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Trump Didn’t Win The Election… Hillary Lost It.


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The populist wave is here. Democrats can either ride it to victory or be crushed by it. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"If you had to sum up 2016 in one word, you might choose “populism.”

Once rarely used outside the academic halls of political science departments, that word has been fully cemented in the mainstream this year as shock-voting results emerged around the world. Soon, we found ourselves debating not only populism, but also economic populism, authoritarian populism, radical populism and so on.

For such a ubiquitous word, it can be surprisingly hard to say what populism actually is. Academics have offered differing definitions for decades. The evidence suggests that a populist in one country may not necessarily look like a populist in another country. “Populism has always been a misused and misconstrued concept, and this has become worse in past years, simply because of the explosion in the use of the term,” said Cas Mudde, an academic at the University of Georgia who wrote the book on the populist radical right.

Mudde says that many use the word to simply denounce a politician who is not serious or who offers simplistic solutions to problems. In fact, while definitions do vary, the core of populism is a concerted anti-establishment posture: It's us (“the people”) vs. them (“the establishment")."*

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  1. Posted by Aliyan W, at Reply

    No I’m pretty sure trump won, sorry TURKS!

    • Posted by Alexander Ingraham, at Reply

      they aren’t denying it.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Aliyan W – She stole the primary nomination and then ran a piss poor
      campaign where she alienated millennials and progressives and the majority
      of the democratic base. She definitely lost the election to the worst
      candidate in American Political history. When Trump was declared the winner
      he was shocked, he didn’t even expect it, his campaign staff were getting
      ready to leave as the news came in.
      People voting for Trump because they thought he was anti-establishment was
      one of the more absurd aspects of this past election, since he has loaded
      his administration with establishment corporate shills, racists, and
      bigots, even worse is that none of them are qualified for the positions
      they’ve been given. A bunch of chimpanzees flinging poop for four years
      would have made more sense than this mess.

    • Posted by Alexander Ingraham, at Reply

      thank you.

    • Posted by Ace Diamonds, at Reply

      yes, with the undemocratic system the US has trump won.

  2. Posted by Hunter B, at Reply

    I’m pretty sure Trump won.

    • Posted by Alexander Ingraham, at Reply

      he did. They aren’t denying that. Why are you the second person saying this
      in response to this video???

    • Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

      Hunter B but america lost

  3. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    Make America great again. LANDSLIDE, yuuuuggge,
    Drain the swamp. Bigly. TRUMP TRUMP!!

    • Posted by Sherylyn Roberts, at Reply

      Kareem I hope you are part of the 1% or very near to it because I hate to
      be the bearer of bad news but those are the only people he is going to
      help. They are republicans they don’t believe in helping people. They only
      help themselves to your tax dollars. I suggest everyone take a class in
      civics because if they did they would not have just cut their own throats.
      I had to study this to get my master’s therefore I know what I’m talking
      about. Next year when people start losing their “Affordable Care Act ” and
      Medicare insurance then everyone will understand. Employment health
      insurance will skyrocket next year because you will have no options and
      will be at the mercy of the insurance industry. You all wanted it, now
      you’re getting ready to get it. Just watch.

    • Posted by alpha beta, at Reply

      Drain the swamp? Do you have the cerebral wherewithal to understand who
      he’s filling his cabinet posts with? It’s not washington outsiders who are
      looking out for us common folk. You’ve been lied to and now we’re all

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      Sherylyn Roberts Mabey I’m wrong but I think he was being sarcastic.

  4. Posted by Patchuchan, at Reply

    Hillary could have won if she campaigned more in states where she was weak
    vs wasting time in states that were a shoe in and talked more about issues
    such as lower the cost of higher education vs talking about how bad Trump
    But really the DNC should have picked Sanders or at the very least
    appointed him as the VP.

  5. Posted by Mark Ross, at Reply

    Hillary the witch against the egomaniac bigot ad Bernie the sellout let it
    happen. Am I the last real republican alive who believes in the principles
    the party was founded on in 1854: Listen to this true conservative and
    these are the founding principles of the Republican Party.
    Free Land: It is your property, due with it what you wish, lease part of
    it. Farm your land whatever you wish and that, now days, definitely
    includes the Indians who are resisting and oil pipeline they do not want.
    Free labor: Not slavery or indentured servitude! Work whatever profession
    you prefer, make a living the way you want, your choice.
    Free men: Now days free people, it’s about damn time women are given the
    equal status they deserve. How can one have freedom if they do not have a
    place to exercise that freedom?

    • Posted by robert forsythe, at Reply

      Hillary is not a witch you give her too much credit she is SATAN she will
      do anything for money.

  6. Posted by IKnowYouKnow, at Reply

    Can’t believe news outlets are still milkin’ the turkey to make money off
    this issue.Teh election was two months ago.

    • Posted by paulfor08, at Reply

      Not really. The Electoral College only met yesterday. This is very much
      still news.

    • Posted by IKnowYouKnow, at Reply

      No it’s not. It would be historically unprecedented if the candidate who
      won the electoral vote did not then get voted in by the electoral college.
      Like I said: news-hounds milkin’ the turkey. They need something to get us
      to watch the ads.

  7. Posted by xertris, at Reply

    Once again, Why not BOTH?

    • Posted by xertris, at Reply

      +Person Oisels What i mean is nothing is 100% responsible for Trump winning
      the election. Its nearly impossble to say anything is 100% responsible for
      almost anything because we live in a complex world with innumerable factors
      directing events. Plenty of factors contributed to Hillaries downfall, such
      as wiki leaks, her email scandal, possible Russian interference, BUT it
      can’t be denied that one of the bigger factors if not the largest. The
      factor ignored by the mainstream media is Hillary Clinton herself and her

      The world isn’t some lab experiment where variables can be controlled.
      Millions of factors influence events that happen around us. The butterfly
      effect is an example of this. A tiny butterfly wings fluttering in a
      certain way could be the start of or at least influence a hurricane.

    • Posted by Person Oisels, at Reply

      I disagree. Hillary Clinton was the one and only reason Hillary Clinton

  8. Posted by lacountess, at Reply

    Let her go. She was smeared enough by both left and right for doing things
    that every politician has been doing since the 1920s. Your decision not to
    vote for her just put a narcissist tyrant in charge of your country. Stop
    your finger pointing and accept that *you* were the ones who lost, in every
    imaginable way.

  9. Posted by changeup14, at Reply

    It is the voters fault

  10. Posted by What the fuck are you doing reading my username?, at Reply

    Gotta love leftist hypocrisy

    Well, actually, I find it very annoying

  11. Posted by CitrusPeppercorn, at Reply

    You could make some interesting parallels to past elections. Trump is like
    a more insane version of Ross Perot and Hillary is Bill without his charm
    and likeability.

  12. Posted by noodleboy, at Reply

    The election’s already over, why keep making videos about it?

    • Posted by KatchouroBlade, at Reply

      It’s their therapy. Libtards are sore and bitter losers.

    • Posted by J.U.C.E., at Reply

      Umm…Facts? When a murder happens, nobody says “oh well, It’s over. Why
      worry about it” Analysis and understanding are important…is that really
      hard to grasp?

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      I dunno… because this is chiefly a political opinion show?

    • Posted by Mitch Clark, at Reply

      By the way, if Trump can keep doing rallies, we can keep doing videos. 😉

  13. Posted by Abe S, at Reply

    Pretty sure Trump won tho… MAAAAAAGGAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Posted by Vincent Vermeer, at Reply

    America should be glad and relieved that such a looser didn’t become
    president of America.

  15. Posted by 5erazoR, at Reply

    He won. He won. He won.

  16. Posted by Jocko Adams, at Reply

    Russia hacked the Democratic Party and made them run a shitty candidate.

  17. Posted by Felzx, at Reply

    Who cares tbh? She did win the popular vote but you’re living in an
    oligarchy and the vote was overturned by the electoral college.

  18. Posted by Mitch Allibone, at Reply

    Time for a third party. Left of center.