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Trump Called Out: ‘You Don’t Give A S**t About Puerto Rico’ (VIDEO)


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Trump obtained called out to his face while committing a golf prize to the targets of Hurricane Maria. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" President Donald Trump on Sunday devoted a golf trophy to hurricane targets in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, and it really did not go well.

As Trump spoke at Liberty National Fairway in Jacket City, New Jersey, somebody in the crowd called out: "You do not give a shit regarding Puerto Rico."

Online, the reaction was about the exact same:"

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Cynthia Hawkins, at Reply

    Hello??…General Russel Honore who got New Orleans up off its knees and moving again, when no one else could, (after Katrina back in 2005), was recently asked to go to Puerto Rico after the hurricane. He found when he arrived that groups of citizens had, on their own initiative, worked tirelessly post Maria… to clear miles of road. In order that military vehicles might enter, drive around, talk with people firsthand and, better assess the situation. Those people did it themselves, since no one was there at that point to do it for them. Amidst raw sewage, dead animals, mountains of debris, no electricity or phones, no food, clothing, medicine or fresh water. So much for lazy Puerto Ricans. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. BTW The Mayor is sleeping on a cot, while ’45’ is playing golf!

  2. Posted by Jeff Larson, at Reply

    I’m just shocked by some of these comments. I thought it was common knowledge that Puerto Rico is a United States territory, and that the people there are citizens of the the United States. I mean, it has been a part of the US since 1950!

  3. Posted by KO Nineteen, at Reply

    ️Trumtptards & RepubliKKKans — Please try really hard to focus, read, & understand‼️️Hating your fellow citizens for their religions & skin hues; voting against regulations that keep workers safe & the environment clean; denying global warming/climate change; opening coal mines instead of investing in alternative energy technologies; slashing federal programs that aid our most vulnerable citizens; & giving tax breaks to the wealthiest people & corporations — weakens America & Americans‼️STOP supporting the ANTIAMERICAN, TREASONOUS, RACIST, MISOGYNIST, IGNORANT, FASCIST, CHEETO-FACED SHITGIBBON in the White House‼️STOP pretending he’s actually capable of governing‼️STOP cheering & applauding his DISGUSTING LYING BULLSHIT‼️️He will NEVER be the President of these United States‼️

    • Posted by Marvin mckinley, at Reply

      KO Nineteen. People who hate won’t change

  4. Posted by Peter Wall, at Reply

    All the precious White Supremacist Trump lovers on here!, have the audacity to laugh at Nth Korea and the way the people there fawn all over their dear leader Kim Jong Un!, FFS you’s lot would make them feel embarrassed with the sycophantic hoop licking!, your tongues can’t get deep enough up the Grand Wizards arse!!…..back to your banjos!.

  5. Posted by Fem Borg, at Reply

    Projection and projective identification are tools that narcissists use often.

  6. Posted by Robin Lillian, at Reply

    One more time for all the commenters below: PUERTO RICO IS PART OF THE UNITED STATES. It is a U.S. Territory, and the people who live there are AMERICAN CITIZENS. They have as much right to help after a devastating hurricane as you and your family would if you were the ones running out of food and water.

  7. Posted by MEXICAN AMERICAN POWER, at Reply

    To bad to puerto rico they are americans and they are treated like mexicans .i hope puerto ricans open their eyes and see how white people treat all of you .

    • Posted by Shell Lee, at Reply

      Puerto Rico belongs to Puerto Ricans.

  8. Posted by Owen Oulton, at Reply

    Trump does need to reconsider anything. He needs to consider it in the first place, the bastard. I’ll guaran-damn-tee you he’s never thought about anything but his own greed in his 71 years.

  9. Posted by Paul Alex, at Reply

    It’s like we living in a twilight zone did he just gave them a none real gold trophy? lol this guy is a stand up comedian.

  10. Posted by Christopher Moltisanti, at Reply

    I hope the stress is getting to him

    • Posted by stormwatcher59, at Reply

      Maybe it’ll kill him…..

  11. Posted by TheKindDoc, at Reply

    How did Trump get a trophy?? He couldn’t have been the best golfer there. Participation trophy? Or did someone else win it?

  12. Posted by John, at Reply

    Trump is a MAGNANIMOUS orange POS!!!

  13. Posted by Ron Jones, at Reply

    I’m English your president is hilarious in the most absurd way possible.

    • Posted by Ron Jones, at Reply

      Amanda Bell
      Thank you.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      somebuddycool was wrong in his criticism of your possessive pronoun; but never fear, I am here to (affably) point out your lack of punctuation. Cheers! 😉

    • Posted by Tyler Durden, at Reply

      somebuddycool you’re an idiot. Your mom should have had an abortion.

    • Posted by stormwatcher59, at Reply

      We know….sadly, we know.

  14. Posted by Eolus Ferguson, at Reply


  15. Posted by Netisha Benjamin, at Reply

    I have to say that it is not true that the survivors of a hurricane are not willing to do the work. These people are the first to work hard and in all manner to help their fellow citizens and put their country back together again, given that they have what it takes. They must have water to drink and food to eat to have the strength and stamina to do the work, plus the equipment and power, etc. I know because I have been through a hurricane. This is the time when people, even the ones who were enemies, rally together to help each other.
    I feel for all these countries and people who have been brutalized by these hurricanes.

  16. Posted by Serpentgrad, at Reply

    You hear that Puerto Rico, Trump doesn’t give a Sh*t about you but you know who does……Canada, Canada cares come join Canada.