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Trump 101: Raise Taxes On The Poor, Cut Taxes For The Rich


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Raising tax obligations on the middle course and also bad will certainly assist Republicans cut taxes for the abundant. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you think in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Head of state Donald Trump states his tax reform plan will certainly assist functioning people, yet Republicans are reviewing a clampdown on the only part of the tax code that particularly profits low-income employees.
The made earnings tax credit scores provides a big wage bonus offer for moms and dads who make small earnings, as well as about 28 million homes benefited from the credit score in 2015. It was developed in 1975 and has actually been broadened six times.
However Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), chairman of your house Ways as well as Way Committee, which looks after taxes, claimed some homes that have actually gotten the credit history needs to not have. As well as his board wishes to make sure they will not in the future." *.
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  1. Posted by Clair Duffy, at Reply

    Everybody, esp the poor will get great tax cuts. If Trump says this, it will happen.Trump tells the truth. But, I may be lying..

  2. Posted by Andre La Rouge, at Reply

    Go and massacre some Armenians Young Turds.

  3. Posted by Bry Guy, at Reply

    Why the hell do you think the stock markets are doing so well under Trump ?

  4. Posted by Kazek Lokuciewski, at Reply

    Working tax credits for the poor basically just go to the employer. The cost of living for the lower end, in the absence of hard taxation on the hoarding of rentier class necessities, increase to whatever the poor can afford because renting the hoarded assets will increase to whatever money the working poor have access to.I’m not a fan of working credits, at the same time, you can not suddenly get rid of them as you will cause deflation. The solution lies in a two pronged attack. A tax on land and property assets not owned for personal use. No more protecting offshore landlords land holding from being claimed by citizens for free. AND a gradual removal of tax credits. Then the cost of property use will come down to real world value and the credits can be removed.

  5. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    Unless there is a drastic change in the way this country operates, we are destined to go the way of other failed states. I’m thinking of ancient Rome as the template for our destruction. The Roman Empire was far ranging with great power and influence. Yet it mostly just fell apart through the corruption and incompetence of its upper classes. We are on that road. The Germanic tribes did not end Rome from the outside. The Visigoths couldn’t have sacked Rome itself in 410AD without the Empire being weakened by the very kinds of people who are now weakening America from the halls of power. We need a new progressive party to save us.

  6. Posted by ekhaat, at Reply

    Same in Denmark. Yeah, who would have thought, eh?

  7. Posted by Davis Jefferson, at Reply

    Yes cut tax to the rich that way they bring companies back to america………….

  8. Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

    Republicans attacking their own brainwashed voters because most of them could not do a job in burger king and live on welfare but hey at least they are not communists

  9. Posted by Arris VonBorne, at Reply

    A days wages for a loaf of bread.

  10. Posted by flofancy1, at Reply

    They are targeting people that use one thing to get multiple exemptions. Don’t ask me to ignore that.

  11. Posted by dj C, at Reply

    no taxes on the first $12gs for a single worker n no taxes on the first $24gs for a married couple, id say the poor workers will benefit, n less taxes on companies will let companies hire more people, 12- 25-35% tax brackets and doing them on a 1page form so we dont need to pay to have them done, i dont see how that can b bad for any1

  12. Posted by Alison Long, at Reply

    The EITC proposal says the person must include their Social Security in order to make sure the correct people are getting the credit. right now people who Cant legally work in the US are benefiting from this EITC/CTC. It would not affect Americans who legally work in the US. and are eligible for the credits

  13. Posted by shadowdance4666, at Reply

    I love the smell of subjugation in the morning

  14. Posted by Bob Riemersma, at Reply

    Er, wasn’t the actual policy of the neoliberal Democrats the same?  Fake news.  This is just how the DNC-RNC Axis works.

  15. Posted by Demetrice Henderson, at Reply

    America’s going down people….. It’s open season on Racism against Us!!!!!

  16. Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

    Trump is in office for the one percent only. So, trump supporter, which are you, wealthy or stupid?

  17. Posted by Sam Lewis, at Reply

    They should cut the crap————If companies actually help the middle class or poor by DEMONSTRATING raising wages or hiring then give them the cut- Otherwise skip the break. It is practice not in theory that these tax breaks would work—-but that’s too rich for these whimsical day dreamers. Get on with it————–creeps.

  18. Posted by David King, at Reply

    you know what they say the poor get more poor and the rich get richer

  19. Posted by Sefcak James, at Reply

    With Trump, no matter what he claims, always believe the opposite. Trump is an habitual liar.