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Trump Could Be Going Down Sooner Than You Think


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Numerous new indications are pointing to Trump's failure. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" The whispers are expanding louder that Head of state Donald Trump could be suffering some sort of mental decrease and cognitive problems– as well as his long time friend Roger Rock thinks it's a conspiracy.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, that has known the president for many years, has been recommending on air that Trump is suffering from psychological decline and also potentially even dementia …

Legislators have actually already checked out choices for removing a head of state that's unfit for workplace, as well as lots of top psychiatrists just recently alerted Trump struggled with a "dangerous mental disease."" *.

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  1. Posted by Luke Mather, at Reply

    Trump is going to federal prison.

    • Posted by Danny Cooper, at Reply

      +Niccole A HA yes she is, and so is trump, or neither lolololol can’t be one or the other

  2. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    I am getting SOOOO tired of winning!
    Please Mr. President stop all this winning!!
    We are winning so bigly I can’t take it anymore!!!

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply

      and you are a moron that is happy about that. that says nothing other than how stupid you are

    • Posted by Andre B, at Reply

      So much winning, I can’t take it!! We’re winning all over the place!!

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    he honestly cant be gone soon enough.

    • Posted by vwr32jeep, at Reply

      That’s the difference between us though. Republicans, like myself, will call for Trump to face consequences IF there is evidence of wrongdoing. Liberals don’t care how many laws Hillary broke, they would still elect her. Funny how they put Hillary above the law, but everyone on the right has to be perfect.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +vwr32jeep there is already evidence of wrongdoing forget the obvious connection that yes he’s clearly colluded with the Russians but the fact that he has constantly covered it up by firing the people around him who are in charge of the investigations is obstruction of justice which is illegal. He want it Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn which is illegal, first count of obstruction of justice. He fired Comey in the middle of the investigation and it made it on television that it was because of the Russia investigation that’s obstruction of justice which is illegal. And the top it all off nobody from either side democrat or republican could defend that decision. Tweeting at Comey that if he doesn’t shut his mouth that he were released tapes is a threat and threatening a private citizen is it illegal. Who needs Russian smoke when the White House is on fire.

    • Posted by vwr32jeep, at Reply

      There is no PROOF of Russian collusion with team trump. Russian interference in the election? Yes. Collusion? No. If there is, post a link to it.

      Flynn: still very early in all this. If Trump asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn, then I’ll join u in condemning Trump. Haven’t seen any hard evidence yet tho.

      Comey: there has been bipartisan calls for his termination over the handling of the email scandal. Firing him does not stop the investigation, so it’s a bit of a stretch to say there’s anything to it. If Comey had a spotless record, then I would agree it’s somewhat suspicious. But this guy blatantly ignored the laws Hillary and her staff broke. *Obama* should have fired him when he dropped the investigation and recommended no charges. That’s not his role.. that’s up to the DOJ. Obama should have fired him when he publicly announced he reopened the email investigation. That is outside of FBI policy.

      Trump should have fired him on the first day. But better late than never.

  4. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Trump is an embarrassment to this country and the world. The only country who likes him is Russia because they take advantage of him.

    • Posted by Emery Kennedy, at Reply

      Your acting like Hillary is worse when Trump put his own donors in his administration. now, explain that.

    • Posted by Dodahbay, at Reply

      Man with a Handycapped + Dallas Smith

      Oh, I’d be more than happy to enlighten you both on the great job Trump has done in his short time as our magnificent orange President. Just read below and be enlightened. You’ll be glad you did.

      For one, he, um, he…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      DAMN, I sure couldn’t write that crap with a straight

  5. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Donnie Chump will not only be impeached, he’ll be remembered as the WORST president in this country’s history. #notmypresident

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      ProfessorRomendev yes Trump is a hundred times worse. Trump is like having a 12 year old kid in charge.

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      Christopher H Dan still living the DREAM I see.

  6. Posted by DaGingerHeadMan, at Reply

    Where are all the Trump trolls making comments, lol?

    • Posted by brentprodz, at Reply

      I just came to this channel to see if they’ve gotten anty smarter and it seems they are still crying about Trump like little toddlers. Just share something relevant ffs.

    • Posted by andrew joyner, at Reply

      Cenk has alzheimer’s.
      Of course I have no evidence for this but it is just that it would hard to tell the difference if he had.

    • Posted by Mick Maphari, at Reply

      ‘anty smarter’ or did you mean anti smarter? or even Auntie Smarter?
      They sure have gotten Auntie Smarter on their show now – the Smartest Dame in Town! Who’s crying now ducky!

    • Posted by Mick Maphari, at Reply

      Yeah, her name is Lucy.

  7. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    I’m beginning to think trumpism is a mental disorder and apparently IQ tests should be required before letting some people vote?

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      oh you mean like we used to do IQ tests and they were called racist because blacks couldn’t pass?

    • Posted by Lionactor, at Reply

      How about a law that requires everybody to vote? Maybe Trump would not have been elected if the people who do not usually vote actually voted that time. There have been talks about the Hilary Clinton failing to win the hearts of the people because she is a part of the establishment that has failed them. While that may be true I say that not voting and not paying attention to politics is being irresponsible towards yourself and that the nonvoters are also to blame for this.

    • Posted by MegaVergan, at Reply

      José Guzman The tests were racist because they were only given to black people and they were purposely made to be very hard to pass. I saw what one of them looked like from a video done by TJ Kirk. These tests were almost impossible for anyone to pass.

  8. Posted by justGSquared, at Reply

    If they try the insanity defense, I would argue that his Supreme Court pick & executive orders be null & voided…

    • Posted by Sutekh 23, at Reply

      What was wrong with Garland?

    • Posted by Jesse Cole, at Reply

      OrionTheHunter “What’s wrong with Gorsuch?” Well that depends on your perspective. If you’re a staunch defender of corporate interests over worker’s rights, then nothing. If you care about the rights of people who don’t own very large businesses, however, Gorsuch is not likely to be your man.

  9. Posted by Steve Bulbow MD, at Reply

    If Trump´s legal defense goes with Alzheimer´s, then ALL of his appointees were appointed WITHOUT mental competence, including the supreme court judge, AND MUST BE REVOKED!

    • Posted by Ethan Clark, at Reply

      Trump appointees will not be revoked they were approved by the senate.

    • Posted by Steve Bulbow MD, at Reply

      Thanks josephthemighty in correcting “C Tac”. He apparently has cognitive issues, do to to early onset of Alzheimer´s…. or more than likely, is a standard(low I.Q.) Trump supporter.

    • Posted by Steve Bulbow MD, at Reply

      C Tac: Your comprehensive skills seem to be failing. Try READING and UNDERSTANDING what I wrote, BEFORE commenting. And No, Alzheimer can be diagnosed by ANY clinical physician. Try to stay away from topics where your ignorance is abundant.

  10. Posted by Kevin Bagner, at Reply

    Big news: Trump is going down, and not on Putin this time!

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      He didn’t go down on Putin and he’s not going down now. BOOM SHACKA LACKA!!!! Spaded it

    • Posted by Kevin Bagner, at Reply

      Dragon1717 Keep denying the obvious. I’m sure it’ll work wonders in your life.

    • Posted by Kevin Bagner, at Reply

      zech Trump had 35% chance going into election. You thinking 35 equals 0, that’s a moron right there.

  11. Posted by Anne-Marie Cole, at Reply


    • Posted by harooni22, at Reply

      my father is an attorney and owned a few buildings in brooklyn and knew trump in the 80’s and he told me a few weeks ago , trump will claim an illness and that is how he will step down and save face.

    • Posted by HBS Conscious Acts of Courage, at Reply

      Roger Stone already laid the foundation for Trumps Alzhiemers

    • Posted by josh lambert, at Reply

      Anne-Marie Cole agreed

    • Posted by jim Morrison, at Reply

      Yeah then will get Mike pence who’s just as bad if not worse than Trump.

  12. Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

    “The television ratings will be fantastic, huge, you’ll see. Everyone will want to watch. It will be amazing.” – Donald J Trump when asked about his next reality tv show, ‘The Impeachment’.

    • Posted by President Mike Pence, at Reply

      It’s time to get ready for Christian Sharia Law under president Mike Pence!

    • Posted by Dana Herron, at Reply

      don’t bank on it. he’s dirty too.

    • Posted by Tyler Wells, at Reply

      Lol mike pence…. A more backwards and worse man than trump.

  13. Posted by Rezblade, at Reply

    I don’t see Alzheimer’s I see stupidity!! And spoiled brat man-child

    • Posted by Poly Orchid, at Reply

      Try not using the word ‘man’ when talking about Trump.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Tiny handed semi-adult

    • Posted by christnapa4, at Reply

      John Bliss You are insulting semi-adults, including me.

  14. Posted by Rocket Scientist, at Reply

    David pakman has been reporting on trumps mental state for months. also morning Joe said he might have a mental problem a few days ago.

    so, there have been people talking about this, but very few.

    • Posted by TheLogo26, at Reply

      This has been in the news for at least 2 weeks, but it’s news to cenk.
      Everyone who think tyt are independent are self deceived, it doesn’t get more mainstream that this, it’s the same narrative: the russians, comey, alzeimers, etc. anything to distract you of main issue. That is selling more arms to whoever is willing to pay and perpetrate never ending wars.

    • Posted by Fabio da silva, at Reply

      TheLogo26 Trump is the issue

  15. Posted by Klee N, at Reply

    impeachment anyone?

    • Posted by PigmanCast, at Reply

      +Funnin Gunnin pulling the fake news card again?

    • Posted by Funnin Gunnin, at Reply

      It is completely and totally fake news. Unknown sources, no evidence, from illegal leaks….and most importantly, there is no such thing as obstruction of justice from a man that has the power of pardon and over the Justice Department of the United States. This is liberal butt hurt without Preparation H.

    • Posted by John Lockwood, at Reply

      PigmanCast – yeah, really upsets you when shoes on other tootsie, dosent it. . .

  16. Posted by Pub Comrad, at Reply

    I can’t wait to see Trump handcuffed and taken to jail. That’s where he should belong.

    • Posted by ge1337, at Reply

      Do you really believe they would sent a politician to jail! LOL! Especially an ex-prez.

    • Posted by SupermotoSteven, at Reply

      James Heis you’re* oh the irony

  17. Posted by TheFireflyGrave, at Reply

    There’s a lot of weasel politicians out there who think Trump is going to be the fall guy. He’s not the fall guy, he’s the anchor that’s going to pull a bunch of them down with him.

    • Posted by RoGoH308, at Reply

      I hope that’s true

    • Posted by y not, at Reply

      Yep🤒Psssst! but 1st the Ol’ swamp Vamps, will take advantage of his promised 20% tax breaks. 🤗
      ;’-《 soo Sadd ;-》

    • Posted by Kathryn Geeslin, at Reply

      TheFireflyGrave Love the image.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Pence along with him.

  18. Posted by zachary borodkin, at Reply

    We should start strategizing on how to take down pence and then his cabinet. Trump going down is not enough.

    • Posted by ron, at Reply

      zachary borodkin

    • Posted by Shane Porter, at Reply

      How about you come on over and make me?

    • Posted by zachary borodkin, at Reply

      Shane Porter
      I asked an honest question to clarify your earlier comment.