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Trump Campaign Donor Gets HUGE Puerto Rico Power Contract


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You damage Trump's back, he'll damage yours … as long as it's with taxpayer cash. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A small Montana utility business that got a $300 million agreement to assist recover power to Puerto Rico after its electrical grid was ruined by Hurricane Maria is funded by significant Trump benefactors and run by a CEO friendly with Inside Assistant Ryan Zinke, a series of current reports has actually disclosed.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority's giving of the massive agreement to Whitefish Energy Holdings, a two-year-old firm that apparently had two full time staff members when the typhoon first struck, wased initially reported by the Climate Channel last week.
The Washington Article as well as the Daily Beast on Tuesday used more details on the firm's backers. The Article noted that the company is based in Zinke's home town which its Chief Executive Officer, Andy Techmanski, is friendly with the Interior secretary, while the Daily Beast reported that Whitefish's basic partner maxed out donations to the Trump main and basic election projects, along with a Trump extremely Political Action Committee, in 2016.
That freshly surfaced details has elevated brows around simply why Whitefish was awarded an agreement to bring back electrical energy to hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rico locals. The company firmly insists that every little thing is over board, with both Zinke's workplace and also Techmanski told the Blog post that the Interior secretary played no function in safeguarding the agreement." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    Take advantage of people’s misfortune.
    Republicanism 101.

  2. Posted by MARCOS DESOUZA, at Reply

    Why on Gods green earth would anyone expect anything else form TRUMP, let alone the Republican party. I want to ask each and every Republican reading this: How long and how much corruption are you going to look the other way for? What is your limit? Do they need to rape your wife and daughter in front of you? Just tell us what is necessary for you pack of cowards to grow a spine. Through out history , all the way back to Nixon, all you have had to offer is shameless corruptions. Its not that you have no pride, you just have no shame!!!

  3. Posted by Otis Williams, at Reply

    What happened to Elon Musk promising to replace their power grid with renewable energy?

  4. Posted by johnathan gant, at Reply

    anna is the truth ” Imma get there dawg you gotta give me a chance”.

  5. Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

    “Drain the swamp”… hahaha… and it’s republicans saying it… frigging liars, just like when they call themselves pro-life .

  6. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    Why doesn’t electric companies run the lines underground  ? ……….. Doesn’t this make sense in potential disaster areas (not counting Earthquake prone areas) ……….

  7. Posted by Micheli Zappala, at Reply

    Sorry I may of missed something Still pueto Rico population approx 3mil coupled with high unemployment surly could employ a massive team of competent residence of the island to do the job.
    As for fish & how much they are charging so as to cover his cost to do the job can be justified I agree still when they finish the new grid if there is no one left living.on the that can afford to pay for the utility then what take it down again ..

  8. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    How is this legal? Is it even

  9. Posted by Edward Maxwell, at Reply

    We need publicly-funded elections. Otherwise it’s a race to the bottom.

  10. Posted by marr izzy, at Reply

    You to let to get their dog ? What are you on the street coner

  11. Posted by Sterling, at Reply

    In my early teenage years, I have visited Whitefish when I lived in a small town about 30 minutes way. It’s rather interesting that you refuse to talk about that area of Montana when it’s burning to the ground from logging policies that liberals have put into place, but before then, there was hardly any fires to that degree, rather interesting wouldn’t you say? It’s also rather insulting for you to insult an area that I considered home when it only fits your narrative.

  12. Posted by Sean Cleary, at Reply

    That’s why Donald Trump finally went to Puerto Rico to seal the deal. That’s why he gave himself a 10.

  13. Posted by Technews, at Reply

    This administration is pure filth!

  14. Posted by pwndecaf, at Reply

    I’m sure the workers will not get the money that Ana reported that the 2 man company was charging – they’ll probably get minimum wage with the “company” taking the rest as profit.

  15. Posted by Merl Ball, at Reply

    Is this anything like Soros making billions off Petrobras after Obama shut down domestic drilling only to ship equipment and subsidies to Brazil for them to drill, then Soros pulled out just before Obama pulled back subsidies and equipment which ended up causing a crash in Brazil’s economy? Is this anything like the Clintons, Podestas, Obama, and Soros making billions off turning over domestic uranium deposits to Russia? Is this anything like Democrats freezing out trade of AIG stock while they bought it for pennies before bailouts forced a “recovery” for the company thus allowing members of Congress and Pelosi in particular increased their net wealth by over 1,000%? Is this anything like Democrats granting donor businesses like GE waivers on Obamacare costs and loopholes for taxes that allowed them to avoid taxes almost completely?

  16. Posted by DkwonX, at Reply

    Ana finally calling Cenk out for constantly interrupting her

  17. Posted by oldi184, at Reply

    80 bucks for food? A day? Damn. I guess all their employees are gluttons.

  18. Posted by mkjboise, at Reply

    Bill and Hillarys dealing with the Russians are the campaign donors you need to be worried about…and lets not forget who got paid over a half million for a speech, resulting in the russians being able to purchase uranium from the US. So please, stop with your nonsense!

  19. Posted by Mike OBrien, at Reply

    Trump is the SWAMP, he just keeps filling the SWAMP with his mates