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Trolling The Alt-Right Is Too Easy…


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A leftist team presented a fake assault on a sculpture that created conservatives to appear as well as stand in the hot sunlight for hours. John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, as well as Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" After weeks of planning, a number of hundred people from throughout Texas and from various other Southerly states converged in Houston on Saturday, prepped for battle and with a major objective: Protect the Sam Houston Monument in all prices.

They swarmed Hermann Park early in the early morning, decked in camouflage, leather vests, Infowars coats, and Texas satisfaction shirts, toting American, Texan, as well as "Do not Tread on Me" flags, "Stand With Sam" indicators, as well as semi-automatic rifles as well as snipers.

A 40-person-deep safety and security group patrolled the location, while the hydration group passed out water, waiting in the Texas summer season warmth for adversary leftist groups to arrive.

" We set up four-man teams in different sectors seeing to it the anti-fascists would not infiltrate us or pick off 1 or 2 people by the washrooms," Jeremy Alcede, head of protection for the group This Is Texas, informed BuzzFeed News. "We were told thousands of [anti-fascists] were coming."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, Kim Horcher

Cast: John Iadarola, Hannah Cranston, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Alt-right Trolls have soft skin when it comes to their daddy “Donald Trump! I’m sure i have incoming BS in the form of “you liberals”, and the occasional N word!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Tyrion L Like Rush Limbaugh just said on his Morning Minute, the unhinged hate speech in Washington by the Democrats against Trump and the Republicans WILL lead to more nuts shooting at Republicans. The left is sick, it must be pointed out and beat back.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 the guy was not a true progressive though. he used a semi automatic rifle. and resorted to killing. true progressives do not kill or even think semi automatic rifles should be legal to anyone. especially someone with a history of domestic abuse such as him. even though many people claiming to be progressives call for the death of trump supporters. they are just radical left wingers. most radical people are not to different when it comes down to it. they can say they are but they are not.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Tyrion L Take it up with Rush. He is rarely wrong.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 no thanks.

  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Well, the alt-right aren’t really known for their intelligence. They are known for thinking themselves superior even though they look like fat sacks of crap with bad dentistry.

    • Posted by Cody Davies, at Reply

      Hahaha even confederate racists are ashamed of your moronic pepe shinanigans. Lol virgins

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Cody Davies lets be honest, if you’re at a protest covering your face with a mask odds are you are a virgin.

    • Posted by Cody Davies, at Reply

      But what about the MEMES? Haha Homeboy got a chokehold from camo-wearing rednecks… Aren’t you guys supposed to be on the same side? It’s almost like no one respects you, not even your white brethren lololol

  3. Posted by ShadowDrift, at Reply

    Liberals = Snowflakes
    Alt Right = Uneducated, Extremely Religious, Bigoted, Racists Snowflakes

    Who’s worse? Seriously, who?

    • Posted by leavy, at Reply

      The Worm why do you want to get rid of Christianity? it’s changed its tune, they don’t do at least a few of those things anymore. Also the death number is a lot, lot higher

    • Posted by Archer James, at Reply

      You’re setting up a false premise. You’re argument breaks down from the very beginning because you’re assuming the base presumptions of your argument are true without proving them. In short, you’re making up stuff. Anyone can do that.

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      Progressives are also racist, sexist, and bigoted ideologues. It’s very easy to generalize against something you don’t like, the Alt-Right has just become an umbrella term to label people. You don’t like BLM, then you must be Alt-Right, the instant dismissal because someone didn’t like your opinion.

      The main reason the Alt-Right are becoming more militant, is because of groups like Antifa and Bamn bringing weapons and explosives to protests.

  4. Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

    So now, the alt-right wants to known as “alt-knights”?! Yeah, sure… A bunch of white supremacists calling themselves knights a.k.a. White Knights.

    For a group so concerned with “SJWs”, they sure went White Knight pretty goddamn quickly!!!

    • Posted by 50 Stitches Steel, at Reply

      TheTruthNJ09 zinggg

    • Posted by leavy, at Reply

      it fits in that they want continue the Second Millennium Crusade, may as well be knighted for the honor of posting angry fb rants about Muslims

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      These alt-right twats love to act tough, yet they’re still in Europe and America. Why don’t they all go to the Middle East, and fight ISIS, if they’re so worried about Jihadists?

  5. Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

    Nationalism teaches you to hate people you’ve never met, fear things you don’t understand, and take pride in things you played no role in.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Durodes Duvo: There’s nothing wrong with Patriotism, but Nationalism is an extreme reaction which usually translates to fear, hatred and bigotry of others who look or think differently. Nationalism spawned Hitler’s Nazi Party, Mussolini’s Fascist Party and Hirohito’s Japanese Imperialism. White Supremacist groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood and the Ku Klux Klan use Nationalism to try and legitimatize and excuse their hatred of others.

    • Posted by E.D. E., at Reply

      freedombase-Um, Nationalism has been around way before Muslim terrorists became a problem.

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      4th Dimension sounds exactly like blm

    • Posted by UpYours, at Reply


  6. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    conservative does not equal alt right. that’s like saying a liberal is a communist.

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      OK, I’ll try.
      You said that calling all conservatives Fascists is the same as calling all Liberals Communists. I more or less agree. What I am saying is that the folks who were trolled into defending the statue made a simllar mistake. They refered to the group “Antifasci” as “Communists.” Which most of them are not. They are a particular kind of Anarchist, which is not at all the same thing. Do you understand me now?

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      Yes but one question. Would they not be considered fascists for threatening to deface the monument. Wouldn’t that be censorship?

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      No. You are making the same mistake you criticized others for. Fascism is a total ideology with many aspects. Something as mild as defacing as statue may or may not be viewed as censorship, but it does not qualify one as a Fascist. People of many different deologies engage in defacing messages and monuments that they do not like.

  7. Posted by theylied1776, at Reply

    Someone needs to tell these neanderthals in Texas that Sam Houston wasn’t part of the Confederacy and their most favorite song the Yellow Rose of Texas is about a black woman who helped Texas gain their independence from Mexico.

    • Posted by sydandtaytum, at Reply

      houston went blue the last election. dont act like all texans are the same, cause it is about 50/50 at this point. texas will be a swing state soon. i’ve been a liberal texan my whole life and there are many of us here.

    • Posted by theylied1776, at Reply

      +sydandtaytum All Texans? When exactly did I do that? Which part of this story didn’t you understand? The idiots they’re talking about who showed up to defend what they thought was a confederate symbol are not blue State Texans.

  8. Posted by Carter Kinoy, at Reply

    “Trolling The Alt-Right Is Too Easy…” Yep, just look at the comments section. xD

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      the recent manspreading video was certainly proof of that with all the dislikes and negative comments which made no sense since no one on the panel was in favor of the law or the term manspreading

    • Posted by David Merrill, at Reply

      Hi carter” haven’t seen you in a while’ you still living in Vermont ? I hear Bernie is going to make a comeback.

  9. Posted by Parailey, at Reply

    You lefties try so hard

    Bringing people to stand in a place is maximum trolling for you?
    This is literally nothing I compared to what 4chan did to the sjw and liberals,

    • Posted by Yellow Elf Camper 420, at Reply

      Parailey: a reasonable point


    • Posted by Frank Sclafani, at Reply

      Parailey I’m glad others know that you have no idea what you’re talking about

    • Posted by Parailey, at Reply

      +Frank Sclafani How so?

  10. Posted by Lu Fo, at Reply

    These white nationalist bigots are so broken, fragmented, and disabled, and their members are so scared to say what they actually believe in, they have to make up all kinds of new names to hide behind like “III%ers, Oath Keepers, Alt-Right, Militias, Tea Partiers, Liberty Loving Texans, Liberty Loving Americans, and Open Carry Organizations.” They are literally begging “anyone who wants to join,” to join. Where are these people in the case of Philando Castille? He was a licensed gun owner who was murdered by a police officer. Didn’t hear any of these groups stand up for him. Hmmm… I wonder why.

    • Posted by Lu Fo, at Reply

      Kyle G, Obviously you didn’t bother to read the sworn testimony of the officer who shot Castile. Officer, Jeronimo Yanez, testified under oath that he ordered Castile to produce his drivers license. So it seems you’re the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I guess reading is way too much work and way too difficult for you. Here’s the thing though, if you’re too stupid or lazy to read the facts of the case, keep your mouth shut tight, you got it?

    • Posted by Lu Fo, at Reply

      Kyle G, Haha, you’re so mad. It’s funny. Again, you didn’t read the testimony of the officer. I want you to stop responding to me until you read and understand the officer’s testimony. Asking for a license and then shooting the driver of the car is exactly what Yanez testified to doing, at least in terms of the sequence of events. So me recounting the officer’s testimony makes me an idiot how? Because it doesn’t fit your racially bigoted and biased view of the world? No. Sorry, but that’s not how civilized, sophisticated people think and act. You’re an uncivilized monkey if you think that way.

      You don’t seem to have the mental capacity to grasp even the most basic, elementary understanding of the legal system in the US. Philando Castile wasn’t on trial in this case, and he is not guilty until proven innocent, as much as you want him to be.

      The fact that he was not reaching for a gun is indisputable, because if he was, it would’ve been in his hand at the time of his death, but it wasn’t. Nevertheless, the video evidence does not show him “going for a gun,” which includes dash cam footage from the police car and footage from the live stream, the sworn testimony of credible eye-witnesses affirm that Castile was attempting to reach for his license as the officer ordered him to. Also consider the fact that he had no criminal history (aside from a few minor traffic violations), he was a licensed gun owner, the fact that loved ones were in the car including a 4-year old girl, the fact that he wasn’t wanted for any crime and wasn’t under investigation, and the fact that he worked at an elementary school and was loved by all his colleagues and the students. These are all facts. Where’s the motive for him to pull a gun out? Answer the question.

      Also answer this, if Castile was suddenly going to pull out a gun and ambush the officer, why did he tell the officer immediately when he was pulled over that he was a licensed gun owner, and that the firearm was in the vehicle? Why would he tell the officer he has a gun in the car if he was planning to ambush the officer? So Castile has zero motive, and takes away his own opportunity to ambush the officer with a firearm. No motive, no opportunity, no evidence that shows he was reaching for a firearm.

      Furthermore, the officer didn’t say that Castile did pull his gun, or that he was going for his gun, Yanez testified that he THOUGHT that’s what was happening and Yanez was scared, so he reacted. So even the arresting officer didn’t state that Castile was going for a weapon.

      And where’s your facts?
      You have none. All you can say is “yeruh fukin ideeyit cuz yer nota racis lack meee, durrrr hughhh”
      You don’t care about the truth, you don’t care about justice, you don’t care about the facts, and you don’t even stand on principle. I’m sure you creamed yourself and screamed about the second amendment during the Bundy Standoff. You only care about smearing a black man or anyone you deem undesirable. This is made clear by your weak, pathetic, obvious dismissal of the facts of this case, your refusal to read even what the officer testified to, and your hateful, racially charged name calling. So which label do you hide behind, since your too much of a coward to say you’re a part of the Klan? You alt-right? You part of a “militia”? Let me guess, brokeback mountain brigade? Ride em hard cowboy 😉

  11. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    Let’s be real. A significant percentage of these Confederate-lovers would be perfectly happy if slavery were reintroduced. They DO see themselves as Supreme and worthy of owning another human being. It’s the unsaid truth that drives American racism.

    • Posted by postman1782, at Reply

      matt gursky Considering they had a poll last year that 20% of Trump’s supporters said that freeing the slaves was a bad idea, I wouldn’t put it past most of his supporters that same question.

    • Posted by postman1782, at Reply

      matt gursky Nazis were not socialists. Just because it had it in their name, doesn’t mean they were socialists. If that is true, then North Korea is technically a “Democratic Republic” since they are both in the real name in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

    • Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

      I apologise, James. I’m sure you are right, there is NO WAY you can ever figure out what is in another’s heart or mind. And the KKK never existed.

    • Posted by Erick Reigada, at Reply

      Anyone else notice how the right always use negative or fear to get a point across?

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      So supreme they need sniper rifles & camo to fend off skinny jean hippies.

  12. Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

    The dislike ratio on this video suggests they’re absolutely right! #triggered #alt-rightCucks 🤣

    • Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

      +Nicky Dega Immediately resorting to personal insults? One might get the idea you were… oh, I dunno… “triggered” or something? 🤔

    • Posted by Nicky Dega, at Reply

      +Pano 360 Right, because you didn’t insult anybody in your original post. Jesus you libs are stupid.

  13. Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

    You just galvanized your opposition. Idiots.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      To do what, camp around the Sam Houston statue? ;p

    • Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

      To put their ideas out into the real world, meet other people and exchange thoughts, which pushes them deeper into their little subculture. The fact that they got trolled doesn’t make them realize how dumb they are. It’s just another reason for them to get angry.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Would you say your retort to being mocked for your own flawed logic supports that statement? 😉

    • Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

      Would you say that you understood my original point or are you just trying to take me down some semantic rabbit hole?

  14. Posted by Kuma Sama, at Reply

    Fighting Fascists is easy. All they do is run away. They ain’t no SS or Wehrmacht. Yohohohohoho

    • Posted by Kuma Sama, at Reply

      Glumo I know man. Antifa knows how to fight and is organized. Fascists are equipped but dumb as hell. Antifa is a collective of anarchists (best fighters I know of), communists, socialists, and people in general who hate the idea of being a Donald Duck in Naziland

    • Posted by Kuma Sama, at Reply

      Glumo You are my new best friend for that comment

  15. Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

    What is this ‘lll%ers’ thing anyway? I never heard of it.

    • Posted by Adam Saenz, at Reply

      D T I’m in the army go leave home.

    • Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

      D T ; Obviously, some form of better regulation would be needed — sure. But making them go to the National Guard for their ammo would defeat the purpose, as far as readiness. Plus, I don’t know many people who are willing to trust insurance companies these days. Besides, I’m pretty sure the National Guard was pretty much intended to replace militias. 😉

    • Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

      Adam Saenz ; #1. Congratulations. You managed to respond to the wrong person. Quit using my name in vain. 😉😜😉 #2. Yes, I’m just playing with you. #3. D T wasn’t saying the 2nd amendment was totally wrong, just that it’s flawed (and perhaps, outdated) in being a bit vague & left open to interpretation as to what ‘well regulated’ would mean. #4. He or she also probably wasn’t referring to either our government, or the original American revolutionaries, when he/she referred to ‘fascists’. It seems to me they were referring to the more current ‘three percenters’ movement, specifically those elements within it that are ‘alt-right’/ white nationalists/ neo nazis/ kkk creeps & other authoritarian type creeps who want to arrest and/or hang people just for wwb, wwnw, or wwp. 😉😁

    • Posted by D T, at Reply

      Adam Saenz you’re not supposed to post on social media bubba fascist..

  16. Posted by CastleArrgghhhh, at Reply

    Sorry, this is wrong. It’s wrong to take advantage of mentally challenged. We don’t do it to people with Down’s Syndrome, and we shouldn’t do it to Trumpanzees.

    • Posted by AndyBiz10, at Reply

      Lol yeah cuz we all have to be experts on reading sarcastic or comments intended to be a joke, but sure please take it easy on me lol, real edgy their buddy don’t cut your self.

    • Posted by → to the knee, at Reply

      gpwnedable, in Andy’s defense, it is only ½ sarcastic… I lived in the South for 16 years and met _many_ intelligent people from GA, AL, TN, TX, and KY (I didn’t know people from the other southern states, but I can guarantee they also have smart people). The gun totin’, camo wearin’, chest beatin’, violence seekin’ Texans were not among them.

      Luckily not all Texans are that far below average IQ.

    • Posted by gpwnedable, at Reply

      “Luckily not all Texans are that far below average IQ.” It’s probably about half.

      But seriously, I don’t doubt there are smart people who voted for 45.

    • Posted by jacob lee, at Reply

      To the knee….You’re absolutely right. I live in Texas , the vast majority are not like that at all.

    • Posted by Benjamin Urbas, at Reply

      CastleArrgghhhh Even worse doing it to killaries…

  17. Posted by zenman5910, at Reply

    Alt right is another name for naive gullible children.

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      zenman5910 You’ll have 8 years to see if your hopes come true.

    • Posted by zenman5910, at Reply

      +Islam is cancer Highly unlikely. This level of absolute ignorance will either destroy America long before that, or it will destroy Trump. Its like a car traveling 150 mph with nobody at the wheel, guaranteed a crash is gonna come. Arrogant and ignorant is no way to live life, it never lasts long.

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      zenman5910 You’ve been swallowing too much bullshit from the mainstream media, now you’re spewing it all over. The only way the left can regain any credibility is if they stop with the marxism, identity politics and feminism. Left wing ideas have become so ridiculous and indefensible that the right wing has become the voice of reason, which should give you a reason to at least rethink your position.

  18. Posted by Lav Radosavljevic, at Reply

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Bring it on you leftist bitches, well troll you into oblivion faster than you can say “Im Triggered”.

    • Posted by MARDUK, at Reply

      +Lav Radosavljevic Reich-wingers bending reality to better fit their desires. Nothing new. You only troll the whining babies as your poor kiddo self.

    • Posted by D T, at Reply

      Lav Radosavljevic😚 HAPPY JUNETEENTH 2017!!

    • Posted by Julie Cooper, at Reply

      Lav Radosavljevic ; Keep your nasty GMO cookies to yourself. Nobody wants them.