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Trump Adviser George Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty


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George Papadopoulos has plead guilty. Will he aid bring down even more Trump Management officials? Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you think in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" When Donald Trump went to The Washington Blog post in March 2016 to be spoken with by the newspaper's editorial board, publisher Fred Ryan opened the session by asking whether the candidate might expose any type of members of his diplomacy team, which he had not yet revealed.
George Papadopoulos was the third individual Trump highlighted.
" He's a power and oil professional, outstanding individual," Trump said of Papadopoulos.
Now that Papadopoulos has actually pleaded guilty to earning an incorrect statement to FBI investigators, nevertheless, Trump's group is casting him not as "superb" but as practically nonexistent.
" The only point I learn about George Papadopoulos, honestly, is what remains in the real charge," Trump's individual attorney, Jay Sekulow, informed CNN on Monday mid-day. "I aren't sure George Papadopoulos."" *.

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  1. Posted by wityostankinass40, at Reply

    One way they found evidence on this guy was he deleted an old Facebook page and created another one. The FBI was able to gain access to the old page and there was incriminating evidence on it. What do you expect from a Trump supporter. The really think they could delete digital content without it being recovered.

  2. Posted by Poor Finian, at Reply

    Trump and Co are circling the wagons. His supporters, not surprisingly, want him to fire Mueller. Last week, conservative media acted preemptively and claimed to have found “evidence” that it was actually Hillary and the DNC behind this Russia collusion mess. They also now claim Mueller is too closely tied to the Dems to be impartial. So as the first indictments drop, the Right is working very hard to convince America that Mueller should be terminated. I thought the Wall Street Journal was the last credible conservative-leaning paper left in America, but their editorial board have taken this conspiracy to heart and are now leading the call for Mueller to resign. Of course, he won’t — but it gives Trump enough credibility cover to fire Mueller. Trump will absolutely run with the WSJ’s recommendation — he’ll give Mueller a chance to resign or get fired. So, first it’s Comey, and in a few days it will be Mueller. Imagine if Nixon had simply fired all of the people who tried to investigate him? There would have been a national outrage. Well, clearly, we as a country have gotten a whole lot dumber since then. Folks, this is going to get real ugly….

  3. Posted by CTalk, at Reply

    Still, that last name is fantastic

  4. Posted by isette, at Reply

    Im sure selling uranium to the Russians is colluding…. WTH  is going on here !

  5. Posted by AdmiralBetas, at Reply

    Isn’t that the guy the Sqeaky-voiced Teen worked for in the Simpsons?

  6. Posted by Rrwmissouri, at Reply

    There sure is a lot of the Al-Right and Russian Trolls making comments here.

    Peace & Love,

  7. Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

    Yea they got Mr. Big….the VOLUNTEER to Trump`s campaign….ROTMFFLMOO….his story is ALREADY falling apart….he plead out to fibbibg to the Feds and will get 6 months and do 2 MAX…..BIG DEAL…..A BIG FAT ZERO.

  8. Posted by EQ760, at Reply

    I don’t get it…when “kids” meet with so called terrorist…talking about doing something wrong..they are guilty…what’s the difference?

  9. Posted by Ian M, at Reply

    Where are the usual right-wing trolls?  They must be a little nervous about this video 😀

  10. Posted by Phantasy Star, at Reply

    Think about it for a second, why would any of these assholes be talking to Russians about any thing if it wasn’t for Drumph.

  11. Posted by Sergio Heredia, at Reply

    This investigation has nothing to do with trump men. This is a 10 years old investigation

  12. Posted by fname lname, at Reply

    Remember when the Democrats were still talking about Mitt Romney a year after the 2012 election?
    Me neither.

  13. Posted by Stev Rex, at Reply

    It is pathetic how so many Republicans hold a deformed sense of what it means to be an American. What it means to hold people accountable for harming the American way of life.

  14. Posted by Shane Grewell, at Reply

    Just letting you know if manifold was in with Russia then they wouldn’t need to try to talk to his son to get to Trump. The conspiracy has a lot of fundamental flaws. Would be a cool James bond film though

  15. Posted by Dardania Lion, at Reply

    A Greek in the US politics is like a wolf in a sheep farm. Look at the Greeks, orthodox unites them with Russia more than democracy with the west. I can’t believe how he was allowed to be in.

  16. Posted by Syed Colon, at Reply

    Teflon Don will always blame someone else, everybody is going to be thrown under the political bus.

  17. Posted by Hi-Tec Jaymes, at Reply

    Just waiting for someone to defend this criminals actions, cause him along with many others including Trump are guilty!

  18. Posted by Gulam Mohamed, at Reply

    Few things, just get it right… If this leads to proving Russian collusion, it also would make the US government, CIA, FBI, NSA and and and.. couldn’t have any decent intel on any of this and let Russia put a guy on the US president seat. Though American (world) elections are mostly decided by campaign contributions by the rich, this is a shame that US would never accept publically. So, No Impeachment. Sorry…. 🙂