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Trump Calls Puerto Ricans Lazy Ingrates While He Skips Work To Golf


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Donald Trump had a hectic weekend, or at least he did on Twitter. Between rounds of golf in New Jersey, the President struck the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico as a "bad leader". He after that continued to call Puerto Ricans unthankful individuals with no work principles who desire everything provided for them. This is horrible actions that must not be tolerated– individuals are dying and also the very best the president can do is disrespect them and devote a golf trophy to them. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this.

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  1. Posted by Adore Ivette, at Reply

    The thing that annoys me these are Americans so what is his excuse for treating them that way. It was one thing when he said nasty things to ” non -americans” you know those ” illegals” more so Mexicans. Or Muslims. But these are Americans. So unless you’re white is only time he he doesn’t speak out against you cuz that seems to be the only time he doesn’t have anything bad to say or calls you out your name. Because we don’t have white lazy, uneducated, bottom feeders that milk the system in this country.

    • Posted by Cintamani, at Reply

      Adore Ivette I totally agree with you! And Trumps followers are so dimwitted they don’t realize they are leaving fellowing Americans to fend for them selves its so frustrating!

    • Posted by Karen Skinner, at Reply

      Shawn Arnold I agree. They’re sickening. And totally misinformed fools.

  2. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    How about we stop treating PR like a colony?

    • Posted by Mike Hewitt, at Reply

      tetsubo57 – but IT IS a USA colony! It doesn’t belong to anyone else, so it’s USA’s responsibility.

    • Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

      The operative word in my comment was ‘colony’.

    • Posted by Mike Hewitt, at Reply

      Aah, you mean treat them like a State – apologies.

    • Posted by Z, at Reply

      Dotard just learned hes their president last week.

    • Posted by Mike Hewitt, at Reply

      No, thankfully can never be my President as I’m from UK

  3. Posted by RAZVIEL RAMOS, at Reply

    Donald Trump must be impeached

    • Posted by Christopher Alonzo, at Reply

      For what?

    • Posted by RAZVIEL RAMOS, at Reply

      Christopher Alonzo. For refusing to help the people in Puerto Rico

  4. Posted by Post Poontang Stress Disorder, at Reply

    Well said Farron….genuine anger. Love it 👍

  5. Posted by hasoevo, at Reply

    Trumps = Trash
    Take the garbage out!

  6. Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

    “Trump is a fucken moron.”
    – Rex Tillerson

  7. Posted by Robert Wilson, at Reply

    Amen !!!!!

  8. Posted by Swell Sounds Underground, at Reply

    Let him play with hot wheels. Its safer for us

  9. Posted by Redoralive, at Reply

    You can’t polish a turd…..
    ……but you can make it President.

  10. Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

    Let’s all call our president what he is a thin skinned, pathetic excuse for a man and a leader.

  11. Posted by Trent Ankney, at Reply

    No they aren’t lazy, they live in an economic black hole we are consistently pumping money and resources into along with all the protectorates down their that get hit by every hurricane that ends up between the US and S America each year that has been trying to economically recover since at least the 40’s…

  12. Posted by Murat Öner, at Reply

    rich people swimming in privilege calling poor people in need lazy.what’s new

    • Posted by Return of Zeus, at Reply

      The Black Nobility and royal families in Europe and the Mid East are the global crime syndicate. The top Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Dreyfus, and Goldsmiths all serve the royal courtrooms of these families or serve the Roman Curia directly. Some top families running things include the Massimo, Torlonia, Sforza-Cesarini, Ruspoli, Gaetani, Medici, and Boncompagni families of Rome. In Germany there is the Hanover, Hohenzollern, Wurttemburg, Wittlesbach, Hesse, and Saxe Coburg and Gotha families. The Savoy, Windsor, Bourbon, Habsburg, Glucksburg, Bonaparte, Orange-Nassau, Nassau-Weilberg, Liechtenstein, and Bernadotte families are top powers. In the Mid East there is the House of Saud, Khalifa family, Alawite dynasty, and several others. These families run society along with hundreds more of these noble families. They control the organized crime mafias, secret societies, banks, and corporations. They have competing factions which creates the illusion of division. They use private banking in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Monaco. They issue hidden corporate charters through the City of London Corporation or through charters issued by monarchs like the Dutch royal family and their Netherlands Trading Society. They authorize bankers and businessmen to operate in the corporate governments they claim to own. The United States is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002 section 15. The United States as a corporation is based on the Virginia Company. The royal families which basically own their nations are in fraudulent tax contracts with the corporate governments and siphon off wealth through international banking institutions like the Bank for International Settlements and World Bank Group. People need to recognize that the bankers serve monarchs. Its the royal families that have the organizational structure and intermarriages to maintain their control systems.

  13. Posted by Bob Yo Bob, at Reply

    isn’t it wonderful how emperor trump (piece of crap) uses the yankee government to enrich his companies?

  14. Posted by Hidden Emperor, at Reply

    Play golf, throw paper towels while people die, goes back to play golf and sit on twitter calling people lazy lol I can’t process this. Honestly it is some of the lowest behavior I have ever heard about

  15. Posted by GeorgeGringo21, at Reply

    While I agree with a lot of what was said in this video, I don’t think this type of rhetoric helps bring Americans together to find common ground. There has to be a better way to move the country in the right direction than name calling and exaggerating facts, even if they’re unsettlingly close to being true.