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Tomi Lahren Hired By Fox News


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Since Sean Hannity's show wasn't rather silly sufficient. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Tomi Lahren, the infamous race-baiting Trump advocate that was discharged by Glenn Beck's media business earlier this year, has been hired as a factor by Fox News.

As CNN's Oliver Darcy reports, Lahren will mainly be a factor for Sean Hannity's show, though she will certainly additionally be associated with "deal with digital item in growth."

In the past, Lahren has not been timid regarding evaluating in on race problems. To name a few things, she has actually said that black individuals run the risk of getting fired by authorities unless they condemn the Black Lives Matter activity to reveal officers that they aren't against police officers; has actually contrasted Black Lives Issue to the Ku Klux Klan; and also has actually told former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to be grateful for having two white moms and dads who embraced him after his black dad abandoned him." *.

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  1. Posted by ELUCIDATI, at Reply

    “Interview with Playboy”… ah! She’s so close to finding her true calling. Porn.

  2. Posted by Trippy Traveler, at Reply

    tomi said one thing that was normal…..and she got fired for it!!! LMAO

  3. Posted by kefkapalazzo1, at Reply

    anas hair is on point dope look.

  4. Posted by P Square, at Reply

    I like just Ana doing the video and other guy is not interrupting.

  5. Posted by BPLNothingChannel, at Reply

    Am I the only one happy to see a woman being put in higher-up position?

  6. Posted by Chuck Comstock, at Reply

    CNN has an army of right wing lunatics?  More like they have occasional conservative tokens to preserve their flimsy veneer of objectivity.  Several studies by respected institutions have clearly confirmed a liberal bias in the mainstream media just as there is a conservative bias at Fox.  Only an uniformed person willing to indulge their ignorance to the level of delusional denial would be willing to refute that.  The MSM may not be “progressive” enough for TYT but the claim of right wing bias in the MSM  is ridiculously absurd.

  7. Posted by anonneemouse mighty, at Reply

    Wow,, 10-seconds into the ” Report about a Reporter” ( Journalistic Cannibalism is Verbotten in actual Journalism), Ana is visibly jealous, and Butt-Hurt, and I will now watch the rest to see if she uses laser-beam eyes on Cenk the $20-Millionaire.

  8. Posted by Dennis K, at Reply

    I’ve read the thread. And want to conclude. If you like 30 year old females, then you are for Ana. If you like younger females, then you are for Tomi. Also I’ve found that libtards see females as political object. LOL.

  9. Posted by Editor Account, at Reply

    Love the Young Turks and I totally respect Ana as a journalist… But I just have to say, Ana looks SMOKING HOT.. Absolutely gorgeous Ms. Kasparian.. true meaning of beauty and brains.

  10. Posted by roberlevi, at Reply

    you guys are even more jealous than Glen Beck was… Tomi has an audience 10 times bigger than your and with Fox she will have an audience 100 times larger than you…

  11. Posted by The Chosen One, at Reply

    Tomi and Ana should have sex with each other.

  12. Posted by Tanya Kathy, at Reply

    She gets 1 point for the abortion shout out she did on The View. It was awesome.

  13. Posted by Gregor Samsa, at Reply

    Another screaming racist to join the screaming racist propaganda channel.

  14. Posted by Frank Gilliland, at Reply

    Like a 200m dollar Clinton propaganda YouTube Chanel (Young Turks)

  15. Posted by dubtat, at Reply

    FoxNews is cutting all the old dudes and going for the Pepe head demographic.

  16. Posted by Gonzo Shitcock, at Reply

    Tommi Lahren is so stupid, she thinks Menopause is a button on a VCR.

  17. Posted by Morkin3000, at Reply

    Another STI in human form hired by FAUX news

  18. Posted by musti mon, at Reply

    Talk abou the gonocide in mianmar or does it not fit youre nerative?