphoenix2, at Reply

      Give me a break.

      She’s a damn fool, but saying that makes you no better than her.