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Trump Expands Oil Drilling To US Continental Waters


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Republican politicians are letting industry turn The U.S.A. into a Russia-style harmful waste dump. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark area below.

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" The Trump administration introduced a questionable proposal Thursday to allow exploration in a lot of UNITED STATE continental-shelf waters, including safeguarded locations of the Arctic and also the Atlantic, where oil and gas expedition is opposed by governors from New Jersey to Florida, virtually a lots attorneys general, more than 100 U.S. legislators and the Defense Department.

Under the proposal, only one of 26 preparation locations in the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Sea would certainly be off limits to oil as well as gas exploration, according to Interior Assistant Ryan Zinke. He claimed the Bureau of Ocean as well as Power Management has actually identified 47 potential areas where market business could buy leases in between 2019 and also 2024, when the proposed period would certainly start and also end." *.

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  1. Posted by Kenneth Lucas, at Reply

    Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?

    • Posted by trolltider är här, at Reply

      cannon26ify says the Trumpanzees pedolover monkeyfilth aka CUCK

    • Posted by WJB Motown, at Reply

      ranger 100 takes off his hood before he makes his Trumptroll comments……cleans himself up after banging his mommy in the trailer

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      oswald would have voted for trump…

    • Posted by I D, at Reply

      First find a cure for your lame excuse for a president. That is If the guy still has as few working braincells left.

  2. Posted by Ynohtna Illuzram, at Reply

    25 of 26 locations? i wonder which donor owns that last locale

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Ynohtna Illuzram great question. Who purchased the politician to avoid his area affected?

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      My guess it cuz a rig would spoil the view from on of Trump’s golf resorts. and we cant have THAT.

  3. Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

    Best president ever.

    • Posted by Renegade MS, at Reply


      Basically, I have to be a liberal to be black, huh?

    • Posted by R Yates, at Reply

      Renegade MS
      Liberals see Trump as a racist buffoon, so what do you see??

    • Posted by I D, at Reply

      Today even the dumbest people have a computer. Here is your proof. At least he knows he is an egg head.

  4. Posted by Kenji, at Reply

    “Drill baby drill!”

    • Posted by Holden Russo, at Reply

      Still, think of how much those oil companies could care less for us, so once again do you make any money here

    • Posted by Kenji, at Reply

      Holden Russo That’s Capitolism for ya.

    • Posted by Deborah Alden, at Reply

      Kenji Let’s set up one of those drill sites in your area. You can watch that capitalism kill the entire environment around you. DEEP EVENT HORIZON 2010 mean anything to you. Gov. basically said oh well, it will be ok. They still haven’t fully recovered. Drill baby drill short sighted rep. B.S.

  5. Posted by baddmanaz, at Reply

    The destruction continues…

    • Posted by Blastermaster Nes, at Reply

      Let’s F this planet to the max, Republicans. Have fun next generation.😂

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      You mean the democratic party , right

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Anf44; Being that much of the ME, is desert and arid steppe land, the environmental consequences associated with fossil fuel extraction in that region are not quite as severe, as they would be in the more life rich and complicated ecosystems of say the eastern US, the continental shelf waters of the US , the very fragile, ANWR in Alaska, and especially the estuaries of southern Alaska, like Prince William Sound.
      Many of the oil rich ME nations, absent the sale of oil, to the US, would suffer greatly, economically speaking. That said, nations such as Iran which have more complex economies and more varied natural ecosystems, have suffered thanks to US interference in their political and economic affairs, for the purpose of securing a portion of those nations oil supplies.
      ME nations such as Iran, would be far better off, if oil drilled in the US, by law, stayed in the US. As for the US, if we were to keep all the oil drilled in our own nation, we could then cut back on the need for new areas to be drilled.

  6. Posted by Sorry But Not Sorry, at Reply

    Wonderful….I’m sure nothing bad has ever happened before, right? What could go wrong!

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Manly Panties; navarro; unless he is a paid corporate shill; lacks the mental capacity, to grasp the depth of his stupidity. The same can be said about most modern American conservatives.
      Self awareness, is usually, a casualty of stupidity.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Armando; Already, at least 7 million premature deaths, occur every year, around the world, thanks to air pollution from various sources. The extraction of fossil fuels, as well as the processing and use of the same, are known sources of air pollution.
      From the time fossil fuels are extracted from beneath the ground, right up until these fuels are either used as fuel, or used as the starting material/ substance, in the manufacture of thousands of consumer goods, multiple toxins, are released into our atmosphere. These toxins include substances capable of causing birth defects, immune system disorders, lung disease, neurological damage, and other health problems.
      Air pollution, is only the beginning of the problems brought about by fossil fuel extraction and use. Toxins that do not become suspended in the air, but instead are deposited in soil and water supplies, are also known to originate from fossil fuel extraction and use.
      Still other problems associated and or directly cause by fossil fuel extraction and use, include the increased risk of earthquakes, spills and other accidents, the loss, or at least, the degradation of fish and wildlife habitat, which of course, leads to a loss of fish and wildlife.
      When all is said and done, it is only rational, to conclude that fossil fuel extraction should be deemed as a necessary evil, which should be both limited in scope, and regulated in such a way as to minimize the many negative consequences of that industrial activity.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      mark navarro; Do you have any idea, as to the percentage of oil ,gas ,and coal that is extracted from US soil, and from beneath US waters, that actually stays in, and is used in the US ? One would think, that if our government officials were concerned with making the US, energy independent , they would sponser , or at least support laws demanding that fossil fuels from the US, stay in the US ?

  7. Posted by James Russell, at Reply

    That’s okay. Oil spills never happens anyway.

    • Posted by Renegade MS, at Reply

      You’re right. (^_^)

    • Posted by Eric Nick, at Reply

      Renegade MS Uhhhh sure buddy.

    • Posted by Eric Nick, at Reply

      Renegade MS The OP’s comment is also sarcasm.

    • Posted by Baron Lux, at Reply

      So true. The stuff that happened in the gulf was fake news.

  8. Posted by Armando7654, at Reply

    oh no cheaper gasoline!
    why don’t you WALK to work if you are anti oil? and seek mental help, third-worlder

    • Posted by calibomber209, at Reply

      FIRE8IRD780 who drives hybrids and electric cars ? Lots of people ride bikes. Especially here in California. Also CO carbon monoxide and methane are produced more so by the cattle industry. Emissions are not the enemy. It’s oil spills which are inevitable and destroy eco systems then the chemical agents used to make oil sink to bottom of the ocean do more harm. The global oil companies which are not even American have little interest in our tourism economy. If a spill does occur it takes decades to mask it. The whole USA economy is backed by tourism which is roughly 30%. If no one visits our country than jobs will be lost . Causing more problems for us Americans plus food cost, clean water cost and more taxes will happen. Taxes will be in the 20-22% within a decade. I mean this is common sense from actual events. When the Gulf of Mexico had that spill all the shrimp was pulled from markets and shrimp from elsewhere cost 50% more. Just do your research if u think I’m lying

    • Posted by calibomber209, at Reply

      P1ranh4 no you’re not a third worlder, just a common sense righteous person who care about things other then themselves.

    • Posted by Armando7654, at Reply

      cali, you believe you are “the earth” which you recognize as yourself not as the other. LIAR

    • Posted by qaz123123123123, at Reply

      It’s almost like the same people who are anti-oil also advocate for more renewable energy sources and the advancement of electric cars 🤔

  9. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    Clean, clean oil

    • Posted by GameAddict51, at Reply

      Marvin the Martian Doesn’t exist.

    • Posted by Renegade MS, at Reply

      Clean oil indeed!

    • Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

      Clean oil and clean coal!

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      GameAddict51 you don’t get the joke.

  10. Posted by Andrew Walsh, at Reply

    Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke are scum

  11. Posted by Pasquale Di Lorenzo, at Reply

    Its become all too stupid, to even comment

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      “But Hilary Clinton and the DNC…”
      Jimmy ‘fuckingidiot’ dore

  12. Posted by BladeWinters, at Reply

    Lead poisoning… that explains a lot

    • Posted by FrozenWolf150, at Reply

      Come now, Trump let Eric and Don Jr. eat as many paint chips as they wanted growing up, and they turned out just fine.

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      BladeWinters Jimmy Dore will still blame Obama for this…

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      I know, right!

  13. Posted by Bob Nelson, at Reply

    The oil companies will reap all the profits and the American tax payers will be stuck with all the MASSIVE clean up bills. This is what you get when you vote GOP.

    • Posted by stephen wedderburn, at Reply

      Bob Nelson it’s not just the clean up bills, it’s the cost of all the health problems for the people who will be impacted with all this, these companies record on environmental safety is suspect and profit comes before anything. I live in Scotland and we still luckily have regulations that stop these companies from destroying the environment, I feel sorry for people in the states because your politicians are to willing give big corps what they want, our politicians are corrupt as well but it seems more easy for yours to sell out.

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      But that’s what we want bob , You said nothing when Islamic barack sent billions of taxpayer money to Iran so shut up now .

    • Posted by Beanie Sigel, at Reply

      BirdsofPrey1956 Obama did no such thing. The only thing that you could referring to is the Iran Nuclear Deal in which they agreed to halt their nuclear power development program (which is periodically verified by an certified international committee) in exchange for no new sanctions put on them by the US and the US unfreezing billions of dollars in Iranian assets and incrementally handing it back to them.

    • Posted by András Bíró, at Reply

      So you want to be poisoned and Iran having nuclear weapons? If you are just suicidal, there are much simpler ways.

  14. Posted by Richard Atkins, at Reply

    ENOUGH fucken scumbags!

  15. Posted by KING KONG, at Reply

    Thank you america..trump going make america great again..killing all the idiots that voted for him…lmao

    • Posted by Jose Chavez, at Reply

      KING KONG you are correct my friend 😂

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      king dong , The liberal swamp is nearly drained , your turn

  16. Posted by Michael Boyd, at Reply

    Not surprised. Trump is just a proxy for corporate interests.

    • Posted by Constantin Dumitru, at Reply

      Yes, it’s all about the biggest current religion in the corpocratic church: money.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      Ehm…he is Mr.Corporate. He’s doing it for his own interests. He surely has stakes in the fossil fuel business. Money money

  17. Posted by enigmaPL, at Reply

    This is insane…………

  18. Posted by Nestor Gonzalez, at Reply

    Trumptards are shills who support the kings of shills. Lmao

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Go back to the border

    • Posted by Marasma101, at Reply

      @BirdsOfPrey you got called out shill, now sit down. Petty racist insuations make you look weak

  19. Posted by Dr Orgasm donor, at Reply

    This is what republicans that voted for trump wanted