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Trump Bucks UN On Israel


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The UN sought to pass a resolution on Israel, and Trump is against it. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Egypt today pulled a resolution in the United Nations calling on Israel to "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem" — a measure President-elect Donald Trump said should be rejected.

While Barack Obama's administration had yet to comment on the matter, Trump weighed in via social media before the resolution, before the Security Council, was tabled.

"As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations," Trump said in a statement on Facebook. "This puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Dore

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Dore


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  1. Posted by Stride Tide, at Reply

    I stand With Palestine. Only thing i agree with you Liberals on.

    • Posted by Looky Here, at Reply

      I mean the thing is, peace is only possible if all sides are being fair and
      just. The fact of the matter is, Israel has the upper hand and they’ve not
      only stabbed Palestinians in the stomach… they’ve been twisting that
      knife around in there for years. That’s not to say that Hamas isn’t
      deplorable and that Palestinians haven’t bombed southern Israel. It’s just
      gross to see that all these European, Yemeni, Iraqi, etc. refugees come to
      an inhabited area fleeing persecution and then go right ahead and create a
      similar refugee crisis.

    • Posted by mor19, at Reply

      Looky Here
      Just a lie, it’s time to open your eyes and stop believing all the lies
      they tell you

    • Posted by Maurice Flecther, at Reply

      Bravo stride I respect your stand. I thought you would be a sam harris fan

    • Posted by Maurice Flecther, at Reply

      Trump is a mouth piece of israel.

  2. Posted by vmah0111, at Reply

    14 minute video, 1 minute in 4 dislikes….

    • Posted by Downtown DF, at Reply

      vmah0111 and already 21 likes. your point?

    • Posted by vmah0111, at Reply

      +Downtown DF yep thats why i said “whether or not”

    • Posted by Black Stallion, at Reply

      vmah0111 okay get a life

  3. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    Oh, like you give a hoot about the UNSC. *The UNSC also passed the
    resolution allowing intervention in Libya*

    • Posted by dime bag, at Reply

      The UN is just a forum for nations to come together and reach agreements.
      Even though the UN has no enforcement power, and never will have, it is
      still meaningful to have the ability to generate international concensus on
      certain issues.

    • Posted by blech143, at Reply

      RT Myths Debunked Nice deflecting from the focus of the video there.

    • Posted by Paul Peart-Smith, at Reply

      RT Myths Debunked yeah, pushed by who? Now they love it when the decision
      goes their way and now threaten the existence of the UN itself if they
      lose? Petulant, disgusting behaviour from a previously civilised country.

    • Posted by Rabolisk, at Reply

      No. The Libya resolution was binding under Chapter 7. This was
      not.Otherwise Obama would have vetoed it.

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      +Rabolisk I know UNSCR 1973 was binding, *that’s why HRC and Sam Power had
      to lie to Russia to get it passed.* Russia was stupid and believed HRC.

  4. Posted by RM Nimitz, at Reply

    The issue is that the Palestinians want Jerusalem and so do the Israelis.

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      Still, Israel occupied half of Palestine, we can’t do anything about it.
      Endless wars and religious wars will never stop unless Pakistan and Israel
      nuke each other and both of them disappear from the face of the Earth. This
      is probably not gonna happen because Pakis and Israelis wanna live on.
      Thus, Palestinians have to accept what has happened during the last 100
      years just like the Native Americans of the US and Canada accepted the fact
      that the Europeans colonized and took all of their continent. Palestinians
      at least still have so many big cities and lands in Palestine and Israel,
      unlike what happened to the Native Americans, we are still MUCH BETTER off
      than the Native Americans. Many Palestinians did accept the fact and don’t
      want endless wars. A two-state solution with maybe a divided Jerusalem is
      better than wars for the next century or two until one race, or religion,
      is totally wiped out.

    • Posted by Atheist Jewish Messiah, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty you’re not like the native americans. your are exactly
      like the americans today who stole the land, claims its there, and try to
      earse out history of the native inhabits. you only squat on my land because
      of the islamic conquest.

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      Actually the nomadic Israelites from Sinai occupied Jerusalem and many
      other cities from Ancient Canaan, and they established Ancient Israel then
      Ancient Judah was established then both of them got united. Then these two
      occupying nations occupied Ancient Philistine City States after that
      civilization lasted for 400 to 500 years in 5 major ex Canaanite cities.

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      Palestinians are exactly like the Native Americans. Palestinians are the
      descendants of Ancient Canaan that was occupied by the Israelites 3100
      years ago then occupied again in 1948 AD. But no worries, for 4000 years,
      Palestinians have always lived on their lands from the Egyptian occupation
      until the Zionist Israeli Ashkenazi occupation by European converts into
      Judaism then Semitic Jewish immigrants joined the occupying forces.
      Palestinians will never abandon their lands, just like the Native Americans
      and Native Canadians. Lol! There are even 1.6 million Palestinians in
      Israel! Israelis just can’t get rid of Palestinians 😂😂😂😂😂🇵🇸

  5. Posted by Empty Wheel, at Reply

    The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, is Jewish and a descendant of
    Holocaust survivors, is he anti-Jewish also?

    • Posted by NorEasterReaper, at Reply

      Empty Wheel There are Orthodox and Zionistic Jews. Orthodox Jews I have
      spoken with, and who have been on the news, are against Israeli (read:
      Zionist) aggression (and some of them are against the entire state) because
      they are against the bloodshed. That’s the most important part but they are
      also against it because it is their belief that the Messiah will return
      them to the promised land. There was no Messiah who lead the Zionists to
      Israel. At least no Zionists claim a Messiah has or had ever come.

      The Zionists just wanted a nation-state from which to exercise power. They
      didn’t even go straight to Israel, they contemplated a small list of
      possible locations for their nation-state, including the Congo (which is

      So tl:dr being against Zionists is not being against all Jews anymore than
      being against Westboro Baptist Church makes anyone “against all
      Christians,” or being against Jihadist Muslims makes anyone “against all
      Muslims.” Every religion has it’s extremists. The Jews are currently lucky
      in that their extremists are back by the US government.

    • Posted by Mr. Know It All, at Reply


      Arabs in Israel can vote, they can hold political office, they work in
      professions alongside other Israelis, they can own businesses, they can be
      judges, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors… Does this sound like apartheid to
      you? The accusation is absurd, and I think everyone that has been to Israel
      can agree on that.

      The (so-called) Palestinians in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) They are not
      citizens of Israel, so of course they don’t have the same rights as
      Israelis. These Palestinians are not governed by Israel, they are governed
      by the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria.

      Stop #Pallywood Propaganda! 😎🎬

    • Posted by Tchado1000, at Reply

      Mr. Know It All also , not governed by Israel you say ? fine , then how
      come when I travel from Jordan to the west bank I get searched by Israeli
      soldiers ? and why the settlements since they don’t govern the land
      illegally ?


  6. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    Whose that guy on Cenk’s left, have we seen him before?
    Edit: As people have and will take the above seriously, please let me say
    this was posted as tongue in cheek and was more a comment upon Ben’s long
    and much missed absence. If I was present on the show, I’d have said
    something like, “Ben, long time no see,” and then slugged him in the
    shoulder. Which should reasonably get a laugh as unless I somehow get an
    amazing shot to the throat my punch is going to feel like a soft and
    powdery snowball on someones thick winter jacket. Salut, :)

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +Dallas This is true, 🙂 The main reason I’ll be irritated with him is when
      he doesn’t love some movie I was head over heels for, like *’Mad Max,’* or
      something (random example).

    • Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

      Not sure if this thread is a troll, or not. But, the “person on Cenk’s
      left” is Jimmy Dore: Ben is to the left of Cenk (from viewer’s
      perspective); Jimmy Dore is to the right of Cenk (from viewer’s
      perspective); person on Cenk’s left is Jimmy Dore (from Cenk’s
      perspective); person on Cenk’s right is Ben (from Cenk’s perspective).

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +Michael Moretti I’ll add a qualifier to my OP, but please see the above
      posts. I’m not really aiming for a ‘trolling’ statement, but it’s
      definitely tongue in cheek.

    • Posted by Ryan Martin, at Reply

      Gangrel Aussie AA

  7. Posted by grinningchicken, at Reply

    The overwhelming majority of earth agrees with the 2 state solution. Iran
    Hezbollah PLO Hamas the Arab states the official position of the US and the
    official position of Israel when it was founded. How is it anti-Israel or
    anti-Semitic to agree with what Israel has already agreed to when they
    founded the country?

    • Posted by MetrazolElectricity, at Reply

      Wait a minute, the muslims have numerous theocratic homelands from Turkey
      to Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, and the Jews can’t have one piece of land
      whose borders they decide to their hearts content? The jews gave us Albert
      Einstein, Woody Allen, Anne Frank… the muslims gave us Bin Laden, Saddam
      Hussein, bunch of healthy looking cowardly men from Syria who want to
      exploit European compassion, etc. I know which peoples I’d want to
      associate with, don’t know about you… I guess guys like you just have no

    • Posted by grinningchicken, at Reply

      +Azamat Bagatov To be precise. They agree with a ceasefire along the 1967
      borderlines but don’t recognize Israel. Something like N. Korea and S.Korea
      or China and Taiwan

    • Posted by grinningchicken, at Reply

      +starbattles1 Israel can either take what the UN is offering now or wait
      about 30-40 years. Then when the US burdened by trillions in debt from
      maintaining its empire is completely weak and the Muslim world is powerful
      and then renegotiate facing a unified block of angry countries who think
      the madness has gone on far too long.

    • Posted by Brendan McCaffery, at Reply

      grinningchicken mic drop. (ikr?)

  8. Posted by NairuOnLife, at Reply

    Woooow, I can’t wait for this vote….. UN votes: 191 yea, 2 nay. Motion

    America… just go away, you’re messing up this humanity thing for the rest
    of us 1st world nations.

    I laugh now… but Canada was just as much in the tank for Israel back when
    our Conservatives had a say… I really don’t know who the Liberal party
    lie in bed with, so we’ll see if I’m a hypocrite soon enough.

    • Posted by funkyfiss, at Reply

      From whom are the Americans protecting the Canadians? The biggest threat to
      Canada is the U.S itself.

    • Posted by Lemmiwinks, at Reply

      Allen Simms defends their border? The only country they have a border with
      is the US. Are we… defending them from our country? Are you thick or

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Typical Islamic turd

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Fool ! Canada is one of Americas best friends .

    • Posted by NairuOnLife, at Reply

      +Allen Simms
      You’re clearly confused…. I knew that the second you used Canadians and
      warm together in a sentence.

      Frankly, the American exceptionalism mentality is getting sad and old.
      America’s interaction with the world this century has lead to incredible
      damage for many international communities. Take your money and
      over-inflated military power if you like, the rest of us might finally be
      rid of your exagerated ego and your constant blundering of foreign
      relations as a result. It wouldn’t be a surprise, either… part of
      American exceptionalism is your exceptional belief of self-importance….
      retracting aid to those abode who need it seems totally in line with that
      mentality. =)

  9. Posted by HybridFlue, at Reply

    What make Israel so special anyway?! I hope we are not giving them
    $4,000,000,000 a year because of the bible.

    • Posted by Anti Hoax Machine, at Reply

      +Joy Phillips must not actually be atheist then because atheist don’t have
      dogma but they might falsely believe lies from their government

    • Posted by Red Floyd, at Reply

      As insanely backwards as they both are, Muslim clerics scare me more than
      Jewish rabbis. So i back Israel.

    • Posted by Rata 4 U, at Reply

      +Joy Phillips that’s not completely true. No nation on the planet
      recognizes Jerusalem as belonging to Israel. If you were born in Jerusalem
      and are a citizen of Canada USA Australia etc it’s actually ILLEGAL to
      record your birth country as “Israel, Jerusalem” on your passport
      application. No country on the planet recognizes this city as belonging to
      Israel. You can call Palestinians as squatters but that’s exactly how the
      nation of the world see Israelis. The Brits gave Israel a portion of the
      land mass but as the old adage says “give him an inch and they’ll take a
      yard” – the Brits know they fucked up.

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      Lack of belief isn’t a belief. Thus, atheism isn’t a religion.

  10. Posted by Ivan J California, at Reply

    Stop American foreign aid to those filthy Jews!

    • Posted by Atheist Jewish Messiah, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty Most Jews are Zionist. You want Jews in a position where
      they submit to islamic rule.

    • Posted by pepe thefrog, at Reply

      Ivan J California you’re an idiot. I’m Jewish, but I support a 2 state
      deal. all your doing is spreading hate you idiot.

  11. Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

    Israel is a Cancer on the world

    • Posted by Lisa Love, at Reply


    • Posted by Tariq Islam, at Reply

      Danner mags , America bombed 50m Muslims since 2000. Isn’t call terrorists?

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Islam is the cancer of the world .

    • Posted by Lisa Love, at Reply

      +BirdsofPrey1956 Naw. That big Mentally ill G.roup O.f P.ervaricators wjo
      are greedy, hateful war peddlers for profit are. Which are usually
      Arrogant, Angry, Diabolical, Deviant, White Men! Sorry…

    • Posted by PlatanoRico86, at Reply

      BirdsofPrey1956 only 1 group celebrated on 9/11 the jews!! its all over the
      internet and here on youtube..jews celebrated in nj

  12. Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

    Zionists want “from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” If you think they
    are gonna stop settlements in the West Bank you are sadly mistaken. They
    are just starting their land grabs for “Greater Israel”

    • Posted by dkim2011, at Reply

      +Joel Nathan Henry Changed what response? No idea what you’re going on about

    • Posted by Joel Nathan Henry, at Reply

      +dkim2011 lol… Scroll up and click on the video and it will take you to
      the video on YouTube when your there scroll down to this comment thread of
      the comment section and you will see (edited) by two of your comments are
      you seriously asking me this? btw I saw the original comments (before you
      changed them).

    • Posted by dkim2011, at Reply

      +Joel Nathan Henry As a former editor, I habitually edit for typos and
      sometimes include links as an afterthought. I have changed nothing of
      substance. If there’s something on your mind, habibi, out with it.

    • Posted by dkim2011, at Reply

      +Joel Nathan Henry So you’re trying to pick a fight but can’t figure out
      which lie to go with? Some Israelis ARE Arabs, not Jews, or even Jewish
      Mizrahim, paskudnyak, and I suggest you quit before you end up even further
      behind. Gay kaken aufen yam

  13. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Just take a look at how Israels map expended during the last 4 decades, how
    can you not against Israel? We shouldve denounced Israel and Saudi Arabia a
    long time ago.

    • Posted by SabuPtolemy, at Reply

      You’re so right, Tony. Worst of all was when Israel pulled out of Gaza 10
      years ago and turned it over to Arab rule. Such a horrible expansive move!

    • Posted by David Jones L Ac, at Reply

      +SabuPtolemy you fail to point out that Israel never fully left. It STILL
      controls Gaza’s borders, its airspace and its port. THAT is occupation. No
      way around it. And Gaza is STILL under siege!

    • Posted by David Jones L Ac, at Reply

      +Angel Samael How is Israel a democracy when it occupies millions of non
      Jews without giving them the vote?

    • Posted by David Jones L Ac, at Reply

      +oceanfilms1 The difference is that the US made its indigenous people full
      citizens. Israel has not done that.

  14. Posted by coopclauson, at Reply

    Elizabeth Warren is pretty right wing on Israel.

    • Posted by Cribsmas Morn., at Reply

      coopclauson Tulsi Gabbard 2020

    • Posted by Fathel Guweda, at Reply

      coopclauson she’s a right winger

    • Posted by Angry Hedonist Demon, at Reply

      She’s a moron who got bought off by Hillary

  15. Posted by Mac Tek, at Reply

    Israel won the land fair and square. It’s theirs. Come to terms.

    • Posted by Mac Tek, at Reply

      The Zionists bought land piece by piece. Nothing was stolen.

    • Posted by Lisa Love, at Reply

      +davie l NOTHING the Brits and their decendents, cohorts or allies have was
      acquired FAIRLY..atab? lol

    • Posted by alnot01, at Reply

      In 1948, some land was seized. Moreover, a commercial transaction cannot
      change the national identity of a tract of land. You and I cannot buy a
      million acres in very thinly populated eastern Oregon, and then declare
      that that land has seceded from the USA. The fate of lands ruled by the
      Ottoman Empire until 1918 could not be decided by purchase, but by the
      wishes of the residents of those lands.

    • Posted by Hit Stoner, at Reply

      A genocide

  16. Posted by Manish Kumar Singh, at Reply

    Yeah, what is Egypt going to do if Israel continues ? Loooooooooooooooose a
    war again ?

    • Posted by Manish Kumar Singh, at Reply

      first, Isreal has its own nukes

      second, USA depends upon Saudi arabia (the holy land of islam) to supply it
      with oil/power

      third, isreal has a influential lobby in western countries even compared to
      the saudi lobby with is much stronger financially

      Other countries support isreal because Saudi and USA supported isreal, and
      any other European countries have done little to no significant backing, or
      possess any power that can change the status quo.

      LOL american shackles ? western countries enjoy the security of USA free of
      cost with NATO, just look at their military budget of EU countries in the
      last 2 decades.They rely heavenly on American umbrella to elevate them from
      the pain of spending money in defense.

      “Israel has a lot of rich lands which any country in the region would love
      to get their hands on”
      Isreal has crap compared to every other country in the neighbor. All the
      Sunni arab nations during the fight in Syria have heavily relied on Israeli
      backing for their forces, and so they are going to use it to counter Shia.

      “conflict with Israel would be a pretty popular move in case their
      popularity ratings dip too low”
      ME is not a democracy, their wealth is gained from petrodollars and not
      economic/industrial power. They either live like kings when the key powers
      favor them to or either Die like in Yemen/Iraq/Libya.

      Common people in middle-east are treated like ants, their existence never
      bothers any power.
      It is like if you see a line of ants on the footpath, what do you do ? you
      either walk over them trying not to Crush them. but if the same ant has
      made a colony in your house you finish them mercilessly. Because your
      existence is irrelevant of their support.

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      You always trash America and Israel , and as usual you will be wrong.

    • Posted by placerdemaio, at Reply

      Palestine are getting bullied by isreal man, they have absolute political
      control of every thing, the palestines are screwed, but stay strong, the
      world are with you resist peacefully but resist, isreal are the vilan here
      i guarantee you. religion… religion are the canser of this world.

    • Posted by mor19, at Reply

      I feel sorry for you, you just do not know anything

    • Posted by placerdemaio, at Reply

      +mor19 Drowning in bias…

  17. Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

    It is about time Israel takes its knee off of the windpipe of Palestine.

    • Posted by Isaac Ben, at Reply

      not going to happen

    • Posted by SàiGònMan, at Reply

      About time the US applies a little pressure on the windpipe of Israel

    • Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

      To who’s statement is that comment of yours referring to?

  18. Posted by Fed FAN, at Reply

    The US needs to stop supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia!

    • Posted by Cosmik Debris, at Reply

      Why? Because of the settlements? Lmao, you must be kidding.

    • Posted by dumbassmoron, at Reply

      Cosmik, You think regularly breaking international law is no big deal then?

    • Posted by Cosmik Debris, at Reply

      There you go with the so-called *international law*, the favorite argument
      of the anti-Israel mob. Come on, give me a break.

    • Posted by Rodney Brown, at Reply

      Confirmed troll lmao.

    • Posted by Cosmik Debris, at Reply

      +Rodney Brown
      Excuse me, are you talking to me?