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  1. Posted by Adam Wilson, at Reply

    Basically this whole election is a mixture of Oceans 11, Die Hard 3 and
    From Russia with Love.

    • Posted by Adam Wilson, at Reply

      also Back to the Future 2 and 3. Biff “MAD DOG” Tannen.

    • Posted by Miles Above, at Reply

      Adam Wilson road warrior

  2. Posted by Lisa Murphy, at Reply

    Cenk ya dummy, we’ve already been robbed by the previous 6 administrations.
    Combined debt including the National Debt and Fed debt is estimated to be
    at least a hundred trillion. Likely 150 trillion — and that’s not counting
    unfunded liabilities. Add on another hundred trillion fer that. We’ll have
    to default, no matter what Trump does. Sorry! This country is the Titanic
    and we’ve already hit the iceberg.

    • Posted by Daniel Moctezuma, at Reply

      Trump could very well be that iceberg you speak of.

    • Posted by Kif woo, at Reply

      We can’t default. It’s simply not possible as it doesn’t work like that.
      The fiscal deficit is all that we have any autonomy to act upon.
      Defaulting on our compound interest debt would destroy the dollar, bankrupt
      the country, and by default the world.
      This basic premise of our currency seems to be lost on Chump and his
      The FIAT currency system will collapse unless more debt is perpetually
      created. The money supply necessitates rising exponential compound interest
      debt. It can never be paid back, never mind written off, and it’s not
      supposed to be. Kinda how it all works.

      This is not a company debt to be leveraged or negotiated with. It cannot be
      exponged or simply written off. There is no Chump style walking away and
      leaving someone else with the debt burden.

    • Posted by Lisa Murphy, at Reply

      +Kif woo *”The money supply necessitates rising exponential compound
      interest debt. It can never be paid back, never mind written off, and it’s
      not supposed to be. Kinda how it all works.”*
      I regret to inform you that it *doesn’t* work. This is perfectly evidenced
      in the way the middle class is being wiped out. The middle class WILL be
      wiped out and our fiat currency will fail, as fiat currencies are destined
      to do. It’s not a matter of “if” but when. And yes, all the other
      currencies will crash with it. Get ready to eat your pets 🙂 As to
      “Chumpanzees” I don’t think most Trump supporters know much about the
      monetary system. They think Trump is going to erase the trade deficit
      through tariffs. That’s a good one!

    • Posted by Kif woo, at Reply

      +Lisa Murphy
      I never said it worked, and yes it never can.
      Doesn’t mean we’ll default any time soon though. One of the dubious
      benefits of holding the world to ransom with our global currency cartel is
      the ability to just keep printing. I agree it’s unsustainable but the
      players have rigged the game so as to take us all the way to sudden death.
      There will be no default, no blueprint for change. Just lots of blood on
      the carpet.

      This country is the Titanic … the Roman Empire … the Black Death …
      the writing’s on the wall.
      But none of that excuses or condones the Oompa Loompa buffoon and his
      cronies from stealing what’s left of the family silver. Especially when he
      doesn’t have a clue about the consequences of those things he patently
      can’t comprehend.

      The debasement of currency will eventually catch up with us. I’d prefer it
      was dealt with pre emptively by rational objective individuals who harbour
      no desire to see the world burn in flames, intentional or not.

    • Posted by Lisa Murphy, at Reply

      +Kif woo Just the fact that such a joke of a human being has been elected
      president tells me the end is near. But then again, maybe that’s just
      wishful thinking on my part — I’m not looking forward to having Oompa
      loompas running the asylum.

  3. Posted by To Live is to Suffer, at Reply

    Lil oil deal?.. Exxon’s biggest shareholder is Russia…

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      Yeah, and why should the CEO give up his day job there? Go part time, best
      of both worlds, the precedent has been set by mr.Potus/Apprentice Producer

  4. Posted by Jay Parker, at Reply

    the only thing dumber than Donald trump is a Donald trump supporter.

    • Posted by my bizzz17, at Reply

      and the paramount of ignorance is a clinton supporter

    • Posted by Jay Parker, at Reply

      a sensitive bunch of bitches those trumpettes are…

    • Posted by CanTheCaroKann Win, at Reply

      ignorance and clinton supporter???? maybe if you looked at trump’s history
      and not ignore it, you would realize he was going to bend you trump
      supporters all along.

    • Posted by Jay Parker, at Reply

      Trump is actually dumber than George W. Bush! I didn’t think that was

    • Posted by my bizzz17, at Reply

      i have u fool that is why i know what i am talking about. you go a head n
      listen to this guy and his super insight as he remembers a old pulp fiction
      movie and uses it to show how smart he is than go back n watch more tv. jay
      parker take your snowflake self and go burn up some more streets.

  5. Posted by No Way, at Reply


  6. Posted by Fabian Moreno, at Reply

    “yeah, about that swamp thing…” – Donald Trump

  7. Posted by backdoor68, at Reply

    impeach him!

  8. Posted by joseph baska, at Reply

    steve the mental midget i will never have that problem

  9. Posted by Massimo O'Kissed, at Reply

    Does Donny Swamp have a wallet with “BAD DAUGHTER FUCKER” branded on it ?

  10. Posted by mrfaithandphysics, at Reply

    Well, that’ll show us. Won’t it? The Conservative Brained just gave the
    Liberal Brained – and the rest of the world that was horrified by the
    prospect – one great big middle finger. So, yeah. Take that. It certainly
    can’t harm any of their team. They voted for the guy. They trust him. He
    would never do anything that would hurt *them*. So yeah. Take that.

  11. Posted by Ryu Hayabusa, at Reply

    Drumpf supporters should be classed as a different species

    • Posted by hand over, at Reply

      stick to playing video games you loser 😀

  12. Posted by raible 95, at Reply

    I’m starting to believe nostradamus more and more,
    The false message about the rigged election
    to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
    voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
    the empire contracted to another one.

  13. Posted by Jim Hawkins, at Reply

    Excuse me but is your name Kathrine Brewster ?

  14. Posted by T Harris, at Reply

    So. CIA. Credible.

  15. Posted by SmartK8, at Reply

    Cenk is telling it like citizens could do something about it? (excluding
    massive protests that I’m told don’t work in US, they do work for Native
    Americans and rest of the world though)

  16. Posted by FlagArmada Productions, at Reply

    Donald Trump you have the opportunity to be on the right side of history,
    to completely kill the establishment and money in politics. I seriously
    hope you are just doing this so that when you take office you completely
    fire all these cabinet members so they get the biggest F**K You in history.

  17. Posted by Carol McKee, at Reply

    Too bad Vincent isn’t gonna come along and give the country a heart-shot.

  18. Posted by Chris Angelo, at Reply

    Stop being apologetic Cenk. Most people who decided to give trump a chance
    are not open minded, they are more like absent minded not to mention poorly
    educated and lacking better judgment. After all that was Trump’s target

  19. Posted by Gremy Saint, at Reply

    biggest cry babies in the world , I didn’t even vote an I know you are the
    reason everyone is offended an crying about what they want is what others
    need . get a life an do something right for once . tell people the actual
    truth not your own opinion