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Trump Defends His Goldman Sachs Cabinet


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Trump explains to The U.S.A. that wealthy people don't desire more money, which seems probable unless you recognize anything concerning industrialism or human background. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section below.

" Mentioning Commerce Assistant Wilbur Ross and his chief financial advisor Gary Cohn, Trump discussed that these males "had to quit a lot to take these works." Cohn, specifically, "went from massive paydays to peanuts."

" These are people that are terrific, great organisation minds, and that's exactly what we need. That's just what we need to have so the globe does not take advantage [people] We can't have the globe benefiting from us any longer."

Trump clarified, "As well as I like all people, rich or poor, yet in those certain settings, I just do not desire a bad individual. Does that makes good sense? Does that make good sense? If you firmly insist, I'll do it, however I like it better in this manner, right?"" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Duck Master_69, at Reply

    Who else beating off tonight

    • Posted by Johnny Shanksalot, at Reply

      Angrily, with both hands. I’m typing with my noseeeeee

  2. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Trumptards: But…but…but her emails.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      Wayne Morgan
      Trump’s mishandling of classified information by using unsecure cell phones, and talking about national security during public dinners, is *WAY* more of an actual problem than using a private email sever, (like Mike Pence who got hacked), which didn’t reveal any “classified information” at all. Only partisan hacks keep ignoring all of the republican led inquiries that came up with absolutely nothing but lawyer costs.

    • Posted by kez kezooie, at Reply

      +Sha Dow +Wayne Morgan Let’s not forget his giving the location of nuclear submarines away and passing on code word classified intelligence to the Russians he met in the Oval Office, not only putting the informants at risk, but passing on intelligence that was not meant to be passed on to anyone without getting the go ahead from the country that provided it to the US, thus possibly jeopardising the future passing on of intelligence to the US.
      Then, just to top it off, he made it abundantly clear when he visited Israel that the intelligence came from them in a news photo opportunity.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      While I agree with the point and am no fan of Trump supporters I wish we wouldn’t say things like “Trumptards.” Trump makes fun of disabled people. We shouldn’t say things that make us sound like him. We’re better than he is and we should act like it. Insulting someone by saying they’re mentally handicapped is the kind of thing conservatives do. We don’t have to get on their level. We can get the point across and keep the moral high ground. I kind of like “Trumpanzee.” We can do that instead.

    • Posted by kez kezooie, at Reply

      Hezekiah Ramirez I agree. I think it’s, as we call it over here in Australia, “a mug’s game” to play on their field by their rules. It robs either side of credibility if you have to resort to name calling.
      I will admit to calling one person’s comment moronic, but that’s about as far as I’ve gone. Once someone calls me an insulting name, I know I’ve won that argument because they’ve been reduced to that in lieu of valid arguments on their part.
      Besides, you can’t criticise someone for doing something if you’re doing it yourself.

  3. Posted by Kotomi Sakura, at Reply

    I’m guessing the new Slogan is 「FILL THE SWAMP! FILL THE SWAMP!」

    • Posted by Johnny Scythe, at Reply

      Kotomi Sakura alternative draining of the swamp.

  4. Posted by Sean Price, at Reply

    haha this orange muppet is great comedy , i hope america burns under this bums regime hahahaahaha

    • Posted by Phil Nguyen, at Reply

      Oh trust me, our insides are burning alright

    • Posted by dazzystart, at Reply

      Sean Price the world will be singed by the fallout

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      You didn’t want America to burn under Obama? Do you really want justice, or just to feel justified?

  5. Posted by Torontopia, at Reply

    America is the RICHEST country in the world and Trump has the audacity to say “The World Is Screwing America”? Are you fucking kidding me?

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      If the pentagon stumbles across that 6 trillion and the extremely rich cough up a couple bucks our debt would be significantly reduced. That’s silly though right? Let’s just cut social programs…. and still not use any of that to pay off the debt!

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      that is because of quantitative easing
      practically it’s the means how banks are allowed to do the equivelant of making billions of counterfeit dollars that cause a chain reaction of inflation that leads to debt

      if you want to better america’s economy you should break the big banks and force them to pay reperations for the damage they did

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      America is in debt because the greedy “right” hoard the wealth and want the working poor to pay for the bills. America is backwards. Their actions are geared towards the claim that the rich are too poor and they need tax handouts to live properly, while the poor are too rich so they need to pay more for essential services.
      The Panama papers showed how much the wealthy rip off America. Parasites.

    • Posted by Liza B, at Reply

      Torontopia we are totally in debt to China and others. why pay when we can start a fight .

  6. Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

    Please trump supporters, Tell us how you feel about this?

    • Posted by 50 Shades of Black, at Reply

      Johnny Shanksalot you do realize what you just said that you didn’t want is exactly what you got right?

    • Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

      Wow, dude wow. you really think Hillary would staff her cabinet with poor homeless people or are you just believing trumps excuse? Nuclear war with Russia and North Korea seems alot closer with trump. Trump literally increased U.S. military 54 BILLION, over the 600 billion already being spent. He made 100 billion dollar deal with Saudia Arabia.He basically did everything that Hillary was planning but to the most extreme, its not even about his personality or demeanor, hes making policies that contradict EVERYTHING he said on the campaign trail, Drain the swamp, Nope, Cut 0 from Medicare, Nope, Lock her up, Nope, Put Saudia Arabia in their place. How could you ever support him now?

    • Posted by Orange Kaiju, at Reply

      “Wow, dude wow. you really think Hillary would staff her cabinet with
      poor homeless people or are you just believing trumps excuse?”

      That was clearly sarcasm. She would have put the same bankers and lobbyists into her cabinet.

  7. Posted by Crotch Grabber45, at Reply

    Of course he would defend them because their rich.

  8. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    You have to love how the globalist, Zionist, Neo con puppet is “draining the swamp”. I was under the impression that draining the swamp meant cleaning up the corruption. Also Alex Jones is a paid corporate shill. People don’t sneak into the Bohemian Grove.

    • Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

      ^ The Young Turks, new fake troll with multiple accounts who jack off to his hero Alice Jones every day.
      Block, block! Probably the jealous no dicked wonder who is impersonating you unsuccessfully.

  9. Posted by Ricardo, at Reply

    TYT trolls to Hillary: She’s a Goldman Sachs puppet! Crooked Hillary!

    TYT trolls now: I’m with Goldman Sachs! They’re tremendous! Genius!

    • Posted by Adam Greenan, at Reply

      I used to think Republicans were the Biggest Hypocrites, but now its clear they’re just too stupid to understand what Trump is doing to them.

    • Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

      These Trumpfucks should try out for the Olympics. They’re great at performing mental gymnastics.

    • Posted by IronMandingo, at Reply

      Ken Bob Special Olympics you mean

    • Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply


  10. Posted by Chris Wave, at Reply

    I hate that crowd more than Trump.

    • Posted by DK3CHAMP, at Reply

      This is Gamestation in the argument so far. Gamestation knocks over the queen piece. Gamestation eats some bird seed. Gamestation knocks over a few more chess pieces. Gamestation takes a dump on the chess board. Gamestation knocks over a few more chess pieces. Gamestation eats more birdseed before finally declaring victory.

    • Posted by DJ Donny T, at Reply

      Chris Wave misery loves company

    • Posted by DJ Donny T, at Reply

      Candy and Violence Promises made promises kept too Russia NOT.

    • Posted by Yuriza Kojima, at Reply

      GameStationTrey You’re really mature, huh? So… tell me. What exactly have you won?

  11. Posted by Deus Umbra, at Reply

    Just remember folks, if you ever voted Republican, do the world a favor and kill yourself.

    • Posted by smackdowner, at Reply

      Democrat always runs the country better

    • Posted by Playfulpanthress, at Reply

      Johnny Shanksalot You make more money under democrats. Education is better. The environment is actually taken care of instead of sold out.

      We have more people with health insurance. Which could have been better had the democrats not given so much away for a couple of republican votes which they still didn’t get. But what we have, the republicans are trying to take away to make the rich even richer. Does that seem right to you??

      The question you should be asking: WHY do so many people vote against their best interest??? Why would you vote for the side that cuts taxes for the wealthy and public programs to pay for it? Why vote for the party that slashes regulations that keep us safe? Why vote for the side that hates comprehensive education???

      That’s why I call republicans stupid. They make no sense.

  12. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    He is draining the swamp and filling it with bankers and lobbyists.

    • Posted by codecaine, at Reply


    • Posted by M. G., at Reply

      codecaine lol lol

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond
      He’s draining the swamp because his shareholders want to build a new Trump hotel there. And to kill the gay frogs.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      He’s replacing the swamp with a cess pool

  13. Posted by Concrete Lightbulb, at Reply

    Did he also defend his numerous bankruptcies, being bailed out twice by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who he owes millions, as well as borrowing money from Russia because no one else would give him a loan? …and still, his supporters cheer.

  14. Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

    Cheering on Trump as his administration robs them.


  15. Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

    So all of a sudden conservatives love Goldman Sachs and Wallstreet. Funny. They absolutely despised them before Trump appointed them to his cabinet.

    • Posted by T Hop, at Reply

      William Merzlak
      Politicians despised Goldman Sachs..  but politicians need to go get f-ked. We need successful minds running our country. People who are smart business men. who deal with the world outside Wa. and know how the real world is run. Not politicians. Obama went to college … but he never had a job outside Gov in his life. He couldn’t run a hot dog stand successfully. Time for idiots like that to GO…

    • Posted by Fire BenMcAdoo, at Reply

      T Hop Politicians didn’t lock up bankers after they robbed the people into a great recession. Can you name one scientist on Trumps cabinet? Running a country isn’t about business unless you’re trying to sell it. PhD > MBA any day.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      I mean… It’s almost as though they don’t have any real principles and they’ll say whatever they need to in order to justify keeping the Democrats out of power because they represent the brown people.

  16. Posted by Zo King, at Reply

    How can someone look at Trump’s rallies and not have abject contempt for those filthy Trump supporters?

    • Posted by Jonny Beckham, at Reply

      LBF522. Yeah, but Hillary for POTUS??? flashback, 79 AD Rome. Vespasian reformed Rome after a reign of insane emperors. Rome would have collapsed 79AD due to corruption, except Vespasian rescued Rome, a man of the people. Maybe 2020 USA can find another Vespasian & prolong the USA for another 300 years as Vespasian did.

    • Posted by LBF522, at Reply

      Hillary was my third choice after Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. I hope there is still a United States before a Vespasian can serve as President.

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      not contempt.. i pity the fools..

  17. Posted by Bad Hombre, at Reply

    How do people not see through this bullshit? They couldn’t make it easier to con them if they tried.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      The government has been growing for decades. After WWII federal spending
      was 14% of GDP, now it is 20%. State and local spending has gone up as
      well. And before you complain about the “military industrial complex”
      consider that it has been dropping, in terms of percent of GDP, for
      around 50 years.

      We have had, for decades now a government that is growing that is keeps
      promising you rainbows and unicorns. You have politicians who keep
      saying they will give you a better life through government and thus keep
      government growing. Meanwhile during that time the politicians have
      become richer.

      This past election you had Bernie who preached about how he was for the
      people and he wanted to grow government even more for the people.
      Meanwhile he bought a third home and made millions off of his book.

      Trump comes in and rips on the republican candidates by saying that he
      gave them all money, which he did. He ripped on Clinton and the
      politicians for creating laws that favor the rich. He ripped on
      politicians who got richer the past few decades while the average person

      People are sick of the government and politicians getting richer while everyone else struggle. And that includes Bernie “the socialist with three homes” Sanders.

    • Posted by Cham Toreno, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 Yeah, so the answer was a self-serving billionaire who has a literal history of conning people? makes sense.

  18. Posted by kaisofine, at Reply

    his audience are plain stupid. he doesn’t want to hire your poor asses!

    • Posted by LBF522, at Reply

      The fact that they are applauding him is what is so upsetting.

    • Posted by kaisofine, at Reply

      LBF522 their cult leader can do no wrong

  19. Posted by Raena-Willow Deveruoix, at Reply

    Do the tyt trolls seriously bell your videos and them comment nonsense?
    Also noticed that the trolls are all for Goldman Sach’s now!

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      i happen to know one ( who had no idea i follow tyt) . he’s vote down on a mobile phone then vote down on the computer.

  20. Posted by Israfael D., at Reply

    Poor white trash sheeple, they just cheer and laugh.
    They really don’t get it.

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      they do now, but they are just like Putin’s supporters, they despise him in public but they know not to mess with them because otherwise they end up in the goulag. White millenials think by retweeting hashatags they are activists lol! wussies