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Trump Curtsies For Saudi King (VIDEO)


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Many thanks Obama! Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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" Head of state Donald Trump initially journey overseas has– thus far– gone flawlessly if one ignores the mayhem he left at house with several bombshells visited the Washington Message and the New York Times concerning White Home doings.

Nonetheless, as the world awaits Trump's speech on Islam, he was the recipient of a good deal of mockery on Twitter for a half-curtsy he bestowed after the king of Saudi Arabia.

Quipsters with lengthy memories remembered conventional outrage that was bathed after former Head of state Barack Obama when he acquiesced international leaders– including the Saudi king– during exactly what conservatives still call his "apology tours."" *.

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  1. Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

    Cucked by the Saudi’s.

    • Posted by dillinga08, at Reply

      The president who knelt!

    • Posted by Howaidy Hey, at Reply

      Coyote Bongwater
      we never asked you to bow for us nor do we even like it we never forced you to deal with us nor shall we stop you from ending our relationship

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      Coyote Bongwater who TYT

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Listenbuddy is down to bigoted slurs now.

  2. Posted by Andy Martinez, at Reply

    5 dislikes right after 47 seconds this vid came out

    • Posted by Sitarman345, at Reply

      You mean the bomb threat in the same city last year perpetrated by the IRA? Yeah that’s not at all relevant to mention. Not to mention Brett also said “but that was related to the new IRA,” already implying they might not even be related. Get over yourself, you’re just looking for something to be mad at.

    • Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

      +Sitarman345 Suicide bomber? No it’s not relevant.

  3. Posted by Tomax, at Reply

    Is Trump a muslim now??? Anybody???

    • Posted by Joe Murguia, at Reply


    • Posted by bluworld13, at Reply

      Tomax if He did he have to deport himself out of the country LOL

  4. Posted by V.J. Lopez, at Reply

    He curtsied very strongly.

    • Posted by Howaidy Hey, at Reply

      V.J. Lopez
      why so rude just why

    • Posted by Ray Gonzalez, at Reply

      V.J. Lopez So so so strong.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @ Not a liberal: atheist zealot is actually a Trump zealot. He has to spin it.

  5. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    That was worst than Obama bowing his head. All Trump needed was a dress to make it the perfect curtsy ever!

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      Queen Queen or the necklace was heavier than he thought

    • Posted by Sparrow Dean, at Reply

      HisPurple Badness       Sorry to disappoint you but that photo was Obama receiving his chain taken from the back, no doubt deliberately to mislead gullible people like you.

  6. Posted by Makenzie Hensley, at Reply

    Donald’s face tho when he squats “don’t fart don’t fart don’t fart.” 😂

    • Posted by Jun-Gol Bwoah, at Reply

      “Please knees, don’t give out! Please knees, DONT GIVE OUT!!”

    • Posted by Wini Olivache, at Reply

      Jun-Gol Bwoah .His knees could not hold up all that excess weight

    • Posted by turntableone, at Reply

      That necklace looks expensive….I was under the impression that you are not to receive expensive foreign gifts as president as called for in our Constitution.

    • Posted by 2 Girls With Green eyes, at Reply

      “Pants don’t split, pants don’t split”!!!!!’

  7. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    Can you imagine if Obama did that? They already called him a Kenyan spy baby..

    • Posted by basboosa, at Reply

      Dude Trump clearly curtsied after the medal was placed around his neck..its even worse than Obama’s bow which at least looked manly lol

    • Posted by Panzafat, at Reply

      @BackwoodsHunter.243 3:03

    • Posted by Josh Uddin, at Reply

      Mending Wall titties.

  8. Posted by TagMehirTzedek, at Reply

    The U.S. bows to the house of Saud. Saudis own half of America. Other half is owned by Chinese.

    • Posted by DeathPoker1, at Reply

      TagMehirTzedek china owns ALL of america dont let any1 tell u different

  9. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    He didn’t curtsy. He tried to bow but he’s too out of shape. No surprise BLOTUS is exhausted after two days.

    • Posted by Chris Richardson, at Reply

      Not a Liberal It was very reminiscent of seeing my daughter at ballet learning to curtsy with all the other little girls. all Trump was missing was a fetching pink leotard.

    • Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply

      That was definitely a curtsy.

    • Posted by Man the Dude, at Reply

      MaGarthur – I’m as left as they come but I really don’t see any bowing or curtsey. He bent down for the chain.

    • Posted by Jade Chavuan, at Reply

      Man the Dude I agree but there was a subtle dip at the end after the chain was placed. He definitely curtsied.

  10. Posted by hey, at Reply

    Isn’t that fascinating the we sold billions of dollars weapons to the very same Saudis that are responsible for 911 and terror by ISIS across the middle east

    • Posted by Goonbadum3445, at Reply

      The whole of the Western world are vassals to fhe Saudis, we depend on their oil.

    • Posted by Mike WazWaz, at Reply

      The Saudi were not responsible for 9/11 there citizens were. I know the Saudi people the vast majority condemned 9/11 and Islam doesn’t allow for terrorism.

    • Posted by truth burns, at Reply

      they also teach their kids behind your back in the madrassahs to lob your head off for allah

    • Posted by AquaticBoardwalkEngineer, at Reply

      hey, the Saudi government didn’t do 9/11 please, at least learn about facts before you spew them all over the internet like you do with your explosive diarrhea.

    • Posted by Whiznot, at Reply

      An unauthorized FBI leak revealed that the wife of Prince “Bandar Bush”, the Saudi Ambassador who was a life-long close Bush family friend, paid the rent for the 911 hijackers living in San Diego. Saudi officials owned the Sarasota home that Mohammad Atta lived in prior to the attack. 911 was a Saudi operation. The only question is whether there were co-conspirators in our government.

      George Bush allowed all of Bin Laden’s relatives to fly out of the USA when there was a total flying ban. The FBI was furious.

      Those statements are fact.

  11. Posted by christian mbabazi, at Reply

    it’s funny how if Obama does everyone loses their mind but if trump does it it’s all cool -_-

    • Posted by Cows_n_Muffins, at Reply

      Conservatives are hypocrites.

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      Trumptards are racist retards who are extreme Hypocrites

    • Posted by Random Stupid, at Reply

      Bro nothing is cool every one talking about it

    • Posted by Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns, at Reply

      I just came from the Washington post where the Trumpanzee CONservatives that slither their way there are actually trying to distinguish the difference between a “curtsy” and “bow”; both body moves of submission.

  12. Posted by Jose Munoz, at Reply

    Unlimited hypocrisy

    • Posted by cr1m1nalspeed, at Reply

      Jose Munoz too bad you can’t post meme comments on YouTube cause you reminded me of Palpatine vs Mac Windu scene. UNLIMITED HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by TheWokenSpirit, at Reply

    “[islam] is one of the greatest faiths” – Donald j drumpf.
    what can you drumpftards say now

    • Posted by Drm R, at Reply

      TheWokenSpirit they’ll defend it because oh great leader said so

  14. Posted by southrules, at Reply

    He LITERALLY bowed down to terrorism!

    • Posted by Wayne Samuel, at Reply

      Ironic that congress recently override Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia that the Saudis fought and Obama opposed but Trump apparently supports.

    • Posted by Hecatedevotee2009, at Reply

      That bill is idiotic. It opens up too many doors that could put American lives at risk and have Americans sued and tried in other courts other than American courts where there is no due process and prison is torture. Trump and republicans are stupid and short sighted.

    • Posted by Frieda, at Reply

      No…he bowed down AND curtsied to terrorism!

  15. Posted by Quatty Roy, at Reply

    Trump bowing to the ISIS financiers!

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      When has he bowed Before the CIA?