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Trump Begrudgingly Signs “Seriously Flawed” Russia Sanctions


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Trump's hands were connected by Congress on the Russian permissions expense. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section listed below.

" President Trump on Wednesday authorized a costs that enforces brand-new assents on Russia, ending prompt hopes that he could be able to reset U.S. connections with the Kremlin as Congress voided his resistance to the stipulations' aesthetic on his executive power.

Trump's hesitant signing of the regulations came virtually a week after it was accepted by a frustrating, bipartisan majority in the Senate as well as after a likewise big bulk in your home. The head of state issued two statements outlining his concerns with the expense, which he called "seriously mistaken," primarily since it restricts his ability to discuss sanctions without legislative approval.

" By restricting the Exec's adaptability, this expense makes it harder for the United States to strike bargains for the American people, and will certainly own China, Russia, and also North Korea much more detailed with each other," Trump claimed in a declaration on Wednesday early morning. "The Framers of our Constitution placed international affairs in the hands of the President.

" This costs will certainly prove the wisdom of that selection," he included." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    Trump says “Seriously flawed” as if he’s read a single word of it

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Trumptards are ready to bend over and forgive and forget Russia for screwing in the 2016 Presidential election because trump commands them to.

    • Posted by Jeam, at Reply

      It is seriously flawed though, it violates the Iran nuclear deal for no reason whatsoever, that’s why Bernie Sanders didn’t vote for it

    • Posted by Donna V, at Reply


  2. Posted by Kenny Lee Jian Siong, at Reply

    Bernie voted against this……haha….2020? No chance on hell….

    • Posted by Utherix, at Reply

      Bernie not signing it just proves again that he’s less short-sighted than the rest of the senate.

    • Posted by James skorpio, at Reply

      Kenny Lee Jian Siong Coz of Iran nuclear deal included in the sanction bill signed by Obama …orelse he wud have voted yes…

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Trump signing this bill has him scared shitless, because he now knows that Putin can spill the dirt on him at any given moment because trump didn’t follow through on his end of the deal ! shits about to heat up with Trump and Russia…..just watch!!

    • Posted by Donna V, at Reply

      You did not see the bill!. We should be scared.

    • Posted by jimbob jim, at Reply

      Nice story…….Where did you did find that info?…. On “THIS FACT IS A JOKE. COM”?

    • Posted by george cbk, at Reply

      +Brandon Willis how can an american call anyone ignorant?

  4. Posted by Katherine Black, at Reply

    Why does TYT always deny things that don’t agree with their political beliefs.

    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

      Because it is a propaganda-outlet….

    • Posted by Jazzy Jeff, at Reply

      Tony W Yeah they can really hear you from the comments section lol, oh no a dissenting opinion, lets shut our whole company down, 🤦🏽‍♂️get a life loser, go watch your warped Fox News where they give trump a handjob every day and facts are alternative

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      What are they denying?

  5. Posted by ben kennedy, at Reply

    Since when was TYT in favor of violating the Iran deal?…idoits

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      Learn how to spell…

  6. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    WINNING!!!!! And the Groper in Chief still has not made Comment One about the Russians ousting nearly 800 of our diplomats. I guess that’s okay with him…. Asshat.

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      @Redroom Studios…Exactly!! Couldn’t agree more…

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      Oooooh, look. A Ruskie Troll. Sorry, Poopsy, but no sale. First of all, you really have to let go of Hillary. Trump is the one in the White House now, and it all rests on him, not Hillary, not Obama.

      As for no evidence, our intelligence agencies have all the evidence they need and it’s damning. Damning enough that Congress passed the sanctions with resounding bipartisan support.

      As for Trump’s involvement, we have had multiple incidents now, with all those “shoes” dropping, not the least of which is Donald Jr.’s emails, Kushner’s multiple “forgotten” meetings, including an expressed desire to use Russia’s communications vehicles to ensure privacy, Manafort’s connections, Flynn’s lies, Sessions’ lies, on and on and on…

      But nice try anyway.

    • Posted by Donna V, at Reply

      Winning? McBride it is called losing big time. If you read the bill you would realize your comment is ignorant!

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      +Donna V I guess you have trouble detecting sarcasm…

  7. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trump can cry about the bill all he wants. It passed the senate 98 to 2. I wonder how he is going to explain this to daddy putin.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Hugh Miller
      These sanctions were voted on by MORE Republicans than Democrats !
      Trumptards are as intelligent as Trump allows them to be.

    • Posted by Jay Zenitram, at Reply

      I read somewhere that Putin has pretty much given up on his puppet. His plan to install a Manchurian candidate backfired bigly – mostly cause he picked an idiot for that spot.

  8. Posted by Dashé Jones, at Reply

    With these sanctions, Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. In no way I’m a Trump supporter, but we should be deescalate with Russia not trying to slowly push them into a corner. This is why the Russia fiasco is dangerous.

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      UTubeHobby What? You want to live forever? Votes have consequences!

    • Posted by 雪山, at Reply

      UTubeHobby Yes thank you American Liberal pigs

      You screwed over my country, Japan because you can’t grow up thanks

    • Posted by Babylauncher3000, at Reply

      Dashé Jones You cannot play soft with bullies which is what Putin and the Russian government are. If you let fear dictate your actions you are letting them win.

  9. Posted by ben kennedy, at Reply

    We already sanctioned russa for the election hacking, Trump is right to be against the sanctions. Your not supposed to sanction someone for the sake of Sanctioning them.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      SuperFly25 Crimea was a reaction on foreign forces (us and EU) helping the people in western Ukrain toppling a democraticly elected government in Ukrain.
      Russia had every right to intervene and protect the Russian people who still live in Ukrain since the collapse of the soviet union.
      Crimea was part of Russia for centurys and the Ukrainian leader of the soviet union gave Crimea to Ukrain as a gift to the Ukrainian people.
      Large parts of Ukrain and espescially Crimea are ethnic Russians.

    • Posted by Kelvin Waters, at Reply

      ben kennedy like the additional sanctions against Iran that was included in this signing???

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      Ukraine held early presidential elections in May 2014 after the killer former president ran away, it was followed by early parliamentary elections in October 2014 and then the formation of a new government.
      Also, there was no danger of any kind in Crimea until Russia intervened and people started to disappear suddenly.
      Crimea was part of Russia for a certain period of time, it was also part of Turkey for some period of time, and in the end it was part of Ukraine and Russia in the 90s agreed to this in multiple bilateral and international treaties before violating them all.
      Ethnic Russians make up less than 17% of the population and in some regions where they exist in significant numbers they voted to be part of Ukraine in a referendum when Ukraine was about to become independent

    • Posted by o o, at Reply

      It’s got nothing to do with the elections. It’s about Ukraine and Crimea.

  10. Posted by 7lllll, at Reply

    the worst part is that tyt seems to support this disastrous sanctions in which the united states violates the iran nuclear deal

    • Posted by azez nassar, at Reply

      Yes he mentions NK, not iran. interesting to me. NK is a no brainer, kinda. there is no reason to sanction iran, even most of the Dems voted for the bill.. I thought we were against randomly being offensive??

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      The Fruitcake is a russian troll.

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      This is in response to Russia’s hacking of the DNC and the meddling in the elections from the top down, so Russia did something wrong, and regarding Iran and North korea apparently it is about them testing new missiles in violation of UN resolutions

  11. Posted by Andrew Stewart, at Reply

    Time for the Russians to play the pee pee tape!

    • Posted by Andrew Stewart, at Reply

      You’d be able to use your backwater nuke proof bunker dude! Didn’t waste your money after all!

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      Andrew Stewart YEEESSS!!! LOL

    • Posted by Andrew Stewart, at Reply

      So SaiyanZ you think Trump is that immature a wee wee tape would start a nuclear war? LOL!

    • Posted by John Starkweather, at Reply

      Andrew Stewart LMAO! That would be so awesome if that happened.

  12. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    Cenk got what he wanted. More unnecessary sanctions that damage the U.S relations with Russia. Thanks for cheering on another cold war with Russia.

    • Posted by RARE non-normie left winger, at Reply

      So you should let Putin bully Ukraine and continue his terror regime for fear of his reaction. Cowards

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      RARE non-normie left winger Ukrain is being bullied by the west who helped toppling a democraticly elected government. Putin was right to respond in the way he did. If anything Putin is the one protecting its allies and is a force of stability now. Not the EU and the US.

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      The Ukrainians are glad that the EU and US slapped sanctions on Russia to prevent a bigger war from occuring and I’m pretty sure they welcome the latest round of sanctions, and hopefully defensive arms in the future

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      colbfan report Not the Ukrainians in the east who favor Russia. Its the Ukrainians in the west who favor sanctions as well as the corrupt Poroshenko and the neo nazis who are running Ukrain with support from the EU and the US. The best solution would be to split up Ukrain and lift the sanctions on Russia. Nobody is going to win with the useless sanctions on Russia.

  13. Posted by GeeKeD-OuT, at Reply

    Can someone please tell me what is so wrong with working with Russia?

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      They are working with them in Syria, but they have to make Russia pay for its meddling in the election and that’s at least part of the response

    • Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

      Umm because it’s treasonous?

    • Posted by Jrsydvl, at Reply

      GeeKeD-OuT So we should look the other way when Russia invades and annexes another sovereign nation? We should allow them to reassemble the old Soviet Union after we dumped trillions in dismantling it?

  14. Posted by d dave, at Reply

    Why does TYT want to start a war with Russia?

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      d dave the only “sheeple” follow Fox News.

    • Posted by Scram blade, at Reply

      Because they love how he runs Russia like a mafia don. They are creaming their pants of the thought that it could happen in the U.S

  15. Posted by dionisis x, at Reply

    Bernie voted against it.

    • Posted by Illuminati Confirmed, at Reply

      dionisis x Because it undermines the Iran Deal. If Iran wasn’t included Bernie would have voted yes.

  16. Posted by Phil Booysen, at Reply

    I never thought I would actually agree with Trump for a change. But hell yea, these sanctions are just stupid and counter productive.

  17. Posted by warmswarm, at Reply

    I guess this just proves Trump is a puppet. Dumbest President ever and I thought you couldn’t get any dumber than Bush.

    • Posted by BayanTheOne, at Reply

      what this proves is the reality of separation of powers which Americans are lucky to have
      Trump is an executive branch which executes and enforces what law makers make into a law

  18. Posted by John W, at Reply

    trump trying his hardest to hand over America to russia.