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Trump Exploits NFL Tragedy For Racist Reasons


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Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was eliminated by a drunk driver and Donald Trump is using Jackson's fatality to enhance his racist program. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section listed below.

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" Adhering to the death of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson, 26, in a car crash, Trump required to Twitter Tuesday to connect the expert athlete's death to a demand for harder boundary safety and security.

" So disgraceful that a person illegally in our nation killed … Jackson," the president tweeted, calling the catastrophe "preventable" as well as insisting the Democrats "get tough on the Boundary."

The crash that eliminated Jackson happened around 4 a.m. Sunday as well as officials stated the professional athlete was the guest of ride-share motorist Jeffrey Monroe, 54, of Avon, Indiana, that was additionally killed.

Indiana State Police stated Tuesday the chauffeur of the lorry that struck Jackson and also another victim was an undocumented immigrant, CNN reported. It is believed the motorist, recognized by investigators as Manuel Orrego-Savala, was intoxicated at the time of the mishap.

Inning accordance with CNN, Orrego-Savala is a resident of Guatemala that had actually formerly been deported in 2007 and 2009.

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday that he had actually formerly been convicted of driving under the influence in Redwood City, California, in 2005."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

    *When right wing terrorism happen
    *when muslim/liberal/illegal ‘alien’ is involved
    “Look! This is why we need……”

    • Posted by Sacred, Nothing is, at Reply

      Islamic terrorism is technically right wing terrorism.

    • Posted by Samuel Orji, at Reply

      Terrorism – violence against civilians with a religious or political motive. There IS right wing terrorism.

    • Posted by ItzMorphinTime22, at Reply

      Premium Tea Seriously??

  2. Posted by robert williams, at Reply

    When are we going to a dress the fact that the cop that responded to the seen of the accident some how ran the f**king guy over ????

    • Posted by Social Justice Warriors...Come Out To Play-ee-yay!, at Reply

      As if the cop did that on purpose. Brilliant observation on your part.

  3. Posted by oolong2, at Reply

    Wow, the irony of someone taking Uber because he was too drunk to drive getting killed by a drunk driver…. I can’t even wrap my head around that.

  4. Posted by None Ya, at Reply

    Both TYT and TRUMP are using these death to push their agendas. Neither one is focusing on the death of this poor young man and his Uber driver. This discussion should actually be split into two segments and not wrapped into one. I don’t care about the undocumented alien, at this time. My heart goes out to both of these individuals families! May they rest in peace!!!

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing 01, at Reply

      They’re not.

    • Posted by Davies Duale, at Reply

      None Ya Trump started to politicise this issue, trying to make it seem that all illegal immigrants are criminals. Tyt are just responding to Trump’s claims with facts.

    • Posted by None Ya, at Reply

      +Davies Duale Thanks, but I said I understand that. That’s why I said that this should have been done in two different segments: one recognizing the death of these two individuals and one responding to Trump. Not at the same time… We can’t get so wrapped up in Trump madness we forget to do the right thing like him. We’re better than that!

  5. Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

    Whether the guy is illegal or not, what Trump did here is disgusting and very beneath the presidency.

  6. Posted by J Post, at Reply

    So where is the racist part? Now I saw a bigoted tweet but where is the racist tweet? Of Course! It’s factual because tyt said so.

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      I think the reasoning is, that trump is racist towards black and brown people and targets illegal immigration only if they are black or in this case brown, but ignores it if they are East Asian or European and in that moment that bigotry becomes racism.

    • Posted by J Post, at Reply

      QuarterMan88 I have no idea what exactly is your purpose of leaving that comment but what did i say that made me a trumptard? What did i say that made you logically conclude that triggered response from you?

    • Posted by J Post, at Reply

      Jakob Schulze I totally understand where you are coming from. However, just because one is from a latin country does not equate brown nor non white. If that perp was actually a person of color would he had been able to return multiple times to this country illegally and go all the way to Indiana of all places, ran by people like Pence? See that perp might have a Latin last name, from Guatemala and an illegal does not make him non white. I’ve work for an immigration law firm and I’ve heard and seen enough evidence for me to call the media, msm or not, for their continued confusion of the masses. That’s like sayin Cameron Diaz, Canelo Alvarez, etc. Are brown.

    • Posted by TRAP MONEY BOY CHEEK, at Reply

      J Post what’s the difference between bigot and racist?

  7. Posted by rockthestrand, at Reply

    But I’m confused, Trump called these NFL players SONS OF BITCHES.

  8. Posted by Andrew Bachanov, at Reply

    Build the wall!!!

    • Posted by Christopher Freitag, at Reply

      Andrew Bachanov You mean WASTE TAXPAYER dollars on the wall. WTF is this, China? East Germany (before they got a clue and TOOK DOWN their wall. A border wall is primitive, end of story

    • Posted by Kamron Isaiah Johnson, at Reply

      Andrew Bachanov Around you.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      Horny question Do you really believe a wall will stop illegal migration?

    • Posted by john rordriguez, at Reply

      The End Begins
      Yeah, because this the easiest way to dissuade people from trying to enter. That’s why people have been using walls for centuries.

  9. Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

    He was here illegally….doesn’t respect our immigration laws so he obviously didn’t respect our drinking and driving laws either. Yet TYT will defend him to the death. I don’t get it. I agree with TYT on a lot of things, and they seem rational most of the time, but on this issue they’re completely idiotic.

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      Greg Dobson you do get the point of why they’re complaining, right. Yes he’s here illegally and should have been arrest after vomiting multiple crimes however Tyt isn’t defending him they’re saying it shouldn’t be used to fund trump racist imagination plans. Tyt is right on this issue.

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      Greg Dobson no they don’t they’ve done test, learn random person learn

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      Nothing to do with the discussion thread but has anyone else noticed how many times there are fewer reply comments than specified in the link to open the list of replies?
      Greg’s comment here says “View all *18* replies” and yet, as of my posting, I only see *12* replies. What is going on exactly? Do commentators regret and then delete their comments? Are comments flagged and deleted by YouTube? Is TYT policing their comment section? I’m seeing this happen a lot and it’s got me wondering.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Greg Dobson, except, as the statistics show, illegals _do not_ drive up crime rates.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Also, as others have pointed out, they’re not defending the drunk driving illegal immigrant.They’re attacking Trump’s propagandization of this tragedy to paint a group of people as killers. Like Cenk points out, you could take a drunk driving incident every day of the week and use it to smear the driver’s entire race. “This is wat happens when you let asians/blacks/women drive.”
      Also, so much for not politicizing tragedies, I guess.

  10. Posted by Johnnewb, at Reply

    How is this any different from making gun control a political issue after a mass shooting? Yes, those people killed would be alive (and people elsewhere probably) but you can’t actually prove anything about the rest of the country. Both situations are targeting one person or group for your agenda. While it may be correct, you still are. Trump is doing the same only we don’t like his political message. He’s a scumbag, but treat his views evenly.

    • Posted by Jacob, at Reply

      Because how many illegals are getting DUIs?? How many of them commit crimes on a regular basis? Especially compared to gun violence in this country?? And asking for common sense gun legislation after the thousands of mass shootings we’ve had here is not remotely comparable to one illegal killing someone in an accident…

    • Posted by john rordriguez, at Reply

      Those are to different problems that have no correlation to each other. The main problem is that illegal aliens have violated our nation’s sovereignty and they should be deported for that violation.

    • Posted by La Bruja, at Reply

      john rordriguez The main problem? That’s an opinion, stick to facts please. A bigger problem than immigrants is the self described Nazis and white supremacists organizing in our streets with enough fire power to take out the whole town with impunity. Get rid of them first, then we can discuss people who came here to work for a better life. In the mean time, we already have a plan in place that is getting rid of any immigrant who commits a crime in this country. Nobody is arguing against that.

  11. Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

    Fair statement by Trump. He is supposed to be protecting American citizens.

    He got hit by the cop car too. 😂

  12. Posted by Jesus Ramirez, at Reply

    Us citizens don’t drink and drive?

    • Posted by john rordriguez, at Reply

      Yeah but you can make the case that this crime wouldn’t have happened if that man didn’t come back into the U.S.

    • Posted by David S, at Reply

      You could make the case that 17 men and boys would still be alive if Jeffery Dahmer were aborted sometime between conception and birth.

    • Posted by chairman lmao, at Reply

      I think the point that needs to be made is that if you succeeded in getting here without the proper channels, you need to watch your behavior while you’re here to avoid being sent back. Driving while drunk is not playing it safe.

    • Posted by I, Chicken Tendies want 100k Subscribers, at Reply

      Jesus Ramirez a us citizen would’ve served time in prison. This guy just got deported

    • Posted by Deplorable Trumper, at Reply

      David S. What does that have to do with anything? Apples and oranges buddy.

  13. Posted by Zone 9, at Reply

    Same thing happened to my cousin, he was driving an Uber and got hit by a drunk driver. The driver was not an illegal immigrant. Nobody was hurt, but both cars were totaled. The guy was arrested. A friend of mine lost her son to a drunk driver… He was not an illegal immigrant. He is in prison now. I think the problem is drunk driving, not illegal immigrants.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      I would say, thank you, captain Obvious, except, it isn’t so obvious apparently… smh

  14. Posted by Michael Eyob, at Reply

    Alcohol is the real killer here this happens far too often on our roads

    • Posted by bubba franks, at Reply

      Actually. The reality, according to the Center for Disease Control, is that 65% of traffic fatalities are caused by drivers who were comnpletely sober at the time. I say make driving while sober illegal, we must protect our children.

  15. Posted by Mike Cat, at Reply

    So a 7% chance that this guy is an illegal, that accidentally killing someone it’s suddenly a boarder problem? A drunk driver will kill no matter the race. Also the NFL does not want sympathy or words from that buffoon.

  16. Posted by kristabella222, at Reply

    Yet Republicans are the first to whine about politicizing tragedies whenever gun violence is involved. Hypocrites, every one of them, especially the orange monster in charge.

  17. Posted by Tuna Can Güleç, at Reply

    Trump’s tweet is %100 right. First of all, there are cases where killing someone while DUI is considered first degree murders even when commited by American citizens. Why should an alien doing the same be treated any better? This should be a first degree murder period. Secondly, when a government fails to protect its own citizens being killed by aliens for any reason, the best thing they can do is to admit they failed and take neccesary precautions next time. Increasing Social resposibility ads wont work on this alien guy foor obvious reasons. Only preventing illegal immigration will work.

    • Posted by Deplorable Trumper, at Reply

      Paul Hopkins. Dude put down the crack pipe. I am not talking about the legal immigrants. Why do you keep bringing them up. Like are you drunk? Normally I would have written you and many others off as trolls, perhaps you are. It’s just that sooooo many of you really are that stupid, or brainwashed. Those are the only three categories to put you in. 1. STUPID 2. Brainwashed. 3. Troll……. or could be a combo.

    • Posted by Tuna Can Güleç, at Reply

      Hating each other wont solve problems, neither will insulting each other. Lets remember that both you guys are trying to make America a better place through different means. You can always respectfully agree to disagree, that is why you guys have democracy.

    • Posted by Paul Hopkins, at Reply

      Tuna Can Gulec, no, people like him are not making America a better place. They don’t even understand the issue they are talking about. They think building a wall will stop illegal immigration when only a fraction of undocumented immigrants cross the boarder illegally. The fast majority come here through legal means and either simply over stay a visa, or they are no longer covered under a parents visa when they turn 18. Idiots like him think all of them should be deported instead of given legal status despite the fact that they were educated in American schools with American tax dollars and the majority are contributing members of this society. Backwards thinking, racism, and ignorance do not make our country a better place.

  18. Posted by Dustin Roberts, at Reply

    One less illegal immigrant could have saved two lives. I agree with trump

    • Posted by Richard warren, at Reply

      Just about everyone agreed with Trump, and of course the parents of the 2 high school black girls who got slaughtered in high school by illegals trespassing into the school just to murder people, MS13 gang members (illegals). The young turks defend the MS13 24/07.

    • Posted by Robert Laurence, at Reply

      Kevin, that happens anyway, every time there’s a shooting or terrorist attack people take to social media and openly say, “Praying it’s a white guy”, or “bet He’s white!!” Same goes for the racists who say “bet it’s a muslim!!!” Bottom line is ALL of these things are a problem, Mass shootings, Drunk driving and Yes Illegal immigration, wasn’t that long ago Obama and Clinton had similar views as Trump, and Obama deported more than any President, I didn’t criticize either for it.

    • Posted by Young Conservative, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond What you’re saying is more racist than what Trump is saying. Trumps blames illigals not Mexicans.

    • Posted by Robert Laurence, at Reply

      Trump is always gonna have racist tied to anything he says, mostly by his own doing, that unfortunately leads to some people defending this killer’s actions, and Yes I’ve heard people say “Why don’t they say anything when white people drink and drive” Uh, they do Drunk Driving has been a problem for decades.

    • Posted by jack ramirez, at Reply

      That’s because your a worthless cuck

  19. Posted by Mary Cage, at Reply

    The Uber driver was killed too. His life was important and his family suffers. We should not say we send condolences only to the family of the NFL player. Even Trump did that.

    • Posted by Nestor Gonzalez, at Reply

      Mary Cage oh Crouse he did, he was just some black uber driver. Also funny how he been beefing with NFL players and now he crying about one dead. So sick

  20. Posted by Carlos Mota, at Reply

    I don’t think TYT understands the issue entirely.

    • Posted by Lena P, at Reply

      Maybe you don’t understand the issue entirely?

    • Posted by Lukasz Marzec, at Reply

      I agree somewhat. They just launched into their talking points straight away. Trump’s statement I though was fine.

    • Posted by Meso Wite, at Reply

      Carlos Mota you could say that about a lot of issues