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Trump Banking Scandal EXPOSED


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Trump just assisted Deutsche Bank A LOT. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area below.

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" The Trump management has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and also penalizeded for manipulating international interest rates. Among the Trump management waivers was granted to Deutsche Bank– which is owed at least $130 million by President Donald Trump and his company empire, and also has actually additionally been fined for its duty in a Russian loan laundering plan.

The waivers were released in a little-noticed statement published in the Federal Register throughout the Xmas holiday week. They come much less compared to 2 years after then-candidate Trump promised "I'm not mosting likely to let Wall Road get away with murder."

Under regulations designed to protect retirement savings, monetary firms whose associates have actually been convicted of violating safeties laws are effectively disallowed from the profitable organisation of taking care of those cost savings. Nevertheless, that punishment can be prevented if the firms handle to protect an unique exception from the U.S. Division of Labor, permitting them to keep their standing as "certified expert property managers."

In late 2016, the Obama management prolonged short-lived one-year waivers to 5 banks– Citigroup, JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS and also Deutsche Financial Institution. Late last month, the Trump management issued brand-new, much longer waivers for those very same banks, granting Citigroup, JPMorgan, and also Barclays five-year exceptions. UBS as well as Deutsche Bank got three-year exemptions."

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  1. Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

    “im NOT going to let wall street get away with murder…BUT… I can kill someone on fifth street!”

    • Posted by brian stuart, at Reply

      yeah I bet you the stock market’s when f****** crazy on that one you’re right they probably did it on purpose for that make about a million in about 2 or 3 minutes

    • Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

      Briun : : i benefited off the stocks.. did you?? i know what is and isnt .. do you??
      dont get mad//// get well read…… prove me wrong!!!

    • Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

      Fifth avenue. Not to nitpick but it’s the avenues that are numbered and the streets have letters. Your point still remains.

  2. Posted by Adrian stevens, at Reply

    Trump is the swamp

  3. Posted by Hasan Yilmaz, at Reply

    connection to which Russians? the oligarchs or government

    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      Hasan – you are the only patsy in this conversation. it’s been extremely well documented. watch any documentary about Putin.

    • Posted by Hasan Yilmaz, at Reply

      I watch the news and plenty of documentaries thanks but none that have connected any Russians. if there was a connection they would be shouting from the rooftops but we have silents apart from patsies

    • Posted by petite prince, at Reply

      you guys have absolutely no clue about russia, oligarchs used to control the government under jelzin who was an us puppet and bill clinton even pushed his reelection, he was extremly unpopular by the russian people because they were starving under him, he sould out all the russian resources to western companies, then putin came into power and canceled the sell out off russia thats why the west doesnt like him, show me one leader in the world who is allowed to make the benefits of his countries resources for his people and not for western companies, the CIA putched almost all of them and installed dictators. anyway, those oligarchs were in power before putin and when he came into power he knew he couldn’t just arrest all of them and change the whole system so he let them exist as businessmen but reduced their political influence and forced them to pay their taxes, one of them who didn’t pay taxes was khodorkovsky so he was arrested and sent to jail for 10 years and the whole west complained about this and said putin can’t do this he is a tyrann and so on, but even the international court of justice said that khodorkovsky stole taxes and the sentence was fair. funny how western media puts it like these were putins oligarchs and together they steal from the russian people or something

  4. Posted by Mr Guy, at Reply


    • Posted by Zetoria, at Reply

      Mr Guy so is being a liberal

    • Posted by Patterson CURSE, at Reply

      Mr Guy That sounds very fascist like.

    • Posted by Jim Lynch, at Reply

      +Marcus walker
      They’re all corporately bought and paid for, soo go progressive or more of the same.😕

    • Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

      +Patterson CURSE well, fascism is by definition a conservative ideology, so you might want to find a better comparison.

  5. Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

    Donald Trump will be impeached in 2018.

    • Posted by Patterson CURSE, at Reply

      Kris Ballard you ssid that last year.
      You said that just after he was elected .
      You are saying that ..again.

      Let’s say it does happen. .. :Bill Clinton impeached but remained POTUS. Likely the same outcome would happen with Trump.

      Successful impeachment and removal of POTUS Donald Trump, then guess what happens? VP steps in, still Republican.

    • Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

      Patterson, last year I said that it was time to impeach Donald Trump. However, since I’m a very stable genius, I have only predicted Donald Trump’s impeachment in 2018, in the last two or three months.

    • Posted by Patterson CURSE, at Reply

      Kris Ballard So 2018 is it. False alarms the previous times. Got it.😊

    • Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

      Patterson, you misunderstood the difference between my saying that Donald Trump should be impeached, and when I later set an actual time-frame.

  6. Posted by sexy korean girl, at Reply

    very old news

    • Posted by Bernie Bernstein, at Reply

      sexy korean girl Yet you clicked on it.

    • Posted by Bob Pratt, at Reply

      It may be old news that Donnie Sh1thole is a criminal and continues to steal from the American taxpayers and protect other criminals, BUT we are still collecting evidence for his impeachment and others’ convictions.

  7. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    We always knew he was a crook.

  8. Posted by M. Rodrigo Lemus, at Reply


  9. Posted by Gerald Trudeau, at Reply

    Breaking News!!! The system is rigged, and nobody is trying to stop it.
    (next day), Same Breaking News!!
    Makes ya wanna weep.

  10. Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

    Well that is where his ” I’m a billionaire” claims come from. It stems from the fact that he OWES billions of dollars to banks and wall street.

    • Posted by Toddler Trump, at Reply

      He’s a bum. Believe me.

    • Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

      He’s a billionaire from the mirror dimension.

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      Gilgamesh bizarro billionaire?

  11. Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply


  12. Posted by Jason Vegan, at Reply

    Since Drumpf didn’t actually run for president to better the lives of Americans but instead to boost his own brand, it’s not hard to imagine him making decisions as POTUS that could directly affect his financial status in a positive way.

    • Posted by Gargie396, at Reply

      plot twist most POTUS candidates/politicians dont run (for president) to better the lives of Americans but instead to boost their own brand.

  13. Posted by ursaltydog, at Reply

    okay.. his conflict of interests keep being proven.. something needs to be done..

  14. Posted by jmms429, at Reply

    He hasn’t enforced the sanctions yet??? Wow.

    • Posted by Graham Campbell, at Reply

      jmms429 You didn’t know this? I’m a Brit and knew this. Even the Congress are complaining to him, but nothing is happening! Inertia is easy when dealing with ‘friends.’

  15. Posted by Abstract Happy Place, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP !!!

  16. Posted by King Kodjo, at Reply

    “Surprise, Surprise.”

  17. Posted by zenman5910, at Reply

    We don’t call republicans stupid because of ideological differences, we call them stupid because they are so easily bamboozled by bad con artists into voting against their own ideals and best self interests.

    • Posted by LivB 08, at Reply

      When they read your comment, they’ll be scratching their heads, trying to understand what you just wrote. “Idiocracy” is not just fiction, it’s reality!

    • Posted by motchka, at Reply

      When they read that comment they’ll fall back on that old republican standard; “they’re just pissed off cuz Trump won”. Damn straight. Pissed off, astounded, disgusted, and, surprisingly enough, not really surprised. I meet one hell of a lot more gullible, stupid people than I do thoughtful, rational ones. Guess which kind Dumpty Trumpty validates?

  18. Posted by country farmer420, at Reply

    Bernie 2020!