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Trump DESTROYING Wall Street Regulations


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Bye bye Dodd-Frank regulations. So there was an economic firm that had your back … #DrainTheBanks #Ad

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  1. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders > Donald Trump

    • Posted by keepit real, at Reply

      USA > Venezuela

    • Posted by Bullet Craft, at Reply

      +keepit real
      Denmark=Sweden=Norway=Finland>USA>Venezuela>Congo(capitalist and poorest country in the world)

      Maybe you need to learn some facts instead of treating socialism like a four letter world.

    • Posted by 4Jesus 4Eternity, at Reply

      Bernie would of been a definite game changer and he was always meant to win.

  2. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    Trump is Pro: big banks, alt-right, big oil, wall street, the Saudi royalty and Putin.

    Trump is Anti: small business, regulation, free trade, liberty, diversity, union and truth.

    Trump is a fascist racist corportist alt right shill…IMPEACH THE CORRUPTED DONALD!

    • Posted by Joker, at Reply


    • Posted by Joker, at Reply

      +Wayne Morgan And if you repealed it, it will cause crises for the bigger banks due to the greed of the CEOs that will lead to much riskier investments and another financial meltdown. Bigger banks can damage the economy more than the community banks.

    • Posted by 4Jesus 4Eternity, at Reply

      Not for technology and innovation…Especially renewable energy…He is the same old dogma that will destroy the earth.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      The only chance we have to save the country is to allow someone like Trump to destroy it first. And he’s already off to wonderful start playing his part. 😉

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      Joker we have that crisis before it was called the housing market crash

  3. Posted by Bad Hombre, at Reply

    Trump also plans to build a road along the border wall called Wall Street.

    • Posted by Chris the Guy, at Reply

      Bad Hombre *Ba-Dum-Pshhh!*

    • Posted by 4Jesus 4Eternity, at Reply

      He wants this pyramid to continue to be the illuminati pyramid that is…

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    When there is another collapse Trumptards can thank their orange leader for letting banks screw them. Bankers are going to love screwing Trumptards since they have low IQ and are easy to scam.

    • Posted by Cant think of a name, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond you’ve said nothing right so far and you’re literally an overly cringe parody troll account, keep thinking you’re smart Kevin, one day you’ll hit puberty

    • Posted by J Hijinks, at Reply

      Cant think of a name. The banks are our friends. Trump told me so.

    • Posted by Cant think of a name, at Reply

      +J Hijinks so funny

    • Posted by Cant think of a name, at Reply

      Love it how you made no appearance on TYTs terrorist attack video, too embarrassed?

  5. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter has failed the nation. The odds of a global economic recession has now increased.

    • Posted by Alexis Lopez, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly don’t blame the voters for getting fucked over. Hillary would have done the same thing. this bullshit affects us all, it doesn’t matter who you voted for

  6. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    It’ll take a lunatic running about in power for the people to wake up.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      I dont think losing their home and health insurance is enough to make them wake up. They are sheep.

    • Posted by Fluffy Bunny, at Reply

      RandomRobin, trump is a lunatic

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Well, guess they’ll start dropping like flies then if they dont figure it out.

  7. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    HEY! are you eady for another recession? No? well then i hope you’re ready for another depression because as history repeats its self that’s where its going. the banks will do whatever they want again, they’ll get rich, while you end up poor again.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Dont worry. You losing your home means banks make tons of money! Isnt that great?

  8. Posted by takethegate, at Reply

    Boycott companies who trade on Wall Street. Support your Main Street businesses.

    • Posted by Sloan Weekes, at Reply

      So you’re going to boycott YouTube, too? YouTube is owned by Google and Google is traded on Wall Street. In fact, if it weren’t for Google’s trading price, they probably wouldn’t be able to bring you half the tech that you’re enjoying right now. Don’t blame everyone on Wall Street just because there are a few bad apples.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Yes. I already do boycott Google. I don’t spend money or get advertising dollars from youtube. I’m also not invested in youtube. We would live happier without technology. I’m using the weapon of an enemy against itself. I can blame everyone on Wall Street who goes along to get along. Noone is innocent. The most innocent are the newborn children. Anyone else is collateral damage.

    • Posted by Sloan Weekes, at Reply

      takethegate 😧

  9. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    The only people who still support Conservatives are the absolute DUMBEST people in America.

    • Posted by Food reviews Hong Kong., at Reply

      Or the wealthiest

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      We are not so different in SOME ways from them. They, like us, don’t like the economic situations they are in and they do have an idea of why that is. They are not aware just how much the wealthy are causing their economic hardships and yet they are very easily convinced it is the powerless causing it regardless of the available mathematics on the issue.
      We can’t let the greedy continue to confuse and redirect the anger of the naive and hateful.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      dcaseng this may be true. we must talk to them with love and not contempt, but mostly we must fight the cause not the symptoms.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      The bystanders who shrug and sneer as fascist bullies punch their way up the throne…
      are plain assholes.
      The same bystanders who now go but but but Hillary…
      are ASSHOLES of the century.

  10. Posted by vegeta ss, at Reply

    Where’s does Trump supporters at? I like to see what they have to say on this one. Like to see them square some circles.

    • Posted by Enlightened Despot, at Reply

      vegeta ss Majin Vegeta is a beast

    • Posted by Where R Ewe, at Reply


    • Posted by vegeta ss, at Reply

      @where R ewe. But I thought he was “draining the swamp.” I thought he was the agent of change. Although he did hire an agent of Russia.

  11. Posted by Peace Dove, at Reply

    Everyone. …..needs to Divest. ..
    go to a union bank…

  12. Posted by L B, at Reply

    Dodd-Frank is more than just Wall Street. It also prevents US companies from buying commodities/precious metals from blacklisted nations.

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      Anna Kohler What you mention is an example of the fallout from too little regulation being overtaken by too much or mismanaged regulation; with both situations being implemented by people who have long since been removed from the reality on the ground.

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      Anna Kohler No, those are apart from fining (or jailing) a manufacturer or broker for buying gold fleece or aluminum or other from, say, the Congo (like China is currently doing).

  13. Posted by Peter Perfect, at Reply

    Nationalize all the banks! Fire the banksters! Imprison the banksters! Banks should be public utilities.

    • Posted by Anna Kohler, at Reply

      Dodd Frank has hurt people who may have had their own financial problems get jobs in the banking sector. If your credit is bad and you will be doing any type of lending on a home/ HELOCs HE- LOANS, or traditional first mortgages you can’t get on the Mortgage Loan Originator Registry so you can’t get a job. The recession hurt people in the banking industry too- we’re not talking CEO’s just regular people- so if that one requirement can go it would help a lot of normal Americans get jobs again in banking.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Another Jacksonian bank kill would be nice

  14. Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply


    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla lmao

    • Posted by muk muk, at Reply

      cadillac you are a moron and have no idea who voted trump or why

    • Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply

      muk muk triggered huh

    • Posted by muk muk, at Reply

      cadillac not even remotely lol

  15. Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

    Economic Disaster 2020!

    • Posted by Charlie Cain, at Reply

      woop woop git ready!!!!

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      Large changes in the economy should happen every 8 years give or take according to a general rule within economics and social study. So theoretically, we should see a crash whether large or small between 2016 and 2019-2020

    • Posted by Charlie Cain, at Reply

      @james salvatore

      recessions have causes, it’s not just “something that happens” because of a general rule

      “large changes in the economy” ≠ “a crash,” even a small crash. changes can occur without a recession, and historical data doesn’t show predictability between recessions. they have always happened of course. at times it’s been about every 10 years, but at other times it’s been about every 4 years. it was always essentially random though, and the next one was always unpredictable at every point in time.

      please link me to whichever study says concludes that it’s a general rule that recessions/crashes occur every 8 years. the idea of a “business cycle” is a myth in the sense that, it’s not an *arbitrary* cycle. it’s an actual response to real events that in almost every case, could have been avoided if we had a crystal ball. they won’t necessarily come “just because that’s how economics works.” if we had more stringent regulations, we can avoid and/or lessen the severity of most of these crashes. for example the 2008 crash likely would not have happened if the glass stegal regulations weren’t repealed.

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      I said in accordance with social study as well as economics as a general rule it is to be expected that the economy has its fluctuations whether small or large roughly every decade. This is based on observations over the decades dating back typically till the great depression.

      Read more into that and you’d realize you already answered the question you want from me. Its not about studies. Its about observations. Such as every 4-8 years new governments come, new reforms, changes. We dont see a straight line of progress as much as we’d like. We keep going back and forth. What Trump is doing right now is a grand example of that.

      There are no studies proving the general rule is a fact or fully reliable. Its based on observations that give us an idea of what to generally expect.

      A better term to use here would be ” A rule of Thump”

    • Posted by Charlie Cain, at Reply

      my reason for saying that is that, if/when there is a crash during trump’s term, we shouldn’t just chalk it up to “hey man that’s the business cycle, just gotta live with it!” which is what wall street and the GOP and the media will of course say. because the fact is that recessions happen for a reason and if one does happen soon, and it is the result of our under-regulated financial sector and rogue president, we can’t be making excuses for them (which is essentially what “business cycles” are, an excuse).

  16. Posted by Enriquillo, at Reply

    Please do more financial coverage, your viewers & the world will be better for it.

    • Posted by jeff kennedy, at Reply

      what’s that on your profile picture?

  17. Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

    Didn’t trump say he’d do the exact opposite of this? Yeah he did.

  18. Posted by Biffy Coach, at Reply

    Donald Trump cannot borrow money. That is why he wants to change it. That is why he has to borrow from the Russians.

  19. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    Every stinkin’ Wall Street transaction should be taxed a tiny amount, then there would be enough revenue to give all Americans single payer healthcare and a pension.

    • Posted by David Ortiz, at Reply

      Michael Davidson I’d say a dollar per transaction

    • Posted by J Hill, at Reply

      In the past, these types of taxes have made the markets more volatile. Plus, not only the rich use markets. Average Americans invest for retirement, to save for their kids college, and to save for a home. A typical families mutual fund would get taxed frequently, for example.
      The high risk, high volume traders would find ways to avoid the tax, such as trading off shore, or using options and swaps instead. And, of course, banks could just pass off these costs to their lenders.