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Trump Desperately Backpedals On Comey “Tapes” Comment


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When you're going to explain just how you lied concerning taping the previous FBI Supervisor, it's best to use the uber-friendly Fox Information. John Iadarola as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

" Head of state Donald Trump confessed this week that he did not tape his conversations with former FBI Supervisor James Comey in spite of his earlier tweets recommending he had. When asked why he did this in an interview that broadcast Friday, he used the complying with puzzling description:

" When he discovered that there could be tapes available, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else, I assume his story might have changed," Trump stated in an interview along with very first lady Melania. "I mean, you'll need to take a look at that, since then he has to tell exactly what actually occurred at the events."

While we really did not exactly follow his logic, "Fox & Buddies" co-host Ainsley Earhardt consumed it up.

" It was a clever way making sure [Comey] stayed truthful in those hearings," she stated.

" It had not been foolish, I could tell you that" he replied, adding, "You never ever understand exactly what's available yet I really did not tape and also I do not have any kind of tapes."" *.

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  1. Posted by kevin richardson, at Reply

    he said I did not tape….but there may be tapes out there

  2. Posted by mina mouse, at Reply

    Cuckservatives love pedophiles like this orange blob!

    • Posted by Zombie Killer, at Reply

      The commie leader Sanders under criminal investigation for bank fraud. That’s hilarious!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      Clinton is a pedophile supporter & Trump is a pedophile himself, yet he wants death penalty for Pedophiles, serves him right?

  3. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    Fox News is the original fake news

    • Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

      Marco Polo More respected by right-wing retards. Like Marco Polo.

    • Posted by Zombie Killer, at Reply

      The commie leader Sanders under criminal investigation for bank fraud. That’s hilarious!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Try coming up with a different comment once in awhile. (rolls eyes)

    • Posted by Dylan Grant, at Reply

      FUCKtrump FUCKtrump *FAUX News

  4. Posted by MarkDoesWork, at Reply

    “I didnt tape, and I dont have any tapes, and I didnt tape”….and that was redundant and repetitive and also said the same thing 3 times in a row.

    • Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

      MarkDoesWork Yeah, that’s just how he talks. He’s a complete moron.

    • Posted by Chad Boswell, at Reply

      It takes saying things 3 times to get him or anyone like him to understand.

    • Posted by Gee Beezy, at Reply

      MarkDoesWork funny funny funny

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      As long as he doesn’t give Iran nuclear weapons its okay.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      MarkDoesWork It’s just the same kind of thing as 0bama saying “ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh” all the time. ‘ no big whoop.

  5. Posted by Four Disastrous Years Coming, at Reply

    Trump is the dumbest and less respected President in US history. Nothing this IDIOT says is ever true.

    • Posted by Elian Gonzales, at Reply

      Lol weren’t you the guy who pissed of all those Russians on a rt video a couple days back when you said NATO should have shot down a russian jet or something๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      +h20fwler1 You mean the bribe Daddy Trump paid to get him into Wharton and get passed along? Who told you he has an IQ of 165? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Infinite Fantasy, at Reply

      Four Disastrous Years Coming “less respected”……

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Vincent Quiles – I do hope that the number 165 isn’t supposed to be his IQ, he’s far too stupid for that to be accurate. If Trump’s IQ is higher than that of the world’s smartest dog then I would be surprised, but I’ll be generous and suggest that he may have scraped his way into double digits.

    • Posted by Infinite Fantasy, at Reply

      Four Disastrous Years Coming if you’re gonna call someone dumb you should at least make it grammatically correct.

  6. Posted by Galsen92 cole, at Reply

    C’mon now america. This is just pathetic…

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      +First Lastย  Stick to the story. We can live with a Network being pathetic. The president of the USA is a diffrent scenario.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Trump doing great job. MAGA !!!

    • Posted by Zombie Killer, at Reply

      TRUMP 2016-2024! Suck it.

    • Posted by Annie Mack, at Reply

      A great job? At what?

  7. Posted by Trevor Gman, at Reply

    The problem is he said it influenced comey…. LOL Thats obstruction of justice. Plus Comey said he did ask about closing Flynn investigation and Trump turd said comey told the truth… ?????

    • Posted by Christophe Tam, at Reply

      well it did actually, because Comey leaked his memo, which brought Robert Mueller into the picture.

  8. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Social Conservatives protect child marriage laws in America, so that old pedos can have sex with kids, but so-called YouTube Skeptics will never address that.

    • Posted by Kenny Giron, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Okay, even though I thought I wasnt going to need it, I will rephrase it. Which politician has as a personal agenda as to push interests of the pedophiles in the Congress, the White House or the Senate?
      How many times has anybody in the government has had to fight against pedophiles interests and such?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply
    • Posted by Kenny Giron, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Okay. I didnt know the US was so flawed in so many ways, but here we go.
      The first article says a minor was pushing as a proyect a law to make underage marriage legal, that makes it an experiment, it was not her personal interest to make underage marriages to happen. And as the law already states underage people shouldnt have a say or vote as to which laws should be pushed forward on; they dont have the mental capabilities nor are mature enough to know whats best for them.
      The article makes the Republicans claim tradition as only adults can consent marriage, even though traditionally underage marriage and marriage between cousins has been the norm.
      Another argument should be, do Republicans do a bigger effort compared to any other kind of politician when it comes to child marriages and pedophiles? I sincerely dont believe so.
      Finally, it is an issue, but not a major issue in the US, it affects not as many americans as any other of the harmful bills theyve let passed this year alone.
      So, nope. I dont think that little vetoes that theyve issue pose redemption for the lack of personality theyve demonstrate.

    • Posted by Kenny Giron, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Wow. I just reread your argument and Im on the same side of yours. Sorry. :/

    • Posted by Kenny Giron, at Reply

      I just understood that we both are critiques of Republicans.

  9. Posted by Ekmopon, at Reply

    He speaks like a child, politics aside

    • Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

      “I didn’t lie. I lied about lying about the lie”.


    • Posted by SUPER MODERATOR, at Reply


    • Posted by ltabbins02, at Reply

      Ekmopon that’s because he has the intelligence of a child.

    • Posted by Sass Squash, at Reply

      SuperMod: Too Capitalized. Did not read. Try again.

  10. Posted by LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR, at Reply

    President Trump is as clean as they come , you are all so brain washed here locking up all the so called evidence in the Obama Library for 5 years because you all know it is fake , trust me if you had Trump evidence the last thing you would do is lock it up for 5 years.

    • Posted by David Gunter, at Reply

      LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR . Are you confused, your spelling is terrible and you are not clear at all in what you are saying. You may wish to check what you are writing? Education is really important.

    • Posted by IncognitoTorpedo, at Reply

      Let me make, you look like you’re seventeen. How did you get so propagandized? I guess you were looking for something like a cult. You sound like a moonie.

    • Posted by David Gunter, at Reply

      LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR , by the way Trump has made America awful. everybody is laughing and crying at the same time ๐Ÿ™

    • Posted by Eric McRussian Agent, at Reply

      @ David Gunter , sorry about my spelling, english is not might first language , I speak fluent French Canadian and fluent Russian , my mom born in USSR and she was deported had 3 choices one was Israel,second USA and third Canada and she came to Quebec my dad French Canadian . So let’s talk about why Hillary Clinton was ordered to turn over her Tax Documents but decided to burn them all in the White house incinerator . That is all fact, we all know why because Hillary does not want to pay Taxes and she is a Liar !

    • Posted by Zombie Killer, at Reply

      TRUMP is the man! 2016-2024! Suck it up libtards.

  11. Posted by Iam2flycam awa, at Reply

    putting all politics aside, I just can’t stand hearing this Dumb Dumb. Speaks like a 4 year old

  12. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    How did we end up with this complete fool as the president of the most powerful country?

    • Posted by tomite2001, at Reply

      Because most of you stayed home on election day because you hated Hillary Clinton. Remember?

    • Posted by Mar00f, at Reply

      tomite2001 She cheated and talked down to people who dident get how great she was. Remember? She lost to Trump and the faults on her, wake up…

    • Posted by tomite2001, at Reply

      Mar00f: Oooh and I guess Trump did not do any of that!!!…He was so spotless. I can see you have woken up to the Trump reality.

    • Posted by BlitzenRider, at Reply

      Nathan Baker america is like a Neanderthal powerful but dumb.

  13. Posted by Amelia Ivashkova, at Reply

    Trump needs to stop blaming everything on Obama.

    • Posted by Shannon Blake, at Reply

      Amelia Ivashkova I agree. Trump is looking for a scapegoat. However, Donald Trump’s lies and collusion activities will cost him his job, of that I am sure.

    • Posted by John Keim, at Reply

      SUPER MODERATOR It’s also very rare that a republican doesn’t scream when they’re posting a comment. They always have to be the loudest in the room.

  14. Posted by Muse, at Reply

    I really, really, really miss coherent sentences.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Not too many libcucks make sense so its okay.

    • Posted by Minh Huynh, at Reply

      Marco Polo you trump lovers make up a new word every damn day. Websters just can not keep up!

  15. Posted by Gypsy Perry, at Reply

    Wow Melania looks like a robotic stepford wife…who clearly hates her role and her idiot husband.

    • Posted by MsDutchee, at Reply

      creepy, would not like to stand next to her

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      “If you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Gypsy Perry
      It’s the botox and plastic surgery.

  16. Posted by taxiuniversum, at Reply

    It’s funny (and kinda creepy) how Melania stands there like a prop. They could almost replace her with a wax copy from Madame Tussauds – it would be hard to tell a difference. Such a wax figure would have the advantage for Donald that it wouldn’t keep slapping his molesting hand away. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by Zombie Killer, at Reply

      At least she’s a female, not like the last tranny.

  17. Posted by agonzalez8924, at Reply

    trump’s strategy= other guy is lying his story changed, i always told the truth. ok, i lied about tapes, but now im really telling the truth.

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      agonzalez8924 “Trump told me to tell you He didnt believe the CBO #’s before, but he does now”….~Sean Spicer

    • Posted by Jason Shelton, at Reply

      …or, I lied to get him to tell the truth, and he did, but he’s a liar and I’m not, believe me.