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Town Exiles Battered Woman


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A women was exiled from he community for calling 911 a lot of times reporting her ex-boyfriend was defeating her. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, and also Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you the community's excuse. Inform us just what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" When Rosetta Watson, a black woman with handicaps living in Maplewood, Missouri, required defense from an abusive ex-boyfriend, she did what she was supposed to do: She called the authorities. On four celebrations between 2011 as well as 2012, she called local law enforcement, informing authorities that Robert Hennings struck, pushed and choked her.

Watson wanted relief from the violence. But rather, according to a government lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union submitted last week against Maplewood, she was evicted as well as required to leave town for six months.

Under a neighborhood ordinance in the St. Louis suburban area, more than two contact us to the police officers pertaining to residential physical violence within 180 days certifies as a "annoyance." Individuals that breach the policy can be kicked out and also shed their occupancy license– which is called for to stay in the city– for six months.

Maplewood's city manager, Martin Corcoran, did not immediately return a request for comment."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

    How many nose jobs has Ana had?

    • Posted by rahowhero X, at Reply

      just 1, but it took 37 hours and an elephant trunk specialist

    • Posted by rahowhero X, at Reply

      Jon Bones Jones smaller “germanic” nose. italians and greeks have big noses like armenians

    • Posted by Feminazi slayer, at Reply

      let’s punish female child molesters

  2. Posted by Bina Dahal, at Reply

    Why isn’t the boyfriend arrested?

    • Posted by meh757, at Reply

      probably because it was the only image they could find that they can use without out a copyright troll coming at them

    • Posted by Frode Bergeton Nilsen, at Reply

      “Why did you use a thumbnail of a crying white woman on the side of the road to advertise this video?”
      Domestic violence hits all walks of life. This is no race thing.

    • Posted by Joe Collier, at Reply

      Of course, it is. Black women have been getting the wrong end of the deal for longer than I have been alive. Do you think there are no poor white women in this town who are battered by their boyfriends? These people are poor. Money is the number one reason why couples fight. But this story isn’t about a battered white woman, is it? It is really a story about how those who have power wielding it over those who don’t. I understand that it is dangerous for cops to respond to domestic abuse calls. I don’t envy them for a moment. However, that is part of the job that they signed up for. To say that a woman, of any color (I agree), is a nuisance for calling the cops twice for the same issue is BS. Is the liquor store owner a nuisance if he calls twice because he got robbed twice? I doubt it. It may not even be a racial thing. It may just be about money. The liquor store owner collects sales taxes and pays annual business taxes and permit fees, etc. The poor person requires resources, one of which is police protection.

    • Posted by Joe Collier, at Reply

      I hadn’t thought of that.

    • Posted by raible 95, at Reply

      Why did she stay with him?

  3. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Trump supporters hate Muslims but love rape.

    • Posted by cableaddict, at Reply

      Now we hate North Koreans, too!
      And Syrians! (except the dead babies. Trump LOVES dead babies.)

    • Posted by AutobotProwler, at Reply

      get therapy

    • Posted by Tammy borjeson, at Reply

      Your comment does not belong here and btw no one gives a crap! Bye Felicia

    • Posted by Unholykill3, at Reply

      This is why you carry a gun- **You are your First-Responder!*

  4. Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

    This happens all the time- women afraid to reach out for help becasue they could be persecuted by the cops/landlords/etc. How about banishing the perpetrator? People are disgusting.

    • Posted by micky mccoy, at Reply

      Right, any body that does not agree with you is a Nazi, Correct? Grow up lady!! Breitbart is just as bad as far as pushing their agenda as well. Think for yourself lady not what your fem group tells you to.

    • Posted by dale murray, at Reply

      Lots of people disagree with me and SOME of them are Fascists. Every one of them who tried to use that generalizing argument WERE fascists. Tell me why your positions are NOT the positions of fascism.

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      Fascism isn’t bad, the issue is with people. Not form of government.

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Does Bill O’Reilly run this place?

    • Posted by Corn Flakes, at Reply


    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      O’Reilly and his fellow partners in wife-abusing crime, Trump who creates evil ‘nuisance’ law and Bannon who spreads pizza-crap to jam up the lines so that real info get drown out real victims get punished real justice fighters get blamed for the crimes and booted out, and perpetrators rule the town.

    • Posted by DontKnowACoolName, at Reply

      He probably was the one raping her

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      spoiler alert the town is muslim.

  6. Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

    The town should have taken out a restraining order against the abuser. Keep HIM out of the town!!!!

    • Posted by edward james, at Reply

      it was probably one of those ‘he said, she said’ situations where there was no proof against him. I hate to say it, but she is at least half to blame. she should have left him before it got this bad or used recording devices to prove what she was accusing him of.

    • Posted by Oisin Murphy, at Reply

      The town should be sued.

    • Posted by ToyaRR, at Reply

      +edward james I you listened to the actual report you would know she was not with him. He was her ex, meaning he was stalking and harassing her.

  7. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    LEAVE HIM. for fucks sake shes obviously an attention seeker. Send her to Saudi Arabia so she can live with Muslims they will look after her. Keep her safe from the evil white man.

    • Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

      Lets all just blindly believe TYT and this random lady. Ignore the town and the police.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      She did leave him,dumbass.He kept coming to her house and attacking her.He finally went to jail and they blamed her for the 911 calls.

    • Posted by Chad Atchison, at Reply

      PKNHET I have seen some of her other posts and if you think she is stalking you then you are delusional, while she does reply to your comments on occasion I think it’s more likely that she has an uncontrollable desire to call out idiots like you who frequently leave colossally stupid comments, so many of us suffer the same affliction.

      As for her hating all men I don’t have any proof if she does or doesn’t and even if she did I wouldn’t care to each their own, besides my main motivation for replying wasn’t to defend her, it was a perfect segue for me to call you an idiot lol. :0

  8. Posted by sean mcdonald, at Reply

    America should exile conservatives because it’s proven that their policies always fail & they never worked.

    • Posted by SgtSixkilla, at Reply

      +Rusty Shackleford Uhm, no.

    • Posted by Robin Sparkles, at Reply

      sean mcdonald but communism has worked?

  9. Posted by LeCrazyCanuckEh, at Reply

    TYT feels the need to share her skin tone like it’s relevant?Β  That’s American news for ya!

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      LeCrazyCanuckEh its tha

      t the police systematically target black people that’s why it’s relevant

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      LeCrazyCanuckEh so how is he a snow flake for calling u princess ,are u that bad at trolling that u can’t even use that dumbass insult corectly

    • Posted by Fucker Carlson, at Reply

      Would this have happened to a White Woman?

    • Posted by Beaste Meauxde, at Reply

      LeCrazyCanuckEh Yes I’m fully aware. Google the term “implicit bias” so you can make an informed response. There’s a reason I included that in my statement.

  10. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    I’m just throwing this out here but MAYBE she shouldn’t have stayed with a man who kept abusing her and wasting the time of the police who have better things to do than worry about a masochistic woman…?

    • Posted by Taniesha S, at Reply

      Roy Merritt thank you, It was a real learning experience.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Andy’s classic alt-right masturbatory tone-deaf vomit “I refuse to notice the specificity of the female victim presented in this video and the absurd inhumanity of nuisance law and proceed to gas light and minimize the blatant injustice and even try to give myself brownie point pretending to care about police’s time resource”

    • Posted by May Michelle Marquardt, at Reply

      Then I’d just spit on you more, it couldn’t make you look uglier than you already do on a daily basis, problem solved.

    • Posted by May Michelle Marquardt, at Reply

      And by the way she did call the police, moron. It’s in the video that you’re too stupid to pay attention to. Sad.

  11. Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

    Trump supporters will support the police because the woman is black

    • Posted by For Real, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer No. Because racists are predictable.

    • Posted by Lydia Thornton, at Reply

      For Real :. That was WAY too easy!!!!! Lol lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      For Real
      do you know that even babies are racist ,black ,asiatic or white it doesn’t make difference
      do you know why ?
      ,to be racist ,to know who belongs to you will give you an advantage and not to be racist will literally kill your people and maybe you then you will be without the same support and protection that other populations have
      btw ,there are far more whites killed by cops in your usa and far-far more when you compare committed crimes but the fact , that is not important for white liberals is totally not the proof for white mental illness called anti racism

  12. Posted by I support the gay agenda, at Reply

    Not surprised this happened in a Conservative Rightwing Republican racist red state.

    • Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

      Liberals are trash.

  13. Posted by JCC, at Reply

    This is why black people don’t call the police. As public enemy once said, “911 is a joke.”

    • Posted by gil moran, at Reply

      Owning Liberals Is My Hobby for real right?!?!?

  14. Posted by Jessicia VVV, at Reply

    And then they say we don’t live in a rape culture. The Patriarchy is always punishing the victims. UGH smh

    • Posted by Jessicia VVV, at Reply

      @Bob Nub Of course there are shelters for male “victims”. They are called jails and prisons, where most men belong anyway for something they must have done in their pathetic life.

    • Posted by Rafshan Syed, at Reply

      Jessicia VVV ohhh noo look at what feminism did to you…I consider myself a feminist because i know females throughout history were in the tougher and wrong side of things cause the world was ran by males and it is important in this era for us to recognize that and respect and give women their rightful place in society and culture.
      But you sweet heart is what I call a fundamentalist feminist just like those pesky new atheists.
      You hatred for something has engulfed you in a bigoted manner that you make statements like “men belong in jail”
      Feel sad for people like you.You people will never lead and enjoy a normal life because of your black and white lives.

  15. Posted by Sara Alouh, at Reply

    WARNING! Don’t scroll down, there is mindblowing amounts of victim blaming!

    • Posted by dayrohan, at Reply

      Sara Alouh thanks for the advice πŸ‘πŸΎ I’m seeing some before this comment.

    • Posted by AbdallN, at Reply

      ….I’m sorry i got shot?

  16. Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

    Black and a Woman?!??! The trolls will circle the wagons on THIS one………they’re racists and woman-haters much like all repubs

  17. Posted by Michael Parker, at Reply

    You can tell this is a Republican state where the laws essentially say that women should know their place and accept their beatings.

    • Posted by Feminazi slayer, at Reply

      Michael Parker cuck

    • Posted by Michael Parker, at Reply

      +Feminazi slayer Woah there Skippy… If you project any further you’ll blind someone.

  18. Posted by DahVoozel, at Reply

    Occupancy permit… that sounds like freedom.