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Trump Defends Fellow Sexual Predator Bill O’Reilly


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Sexual predators of a plume stick together. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area below.

" Head of state Donald Trump safeguarded Fox News support Costs O'Reilly amidst revelations that O'Reilly as well as the network paid out millions to settle unwanted sexual advances insurance claims by 5 ladies.

" I think he shouldn't have cleared up; personally I think he should not have actually cleared up," Trump informed the New york city Times on Wednesday. "Since you ought to have taken it all the method. I don't think Costs did anything wrong," he claimed.

" I assume he's an individual I recognize well– he is a good person," he stated.

The comments came days after the president declared this month as "National Sexual offense Awareness and also Prevention Month" where he stated "we must establish purposeful strategies to eliminate these criminal offenses" and also "shield susceptible groups."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Sanskar Wagley, at Reply

    Trump AKA the Cheeto in Chief

    • Posted by C. Love, at Reply

      TheBlazersfan22 Go Blazres yay Portland!

    • Posted by Leo Yohansen, at Reply

      Someone should make a documentary about Trump with the Russian flag in the background called

      The Traitor

    • Posted by C. Love, at Reply

      freedombase why don’t you go to your room and clean your guns – and be careless! Buh bye jerk off

    • Posted by Gonzalez131, at Reply

      +Leo Yohansen you still think the russians hacked our election ?

  2. Posted by charley15z, at Reply

    The groper in chief defends a sexual harasser. Also, water is wet.

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      Cellar Dweller YOU are, because my post was correct.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Garden-Variety YouTube User – On the money. Trump see O’Lielly as another innocent victim, like himself.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Greg Torrez: Shouldn’t you have a Hispanic avatar to go with your Hispanic user name? You need to match those troll accounts and avatars more closely!

    • Posted by Sting SniperScope, at Reply

      Also, the sky is blue.

  3. Posted by Jay T, at Reply

    Well sexual predators have to stick together after all.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Well, let’s be honest: We already knew Trump was a POS.

  4. Posted by Patrick Ryan, at Reply

    Bill O’Pervert

    • Posted by Josef Little, at Reply


    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Bill O’Lielly.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Mama Mimi: Freedombase’s lobotomy wasn’t successful. He displays the results daily.

  5. Posted by djbk4lyf92, at Reply

    Didn’t Trump just declare April National Sexual Assault Awareness Month? So much for that I guess.

    • Posted by phoenixrising7777, at Reply

      djbk4lyf92 I guess he must have meant that he wants to make the nation aware of how okay he is with sexual assault. Way to start April off with a bang! #NeverTrump

  6. Posted by Danny G, at Reply

    Just like when Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      Danny G: 71% of Latinos rejected pedophilia and Trump so did 70% of Asian and 86% of blacks. Whites overwhelmingly voted and supported the orange pedophile so don’t pin your orange child molester on us, minorities. You’re responsible for him.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Danny G Bbbuuutttt Hillary, cant argue with that, you’re so wise!/s

    • Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

      You claimed to read an article explaining what a public defender does without understanding it at all, with each post you bring down the average intelligence of the entire human species.

  7. Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

    But when someone says Bill Clinton is a rapist then you guys will be like there is no evidence.
    the double standards.

    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      where exactly did you see anyone defend clinton? not here that’s for sure

    • Posted by Jake A, at Reply

      BillyBob Thorton Yes. And Bill Clinton payed a large sum of money. Most likely because he was guilty. Trump didn’t pay a cent to any of the women making allegations against him.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +BillyBob Thorton so TYT did not cover qhat Trump did in the 70’s?

      he said it made someone a sick man to call Bill Clinton a rapist like 4 months ago.
      So cover for rapists when there on your side.

  8. Posted by Matt Patron, at Reply

    A rapist defending a rapist.

  9. Posted by Dega Jago, at Reply


    • Posted by Gonzalez131, at Reply

      +Jenni Lee i recommend the Youtube channel “Hard Bastard” he analyzes the young turks videos in detail and exposes their bias.

    • Posted by Jenni Lee, at Reply

      Gonzalez131 I’m biased against sexual predators. Bill Clinton being one himself.

    • Posted by Gonzalez131, at Reply

      +Jenni Lee check out that channel i mention and check for every video with the young turks mention in the titles. This channel exposes the young turks, the young turks are no different than CNN.

    • Posted by Joe D, at Reply

      Gonzalez131 lololol

  10. Posted by ziib123, at Reply

    you know what they say “birds of the same feather, rub falafel on each other”

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      ziib123 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Posted by Uncensored Truth, at Reply

    Trump is an all around idiot!

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      No that is you a Terrorist
      you Nazi blm, heroes will be defeated just like hitler was defeated

    • Posted by Barry, at Reply

      freedombase Are you having a stroke? Nothing you wrote made any sense. Call 911 immediately.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      freedombase Your single digit IQ is quite showing in your comments!

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      freebasing the dumb since 1999

  12. Posted by Chris Deleon, at Reply

    Wonder if he’d feel differently if bill had done that to his daughter

    But then again trump would like to sleep with her too.

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Chris Deleon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Right!!

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      He’d be pissed. not cuz his daughter was the victim, but because Bill beat him to it.

  13. Posted by Michael Atkinson, at Reply

    Logical person: How can you defend trump on this one?
    Trump supporter: Bbbaabuttt Hillary!!
    Logical person: wasn’t a Hillary supporter…and she’s long gone…anything else?

    • Posted by David Schultz, at Reply

      Nah, they’re not mentioning hillary anymore, they’re mentioning Obama these days.

    • Posted by Marshmallow M80, at Reply

      David Schultz No, they still bring her up.

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      Greg Torrez I think you need to do more research. Young Turk is a general term meaning rebel. No, he did not name TYT after the genocidal group.

  14. Posted by Adrain Acha, at Reply

    Birds of the same feather stick together … Christian republican white men, later when white women don’t want anything to do with them they start screaming “white genocide”…

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      muh white genocide

      stay away from our white womenz

      white powder ✊

    • Posted by Adrain Acha, at Reply

      am a giver if she ask for some bbc she would get it and am certain she would love it …

    • Posted by PlanetCharn Baby, at Reply

      “they start screaming ‘”white genocide”‘

      Only online. In public they just like to glare at interracial couples, especially if the female half is White. I can attest to this personally and that level of jealousy and insecurity is just pretty damn pathetic and certainly not helping them hold onto “their” white women.

  15. Posted by Omair Sheikh, at Reply

    Oh boy the Trumpanzees are really going to be triggered by this video

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      Welcome to example 2,394,639 of why progressives are just as bad as the people they pretend to oppose.

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Bravo on changing the number ever so slightly from where you said this exact thing on another thread. So clever. So much winning.

    • Posted by Mike Rotchburns, at Reply

      If by triggered you mean pointing out TYT’s (and their fan’s) sheer and utter stupidity and the amazing double standard on display, then yes, I am quite triggered πŸ™‚

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      manhunt48 So you are saying the groper is bad? That’s the way I read your comment!

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Mike Rotchburns I think they meant to call you a snowflake as your comment shows you are melting! Ya Trumptard

  16. Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

    I came to watch the Trump Troll Deflection show….did I miss it?

  17. Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

    How can tyt be sure that all of what the women say is true?

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      +ron hillbilly I’m just not going to write someone off. If a guy steals something then I won’t assume he steals something else without proof. It seems sensible to me.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      +ron hillbilly I didn’t vote for Trump.

  18. Posted by james smith, at Reply

    Just like TYT defended Bill clinton? A serial rapist

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      james smith Start with ” but”. Add any democrat, and Trumptards think the have an argument

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +ron hillbilly Cenk thought it made someone a sick person to mentiom Bill Clinton was a rapist. This shows he has no values

  19. Posted by Heru Malinke, at Reply

    They’re all sexual predators but the nobody beats Bill Clinton but you won’t hear a word from the liberal Clinton machine. Bunch of hypocrites on both sides

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Heru Malinke Really , that’s your defense of your moron!

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Did Bill Clinton recently defend a sexual predator as “not that bad?” Is Bill Clinton currently President?

  20. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Well, you know what they say: Birds of a feather rape together.