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Top Democrat Rooting For Trump


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Being civil is SO IMPORTANT for establishment Democrats, despite the beast currently in office. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down Dianne Feinstein's response to a question about Trump getting impeached. Tell us what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" Each time when the Autonomous base is extra restive than it has remained in decades, Sen. Dianne Feinstein ignited a firestorm previously today when she refused to back the impeachment of President Trump and also instead required "perseverance" over his presidency.

The statements– intriguing in Autonomous circles and near-heretical in her home town of San Francisco, where she made them– mirrored a moderation and pragmatism that have actually been characteristics of Feinstein's career. Yet these top qualities, after proving politically beneficial for decades, can come to be an albatross due to the state's moving demographics and political leanings as the 84-year-old makes a decision whether to seek a 6th term." *.

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  1. Posted by Blazed Buddha, at Reply

    Time for change

    • Posted by t8888, at Reply

      YOu had your 8 years.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      No, progressives did not have a shot under Obama.

  2. Posted by Lydia Thornton, at Reply

    Fienstein and Peloski amongst others HAVE PUT DEMOCRATS IN THE SHISTER!!! They are absolutely WORTHLESS!!!!!!! They are a big factor of WHY we have TRUMP for PRESIDENT by nominating. crooked Hillary!!!!!

    • Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

      Eww, calm your body.

    • Posted by yadabub, at Reply

      Does Trump have a shister? Is she also his shmother?

  3. Posted by Modesty Blaise, at Reply

    I think this silly woman is in the wrong party and should be booted.

  4. Posted by Jennifer J, at Reply

    She needs to go. Time to retire. Damn!

  5. Posted by TWK -Talk with kannan, at Reply

    Shouldn’t people learn before they run for an office? Just a simple logical question..

  6. Posted by Mac Joe, at Reply

    oh yes…. people should grab there pitchfork and run him out of town… its time he should be punished for doing bad just like other bad people living on this planet !!!!

  7. Posted by Jim Gorb, at Reply


  8. Posted by I support the gay agenda, at Reply

    We need to primary her and all Dems like her too!

  9. Posted by MrBlaq, at Reply

    She has to go

  10. Posted by Hal T, at Reply

    Dianne Feinstein has been a Republicunt for years.

  11. Posted by Tom Tucker, at Reply

    Never forget that special interests butter both sides of the bread when bribing Republicans & Democrats. Thats why the difference between the two is the difference between a Hershey Bar and a Mr. Goodbar. (The Republicans are the chocolate bar with nuts)

  12. Posted by thearchitect27, at Reply

    Republicans AND Democrats are BOTH owned by multinational corporations!

  13. Posted by remoney, at Reply

    Primary that war witch!

  14. Posted by Patrice Sanders, at Reply

    I don’t trust her or Hillary Clinton, her buddy. Trump and Clinton are friends on the low.

  15. Posted by Bryan McCormick, at Reply

    Diane Feinstein sounds like me getting out of bed in the morning… am i who she’s hoping to sound like? is that what justifies the social gridlock of people staying in their place and not believing in ambition, money raising gate keepery, cost of entry… what does it mean to vote out the wallet… wouldn’t that be the same battle we are expecting to fight? but drawing them as being on directly the opposite side, rather than the civil powerful equivalents of the post-middle class gridlock… i want to breathe fire… but people want a social charm that i don’t see how to be a part of… maybe it isn’t the sort of thing that you see in yourself, maybe by believing in the things and engaging the means to bring about those things that social charm conveys itself in a way that is analogous to how bowing to corruption isn’t a form of diplomacy… political inaction is fealty to corruption analogous to waiting for the leader to learn to learn… that is the significance to democracy and why so much depends on our getting out of bed and engaging a reflective, conscientious belief system… i think there are talented people that we’ve put on a pedestal for making their engagement look easy, and that that looking easy has become a sort of style over substance that has clouded the way for corruption to take hold the way it has… it’s hard to overcome that, but it’s wrong not to…… ok great channel, keep it up yall

  16. Posted by Comparative Reasoning, at Reply

    Someone who has connections should tell Cenk that the DNC are not Progressives; thus the reason for stating what a progressive is, so people can know what this movement is all about. Since we are against the establishment (the whole DNC) we are the progressives that are supposed to be overtaking the DNC. It’s silly for Cenk to say anything near, “The DNC are not being progressive enough.” That’s like saying, “The RNC aren’t supporting the Bernie movement enough.” Someone with connections need to tell Cenk this.

  17. Posted by A A, at Reply

    *This lunatic is too arrogant to learn!*

  18. Posted by I'm Aimée Miami, at Reply

    Maybe civility would lead to Trump not lashing out more and causing ww3.
    Maybe if they appease his ego, he’ll go back to having campaign rallies while the real politicians work.

  19. Posted by niginit, at Reply

    Controlled opposition. DEM EXIT! Get away from your abusers, progressives!

  20. Posted by Dallas McQuarrie, at Reply

    Dianne Feinstein is more out of touch now than she was four years ago. Frankly, if the Democrats are listening to her, it just means they’ll be losing the next presidential election too. She sounds like a closet Republican. The reality of American politics is that there is one party – the party of the wealthy – and it has two wings – the Republicans and the Democrats.