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Top Trump Officials Duped By Email Prank


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Members of the Trump administration were pranked by a man using a phony email account. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you how the prankster did it. Tell us just what you think in the comment area listed below.

" A British "e-mail prankster" posing as members of the Trump administration and also family members fooled White Home officials into responding to his emails, inning accordance with a CNN record released on Monday.

Using fake email addresses like, the prankster contacted several top-level officials– consisting of Homeland Safety Advisor Tom Bossert, then-White House interactions supervisor Anthony Scaramucci, as well as Trump's pick for ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman– in addition to the president's kid, Eric Trump.

The White Home did not instantly respond to an ask for comment. In a declaration to CNN, press assistant Sarah Huckabee Sanders verified the tricks happened.

" We take all cyber associated issues really seriously as well as are exploring these cases additionally," she claimed.

The prankster, that tweets as @Sinon_Reborn and explains himself as a "lazy anarchist," likewise did not quickly respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

The Trump authorities appear to have actually fallen easily for the prank, inning accordance with emails obtained by CNN as well as tweeted by @Sinon_Reborn.

Huntsman, as an example, reacted happily to a congratulatory note from the prankster posing as Eric Trump. "Many thanks for the thoughtful note," Huntsman composed. "Russia will certainly be a challenging but no doubt rewarding job."

" Perhaps we might have Father sat on an equine, complement, giving the full Putin! He remains in much better form compared to his matches recommend," the phony Eric Trump responded, according to CNN."

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  1. Posted by Vincent Reich, at Reply

    these guys are such dumbasses. laughing stock of the world

    • Posted by Daniel Galun, at Reply

      Hehe, we sent a fake reporter (Pia Haraldsen) to troll your politicians back in 2007, this is pretty much traditions by now. They get so mad too, it’s hilarious. This was probably the best one watch?v=a1iNH7W9SC8

    • Posted by sleazybtd, at Reply

      Yes, they are the laughing stock of the world, but they run this country so they’ve turned this entire country into a laughing stock.

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    This is the best season of House of Tards ever.

    • Posted by cosmosgato, at Reply

      _House of Tards_
      LMFAO because it’s true.

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      As a man who forgives all (except that bastard Pontius Pilate) I have to object to calling them “tards”. But, they sure are.

      In love, Jesus.

    • Posted by xxX_p0nutSlayer42069_Xxx, at Reply

      Hal Jordan HA! We _have_ to make this trend!

    • Posted by sfar1, at Reply

      Hal Jordan hahahahahahaha

  3. Posted by Seth Freeman, at Reply

    White people are scum and liars

    • Posted by J. Montcliff, at Reply

      +shorgoth. SMH, you are another one of the grossly ill-informed, brainless, media-fed zombies. Someone should just plop you down in front of CNN and forget about you, you’re so lost. You have to back to the 1970s to find so-called racism? What a joke. His company was accused of putting low-income people into one certain building, most of whom were black. Pretty weak case for racism. The Muslim ban? Muslim is not a race, you amazing dolt. And sorry, but left-wing fools are always the biggest racists on Earth. Your comment was nothing but stupidity. Try again, loser-type-person. (:

  4. Posted by drshiz, at Reply

    Eric was the smartest of them all

    • Posted by scott bryant, at Reply

      drshiz and that says something right there

  5. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Just goes to prove how truly stupid the Trump team really is.

    • Posted by MrMagoo, at Reply

      Republicans United, I didn’t know that Democrats were arrested. Wow, who?

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      The prankster will get a job at GCHQ

    • Posted by Kyile Vanderpump, at Reply

      LangLearn Korean This type of foolery NEVER happened under the Obama administration. It happened to Sarah Palin and it was hilarious. Conservatives get pranked all the time. It happens to fox news alot.

    • Posted by Jason W, at Reply

      @Kylie. Proof please?

  6. Posted by Munozl360, at Reply

    I love how they moved on so quickly from the Debate with cenk vs Ben Shapiro. They saturated the channel with many videos to burry it deep.

    • Posted by Silly Allen, at Reply
      Politicon poll on the victor.
      Shapiro: 100%
      Derp yuyuugr: šŸ˜­%

    • Posted by Andrew Walsh, at Reply

      Silly Allen

      Shapiro: I don’t want the government rationing out my care and telling me what is and isn’t covered!

      as if lightly regulated insurance companies weren’t doing exactly that, especially prior to the ACA’s passage lmao

  7. Posted by KingOfTheNorth 1993, at Reply

    Hey I’m not trolling or anything but has Cenk made a video on his response to the debate against Ben? I remember he came out quickly claiming Ana and Hisan “destroyed their opponents? Can someone point me to the right direction in finding the video where he speaks on his participation?

    • Posted by dick, at Reply

      KingOfTheNorth 1993 in my opinion they did wreck, he probably shared the same opinion. Most people agree. He wasn’t being disingenuous when he said they did great because they did. The video you’re looking for doesn’t exist because Cenk put the whole debate on YouTube *On this channel*. Again, what self centered loser talks about winning their own debate?

      So is that your metric on who wins a political debate? Not being called out as a hypocrite on your opinions of big government or your willingness to participate in campaign super PACs while ignoring the fact that you just bought a politician? If you’ve been paying attention to the amount of absolute losers who hate watch Cenk on any of his videos you should probably watch the whole thing without bias and make up your own mind about the debate, not let a bunch of YouTube commenters from /pol/ dictate your opinion.

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      KingOfTheNorth 1993 oh, you mean you meant exactly what everyone knew you meant? Thanks for clarifying….

  8. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Well I dont know about you, but I for one feel MUCH safer knowing the systems that control our power grids, infrastructure, financial and military systems, and of course our election process are safe in the very capable hands of such skilled people

    • Posted by Silly Allen, at Reply

      I know right?! It would be much better in the hands of a woman who can’t work gmail..

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Or a man who refuses to use a secured phone or email server. Relying instead on the already hacked private server his party uses.

  9. Posted by Revoltingsheeple, at Reply

    I think Trump is a laughing stock and the republicans have proven once and for all that they’re incompetent rhetoric machines. HAVING SAID THAT, are there any anti-trumpists here who can think of some positive things trump has done since he became president? By positive, I mean beneficial to a majority of american citizens. I can’t accept employment rates or economic recovery as not enough time has passed to allow one to give credit to trump instead of Obama (unless you have evidence to the contrary, of course). I’d love to see some answers.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Didn’t he kill the TPP?

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Trump’s new NAFTA re-negotiation has a lot of the unpopular TPP parts in it, so until we know for sure what the new NAFTA is gonna be I don’t think him blocking the TPP as an accomplishment yet.

  10. Posted by Reina Chen, at Reply

    Wow and these morons say they are going to make america great again. (^.^)

  11. Posted by David Vasquez, at Reply

    What the hell Sargon?

    • Posted by 32shumble, at Reply

      i might just resub to Sargon to see how he’s coping with current events.

  12. Posted by some body, at Reply

    Daily reminder that Ben Shapiro is on suicide watch and his fans are mentally ill.

    • Posted by A86, at Reply

      @RepublicansUnited – What a bunch of horseshit.

    • Posted by Jason W, at Reply

      Y@A86. You say it’s “horseshit” that there are only 2 genders? You are one severely brainwashed individual.

  13. Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

    It isn’t fun to troll TYT anymore. After Shapiro beat Genk down in that debate, he is like a wounded animal now. I almost feel sorry for him.

    • Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

      Shapiro lied saying that TYT is a corporation, when it is a company. Should have used google!

    • Posted by wildbattlechicken, at Reply

      +Proud Boys, if only Shapiro had a relevant channel with millions of viewers. You should go there he needs an audience badly.

    • Posted by J. Montcliff, at Reply

      Pauline Gregory. You’re a societal loser, though.

    • Posted by J. Montcliff, at Reply

      Millions of children watching TYT.

    • Posted by dick, at Reply

      J. Montcliff you’re one of them

  14. Posted by San Diego, at Reply

    GW Bush is looking less dumb, everyday the Trumps are bumbling thru their stay in the White House.

    • Posted by Kryojenix, at Reply

      GWB is just as dumb, but he’s not as viciously narcisisstic. He actually deferred to his more intelligent corporate overlord advisors. Unlike the Trumptard Team.

    • Posted by Agumon5, at Reply

      Bush is looking downright brilliant …..

    • Posted by Robert Gaudet, at Reply

      If you listen to Bush talk nowadays he’s positively eloquent. He’s dampened down on the downhome buddy thing, anyway.

  15. Posted by jim lee, at Reply

    Trump Turd supporters should be very proud of their president, because the whole world is Crying..

    • Posted by greensloth10, at Reply


    • Posted by Celephaith, at Reply

      Crying with laughter. America has never been more of a laughing stock than it is now.

    • Posted by iceberg265, at Reply

      greensloth Morons are governing America.

  16. Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

    Scaramucci set back any chance of an Italian-American president 40 years.

    • Posted by ShishkaBerry, at Reply

      I thought he was an extra on the Sopranos, he fits right in.

    • Posted by Anti, at Reply


  17. Posted by Andrew S, at Reply

    Young Turds = FAKE NEWS!

    • Posted by Marla Pebbles, at Reply

      Andrew S sad

  18. Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

    Hey Donald, Im a Nigerian prince.. I can make you rich……

    • Posted by Justin Harvey, at Reply

      Still waiting for one verified fact to come out on the “Russia Investigation”. It’s only been 9 months since the Election when the “story” first “surfaced” (i.e. excuses started being made for Hillary losing an election that was rigged in her favor).

    • Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

      Justin Harvey watergate took 2+ years.. you might want to show a little patience or do a little research..
      read more and speak less..

    • Posted by Justin Harvey, at Reply

      CNN has been caught on video admitting that they have no evidence, Russia is a big “nothing burger” and that the CEO and execs are still pushing it because they have nothing else. It’s idiots like you that still believe a blatant lie that keeps this “story” around.

      Dianne Feinstein stated that there is no evidence in an interview with
      Wolf Blitzer. Nancy Pelosi stated there is no evidence and impeachment
      is not going to happen during a press conference two months ago.

      If that wasn’t enough, Van Jones and a CNN producer are both on camera saying they have NOTHING as well. Maybe do a little research and speak less šŸ™‚

    • Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

      i said read not watch tv.. and none of your sources are investigating the claims.. i never said they were true or false but i certainly will not accept the ideas of a 2-bit troll over the FBI.. nor will i accept two month old evidence over current evidence…not to mention that cable news is not the end-all be-all of information.. again i say READ… dont watch.. also think because your pathetic attempt at understanding controversy is limited since you nor i have any insight into an ongoing investigation..

  19. Posted by Darren Eastman, at Reply

    Just found out the Turks sold out to YouTube

    • Posted by ffairlane57, at Reply

      You mean Youtube has ownership? How does that work?

    • Posted by Darren Eastman, at Reply

      ffairlane57 yep that is why the GOP are pushing to make them a public utility

    • Posted by Darren Eastman, at Reply

      Let’s have an experiment and watch and see if they report

    • Posted by ffairlane57, at Reply

      What country do you live in?

  20. Posted by Susannah Dean, at Reply