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Trump Can’t Stop Doing All The Things He Bashed Obama For…


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You can generally count on Trump's old tweets to say the reverse of whatever he's doing as president. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" US initial lady Melania Trump stepped off Flying force One in Riyadh on Saturday conservatively dressed in long sleeves and trousers, to adapt the strict dress code Saudi Arabia applies for its women citizens. One point was missing: a headscarf.

Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, an assistant to her dad who is accompanying him on his journey, additionally did not cover her head.

Under the kingdom's rigorous gown code for females, many women site visitors are needed to use a loosened black bathrobe, called an abaya, in public. The majority of females in Saudi Arabia also cover their hair and face with a shroud referred to as the niqab. However covering one's head is not needed for foreigners.

Nevertheless, the concern had potential to cause embarrassment for Trump, whose lengthy path of Twitter messages typically comes back to haunt him. Two years ago, he tweeted his displeasure over Michelle Obama's decision to show up bare-headed in the kingdom." *.

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  1. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply


    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Wendy Wright Tell that to the corpses of the dead children and their parents. Tell that to the hundreds of young girls getting raped by Muslims in Manchester.

    • Posted by ngaiflex, at Reply

      Darkside Media Right. Soooo … you have an actual statistic that says in Manchester, these women are raped exclusively by Muslims?

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      “Tell that to the corpses of the dead children and their parents.”

      Yes! tell that to the DOZENS of dead women and children and hundreds of young girls of the Yemini raid a few months back.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +jussayin mipeece Does not compare to the hundreds of thousands that have been killed by Islam. Besides who do you think the target of those raids were? It was not young girls. False equivalence! Which is typical of you TYT fans. Do you still think it was the IRA?

  2. Posted by Newtron News, at Reply

    Man last time I saw this much flip flopping I was battling a magic carp😎😎😎

    • Posted by Black River, at Reply

      Newtron News Splash Attack is crap.

  3. Posted by Whatcha Thinking?, at Reply

    2:22 “Trump supporters, don’t you get it.” prob not from my experience, trump supporters are in denial and like to go to lala land to avoid being shown common sense.

    • Posted by Darth Mawrak, at Reply

      I am a Trump supporter. I am not happy with what’s going on. Not happy at all.

    • Posted by ivan rousseau, at Reply

      Darth Mawrak..honestly that’s the first time i have ever heard a tRump supporter say that..

  4. Posted by Smooth Doge, at Reply

    Trump got cucked by the Saudis.

    • Posted by Kat Marriot, at Reply

      Hilarious when a liberal uses the word cuck.

    • Posted by Larry Wells, at Reply

      That’s all you got? Of course it is…Trump is clearly making fools of all of you.

    • Posted by Neojhun, at Reply

      Kat Marriot its not funny because they use it correctly. Cuckservatives constantly ignore break the meanings of words. Submitting your self to a horrible abusive leader, that is much closer to Cuckold.

  5. Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

    Does that thing on Trump’s head count as a scarf?

    • Posted by Tami O'Fitz, at Reply

      torchandhammer hahaha…i needed that…thanks for making my day!

    • Posted by Cheryl Simser, at Reply

      Oh my gosh, I needed this thread so badly!! Thanks for the gut laughs, all. :))

    • Posted by Matthew Blum, at Reply

      torchandhammer it counts more as a headdress than a scarf I think…

    • Posted by TewpointO Blogs, at Reply

      Trump could make a ten scarfs out of that ridiculous tie he had on while exiting Air Force One.

  6. Posted by BlacKBastahD, at Reply

    Don’t cry fake news… He did EVERYTHING he complained about Obama doing.

    • Posted by Tracie Jenkins, at Reply

      BlacKBastahD Everything!!!!!!

    • Posted by mr powerline, at Reply


  7. Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

    Hypocrisy is the Repugnican way of life.

    • Posted by Kay Stone, at Reply

      Kat Marriot False equivalency my friend. The hypocrisy from the GOP is repugnant. I’m honestly finding it hard to point out anything the Dems criticized the GOP for doing during Obama’s presidency that they are now in turn doing. The list of those instances for the GOP is a very tall one.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Kat Marriot when the democrats where in power we showed Obama and Hillary’s hypocrisy, stop getting but hurt over everything. “don’t point out my parties hypocrisy, that offends me” snowflake.

    • Posted by Kat Marriot, at Reply

      Hmm so it appears many here like to wear rose tented glasses. Judging the many people I come across in this echo chamber, it is indeed appearent this is a community of persuasion rather than information.

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

      No, i prefer my clear glasses, they’re great for myopia. But seriously, what are you trying to convey? That hypocrisy is universal so we should give Crooked Donny a pass? Because the hypocrites in the DNC are, slowly but surely, getting voted out and replaced by real progressives without known hypocrisy, whilst the GOP and their Lying Orange poster-child are doubling down on their own hypocrisy even though they are suffering from a real federal investigation with real evidence and real consequences to both themselves and the American people. That’s like two businessmen selling water to a man drowning in thirst, one is offering an 8ounce bottle with only 20% water (GOP) while the other is offering the same bottle with 80% water (DNC) … which is going to help the thirsty man more? Which is going to last longer? The kicker, in that analogy, is that the former is getting sued for adding salt to the water and while the latter was getting persecuted for adding sugar to theirs.

    • Posted by Kat Marriot, at Reply

      Don’t try to beat a straw man. My only point was that the two parties are equally hypocritical. It is very obvious from the point of view of a person who doesn’t drink the koolaid of partisanship. Did I ever say give crooked donald a pass? No, so I have no idea where you pulled that one from. Just seeing that an open partisan painting the other side as hypocrites while their own party is just as guilty deserved input from outside the echo chamber.

  8. Posted by Noah King, at Reply

    It’s because the stuff people bashed Obama for was fueled by racism.
    They couldn’t stand a black man was in the white house and bringing nothing but class and intelligence.
    Truly one of the great Presidents.

    • Posted by MiinaVsWorld, at Reply

      Abhishek Mahendru *Kudos

    • Posted by Gary Benjamin Holt Jr., at Reply

      Abhishek Mahendru How was Obama corrupt?

    • Posted by SamStam12, at Reply

      look at his motherfucking cabinet after he was elected. it was all bankers.

    • Posted by Kesha Nation, at Reply

      Noah King the tea is hot!

    • Posted by Don't Boo Vote, at Reply

      Obama was the best indeed. Couldn’t be any prouder of the guy.

  9. Posted by Dog's Ballocks, at Reply

    Trump : The Hypocrite President

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      MAGA – too stupid to realize they support a hypocrite and con-man

    • Posted by Molto Mega, at Reply

      Ronin Dave They LIKE that the Orange-a-Tan’s a hypocrite and a lying conman, i.e., they’d have been cheerleading the Pharisees

    • Posted by P Roh Dusah, at Reply

      MAGA FAGGAS are the hypocrites and they know it but dont care

  10. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    who’s a gigantic hypocrite? trump is? NO, I WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED!

    • Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

      rouge1ful, He just can’t help himself. Open mouth; insert orange foot. Such a ‘tard.

    • Posted by Midnightblink, at Reply


  11. Posted by YeefCo, at Reply

    is it me or does melania look like a james bond villain?

    • Posted by DereMemo, at Reply

      Is there any James Bond villain, who is a transvestite?

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      more like one of those Japanese robots. no emotion just a vacant far away look

  12. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter has failed their family, their country, but most importantly they failed themselves.

    • Posted by DawnOfTheDead991, at Reply

      According to a liberal living in his fantasy world

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      +DawnOfTheDead991 So true, the lib idiots don’t get it. Trump did EXACTLY the things we voted for him to do – he deported filthy mexicans, and he let the cops kill more black people.

    • Posted by DawnOfTheDead991, at Reply

      Typical libturd logic, you brain looks like green jelly even when you are trying to be funny.
      ” he let the cops kill more black people.”
      < 25% of the people shot by cops are blacks, we must be doing something wrong? How come I never hear any of the Yung Turd liberal shitbags show any concern for any whites shot by cops? But garbage like you are ok with rioting when a violent animal like Mike Brown got justifiably shot. You are so right. We need to let blacks be violent criminals and Mexicans to flaunt our immigration laws or some liberal shitbag will call us racists

  13. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    He’s spent more money golfing and going to his little place in Flordia, more than Obama spent in 8 years.
    Let that sink in.

    • Posted by Harvey In the flesh, at Reply

      RandomRobin “he’s doesn’t need money he’s a billionaire, he has all the money he’ll ever need” trumf voter logic!

    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      The only one that said that is Trump, and like with anything he says, I will require proof.

  14. Posted by Jamil Mukhtar, at Reply

    $100 MILLION DONATED TO IVANKA’S FOUNDATION BY SAUDI ARABIA, another thing they accused Hillary and Obama doing

  15. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    Next we find out Trump was born in Kenya.

    • Posted by Ermac_96, at Reply

      THESocialJusticeWarrior lmaoooooo

    • Posted by WarLady, at Reply


    • Posted by Sung Ra, at Reply

      Worse (to him), Mexico.

  16. Posted by DESTROYER GOD, at Reply

    I unsubscribed from these cunts months ago. Why are they still showing up on my feed?

  17. Posted by Angel Singer, at Reply

    Maybe he’s just a big fan of Enuff Z’Nuff?

  18. Posted by Galeta Peck, at Reply

    I like the part when you motorboated the air