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Trump Already Historically Unpopular


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Trump is in for a rude awakening. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"President-elect Donald Trump will descend on Washington next month, buoyed by his upset victory and Republican control of Congress to implement his agenda.

But he’s facing a major obstacle: Trump will enter the White House as the least-popular incoming president in the modern era of public-opinion polling.

The down-in-the-dumps figures raise hard questions about whether he’ll have the political capital needed to push through his more controversial nominees and his aggressive legislative goals of repealing Obamacare, passing a major infrastructure spending plan and reforming immigration and tax policies.

On Election Day, just 38 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to 60 percent who viewed him unfavorably — unheard of for a presidential-election victor. (Still, Trump won about 15 percent of the vote among those who had an unfavorable opinion of him.)"

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  1. Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

    Popular Enough to beat Hillary.
    #LoserDonald right?

    • Posted by clarice525, at Reply

      +Cuda man If you think the world didn’t look favorably upon us under
      President Obama, just wait until President Trump statrts bumbling clumsily
      around the White House.
      Trump can’t help sticking his nose into foreign affairs now. I can’t wait
      until the responsibility of being POTUS lies completely on his shoulders.
      It won’t be quite as much fun at that time, will it?

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      clarice525 You do understand alot of the world is blaming Obama for isis.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      clarice525 Obama divided this country he changed the way we count the
      people we deport to fool us into thinking he deports more illegals Obama is
      a con artist he wants you to think we can vet refugees the problem is the
      information is not available so the process is kinda not effective.

    • Posted by clarice525, at Reply

      +Cuda man
      No, I don’t understand that the world is blaming Obama for ISIS.
      And I have no clue about what you are babbling about when referring to
      President Obama deporting those here illegally.
      And I am aware of the problems with the terrorist watch list.
      Before you call President Obama a con man, I want you to acknowledge that
      Trump is a con man. If you can’t do that, I don’t want to hear about how
      Obama is one.

  2. Posted by 1Kive, at Reply

    here for the daily salt

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      @Thanatos3 hahaha, I dont give them money I use adblocker..I am salt mining
      for free.

  3. Posted by charley15z, at Reply

    Every time TYT puts out a video criticizing Trump, his supporters get

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      +Morty Sanchez I cant argue with that.

    • Posted by clarice525, at Reply

      +Amanda Stengel You sound frightfully desperate, girl.

    • Posted by Electrodude, at Reply

      Trump supporters defending trump indefensible behavior is so funny, that is
      one reason to read the reaction of trump video, so funny. Trump fooled his
      real supporters that believed in all his promises, and some are still in
      denial. The anti Hillary voters where aware that trump was a crook but they
      did not care.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Electrodude Poor little guy keep on reaching

    • Posted by Stephanie Stephens, at Reply

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  4. Posted by Bob Stone, at Reply

    Here we go with polls again they worked wonders for liberals and Hillary in
    the election

    • Posted by Dunlop1996, at Reply

      John Smith …what?

    • Posted by Adam Richard, at Reply

      +Leivve “Voter fraud is nonexistent in the USA. ”
      Huh…. Nope. Check out the documentary “Hacking Democracy” in order to
      convince you (and educate you a little at the same time). Do the words
      “George Bush” and “Florida vote” ring any bell to you?

    • Posted by Stingy_Vette, at Reply

      +John Smith Actually they don’t have a right. American citizens have a
      right to vote. You know, those people who pay taxes and contribute to our

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      Stingy_Vette so someday they still might contribute and even Trump said not
      all are bad and he will put a door in the middle of the wall. Obama said
      illegals could vote and nobody wld come after them. So last I checked he
      was in charge still.

  5. Posted by Vic2077, at Reply

    **He’s still loved by the people… of 4chan**

    • Posted by Vicki Coleman, at Reply

      AW Crowe 🐷🐽

    • Posted by Unbeknownst One, at Reply


    • Posted by Aram Graciano, at Reply

      A sociopath for sociopaths c:

  6. Posted by Four Disastrous Years Coming, at Reply

    Lot of people dont even view Trump as President.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Cpt Kronic I like trump

    • Posted by archeryhunter72, at Reply

      best president we have ever had, most normal people agree on that.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      archeryhunter72 Obama sucks

    • Posted by archeryhunter72, at Reply

      Cuda Man, i agree, i believe Trump will go down in history as the greatest
      President ever and Obummer will go down as the worst president ever.

  7. Posted by Terri-Enrique Polez, at Reply

    I’ll never understand why we allow this electoral college to continue to
    steal the elections from the will of the people? How the hell do you lose
    by 3million votes, yet still win? Can you imagine an NFL game and the
    Dallas Cowboys win by 30 points yet somehow still lose with a final score
    of 49- 19? All hell would break loose!

    • Posted by Trent Forbes, at Reply

      Kevin Carey out of anything you could say you say 3 million of those votes
      came from California, I just hope you’re joking because if that’s you’re
      actual point then I don’t even know where to begin

    • Posted by chromestah, at Reply

      The Electoral College is full of elitists. You have to realize how
      un-democratic the electoral college really is. It undermines the majority
      of voters interest. I can’t think of any other country or any other office
      in the U.S using the electoral college to determine the outcome of an
      election. It’s only the presidency in the United States. So let’s just say,
      America at this moment is not what Abraham Lincoln described or wanted, a
      government of the people, for the people and by the people.

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      +chromestah in most western countries, the ruling party don’t have to get
      majority of the vote to win. This is what it is with a repersentative

    • Posted by pingpong wigwom, at Reply

      the electoral college is a great system.

  8. Posted by Mandy Luxon, at Reply

    Retardicans unpopular? You don’t say?

    • Posted by Blak Wamun, at Reply

      Retardicans…….LOVE IT

    • Posted by Travis7060312, at Reply

      So childish. Be better than this.

    • Posted by Blak Wamun, at Reply

      not sure why people are getting so bent out of shape, it’s just a little
      joking around. people talked and joked about Obama when he was in office,
      so what now, Trump is off limits? calm down people

    • Posted by HSC MUFC, at Reply

      +Hiram Crumley: I hate the DNC, they don’t represent liberals properly.

  9. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend Trump’s massive unpopularity.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Genevieve Marie Hey you cant be serious thats mob rule do you understand
      why we dont do that and its more obsolete by the way

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Genevieve Marie 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting for what’s for dinner lol

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Genevieve Marie We the system because our Founders they were genius

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      I am Sammi Its not trump supporters buddy its just weard anyone acts like
      its not obvious who is violent you leftist idiots are in the streets acting
      like freaks.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Vince divides you must be talking about Obama

  10. Posted by Future Isscary, at Reply

    Ah, another avalanche of Trump trolls hating the facts. But as Trump
    supporters are about to find out, Trump and the Republicans don’t care
    about anything but wealth and power once they are elected. SAD

    • Posted by Michael Carusone, at Reply

      Future Isscary
      The same facts that told you Hillary was going to win in a landslide ??
      Those facts ??

    • Posted by Gerardo Mendez, at Reply

      Michael Carusone yeah, your point, oh…

    • Posted by Elijah Henry, at Reply

      archeryhunter72 no, obama is still president.

  11. Posted by Only One, at Reply

    Trump doesn’t get it. He will always be beneath Obama in popularity,
    integrity, honor, and intelligence.

    • Posted by Only One, at Reply

      You can think what you want. I have a job, raised my kid and doing ok.
      Enjoying my time off. Thanks for the conversation.

    • Posted by Only One, at Reply

      Your welcome. We enjoyed every minute

  12. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    Trump giving State of the Union speeches are going to suck. He has no
    speech skills. He sucks.

    • Posted by purepotential7, at Reply

      We must all boycott any national addresses or speeches this clown attempts
      to bore us with. Unfollow him on Twitter and I’ll be you’ll find him on
      snap chat trying to impersonate an Orangutan

    • Posted by Midnight Blue, at Reply

      The Super Psycho Killer st the very least, it will be entertaining.

    • Posted by Ivan Kraft, at Reply

      I’ve heard Donnie’s first State of the Onion address will consist of a
      tweet declaring that America is great again. Mission accomplished!

  13. Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

    lol trump trolls are so triggered by facts

    • Posted by Blak Wamun, at Reply

      Can you even vote, with your bullshit comment?

    • Posted by Jefff, at Reply

      “It is a well known fact that reality has liberal bias.”
      Stephen Colbert

    • Posted by Sony “Is” God, at Reply

      Lol social justice warrior and femenist gets trigged by fact

    • Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

      +Blak Wamun Yeah I can vote.

    • Posted by TWTR4EVER, at Reply

      Lol~~~~~Donald is the King of the TROLLS!!!!!!!!
      BASKET OF DEPLORABLES being swindle for a destructive ride at the expense
      of the USA

  14. Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

    Lots of triggered republican trolls in this comments section

    • Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

      blue green no it’s libadick

    • Posted by Empty Existentialist, at Reply

      Clorox Bleach lol calm down edge Lords and take your own advice and drink
      yourself becuase you have no substance of a argument

    • Posted by blue green, at Reply

      Clorox Bleach It’s okay troll we get it, you’re mentally disabled.

  15. Posted by Vanessa P, at Reply

    MAYBE white supremacists voted for Trump???

    Not everyone who voted for Trump is a white supremacist.
    But … everyone who IS a white supremacist, did vote for Trump.

    • Posted by Cuda man, at Reply

      Vanessa P Hillary’s birther claims

    • Posted by Batman, at Reply

      +Vanessa P Nop those are just right wing nut jobs.

    • Posted by Vanessa P, at Reply

      +Cuda man
      If you were paying attention, you’d know that Trump was still promoting the
      birther conspiracy theory for 6 YEARS after President Obama was first
      elected. Even the most extreme TEA baggers had given up that nonsense by

      That’s what we’re referring to.

    • Posted by Vanessa P, at Reply

      You stated that the KKK did rallies for Hillary.
      Actually, they did victory celebrations for Trump, and publicly supported
      him BEFORE the election.
      David Duke was definitely not disappointed that Hillary lost the electoral

  16. Posted by Glumo, at Reply

    Why do the Trumpanzees dislike this? I thought they were factually
    oriented, yet when the facts are present, their emotions take over, just
    like the right wing SJWs

    • Posted by Cpt Kronic, at Reply

      just stay ignorant its best for everyone.

    • Posted by rw31415, at Reply

      Glumo thanks for the ‘Trumpanzee’ term – I like that

    • Posted by Glumo, at Reply

      ncfo20 ‘Santard’ is the last ad hominem i will tolerate of your logical
      fallacies. I was going to spend another 15 minutes replying to you but you
      will just skew my points again and use ad hominems so I guess I’m the
      bamboozled chess player and you’re the pigeon strutting on my board. Also,
      I don’t have a problem with being a socialist, as long as there are still
      opportunities for hardworking people to get ahead

    • Posted by jen kirby, at Reply

      Aww Trumpanzees, thats cute!

  17. Posted by DarkEpyon123, at Reply

    Trump didn’t win, Hillary just lost.

    • Posted by DarkEpyon123, at Reply

      the investigation stuff was over blown and had nothing to do with her
      losing. trump got elected. at the time, he had his trump university lawsuit
      over his head for fraud, and a pending case of a girl accusing him of
      inappropriate touching, on top of of all the crazy stuff that he did on the
      campaign trail.

      you are right, the democratic leadership actually needs to run with the
      populous candidate the next time, and quit being “diet republicans”

    • Posted by Blak Wamun, at Reply

      Hillary sucked…………it’s like choosing to eat dirt, or dirt with with
      live worms in it

    • Posted by Blak Wamun, at Reply

      +GrassValleyGreg LMFAO

  18. Posted by Inner Being, at Reply

    Trump will not last as President of the United States.

    • Posted by pauljackowacko552, at Reply

      But he is doing more than what obama has done for 8 years.

    • Posted by Bill T, at Reply

      Not past 8 years, you are right!