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Trump Aide Wanted To Pull US Troops Back For Putin


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This appears questionable … Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" A senior National Protection Council official suggested withdrawing some U.S. army pressures from Eastern Europe as an advance to Vladimir Putin throughout the very early days of the Trump presidency, according to two previous management authorities.

While the proposal was ultimately not embraced, it is the initial recognized situation of elderly aides to Donald Trump seeking to rearrange U.S. army forces to please Putin– something that scented, to a colleague, like a return on Russia's election-time investment in President Trump. The White House did not immediately react to The Daily Beast's ask for comment." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Social Justice Warriors...Come Out To Play-ee-yay!, at Reply

    Your Trump/Russia fetish has no bounds. Sad.

    It was Obama caught by a hot mic on video telling Medvedev to tell Putin that he would be more flexible after the (2012) election. Plus, Obama cancelled the installation of a missile defense system in Poland.

    • Posted by Richard Strong, at Reply

      You can always rely on a Trump supporter to reference and subsequently blame Obama.

    • Posted by Oliver A., at Reply

      lol so true though. with an added overt “obongo” racist tone no less. All ya’ll can get skewered like trump and the rest of his kind.

  2. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Yes! This is why TYT are the greatest heroes of the modern era. Even with the naked emperor doing everything to begin WW3 cooler heads won the day and North and South Korea began their historic peace talks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the people involved were inspired by TYT’s fact based commentaries. Hopefully the same will happen with Putin. TYT=heroes. General Albert Pike>trump.

  3. Posted by LaughingManRa, at Reply

    Pullin’ Out for Putin

  4. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    Well this is not a surprising development. I’m pretty sure that the Trump/Putin contract states that the orange dotard is supposed to do whatever Putin tells him to do and in return, Putin doesn’t send the dotards pee tape to CNN. It’s all quite simple if you think about it.

    • Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

      liberal ontheleft

      Simple logic for simpletons like you.

    • Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

      Trump is obviously Putin’s lapdog. The simpletons are the ones to blind to see that Trump is too stupid to do almost anything on his own.

  5. Posted by Joseph Nucera, at Reply

    Trump and the entire government are traitors to the American people.Hang them all

    • Posted by Ph Ph, at Reply

      Hanged? Locked in jail would be better..

    • Posted by George Papag, at Reply

      Joseph Nucera bananas

    • Posted by Fuck Your Opinion, at Reply

      Joseph Nucera why waste time hanging them? Let’s lead them out to a big hole in the Mojave desert and just fire at them until they all fill the hole.

  6. Posted by Theugly Sirmadame, at Reply

    Stop with the Russia crap man. How many countries have Russia military attacked in the last 20 years? Exactly! STFU. He is not colliding with Russia idiots. He is putting sanctions on them.

    • Posted by sam larsson, at Reply

      Chechnya,Georgia,Ukraine etc etc….
      STFU you stupid trumpturd.

    • Posted by Fuck Your Opinion, at Reply

      sam larsson even I think what he said is a bit much.

  7. Posted by Sterling, at Reply

    Let me get this straight, you guys, the party and group of anti war mentality, are the ones pushing for escalation with Russia. How hypocritical can you be in this regard?

    • Posted by jerry Miller, at Reply

      Don’t tell Bush and Cheney their party is anti war!

  8. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Don’t pull the U.S troops back! WE WANT WAR. WE WANT TO ESCALATE


    • Posted by Jesus Velazquez, at Reply

      Actually we just want to leave the right wing conservative imbecile supporters in the line of fire while the rest of the world watches them get roasted as Trump goes golfing.

    • Posted by Jeff Jones, at Reply

      Russian bot alert

    • Posted by Carl Burns, at Reply

      i hope ukraine builds big prisons for russians bots

  9. Posted by WestOfEarth, at Reply

    More Russian bots in the comments below, lol. This Harrington dude sounds like a Russian plant, btw. Someone should check his contacts.

    • Posted by Pray Station, at Reply

      More CIA bots in the comments below, lol. <---- see how inane this argument is

  10. Posted by vote for no. 6, at Reply

    So TYT is officially part of the Russia fear-mongering-industrial-complex now. Not surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.

    • Posted by G. Love 64, at Reply

      vote for no. 6 Russia is our enemy …

    • Posted by G. Love 64, at Reply

      Trump and his cronies want to run this country like Russia and the oligarchy’ sand align himself with all the other authoritarians around the world and run the whole economic system as a pseudo capitalistic state i.e. China … Pretty obvious ….

    • Posted by bonslee, at Reply

      tyt has all ways pushed the russia is evil and controlling trump narrative

  11. Posted by G. Love 64, at Reply

    Russian trolls all over this sight …. Russia, and especially Putin , are not our friends …. This is relevant and should be fought …. At all costs …

    • Posted by William King, at Reply

      Its the CIA/DeepState trolls that are the problem!

    • Posted by G. Love 64, at Reply

      William King they would be if they existed .., problem is you traitorous fucktards who are conspiring with the Russians who are our enemy .., how much they paying you to troll comrade?

  12. Posted by Thankfull Friend, at Reply

    Without Putin Russia would be a better place

    • Posted by Alexis Belton, at Reply

      that is not 100% accurate …but yes oligarch money in Russia is like corporate money in America

    • Posted by Alexis Belton, at Reply

      Dann Marceau Lol so are American presidents

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      Without Putin then there will be a middle class Russia! Middle class breed libtards! My bosses Koch Mercer DeVos KKKrusaders fear middle class as much as Putin fear Clintons! We want dumb dumb class like our adorable Deplorables! NO MIDDLE CLASS! DOWN WITH DEMOCRATS!

    • Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

      Alexis Belton
      If you mean they have blood on their hands because they gave orders to soldiers in conflicts, yes. Putin’s a different story though. He’s ex-KGB, which means he probably did literally have blood on his hands.

  13. Posted by Jared Greathouse, at Reply

    Whatever happened to opposing militarism on principle UNLESS needed to defend the nation from another nation? That’s a central tenant of leftism, being against violence and force unless absolutely needed

  14. Posted by William King, at Reply

    Why is it that you guys always interpret actions which could reduce international conflict as ‘giving in to Russia’? I can remember when such actions were applauded by progressives who were striving for a more peaceful world. Now we have a large number of liberals/progressives in bed with the neo cons and Deep State militarists who have presided over perpetual war and preparation for war for decades. Sadly, it seems that Cenk and John will only be satisfied when the US is at war with Russia.

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      William King
      Great deal USA gets nothing and Russia gets everything .
      What other great deals has draft dodger in chief in mind ?
      Russia war doctrine against USA is cause mistrust to political system , get Americans fight each other and make USA irrelevant globally … do you think they are failing in that ?
      Putin aint your friend hes not even friend of his own people only thing he cares is money and power .

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      USA gets nothing. And what do you want? What are you doing at our border? Would you like us to be at your brorder? Would that be nice? Putin has done more for Russia and its people then any of your presidents the last 20 Years.

  15. Posted by Noble Savage, at Reply

    Looking at the comments makes me want to as a question.
    *When did modern day Liberals turned into the war mongering Republicans of the Cold War?*

    • Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez, at Reply

      Noble Savage same thing really

    • Posted by trippnface, at Reply

      Atleast since the early 90’s.

  16. Posted by I only speak The Truth, at Reply

    Man too many Russian trolls and their trumptards cucks here

    • Posted by Pray Station, at Reply

      People who speak the truth in the face of wide-eyed speculative fictions are not “Russian trolls.” If you must, at least call us “Truth trolls.”

  17. Posted by MrToolmaker23, at Reply

    “I’ve a feeling that I’ll get everything I want.” Vladimir Putin

    • Posted by MrToolmaker23, at Reply

      gugamar LoL. Probably accurate.

  18. Posted by bowtie3, at Reply

    un-American trumpGOP. Trump supporters hate America. They always have.

    • Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez, at Reply

      bowtie3 they are america

  19. Posted by Donald Storm, at Reply

    No way it’s about time we get all these Russian spies out of the freaking Washington DC area this is disgusting get rid of these people right up to the president

    • Posted by Robert Browning, at Reply

      Donald—Are you Jewish?? Do you hate Russia and Russians because they are Christian and as a Jew you hate Christ??

    • Posted by Donald Storm, at Reply

      No I am not Jewish I am Roman Catholic. And the Russians have been there in in me since the end or before the end of World War II. And it only got worse with Boris and Natasha running Russia the biggest criminals in the world if they don’t like you they just took away your business no matter how big it was and give it away to his generals and the people that look after him these people are the freaking enemy and we have enemies in the White House it’s just disgusting, things were much better before that jerk took over and made himself sole dictator of Russia the corruption is staggering don’t think for one minute he wants to not take over the world that’s their objective. There are ready trying to get into our phones with their stupid commercials they never stop.