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Trump Blasts Dallas Cowboys


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Trump's strikes against the whole NFL continues. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, informs you why he's pursuing the Cowboys currently. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" A day after a lot of the N.F.L. engaged in at least some form of presentation throughout the nationwide anthem, the Dallas Cowboys, along with the team's owner, Jerry Jones, linked arms on the University of Phoenix Stadium field Monday evening and collectively took a knee prior to the anthem was played.

The Arizona Cardinals, the Cowboys' challenger, connected arms ultimately zone with some army employees, and by the time the pop star Jordin Sparks had actually begun singing the anthem, Mr. Jones and also his group's players had actually relocated to the sideline as well as were standing with connected arms. The crowd, which had actually booed as the Cowboys were stooping, blurt some loud joys at different factors throughout the track.

While the booing listened to on television was rather mild, Head of state Trump required to Twitter on Tuesday morning to case that the response in the arena showed that fans are angry concerning any type of presentation, and he asserted the group standing when the anthem was played showed "progress".".

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  1. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    Trump is a proven liar having taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution only to trashed it!

  2. Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

    How soon can we expect to see Kapernick back in the game?

  3. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    President: Fails to understand the 1st Amendment.

    • Posted by RyZombie619, at Reply

      Shouldn’t be president then if he can’t understand the most important amendment to the Constitution.

    • Posted by Gary Truthteller, at Reply

      He fails to understand a lot of things – other than how to manipulate bankruptcy laws and screw contractors out of payments, and remaining stuck in 6th-grade king of the schoolyard bully mode…

  4. Posted by Bayonne Blasphemer, at Reply

    I would love it if about 5 million people would march down Pennsylvania Avenue and South Capitol Street,drag Trump and his Swamp Things out into the street, and hand them their pink slips. Fire them all.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. — John F. Kennedy

  5. Posted by Alex S, at Reply

    Trump would kneel if it didn’t hurt his bone spurs. 😂

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Alex which ones

    • Posted by darcanjel7, at Reply

      Alex S Bone spurs, you’re tearing me apart!!

    • Posted by Joy Brautigam, at Reply

      poor widdle footsies!

    • Posted by doeboyelsancho, at Reply

      Alex S he will kneel once putin cømes over

  6. Posted by Vichrae V., at Reply

    trump is making America great by uniting us in solidarity against him!

    • Posted by Richard Alexander, at Reply

      It’s true, even the diehard Redskin fans were rooting for Dallas on Monday at the local sports bar. Kind of cool actually.

    • Posted by Teardown Dan, at Reply

      Too bad he seems pretty successful at attaching his demented narrative to nearly everything and muddle the message in such a way that he makes it sound like he’s somehow winning. He’ll likely continue to do so until players take banners against trump and get the crowd to cheer to that to ensure that Trump cannot spin his own tale to make it sound better.

    • Posted by Mike Layton, at Reply

      Trump keeps saying “WE are doing a great job” Has anyone seen that WHITE mouse in his pocket?

    • Posted by Joy Brautigam, at Reply

      He is. He’s waking people up who got politically lazy.

  7. Posted by johnieporter2, at Reply

    funny how they are “Son of a Bitches” but there are fine people on both sides at the nazi rallies

    • Posted by Nicole Judah, at Reply

      johnieporter2 exactly.. the hypocrisy

  8. Posted by tina1804, at Reply

    no one HAS to respect their country. the country has to prove itself to its people.

    • Posted by Joy Brautigam, at Reply

      …so does the president.

    • Posted by tina1804, at Reply

      obviously, my dude. lmao

  9. Posted by Gary Truthteller, at Reply

    Excellent to the end on this one, Cenk. Excellent.

  10. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    Trump is a joke, America should be ashamed.

  11. Posted by darcanjel7, at Reply

    Who knew being President would give you so much free time?

  12. Posted by steven durrant, at Reply

    If the anthem is sacred, why are the NFL teams PAID to stand for it? It’s a farce.

  13. Posted by Cynthia Hawkins, at Reply

    And once this issue is handled and put to bed by the Creme-sicle..can we please get back to desperate hurricane victims in Puerto Rico?? Hello???

  14. Posted by Asher8328, at Reply

    I’d love to know how much work Trump actually does. I bet he hasn’t done a full day’s work in his life, unless you include trying to swindle people out of their money as work.

  15. Posted by doeboyelsancho, at Reply

    trump loves to get øn his knees when Putin visits him

    • Posted by Vince Ngo, at Reply

      doeboyelsancho Lol

  16. Posted by Nikki Hines, at Reply

    The anthem is now null and void, so ditch it. Let the games begin. NFL is here to stay.

  17. Posted by Hentie Dj, at Reply

    Trump thought I lost the talk s*** War to North Korea maybe I can do it with the NFL little did Trump know.

  18. Posted by Patience Goudledieu, at Reply

    There are a LOT of stupid MFs in this country, so it’s no wonder a stupid MF got elected.

    • Posted by Dee Whybrow, at Reply

      Patience Goudledieu I

  19. Posted by Don Post, at Reply

    Taking a knee is NOT a show of disrespect for the flag, the anthem, or America. It is a message that TRUE AMERICANS will NOT tolerate the type of hate-based, racist regime that Donald Trump and his weak, cowardly, pathetic followers are trying to force upon this great nation. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants EVERY American the right to protest, regardless of race, creed, or occupation. If you don’t know this and respect this then YOU have no right to call yourself an AMERICAN!!