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Trump Brings Up Crowd Size During Hurricane Speech


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Trump dealt with a crowd in Corpus Christi Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Ana Kasparian as well as Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you his speech. Inform us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Donald as well as Melania Trump removed for Texas today in order to go to areas affected by the disastrous flooding that has followed Typhoon Harvey, a trip The New york city Times claimed gave Trump a possibility to "redeem [the] power to combine" a deeply divided country that seems to obtain even more divided whenever Trump opens his mouth. Well, they've shown up, and also inning accordance with investigatory journalists on the ground, it appears like the New York Times was giving Trump way too much debt for as soon as.

What did Trump do upon his arrival in the beleaguered state? He addressed a crowd of advocates (who appeared to have been tipped off to his presence) while standing atop a big-boy fire truck in Corpus Christi. "I like you, you are special, we are below to deal with you," Trump claimed, making no mention of those that have actually been injured or eliminated by the storm. Press reporter Christina Wilkie was there:"

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Sairam Sriram, at Reply

    THIS MOTHERFUCKER. thousands of people have lost everything they have, some have died, and this vile creep has the nerve to talk about his TURNOUT!?

    IMPEACH this prick, like NOW.

    Btw, always love it when Michael Shure is on the panel.

    • Posted by batgurrl, at Reply

      Sairam Sriram 👍👍👍👍

    • Posted by Gandalf the White, at Reply

      batgurrl pooinloo

  2. Posted by susieq242, at Reply

    Lol, Ana read golf course instead of golf coast. It’s probably because they are so used to using Donald Trump and golf course in the same sentence and how is using all our tax payer money to go golfing.

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Strangely enough, the one he has in Scotland has just put in for building a sea wall to defend against the increase in tidal flooding and storm surges. Strange how Trump’s denial of Climate Change doesnt apply to his overseas properties

    • Posted by krtwood, at Reply

      She handled cunning linguist okay though.

    • Posted by Thelma Atkinson, at Reply

      hudsle he is a con man and he lies for his benefit

    • Posted by William L., at Reply

      Once upon a time, he was a favorite son in NYC…for a short time.

  3. Posted by Hannah Ndegwa, at Reply

    I love trump voters. They always entertain the world with their stupid. Where we would we get our daily dose of funny if it was not for this people voting for the most stupid person probably on the face of the earth. Congratulations America you have become the joke of the world. Maybe you should make an education mandatory and ban all those brain cells killing reality shows.

    • Posted by Mr and Mr Smith, at Reply

      Harley Q. In reality, this vignette of fools is a perfect illustration of why the liberal establishment is in collapse: hate-obsessing on something that contradicts their own self-reverential worldview, condemning them to perpetual distraction. The result is the inevitable crashing and burning. LO… Thanks for stopping by tho! 🙂

    • Posted by Mr and Mr Smith, at Reply

      Damian Cairns let me know when the left understand nuance. Perhaps your point needs a little more substance you libtard.

  4. Posted by Meg Cole, at Reply

    Actually I am more inclined to tell folks to stop sending aide to Texas, Let 45 handle it, he is their hero. New Orleans is going to need us as well so lets go there.

    • Posted by Lynne Waugaman, at Reply

      TotalIns…….It is not Socialism…….. it is Love. You guys are not calling out Meg Cole for her evil comment. She got a Heart From Young Turds……. how evil.

    • Posted by TotalInsanity4, at Reply

      Lynne Waugaman How do you define socialism, then?…

    • Posted by Lynne Waugaman, at Reply

      Aqueous Entropous Huh ? Trumps agenda is Great for America. What he has accomplished so far is great. Your words do not say any thing…….. Try again………….

    • Posted by TotalInsanity4, at Reply

      Lynne Waugaman What exactly HAS he accomplished, though?

  5. Posted by Prodesu, at Reply

    Also, is Jayar just constantly sitting in that chair at the side of a video ready to just jump in occasionally? I think he’s great and has great input, why is he never on the panel? I mean, he’s sitting in that chair and looks very much like part of the program, but it’s like he’s on the side just. It’s hilarious in a way.

    • Posted by healithPro, at Reply

      They dont want it to be a bill maher type show lol plus Jayar is on the panel but very rarely, he always has the best comments in my opinion.

    • Posted by The Hypnotoad, at Reply

      Prodesu – as long as cenk isn’t doing his rediculous “impressions”. I like his reporting, just not the animated theatrics.

  6. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    Classic Trump. He didn’t show any sympathy for the victims of his criminal scams. So why would he show sympathy for anyone else, for any reason?

    • Posted by Z Lauriault, at Reply

      Would love to have heard the WHOLE speech. I like to decide for myself what to think, not have an anchor tell me, so whoever the president is at the time, I think showing the crowd makes sense to show what the POTUS was responding to, and again, I prefer to form my own opinion about the way the crowd was acting, not have things told to me by commentators. Sounds like it was a pick-me-up for the crowd.

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      Dumbass trump fans don’t want to see what a clown he is.

  7. Posted by Jonathan Rose, at Reply

    Jesus, what a self-centered prick!

    • Posted by Lynne Waugaman, at Reply

      Wow…….. you are a mess. You used the word Jesus……in the same hate sentence. You seem to be talking about yourself. Obvi.

    • Posted by Lynne Waugaman, at Reply

      Plus, the reporter lied about ” crowd size “…… all lying hearsay.

    • Posted by TotalInsanity4, at Reply

      Lynne Waugaman … who lied about crowd size?…

    • Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

      odette syrup

      Because even in an emergency he can’t help but brag about the size of the crowd that were there to see him.

    • Posted by Lynne Waugaman, at Reply

      TotalInsanity4 In this video the female reporter sites that another reporter “Heard ” DT was complaining about crowd size……that is just hearsay. I do not believe Trump was concerned about crowd size today in Corpus Cristie…….unless he was surprised there was a crowd at all.

  8. Posted by CareKat 65, at Reply

    We’re giving credit for his going to Texas? That’s a minimum for any president. How low is this bar?

  9. Posted by lal j, at Reply

    They had a trump rally in the middle of a hurricane 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Just Glorious, at Reply

      lal j And while he is rallying the people who are dealing with a disaster the liberals and media are to busy bitching about trump being hypocrits rather than caring their self

  10. Posted by thesacrisant, at Reply

    What a crowd and turn out , is he really trying to make an rally of this ? Every single day your president is making a fool of himself. Where are the crocs when you need them?

    • Posted by elsa Grace, at Reply

      thesacrisant he is a moron!

    • Posted by Darieus-Ray moffett, at Reply

      Look at this crowd wow what a turn out”??? What the hell and then his comment on texas its historic and epic…wrong choice of words thus hurts me i got family in texas

  11. Posted by thomas clare, at Reply

    how about sorting the disaster in Huston out,instead of promoting his own ego,and act like a humble president

  12. Posted by HRH, at Reply

    Trump didn’t win. Hillary lost. Sanders would’ve wiped the floor with him.

    • Posted by HRH, at Reply

      I couldn’t agree more with that analysis! In addition to what you said, there were millions of Bernie supporters who opted to go with Trump instead of Hillary. I believe that massively helped tip the scale in the orange goon’s favor. What a shame.

    • Posted by HRH, at Reply

      HAHAHAHA. Let’s take the ignorance down a notch or twenty.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      I couldn’t agree less with what you just wrote. There were no “millions of Bernie supporters” who switched to Trump. Couple thousand, to be sure. Maybe as much as 100,000. But “millions”? Bullshit. No matter how much you hate Hillary, you do not vote for Trump if you ever understood even one word of what Bernie said.

    • Posted by HRH, at Reply

      BartJ583 I’m afraid it’s a documented fact that arose he 1.8 million purported Bernie supporters have admitted as much. And this defection made all the difference to the Nazi-in-chief.

  13. Posted by actuallyyours, at Reply

    a lot of americans have voted for him. he is a degenerate, who is endangering the entire world with his lunacy.we live in a crazy world where too many idiots grabbed power.  i am goddamn 65 years old and i have never been more scared about the future.

    • Posted by Steadly, at Reply

      actuallyyours keep crying senior citizen. Your golden days are long gone.

    • Posted by actuallyyours, at Reply

      Steadly i am not crying. and i do not think that golden days belong to young people. don’t you agree trump is a degenerate?

    • Posted by Steadly, at Reply

      actuallyyours no you delusioned fool, I don’t.

    • Posted by Plenum Duvi, at Reply

      Steadly Shut up, you obnoxious reject.

    • Posted by actuallyyours, at Reply

      Steadly i really am glad i am not an american. so i did not vote for trump and therefore i am not a delusioned fool. but i bet you are.

  14. Posted by havstormer, at Reply

    Ana’s ‘golf-course’ fluff is the most appropriate inappropriate blooper ever.

    • Posted by Martin McNickle, at Reply

      I’m not sure that was a mistake on her part.

  15. Posted by Deborah Hoffman, at Reply

    Sad. Trump supporters would go to their deaths cheering this megalomaniac.

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      No we wouldn’t, but we would go to our deaths while protecting this country, even for unappreciative citizens like yourself

    • Posted by Deborah Hoffman, at Reply

      Anthony. I am VERY appreciative of everything in this country. That is why I am not stupid enough to vote for a criminal like Trump who is robbing us blind and couldn’t care less about us. If you are in the flood, too bad I guess. Maybe it’s karma for voting for an idiot like Trump.

  16. Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

    Narcissist at best, psychopath at most likely.

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      Nice buzzwords. Who thinks for you? It obviously isn’t you.

  17. Posted by Brandon Meharg, at Reply

    At this point if you still support trump, then there is something completely wrong with you. They have to be out of sync with reality, much like trump. This is insanity, just because hes a rich white man, these ignorant mother fuckers let all of this horrible bullshit slide regarding this, insecure sociopathic, con artist of a man child. Its sickening

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      I support Trump because I know the reality of how deep corruption runs throughout our government, not in spite of it.

    • Posted by They Have A Cavetroll, at Reply

      Propaganda is powerful. I guess even smart people could concievably be dead wrong if they’re on a fox news diet.

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      Ignorance is very powerful. I see it robs people of no original or independent thoughts or ideas. That’s what happens when… honestly beats me, I don’t know the answer to that one.

  18. Posted by Dave Rell, at Reply

    a 14 yr old could have made a better speech

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      A toddler would have written a better comment

    • Posted by Dave Rell, at Reply

      AnthonyG Better? Maybe if that poor toddler was raised by trumptards like yourself..

    • Posted by AnthonyG, at Reply

      Nice to see you’re an original and independent thinker.