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Trump Actually Telling The Truth About Clinton-Russia Uranium Scandal?


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It's feasible there is more than one Russia tale. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you think in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Head of state Trump said Thursday that an Obama-era uranium manage Moscow is "the actual Russia story," and once again disregarded allegations that his project colluded with Russia as "a hoax."
Resting next to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló at the White House, Trump said that the media must be focusing on the uranium deal, rather than recurring examinations into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible control in between his campaign and Moscow.
" That's your tale. That's your genuine Russia story. The actual tale is uranium," Trump told reporters. "Not a tale where they talk about collusion as well as there was none. It was a hoax. Your genuine Russia story is uranium and also just how they got all of that uranium– the substantial portion of just what we have. That, to me, is just one of the big stories of the years. Not recently. The decade."" *.

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  1. Posted by Alexander Ahmann, at Reply

    hey, a broken clock can occasionally tell time accurately 😉

  2. Posted by horst weiter, at Reply

    hey cenk. how come i knew this since years

  3. Posted by Suzy Siviter, at Reply

    Is “The Hill” really mainstream though, its not like they are on TV or a newspaper?

  4. Posted by Donald Grab them by the pussy Trump, at Reply

    Trump and Hillary could both have been colluding with Russia, why do people act as if it’s only one or the other?

  5. Posted by spideydouble, at Reply

    I think the FBI collusion angle stems from attempts to bury the FBI uranium deal investigation before the deal and demotion of a senior FBI supervisor resisting those attempts.

  6. Posted by 381MEDALLION, at Reply

    This is Trump’s old news story. Why would u take the bait Cenk?? I recall some author wrote about this in his hit piece about the Clintons a few years ago. Can we stop looking for the smoking gun on President Trump and Hillary? I believe Russia could be our great ally in Europe and Asia,because Communism is dead, they have an impotent army, and many of Russia’s citizens live below the poverty line

  7. Posted by Chris Bellen, at Reply

    Trump has been crossing his arms a lot lately. A sign that he is defensive and can feel the walls are closing in.

  8. Posted by Linda Brooks, at Reply

    Well he would know Putin gave him the OK to say it. Trump is in Putin pockets. Russia will get more from Trump than twenty percent.

  9. Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

    Both sides are corrupt. Shocker. Dotard blabbering on about Clinton and Russia doesn’t negate his connections to Russia.

  10. Posted by Missilanious, at Reply

    And to anyone not thinking the Clinton email thing was not huge… why do you think they dumped the files on Weiner’s laptop and wiped their server clean? Also why do you think no one brought this up to the oversight committee? It is because all those back door deals done during her tenure, and the emails on the Clinton Foundation server contain blackmail on our government… hence why no one got prosecuted in that whole cover up. If Hillary fell, many dominoes will fall after the fact… like most of our government. And the sum is 145 million sent to the Clinton Foundation during those deals. And how the deal was done…. Bill flew over to Kavanistan to talk to the dictator there to give up mineral rights to a Canadian energy firm they were brokering thru the Clinton Foundation with Bill using his swing to get him off the humans rights list. Hillary flew in after Bill left. Mineral rights were signed over to a Canadian Firm (fusion GPS) which then sold the rights over to a Russian shell company. Also prior to the merge, we sold Fusion GPS domestic uranium rights whcih is Obama’s part in this that he signed off those domestic mineral rights. Pretty sure the side deal that got Hillary as SOS was she told him Obama will leave a millionaire after his presidency if he let her in politics. Also what crack is Cenk smoking with the finishing comment….. we gave uranium rights to a nuclear power under Hillary who Cenk shilled for hard after the Dem Convention knowing about the Uranium One piece in 2015. Cenk is a joke when it comes to values. Imagine a world of Hillary without no obstruction and even more blatant corruption. And the worst thing is a person who gave Russia mineral rights to actually create more nuclear arms during debate had the gall to say any state that hacks us is considered a direct threat and we should respond with military action. See Trump and Hillary are both sub-human scum with no emotion of empathy.

  11. Posted by King Borrelli, at Reply

    he means stop trying to shove fake russian news stories down our throats and spend all that time on this story which is a real and huge issue. This is the left just trying to stop obama and clinton coming under magor fire like with Benghazi

  12. Posted by cyberbob19, at Reply

    There is Trump hugging himself again? What does that mean? Every time he feels threatened he grabs himself and hugs himself.

  13. Posted by Grayson Goss, at Reply

    Dang Cenk you..its finally starting to dawn on you..the Man is serious sincere..and hes taking hillary,bill,and obummer,and holder all to the woodshed….and dont you luv it?

  14. Posted by Schweighsr, at Reply

    Why no mention that the State Dept., which Hillary headed, was one of ten different agencies who had to sign off on this uranium deal?  Yes, Trump was right about something (a stopped clock is right twice a day, so I’m not that impressed), but why omit half of the facts that exonerate Clinton?  I know that scandal sells, but I really thought that TYT was above that sort of thing.

  15. Posted by Jonathan Keller, at Reply

    Proof that these throw-away journalists are just trying to brainwash.

    They cherry pick articles from the MOST LIBERAL news sites and acts like it’s all true.

    Doesn’t he ever stop for a second think that news sites can lie to make trump out to be a monster.

  16. Posted by Calvin George, at Reply

    Wasn’t this story debunked a year ago.

  17. Posted by jkbrkly, at Reply

    the mainstream media is not one or two outlets, why hasn’t every news outlet jumped on this they way they did with the other Russian story, that’s what he means. even with solid evidence these liberals still doubt what is being said but they have no problem believing and reporting every unfounded statement that puts trump in a bad light.

  18. Posted by Jose De Carvalho, at Reply

    Imagine if Trump was on this deal?