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Trump Forgets Most Important Part Of Executive Order


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Trump revealed an executive order to digestive tract Obamacare, and also nearly left without authorizing the costs. Cenk Uygur breaks it down on The Young Turks. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below. Subscribe to our channel:

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" President Donald Trump signed his large healthcare exec order today, focused on dismantling the Affordable Treatment Act.

The order comes as a GOP managed Congress has actually failed consistently to pass legislation to reverse as well as change Obamacare, much to the consternation of the president.

Sen. Rand Paul as well as Vice President Mike Pence both spoke at the finalizing. However, after Trump finished his statements, he apparently failed to remember that he in fact had to authorize the order at his executive order finalizing, and produced the door.

Luckily, Pence ordered Trump before he left the area and also advised him that you cannot hold an exec order signing and also not sign an exec order." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply
    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      TYT is fake news garbage

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +spooder man the trump sucker you’re still here then didn’t you say you were not coming back to TYT again

  2. Posted by BlankBrain, at Reply

    They shouldn’t have told him. Then a month or two later when he asks why healthcare is still limping along – “Oh yeah, you didn’t sign it.”

  3. Posted by Nate Taylor, at Reply

    Pence is like his baby sister lol daycare was the right word.

  4. Posted by Robert Patterson, at Reply


    • Posted by DrK OnBass, at Reply

      F**king moron is more accurate, I believe..

  5. Posted by Spiffy Horowitz, at Reply

    And how pathetic are all those people standing behind him so they can be in his photo op? Politicians are so disgusting.

  6. Posted by gpg20s, at Reply

    This fucker needs a drool bucket and diaper.

  7. Posted by ESDfilms, at Reply

    He’s at an early stage of dementia

  8. Posted by Christine D., at Reply

    He’s ill (in more ways than one). Remove…..

  9. Posted by marcos dearmas, at Reply

    He’s scared of being questioned

  10. Posted by Rockit Man, at Reply

    “I’m only signing it because it costs nothing.”… Sounds like something the freeloading mooch would say.

  11. Posted by Stunami, at Reply

    How does his executive order give quality healthcare to everyone? He is signing something that will literally destroy it. Any Trump supporters on ACA that want to comment on this?

    • Posted by serapiel, at Reply

      Why tear it down when you can build upon it? What idiot would waste money like that?

    • Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

      The current POTUS is exactly the kind of idiot who does that.

    • Posted by DocZom, at Reply

      Sejez would tear down the house because the roof has a leak.

    • Posted by Rick Ton, at Reply

      *waits for another stupid response from Sejez*

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      you have never done construction work I can tell, you can’t salvage a building that is rotten to the core

  12. Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

    President DEMENTIA!

    • Posted by The Humble King, at Reply

      The Corbynator Exactly

  13. Posted by Verum Quaesitor, at Reply

    How many examples of Trump,s mental decay must be witnessed before he is removed from Office ?

  14. Posted by Heather King-Smith, at Reply

    This is the second time he’s started to walk out & had to be reminded to sign the order he was so dang proud of😳

  15. Posted by Redneck Gamer, at Reply

    Trump is suffering from Alzheimer’s…another sign of it

  16. Posted by Bay Assassin, at Reply

    he needs a crayon

  17. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    Trump is obviously taking great enjoyment out of tearing down anything and everything Obama ever put in place. What Donny Dainty Hands fails to see and appreciate is that Obama actually DID these things… Accomplished a lot of stuff. It’s there on the record. A permanent part of the Obama legacy, no matter what.

    Donny, on the other hand, has accomplished NOTHING and probably will continue to accomplish NOTHING or very little, if his first year is an indicator. HIS legacy will be that of a spiteful spoiler – a tantruming toddler running around the playroom, kicking over everyone else’s blocks.