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Trump Deporting 200K Refugees To El Salvador


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Due to course he does. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you assume in the remark area below.

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" L.A– Almost 200,000 people from El Salvador who have been permitted to reside in the United States for greater than a years need to leave the nation, government authorities announced Monday. It is the Trump administration's newest turnaround of years of migration plans as well as among one of the most consequential to date.
Homeland safety officials stated that they were finishing an altruistic program, referred to as Temporary Protected Condition, for Salvadorans that have been enabled to live and function legally in the USA because a pair of devastating quakes struck their country in 2001.
Salvadorans were without a doubt the biggest team of foreigners taking advantage of short-term protected standing, which shielded them from expulsion if they had arrived in the USA illegally. The choice came just weeks after greater than 45,000 Haitians lost defenses provided after Haiti's 2010 earthquake, as well as it suggested that others in the program, particularly Hondurans, might soon shed them too. Nicaraguans lost their protectionslast year." *.

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  1. Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

    Wow, Trump can’t even back Republican policies.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Fanboys Suck
      People have this distorted view of Reagan today. But at heart, he was a hardliner when it comes to Russia, a real child of the most dangerous times of the Cold War. He called Russia the “Evil Empire” and pushed for SDI. Now imagine it isn’t Gorbatchev sitting in Moscow, but some equally backward hardliner. Chances are that such a hardliner would have pushed for more weapons as well. It could have gone really bad. We got insanely lucky that the Russians allowed Gorbatchev to take the reigns.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BartJ583 “The 1980’s wants its foreign policy back…” Obama concerning Russia

      “Ill have more flexibility after the election…” Obama speaking directly to Putin.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BartJ583 Someone should teach that anti-American views are wrong. For example, killing cops, rioting over dead pedophiles, burning the US flag, abducting and torturing handicap kids, Knockout Game, etc etc

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BartJ583 We dont dabble in Identity politics and racial pandering. That solely belongs to the Left who is obsessed with race. Remember the two white girls who pretended to be black and Native American?

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune
      Ok, I know you think that you are making sense, but you really aren’t. What are you trying to say? And why are you telling me all this? What is your point? Are you referring to anything I wrote in this thread?

  2. Posted by BladeWinters, at Reply

    An empire can last centuries surviving invasive forces, virulent epidemics, and massive natural disasters, can be brought down by a single king

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BartJ583 Not xenophobes. There is no way for you to prove that, either. So really, it is just an opinion. Enforcing immigration policies are not xenophobic

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      George B. Wolffsohn Im not a Nazi. I supported Trumps decision to back Jewish Israel. The only people butthurt about it and burning Jewish flags were Antifa snd otger Leftists.

    • Posted by kg062007, at Reply

      Germany? Napoleonic France?

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune
      This particular decision is not enforcing immigration policies. It is changing current immigration policies. There must be a reason for that change, and that reason is xenophobia.

  3. Posted by Sound of Sleep, at Reply

    “We’re against ILLEGAL immigration. legal immigrants are fine”

    People actually fell for that bullshit lol

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Cascail Ryker Because the Native Americans needed diversity and multiculturalism. They were far too xenophobic.

    • Posted by Cascail Ryker, at Reply

      Gentleman Of Fortune: Right! LOL!!!

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      mark navarro
      Yes, xenophobia and racism are not really the same thing. No, the distinction is not relevant here. But if it makes you happy: they wanted a xenophobe, and they got a xenophobe. There. All better now.

    • Posted by Patterson CURSE, at Reply

      Evert Guzman That was the fault of previous administrations. It should have been temporary!

    • Posted by Michael Dobbs, at Reply

      Sound of Sleep TPS (Temporary Protected Status) does not equal immigrating and becoming a citizen. Also, just because you’re for legal immigration, does not mean you are for taking in everyone and against immigration reform.

  4. Posted by FAKETEEN KILLAH, at Reply

    It’s funny how a lot of trump slaves hate on people, but won’t even put their real names or even an address

    • Posted by The Beast, at Reply

      Jorge Masvidal. Come to Miami, Florida. I’m a proud Cuban Republican. Come get some Chico, I got a 6 foot grave dug waiting for you.

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

      I don’t want Antifa scum coming anywhere near me unless I know in advance so I can be ready.

    • Posted by angelo parker, at Reply

      FAKETEEN KILLAH You hit it on the head!!!

    • Posted by Nena Zamora, at Reply

      FAKETEEN KILLAH what is your address?

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      what country?

  5. Posted by musicf3b, at Reply

    Couldn’t they not go back to El Salvador? The have to leave the US but do they have to go home?

    • Posted by musicf3b, at Reply

      Esteban Aguirre
      I agree it’s unfortunate, but none of us can change what’s happening. The next best thing, if they can’t stay, is for them to go somewhere where their families won’t be in mortal peril.

    • Posted by Gwen Shoffner, at Reply

      Maybe they could move to ???, give me a break! I don’t see headlines saying how terrible these people are, what is the REAL REASON he want’s them gone?!

    • Posted by Ox Strongbow, at Reply

      They are not wanted by Canadians.

  6. Posted by john doe, at Reply

    If this wasn’t Trump doing this then this wouldn’t even be an issue. Temporary is just that, temporary. Any moral obligation these people and their supporters think they are owed was most certainly met by the decade and a half of refuge given.

    • Posted by Tad Dad, at Reply

      it would sitll be an issue either way. whether or not it got focus is a question, yes. but it would sitll be a moral issue.

    • Posted by h 55, at Reply

      Tad Dad SO THEY KNEW IT WAS TEMP????

  7. Posted by OneCalledMike, at Reply

    You know what, this was a temporary thing that has been extended on a year by year basis. You need to be prepared that at any moment you could lose that status and be sent back, you have to plan for that. The earthquake is over, if you don’t like the violence, then you should prepare a plan B for an eventuality that you might be told to leave US and look for a country where you might acquire a more permanent status. You had 16 years to do that.

    • Posted by jaime Dominguez, at Reply

      I wish it was that easy you think the US just hands out citizenship my parents been trying for 27 years now they do everything by the books and still

    • Posted by Dee Drayton, at Reply

      jaime Dominguez best of luck with your travels

    • Posted by Kevin Villa GAMER, at Reply

      Hope you never get in that situation. It’s easy to spit crap on other people’s problems.

    • Posted by TheEvolver311, at Reply

      jaime Dominguez i hate to agree but they could have applied for citizenship. I know quite a few people from Mexico who got their citizenship after Trump started his campaign and finalized their naturalization process before the election because they saw the writing on the wall.

    • Posted by ckelcro, at Reply

      TheEvolver311 there is NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP under TPS.

  8. Posted by TruculentRuminavi, at Reply

    Are you telling me these Salvadorians have started building companies and now have employees?ROFL. They new what the situation was when they first came here dont expect me to believe that they are caught by surprised by this.

    • Posted by Christabel marie, at Reply

      TruculentRuminavi they were helping with the US economy! You can’t talk bad about someone who was just trying to have a better life. Why settle for just working for someone when you can start your own business. It’s not like they were here for free, they pay to stay in this program and pay taxes.

    • Posted by David Metis, at Reply

      Oh, yeah! Esp in the freelance pharmaceutical distribution industry. Just look around ANY majority Salvadoran neighborhood and see how they improve our communities.

    • Posted by Ali V, at Reply

      Yeah obviously 200k people here for 2 decades and none of them decided to get a job, start a business,have a family or buy anything from US businesses. /sarcasm

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      central Americans are some of the best and hardest workers I’ve ever met.

  9. Posted by john doe, at Reply

    Why is TYT so keen on continuing the brain drain in countries that are in the most need of productive citizens? Do they want the economic strife and conflict to carry on in these areas into perpetuity? The only people that are going to fix the problems in El Salvador are El Salvadorians.

  10. Posted by denise salt, at Reply

    They are not illegal if you let them in.

    • Posted by Dee Drayton, at Reply

      denise salt I agree and if you invite a guest at some point they need to go home

    • Posted by New World, at Reply

      they are coming back if they have US kids … it is a matter of time. any US citizen can invite hos parents in . and F Trump.

  11. Posted by Ghosy01, at Reply

    they were meant to be temporary……….

    • Posted by RedRobot, at Reply

      Ghosy01 Yeah temporary until they got immigration reform passed. So do you see the problem now?

    • Posted by h 55, at Reply

      RedRobot SEND THEM BACK

  12. Posted by chris toledo, at Reply

    You guys talk like sending someone to live in Latin America is the worst thing that could happen to a person, as if there wasn’t hundreds of millions of people in living here dealing with all the struggles that represents like poverty, unemployment violence and drug cartels, if we can do it so can they, I don’t know why they should be the exemption

    • Posted by Ed'ancho Villa, at Reply

      Kevin Locks USA will be remembered as a warmongering nation.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      nhz013 – We are talking about it because these people lost everything they had from natural disasters
      Yes, which is why GW Bush did the right thing by taking them in, that’s what people are supposed to do when natural disaster,war, civil wars happen in other places.

      It should have been made clear to the El Salvadorians, or anyone else, that this is a temporary arrangement, we will provide them a safe harbour to “ride out the storm”, when the storm passes, they return home. They were given permission to work so that they could acquire funds so that they wouldn’t be returning home empty handed.

      The El Salvadorians are guilty of taking advantage of other people’s courtesy, instead of saving up for the trip home, they built lives in the US, thinking – I have no desire to return to some corrupt, poverty-ridden cesspool, life is much better here!

      That’s spitting on other people’s charity, charity is a very rare commodity these days, so the US, and any other nation that took them in, are well within their rights to kick the self-serving fucks out.

      It’s the Salvadoria’s responsibility to fix their homeland, if they can’t, they will be living with the consequences of their failure for the rest of their natural lives – which is the motivation to clean up the mess.

    • Posted by Tad Dad, at Reply

      because htat is literally what we’ve let the government advertize ourselves as?

    • Posted by Tad Dad, at Reply

      its not sudden dude. it is one of the none issues. The things that people made into an issues to justify cruelty and hatred.

      Racism, sexuality, immigration, refugees. Self entitled fools victimize these things for the sake of a scape goat.

  13. Posted by Jeffrey LaCohn, at Reply

    If Jesus returned, Republicans would deport him.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Rabolisk Once again, Trump supporters supported Trumps decision to back Israel against oppressive Muslims.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BartJ583 No, we just want a country that doest look like a Third World conglomeration of the shitholes these people come from. And for what? So they can get here and join Democrats in killing cops, playing the Knockout Game, and burning the US flag? No thanks.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune
      I understand your position, I really do. After all, the US once consisted of liberals living on the East Coast. The trouble started when your kind was allowed to settle the heartland. The British were right when they did not want to allow the colonists to settle beyond the Appalachians. Look what happened.

    • Posted by Seth Britton, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune Your non logic is adorable. A delightful parody of a hateful person.

      I mean, the reason they look like that over there is largely due to the near constant warfare, the reasons for which vanish once away from the warzone.

      Further, who’s been killing cops, and the knockout game is an urban legend.

      Just….. Do you commute to our reality?

    • Posted by Seth Britton, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune And burning the flag? Oh man, I haven’t heard of that one in a long time…. basically once Fox News stopped being a part of my environment.

      Maybe you should pull it from your view cycle for a bit.

  14. Posted by TheRealCSD, at Reply

    Why not just give them citizenship? Theyve been living legally in the US for 17 years and probably have American children

    • Posted by Jc JA, at Reply

      Its not easy bro. One of the things they ask is for a Leave to recive a pardin..thus loosing your home and sometimes even family for 10 -23 years depending on how long you’ve been here. No latino would leave their kids alone let alone take them to a country that could end there kids life. For example..people who go from USA to any country are assumed to have money..if the government or rebel cartels or maras in this case find you came from USA they kidnap and torture family members until their needs are full filled. No one would take that chance. Not to mention that alot can happen IF your pardon get accepted. If not you get deported and now you are in a system that removes your rights. That’s the same with Mexico. Its not so easy.

    • Posted by Jc JA, at Reply

      85% of the time Pardons are Not accepted by HS.

    • Posted by 32stevo, at Reply

      a pardon for what?

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      They tend to vote left wing. That’s your answer.
      If the US had a proportional election system like most OECD democracies, the GOP would not have been relevant in thirty years. They hardly ever get more than 45% of the votes anywhere. They will fight tooth and nail to prevent additional liberals from being able to vote.

  15. Posted by Mark Spence, at Reply

    This is not my burden.

    • Posted by RedRobot, at Reply

      Mark Spence I take it you’re a right winger?

  16. Posted by monicapttrsn, at Reply

    The next time we allow temporary immigrants, we need to have them sign a written document indicating that they understand what temporary means. Sometimes Americans help out their fellow Americans and allow them to come live at their residences temporarily…And then the day comes when it’s time to go, and the hospitable party is then treated like they are monsters.

    • Posted by David Metis, at Reply

      monicapttrsn – no point in that. First off, the rule of law is meaningless in Current Year. Secondly, these people are illiterate in their native language in most cases.

  17. Posted by Novitatis Veritatis, at Reply

    To the Native Americans, the current situation must look hilarious, illegal white immigrants lecturing brown immigrants about staying on other people’s land uninvited.

    • Posted by Haygor841, at Reply

      He’s not lying, lol.

    • Posted by Lucasdreys, at Reply

      I’m Argentinian and you sound ridiculous. There was no America until Europeans established it. Even Mexicans deport Salvadorans and Guatemalans back where they came from.

    • Posted by chicagosbest82, at Reply

      Qwert Yuiop You do know that El Salvador and Mexico are two different Nations right .LMAO

  18. Posted by Spartan Life, at Reply

    You know some portion of that cartel violence was the result of MS 13 an el Salvadoran street gang that formed from us refugees in California

  19. Posted by David Davies, at Reply

    There is just one important fact that this video doesn’t even touch on. What’s *actually* been reported is that they have until September 2019 to either get out OR become US citizens. So if they can find a way to do that, they can stay. The existing protections were actually supposed to expire today. It was always intended to be temporary – that’s why it’s called TEMPORARY Protected Status. So the Salvadoreans should have left already. The fact that there are gangs and cartels in Latin American countries isn’t an excuse unless the individuals concerned risk being specifically targeted upon their return. There were gangs in El Salvador before the quakes.

    It’s missing details like these that give America’s Rabid Right ammunition to accuse TYT of the same things we accuse FOX. Nothing is stopping you from giving ALL the facts and then having your say. Sort it out, guys.

    The fault for the current situation lies with the fact that this TPS lasted for 19 years, which is absolutely ridiculous. For my part, those with businesses, who are helping the US economy or have kids that are US citizens should be allowed to stay. The blame for this mess lies as much with the last two administrations as it does with Salvadoreans who decided to take advantage of the situation. It’s too late for this administration to whine about it now.

    • Posted by Josh Lawson, at Reply

      this right here is spot on.

      well said

  20. Posted by Jesus Ramirez, at Reply

    He thinks that doing that MS13 will end