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Trump Can’t Stop Victim-Blaming Puerto Rico


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Trump grumbled that Puerto Rico cyclone Maria relief was "tossing the budget plan out of order." No mention of the monetary effects of Harvey and Irma. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you think in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" On his escape of the White House on Tuesday, Trump incorrectly declared that roads on Puerto Rico have actually been gotten rid of as well as congratulated himself on doing what he dubiously claimed was "a terrific work."
After that he called on residents of the hurricane-pummeled island– a number of which do not have electrical energy, access to water and sewer treatment after a Category 4 tornado struck virtually two weeks earlier– to provide the federal government a hand.
" We require their vehicle motorists," Trump said. "Their drivers have to start owning vehicles. We need to do that, so at a neighborhood level they have to provide us more assistance."
An U.S. organized labor told CNN on Saturday that the island is encountering not just a lack of gasoline, a necessity for powering the vehicles, yet also a possible scarcity of the automobiles themselves.
" It is vague if there are vehicles readily available to removal the containers, fuel to run the vehicles or road access to the warehouse," the Teamsters union claimed." *.

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  1. Posted by Luis Pereira, at Reply

    I honestly thought that Trump could no longer say anything that would truly shock me. I was wrong.

  2. Posted by rasta whirl, at Reply

    He’s a terrible president and even a worse person

  3. Posted by tvar doasair, at Reply

    Trump: aren’t Puerto Rican’s some type of Mexican

  4. Posted by ilavalolipop, at Reply

    Truly disgusting

  5. Posted by Sonhador PR, at Reply

    Thank you Cenk, for shining a light on our situation and this horrible president. Thank you.

  6. Posted by casey massey, at Reply

    Okay, let me put it in a language you might understand. Trump doesn’t like people dumbheads…doesn’t matter if they are black, orange, green, or spotted. He only cares about trump…little “t” on purpose. So you are all arguing over dumb stuff. That is how he is getting away with it all. Everyone in his administration including some of the democrats are running around trying to get their piece of the pie….mine, mine, mine, no mine. In the meantime the backstage players are rubbing their hands together and smiling with glee. WE WERE ALL BORN HUMAN BEINGS. Yeah, even trump. Apparently there has been a mass mutation and we now something else. Trump is not the problem….WE ARE.

  7. Posted by Louis Simmonds, at Reply

    Just when you think he couldn’t be worse!

  8. Posted by 7gdnz, at Reply

    He was probably saying the money Puerto Rico owes is a lot, but that’s not the place to bring that up. Plus the money they owe is a lot because Trump had a golf course there and it went bankrupt, and the bill was left for them to pay while he left probably scott free. You don’t kick people while they’re down, especially when you represent America

  9. Posted by calkelpdiver, at Reply

    He’s comparing the two hurricane catastrophes like a list of features on his new car.  It doesn’t work that way you son-of-a-orangutan!  Geezus, all of them were devastating and need to be handled the same and appropriately despite the “debt” PR owes to the Fed.  How about the back taxes you owe to PR for that failed golf course.  I don’t think this country will last another 6 months with this douchenozzle and the other Swamp monsters he has put into his cabinet.

  10. Posted by Zach Waddill, at Reply

    The entire island of Puerto Rico is on welfare; ” mama America”. It seems to me like Trump is trying to keep things in perspective considering all the other issues in the world. Maybe the Puerto Ricans will listen to mama.

  11. Posted by Ninja Man, at Reply

    What was that report u guys did awhile ago with him actually having a mental problem and they gonna use that as an excuse to kick him out?

  12. Posted by 08094denise, at Reply

    Please, someone give Trump a coloring book 📖 and the big fat crayons…, cuz he might start eating the skinny crayons. SMH. Purely disgusting behaviors.

  13. Posted by F Cruzado, at Reply

    Houston and Florida was never a question because he got to sneak in his Border Budget increase with the Relief Fund. Well that and we are not registered voters.

  14. Posted by Yung Wells, at Reply

    Just the way he naturally treats them as the others irks me. While in Houston and Florida its like yea of course we gotta take care of them they arent throwing of our budget.

  15. Posted by Michi Mus, at Reply

    He hated every second he was in Puerto Rico and he made sure they knew.

  16. Posted by Sir Isaac Newton, at Reply

    He says the roads are cleared but there are dozens of communities in the interior that have been and are still cutoff from the world since the day of the hurricane.

  17. Posted by TheGlassSword, at Reply

    I helped get some of the computers fixed for a small group of volunteers go by down there… they’ve told me that we are gonna need more man power than what we are sending…

  18. Posted by 12227UserName, at Reply

    Experts say Trump has been doing nearly as much as we can. We sent giant ships to Rico filled with medical supplies and resources before the storm even hit. You guys dont even know what youre talking about.

  19. Posted by dave skerritt, at Reply

    Trump said politically motivated ingrates???? Well, what the hell Trump are you???