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Tomi Lahren’s Back And Worse Than Before.


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Tomi Lahren does not recognize ANYTHING about the Middle East, snaps anyhow. Organized by Hasan Piker. See extra TYT Facebook originals at

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  1. Posted by William C. Sierra, at Reply

    Someone kill her already.

    • Posted by Clorox bleach, at Reply

      William C. Sierra i will do the deed

  2. Posted by tyler cobb, at Reply

    it’s so obvious that this guy has a boner for tommy

    • Posted by Áine, at Reply

      So… What comes out of her mouth ISN’T absolutely batshit dumb and DOESN’T warrant any criticism? Yeah, sure.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Nah, you’re projecting your boner for Hasan onto him, so obvious… 🙂

    • Posted by tyler cobb, at Reply


  3. Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

    Now that women can be drafted into the military. I want to see Tomi first in line since she loves war so much.

  4. Posted by marcus cook, at Reply

    tomi a cute idiot

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      marcus cook annas far cuter

    • Posted by marcus cook, at Reply

      OpenlyTranshumanist anna is cooler but if they were both in front of me i would smash tomi first lol.

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Okay, but Hannah’s cuter she’s the new girl from TYT she’s beautiful

  5. Posted by Blade R, at Reply

    Her rantings are as mindless and incoherent as Trump’s. No wonder she likes him.

    • Posted by G Rodriguez, at Reply

      Like two turds bobbing in a toilet

    • Posted by Chris Henson, at Reply

      Blade R olny liberals do not understand,because their iqs are so low.

  6. Posted by Your Dad, at Reply

    If you want me to hate Tomi more, that’s easy, unless, you use another annoying idiot to do the video 😉

    • Posted by KrazeeClark, at Reply

      Same here.

  7. Posted by Paul Cruickshank, at Reply

    Why is TYT promoting Tomi Lahren?

  8. Posted by Nah Bruh, at Reply

    Tomi should just get into porn

    • Posted by NPJ Global, at Reply

      I never thought i’d say that but… Pepe’s right

    • Posted by troy riley, at Reply

      Daniel Burner are you gay?

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Daniel Burner


    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply
  9. Posted by El John, at Reply

    Tomi is typical angry cave Becky

    • Posted by Deborah A, at Reply

      El John rt.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Looks more like a cave Shaniqua to me, but that’s just my perception lolz!

  10. Posted by Chris Spicer, at Reply

    Why do we even talk about this angry cheerleader in the first place? Outraged liberals have given her a much bigger platform than she would ever get on her own. If we ignore her she’d just fade into the wood work and be gone.

    • Posted by Mike Bronx, at Reply

      Chris Spicer just like how we tried to ignore Trump and then magically he won the republican nomination for president

    • Posted by C. Bradbury, at Reply

      Chris Spicer We didn’t ignore Trump, we underestimated him.

    • Posted by C. Bradbury, at Reply

      Sorry it was for Mike

  11. Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

    This braindead racist bimbette is as ugly inside as she is “pretty” outside

    • Posted by kingda117, at Reply

      Anthony Perez If racism does not make you angry, you’re an ignoramus and/or a racist.

    • Posted by Swhite2020, at Reply

      she’s not that pretty tho. she is a little better looking than Paris Hilton, who isnt hot either. but they’re skinny blond white women so that makes them pretty.

    • Posted by Travis, at Reply

      shes hideous

    • Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

      Well said

    • Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

      Haha true. But that’s why I put “pretty” in quotes

  12. Posted by Warped, at Reply

    If only Obama had said “radical Islamic terror” three times ISIS would have vanished! Such a missed opportunity…

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      I am thankful that leftists didn’t get their way. They want anyone who says that phrase to be thrown in prison for 5 years minimum.

    • Posted by 1955RodHot, at Reply

      I’m a leftist and I don’t want anyone to be thrown into prison for saying anything. I believe in freedom of speech, unlike President Trump, who sues people merely for telling a joke about him.

  13. Posted by Kyle Richard, at Reply

    I am still honestly baffled by the Hassan haters.

    • Posted by alwaysxnever, at Reply

      Kyle Richard.I wasn’t a fan of him on the shows but this format is perfect for him and makes me appreciate his insight even more.

    • Posted by Makhai Husband, at Reply

      Kyle Richard yeah honestly everyone kinda exaggerates how terrible the tyt cast is

  14. Posted by Tachanka Main, at Reply

    Of all the intelligent and highly educated people who identify as conservative, how is it that this dumbass gets the spotlight. If you want to convince liberals/independents to change their views, then get someone who can make a convincing/compelling argument to represent you. It seems like people who are far-left or far-right don’t care about facts, but only hear what they want to hear and say whatever they can to support their agendas. There are so many lies all the time and so much bias. This is why I hate politics. Also, I lived in London for 14 years and they are not even CLOSE to being as obsessed with politics, race, religion & political parties as the USA is. Shouting lies aggressively at a camera doesn’t somehow make you right

    • Posted by A Ghost Dog, at Reply

      TheIVth That’s debatable…

    • Posted by terry fuckwitt, at Reply

      I think blow jobs may have factored in to her employment.

    • Posted by Ou8y2k2, at Reply

      It’s not the person, but the ideology that’s flawed.

    • Posted by Tachanka Main, at Reply

      +TheIVth True, but that is what model/acting jobs are for

    • Posted by The Blue Circle, at Reply

      its because they need someone that can relate to about 99 percent of conservatives