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Trump Didn’t Know What Was In Trumpcare Bill


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There's a great chance Trump had no suggestion just what remained in the Republican healthcare bill. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you the proof. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

" Washington (CNN) 7 years of Republican initiatives to eradicate Head of state Barack Obama's proudest domestic achievement finished Friday before a solitary ballot was cast.

Home Audio speaker Paul Ryan sensationally drew his Obamacare abolition costs from the floor Friday mid-day, a day after Head of state Donald Trump had endangered to ignore healthcare reform if he really did not obtain a vote.

" We were extremely close," Trump stated in the Oval Workplace after the bill was drawn. "It was a very, extremely tight margin."
The decision to delay the ballot marks an intense shame for the President, that had wagered big by presenting holdout Residence traditionalists with a take-it-or-leave it ultimatum Thursday evening and placed his own integrity on the line.

However Trump repetitively blamed straight at Democrats, who all opposed the action, as opposed to at his own party, which holds a considerable majority in your home."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Zain Mirza, at Reply

    trump is a big fat loser

    • Posted by Masta Media News, at Reply

      You will die wishing you did 10% of what Trump did in his life, mind you, you will die even failing at just that. Enjoy your waste of a life!

    • Posted by Candice Bezanson, at Reply

      Masta Media News no. lol. no.

    • Posted by caviper1, at Reply

      and uglier inside than outside so imagine…

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    In other news trump is a puppet and a failure. Water is wet.

    • Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond true 👍🏽

    • Posted by carol neloy, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond. TRUTH

  3. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    They should’ve put some cartoons or drawings so he can read it, because he has a big brain and knows a lot of words.

    • Posted by Juan Cardenas, at Reply

      juan gomez no, they should have given him some crayons so he can color pictures himself.

    • Posted by doeboyelsancho, at Reply

      juan gomez his brain is Bigly

    • Posted by Angela Calip, at Reply

      same words no common sense

  4. Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply

    Trump is dumber than Bush

    • Posted by skywriter14, at Reply

      “Trump is dumber than Bush” << Is that a serious comment? Trump makes Bush look like double Sherlok Homes. And Bush was dumb as soup.

    • Posted by Peter Pan, at Reply


    • Posted by Jaren C, at Reply

      Finally it’s not a black woman that you’re criticizing.

  5. Posted by John Slavitski, at Reply

    Because thinking is hard-Trump 2016

    • Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

      John Slavitski wrong because he has the best words and highest IQ. Believe me

  6. Posted by erniecho, at Reply

    Trump is a con man selling get well tonics. Impeach him already….

    • Posted by Cy83r Dra90n, at Reply
    • Posted by Powda Toast Mane, at Reply

      Snake oils, tonics, salves, kneecap jelly, elbow grease. He’s a clown and everybody can see it now, even his voters

    • Posted by Elf Grzia, at Reply

      Cy83r Dra90n just signed it i thought it had like 2milion votes alredy is that the original impeach trump petition

  7. Posted by A.Justin Atwood, at Reply

    Tired of winning yet? #thefake45th

    • Posted by kevin milner, at Reply

      A.Justin Atwood Winning is that what this is?

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      kevin milner ever heard of sarcasm?

    • Posted by kevin milner, at Reply

      Pondok Indah_12310 Yeah I heard, and just like everyting else trump is doing it’s gonna fail

    • Posted by eriknephron gfr, at Reply


  8. Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

    dear lord we have to destroy this corrupt system

    • Posted by Masta Media News, at Reply

      That’s what all illiterate liberals say burn it to the ground. But you’re too stupid to even comprehend how to rebuild it. Cause you’re an illiterate.

    • Posted by Electric, at Reply

      Masta Media News Oh I though you were talking about hillbillies Cons 😂
      Don’t blame the liberals, blame the people and your party for failing.

  9. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    the man can barely read past a 4th graders level of comprehension , so of course he wouldn’t understand Trump care, and besides it didn’t have any pictures in it for him! Lol

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Handsome B. Wonderful 😁😂😅😄 yes! Lol

    • Posted by specks, at Reply

      Jamie Cox ..ur the best ! didn’t have any pictures in it,,,lol…funny as shyt

    • Posted by Tom Heringer, at Reply

      Just wait until they start working on the Federal budget. We have not seen anything yet.

  10. Posted by Nicole Myers, at Reply


    • Posted by Cy83r Dra90n, at Reply

      William Robb step 5 shoot yourself in the head for your stupidity

    • Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

      Nicole Myers his main attribute is to con poor white gullible people.

    • Posted by Masta Media News, at Reply

      Because we actually read books and stuff!

    • Posted by mirkono, at Reply

      you have to be a special kind of stupid

  11. Posted by MadDilla ATCQstarr, at Reply

    Republicans have waited 8 years for this moment…FAIL!!!

    • Posted by Ian Meadows, at Reply

      MadDilla ATCQstarr EPIC FAIL

    • Posted by Ian Meadows, at Reply

      MajCyric Ryan is more used to keeping things in then spewing them out. And I think we all know what I’m alluding to. 🍊❤️ 👨🍆

  12. Posted by Racerprose, at Reply

    Oh yeah, blame everyone else but yourself, Trump. Now go try and build your wall that will fail too.

    • Posted by Angela Calip, at Reply

      move along haha loser

  13. Posted by aBMWEnthusiast, at Reply

    No one picked up that he kept saying “Obama Care is Exploding,” not imploding…

    • Posted by Arne Hurnik, at Reply

      Exploding would literally mean people are dying to get it.
      Sorry for the pun.

    • Posted by Dasha AZ Lass, at Reply

      #45* is not very educated to know the difference.

    • Posted by mottbone, at Reply

      One day he says, “Explode.”
      The next day, he says, “Implode.”
      Using the theory that if the same amount of force is applied to both “Explode” and “Implode,” that would average out to “balance,” which at this time, is the ACA.

    • Posted by FishBayVI420H20, at Reply

      @Handsome B Wonderful – When did I defend Trump? You seem to have a very simplistic and narrow minded approach to this issue…I dont support Trump and never have..

  14. Posted by Kristen Stewart, at Reply

    Who knew that racist and sexist bigots are also dumb knuckleheads.We can at least say Trump is smarter than his supporters, he’ll be golfing with your tax dollars while millions will be losing their health insurance.winning yuge and bigly.

    • Posted by Angela Calip, at Reply

      Like he said he’s smart haha they been lying to that man

  15. Posted by America Washington, at Reply

    The President of the United States just flat out said “I’m going to let this system fail because I think it will make the other party look bad.”

    • Posted by Roy Sears, at Reply

      +Quantris that’s my point. Just imagine if he had knowledge of a 911 attack? The POTUS would just sit back and allow hundreds of thousands of American citizens to die in order to prove a point. That’s sick thinking

  16. Posted by francis james, at Reply

    muslim ban – FAIL
    muslim ban 2 – FAIL
    budget proposal – FAIL
    Wiretap claims – FAIL
    TrumpCare – FAIL

    • Posted by Lightonix, at Reply

      did trump and his supporter really expect Mexico to pay for the wall?

    • Posted by Masta Media News, at Reply

      start new wars-Success
      kill middle eastern citizens- Success
      over throw democracies in Lybia-Success
      give money to terrorists-Success
      Abandon American Citizen to support Illegal rapists and murders- success
      Fail at pushing Hillary’s campaign- Success
      Make kids think being a transgendered mutant is ok – Success
      Married a man- Success
      Lose his entire presidential legacy- success
      Help create and push Islamic Terror- Success

    • Posted by TheFunkadelicFan, at Reply

      Do mommy and daddy know you’re playing with their computer?

    • Posted by CanalOmega, at Reply

      Masta Media News it is spelled G-o-r-g-e W B-u-s-h lol… New troll! Welcome! 😊