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Trump Donor Erik Prince Wants His Mercenaries To Take Over Afghanistan War


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Erik Royal prince's household has actually given away substantial sums to Trump and the GOP, and also currently it's time to collect. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section below.

" UNITED STATE and also Covering armed forces commanders fighting the Taliban as well as the Islamic State are encountering a challenge they never ever anticipated, sources close to them claim: months of uncertainty by Head of state Donald Trump on whether to dedicate hundreds of added American soldiers.

Rather than authorizing their prepare for more troops as prepared for, the president has caught his generals unsuspecting by doubting whether the 16-year-long effort to support Afghanistan is still worth it, according to existing and also former armed forces authorities accustomed to the conversations. At the same time, news reports raise the potential customers he could change the leading UNITED STATE leader in the area or hand private contractors the daily task of recommending the flagging Afghan safety pressures." *.

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  1. Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

    Trump gives it to cenk in the rump

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      Dark Man
      Your mommy must be so sad.

    • Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

      David Eel

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      Trump has small hands, so I think Cenk wouldn’t even notice that he is taking it.

    • Posted by spartacus36526, at Reply

      Is it in yet? ….Oh wait I’m done

  2. Posted by KELLY CHRIZTOPHER, at Reply


    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      KELLY CHRIZTOPHER Sorry. I’ve got 42 years left in me.

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      I am sorry I do not speak moron and the Google Translator is down.

    • Posted by Talon Wingdancer, at Reply

      KELLY CHRIZTOPHER go give yourself a drano enema and die because Trump will destroy the WORLD ! Already threatening to launch NUKES at N Korea and China is warning us not to act first

    • Posted by Chris Eshelby, at Reply

      you can die first, the gene pool demands it

    • Posted by WeLikeItLikeThis, at Reply

      You’re playing video game, huh? mom’s basement? lube to the left of you porno to the right?

  3. Posted by Robert Helring, at Reply

    The show is almost as bad as CNN with the negative news about President Trump

    • Posted by Chris Eshelby, at Reply

      there is literally nothing positive about this presidency, they are only chronicling the rolling dumpster fire that is this administration.

    • Posted by L.Scott Palmer, at Reply

      he has done like 96% negative things

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Honey Badger I think you have a point there, but trump started by calling them fake news. CNN tries to be objective, but there is no need for them to sugar coat stupidity from this president. Trump complains when they talk smack about him, but forgets he started calling them fake news first. Trump poked the bear and now he needs to deal with it.

    • Posted by WeLikeItLikeThis, at Reply

      I think he was masturbating when he wrote that, at least that’s what I’m fantasizing about while doing the same thing.

  4. Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

    Afghanistan has been in the hands of mercenaries for 15 years. Our government is the mercenary, our government is the war monger.

    • Posted by Rock Reed, at Reply

      you would be interested .

    • Posted by Rock Reed, at Reply

      David Beale Crap , didn’t realized I stepped on a pile of Young Turds.

    • Posted by hamza abid, at Reply

      +Rock Reed painfully unfunny ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    • Posted by Samo Prijava, at Reply

      +Devildog0166 thank you for your service. Without brave men like you, Europe wouldn’t be filled with refugees, million of innocent civilian Muslim lives wouldn’t be lost, thousands of USA soldiers wouldn’t die, ISIS wouldn’t exist, new generations of terrorists wouldn’t be created, and which is most important, oil and war industries wouldn’t be able to fill up their pockets. Long live the USA! USA! USA! USA!

  5. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    I didn’t realize Americans were so dumb. I mean, I didn’t think I would be elected, let alone be so corrupt and not be impeached yet. This entire presidency was just a prank bro.

    • Posted by Honey Badger, at Reply

      I hate doing the “but Hillary” argument, but I’ll do it.

      A lot of people voted for Trump because they didn’t want Obama 3.0. Our country/the West was speeding down the toilet in terms of race relations and culture because of progressives and Obama dividing the country. Hillary would’ve kept us going down the same path. We’re still going down the same path, but maybe at a slower speed because of Trump.

    • Posted by Talon Wingdancer, at Reply

      Honey Badger the only way Obama could be in the oval office again after 2 terms in office is he would have to “hand over” the presidency for a minimum of 4 years. The constitution states no more than 2 back to back 4 year terms. During this last election Obama was a “lame duck” and wouldn’t have been able to remain in office to begin with…why else do you think he was nominating candidates instead of campaigning for reelection ???

    • Posted by Chris Eshelby, at Reply

      you are the weakest link, goodbye

    • Posted by Honey Badger, at Reply

      Talon Wingdancer What I meant by “Obama 3.0” is that Hillary would’ve governed pretty much the same way Obama did (probably more hawkish on foreign policy, though).

    • Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

      Talon Wingdancer The 22nd Amendment actually says, ” *No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,* and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. “

  6. Posted by TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKE, at Reply

    Contractors have been in every major conflict for the past 20 years.
    Erik Prince is a SEAL, I am sure he knows what he is doing.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Yeah they sure fixed this 16 year war.

    • Posted by TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKE, at Reply

      omar nasser what other option did we have after 9/11? We had to do something, there was no other choice

    • Posted by omar nasser, at Reply

      TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKE I get that argument but then my one question would be….. why didn’t we attack al qaeda. They and the taliban are not the same so why did we pick a fight with the taliban.? We didn’t have to fight them

  7. Posted by DeathDOer01, at Reply

    How dare Trump NOT give Afghanistan back to the Taliban and All Quada and Isis…what a monster.

    • Posted by omar nasser, at Reply

      king play most afgh and would rather side with Taliban than America just because your Afghan doesn’t mean you alter reality. Because I’m ethnically Yemeni doesn’t mean I can say the north hates houthis and the south hates the hadi government. Most afgans hate the Afghan government as well

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      omar nasser If the west let Muslims do whatever they want in their countries they would still have slavery.

    • Posted by NS Gaming, at Reply

      the monsters are the ones who started the war bush and israel bunch of terrorist

  8. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    More lies sponsored by TYTs Qatar overlords

    • Posted by johola, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT way to lazy trolling to trigger anyone ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      Spoder please leave the internet forums and meet people outside – go travel, grow and expand. This will never, ever make you happy

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      Facts trigger Trumpbots

    • Posted by Chris Eshelby, at Reply

      such as…?what is the lie… our president is a traitor, unqualified, unfit, that is the truth suck it turd.

  9. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    You cant hold mercenaries accountable and they cost way more than if the military just did it by themselves. These warmongers just want to make money while screwing everyone else. .

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      -Trump- TYT Wants To Hand Afghanistan To Their -Mercenary- Taliban Friends

    • Posted by R BZ, at Reply

      Ex Animus…I’m just waiting for an educated rebuttal to your post.

    • Posted by Slave2PaperWithInkOn, at Reply

      the 3.54 yt video ”Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA – A Warning From History,” by Wakeymedia3 [a clip from the doc ”The Corporation.”]

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      +music fan2

      *”MontySB- yep only libs fall for that stuff. Like Hilary and Benghazi. Libs are not the brightest.”*

      Says the person who elected Trump.

  10. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    Get out of Afghanistan. Problem Solved. America First.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Napalm Warrior Is the Taliban controlling government? Are they in the afghan military? The answer is no, you are advocating for indefinete occupation, and the taxpayers are going to bleed for it.

    • Posted by sumerbc, at Reply

      The Super Can’t. It’ll be Vietnam all over again and Iraq. Pull out and the weak Govt. there is overrun by Taliban and the Terrorist camps resume.

  11. Posted by omar nasser, at Reply

    Yeah, if mercenaries go into Afghanistan and do whatever they want that will legitimize the taliban as a resistance force against America. America will be seen as barbarians and pillagers and more recruits for taliban and they will take more land. Bad move

    • Posted by Alexa Saperstein, at Reply

      omar nasser the taliban are terrorists

    • Posted by Barre76, at Reply

      Alexa , from our point of view the Taliban might be brutal, primitive and barbaric and Sharia an abomination, and I tend to agree but the fact remains that the Afghans might see things differently,ย we can’t occupy the country for eternity, it cost absurd amounts of money with nothing to show beside alot of debt and worse, alot of death , the Taliban is even gaining more ground every month , Omar has a point that this nonsense by giving it in the hand of mercenaries will only create more hate against the West and gives the Taliban more influence, the West can’t win this , and the geopolitical farce that was the intention all along is a complete disaster, time to get out of there.

  12. Posted by MontySB, at Reply

    Remember when Obama said we would end the war in Afghanistan?

    • Posted by Shaving Pvt. Ryan, at Reply

      Trump is giving money to private mercenary groups which hire american soldiers and get funded by the government.
      Bottom line, taxpayer $$ will fund an organization sending American troops to afghanistan to keep the war going.

    • Posted by Dangerz Own, at Reply

      And he withdrew the vast majority of troops essentially doing so just leaving small pockets of people behind like we’ve done in almost every country on earth.

  13. Posted by A Brorges, at Reply

    Tyt = natural laxative

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      A Brorges
      How stopped up are you to never miss a single episode?

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      A Boroges = natural imbecile in his own private Idaho.

  14. Posted by Lachlan Bold, at Reply

    If he does this, he should stop calling himself the deal making president and instead call himself the troublemaking president.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Lachlan Bold Everyone’s been calling him that since he took office.

  15. Posted by The USA is dead, at Reply

    For all you crying Trumpanzees get ready TYT just got 20 mil to help take down 45.

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      The USA is dead. Where’d they get the 20 million?

    • Posted by conn cann, at Reply

      turks didnt get military votes did they like trump…..tyt fell apart and swore hate and contempt on the american people…must be the ones on obamacare…….pay more get less

    • Posted by David Greenlee, at Reply

      You should have to suffer consequences for spreading that kind of filth.

  16. Posted by Adrenalized1099, at Reply

    Tyt is fake news no nothing about contractors.

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply


    • Posted by Sam Ray, at Reply

      trump is a fake president.

    • Posted by Tara Conley, at Reply

      Adrenalized1099 Wrong, go to the politico article in the video description

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Is it fake or does it just go against your preconceived notions of reality?

    • Posted by Chris Eshelby, at Reply

      no its real, go to fox to be spoonfed.

  17. Posted by don't be frightened my dear, at Reply

    Is Eric Prince going to form Zanzibarland?

  18. Posted by Madison Maxwell, at Reply

    And the snake of corruption eats its own tail… more war means more private contractors make more money which they can then funnel into the political campaigns of politicians who will then give them… more war. It’s not even that complicated, guys.

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      Madison Maxwell

  19. Posted by Marek Nowakowski, at Reply

    Letting private military reign in a country bordering three nuclear powers and Iran seems smart.