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Trump Denies Racist Comments


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Trump claims he really did not state "shithole countries" when referring to Haiti and also nations in Africa. John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, as well as Ron Placone, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" Head Of State Donald Trump on Friday early morning showed up to deny a record that he referred to Haiti and African countries as "shithole nations" in a conference with legislators about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Trump did not explicitly address his reported use the term "shithole," however discussed his "difficult" remarks at a meeting concerning DACA as well as asserted that "this was not the language made use of."

Trump followed up regarding an hour later to much more explicitly reject making "derogatory comments about Haitians." He did not deal with whether he particularly made use of the word "shithole" but did reject telling legislators to take Haitians from the United States"

Hosts: John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone

Cast: John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone


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  1. Posted by Russellthe Kickboxer, at Reply

    Of course he was going to lie about his racist comments.

  2. Posted by Ian Ford, at Reply

    This is the leader of our county, ladies and gents. Let that sink in for a moment…

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      I know, it’s a wonderful feeling.  I love it when I see him saying things all these cucks don’t have the balls to say.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Weren’t you supposed to let that sink in a year ago? You lost! Move on

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    He knows what he said is racist so he is going to deny he ever said it. Its too late for his cuck supporters though.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Why don’t you move to Haiti then Kevin

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      mainly Class-ist…

  4. Posted by The Original Gamer, at Reply

    JFK couldn’t survive, yet this guy flies free… there is no justice anymore.

    • Posted by Roman KFM, at Reply

      The Original Gamer amen.

    • Posted by Hamish Gaffaney, at Reply

      The Original Gamer the establishment wouldn’t take down Trump, he gives them everything they want

  5. Posted by Wolf, at Reply

    *Trumpy* can deny all he wants….we already see his *true colors* …and his *small mind* 😔

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      +Zachary Xavier Ah. The buzzwords. What a sheep cuck you are.

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      +TheUltimateBeing01 Kill yourself.

    • Posted by paul Smith, at Reply

      Great name calling, you must be right.

  6. Posted by Mr. Moo, at Reply



  7. Posted by 78deathface, at Reply


    • Posted by Jay Rock Jinx, at Reply

      78deathface Yeah boy.

  8. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    I find it funny that the media is appalled by this comment and actually have panels discussing it. C’mon people, it’s Trump. Are we really still surprised by anything that comes out of his mouth. He’s not going to suffer any consequences and republicans are going to defend it, so move on. Talk about the 42 percent increase in civilian deaths in the middle East since trump has taken office.

  9. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    I think this is a tactic to get us away from the real issues, he’s a conmen, doing what conmen do.

  10. Posted by joelmgarton, at Reply

    I think the USA sounds like a shithole. It certainly won’t be getting any of my tourism dollars.

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply

      Would you rather live in Norway or Haiti?

    • Posted by joelmgarton, at Reply

      How is that question in any way relevant to my comment?

  11. Posted by knight099159, at Reply

    Trump don’t come to Australia, You are not welcome here

  12. Posted by 333mayhem, at Reply

    Nobody from Norway wants to come here!

  13. Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

    I love how the trumpbots are playing 2 cards at the same time.
    They say that what he said is perfectly fine and everyone thinks the same deep down.
    And also that this is fake claims made by the dirty liberals to make Trump look bad.
    They will just throw any bullshit and see what sticks.

  14. Posted by Corey Donaldson, at Reply

    America deserves better than the bad joke who is currently occupying the White House

  15. Posted by Kap00rwith2os, at Reply

    The only “shithole” is the one sitting in the White House right now.

  16. Posted by Roland G, at Reply

    Norway “don’t drag us into this”

  17. Posted by Cosmic Charlie, at Reply

    This channel is a huge shithole..The Young Turds got lazy and jumped on the trump bash train and refuse to get off..i switched over to jimmies channel at least he bashes both sides lol

    • Posted by yoyomon001, at Reply

      You’re still here though.

    • Posted by Bry Guy, at Reply

      Both sides are not equal Dumbass, in politics you must pick the lesser of two evils and The Republicans and especially Trump are alot more evil without a doubt !!

  18. Posted by Simon Randall, at Reply

    We are just days away from the N word coming out uncontrollably from Trump.

    • Posted by Handsome B. Wonderful, at Reply

      Simon Randall 🤔… do you mean days away from a _video recording_ of it? Because I’m certain he’s *been* saying it since before I was born.