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Trump Found A Way To Make A Profit Off State Of The Union Address


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Leave it to an individual like Donald Trump to locate a means to make money off his very first State of the Union address on January 30th. According to a fundraising email sent out by the Trump project, any type of contributors who send out in $35 or even more will have their names scroll throughout the bottom of the screen throughout the address. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins describes just how this damages our democracy and also why Trump assumes every person has an ego as large as his.

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  1. Posted by Bobby Dazzler, at Reply

    I like my juicy TYT nothing burgers with a side order of extra salty fries and a sour lemon soda

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Bobby Dazzler usually I take a club soda.

    • Posted by cicakkibin, at Reply

      Bobby Dazzler
      Don’t choke on it 🤨

    • Posted by Captain Black, at Reply

      Only “nothing” in Trump world. If anyone else had done it would have been the end of the world.

  2. Posted by Cloud 兵士, at Reply

    Why would anyone pay 35 dollars, to see their name for a couple seconds ?

    That’s literally a waste of money.

    • Posted by MrDeedsly, at Reply

      Stroke Trumps and their own egos I would guess.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      It’s just fundraising (rolls eyes). Our local Democrat sold buttons.

  3. Posted by Lesley Allinson, at Reply

    I wouldn’t give him anything if he was the last ma in the world

  4. Posted by Errol 0007, at Reply

    Trump was always in it for the Rubles LOL

  5. Posted by OnceUponAMormon, at Reply

    You called it on Trump claiming”the most watched state of the union.” I imagine he knows that he is lying, but has always been rewarded for lying in this way because some portion of the people will believe it no matter the evidence

  6. Posted by Misheard Metal, at Reply

    Ha! uniom, I almost spit out my morning covfefe.

    • Posted by Bernie Rodgers, at Reply

      Misheard Metal hahahaha.. Lov it!!

  7. Posted by Ray Horn, at Reply

    I guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow and Donald Trump will take credit for it in a bigly way. Hehe.

    • Posted by Baron von Quiply, at Reply

      I just got this mental image of a stage production of Annie starring little donnie, singing “Tomorrow”.

  8. Posted by C.C. Neal, at Reply

    Damn, he killed that prediction on Trumps Highest Ever Watched Bullshit claim.

  9. Posted by Branfaol1, at Reply

    How is that even legal?

  10. Posted by Red Pill Pusher, at Reply


    • Posted by 420 Blazen, at Reply

      Red Pill Pusher fake president

  11. Posted by Rachel Bishop, at Reply

    Fake news

  12. Posted by RUSSIAN BOT 666-13, at Reply

    Fake News.

    • Posted by BlackHateMatrix, at Reply


    • Posted by 420 Blazen, at Reply

      Fake president

  13. Posted by Saru*ish of the Blue Rogues, at Reply

    So many trolls….

  14. Posted by Chris Jack Online, at Reply

    As i said before his infestiture, this man is a real and accomplish thief, he will always use you for his needs ($).

    • Posted by Ty Nation, at Reply

      Chris Jack Online wrong

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      Ty Nation ….no… correct…. ask any of the “trump university” graduates…. 25 million in FRAUD…. that’s theft, dumbdick…

  15. Posted by Social Justice Warriors...Come Out To Play-ee-yay!, at Reply

    Does this angry genital wart know this never happened, and he’s a week late?

    • Posted by spiderfan1974, at Reply

      Social Justice Warriors…Come Out To Play-ee-yay! It’s an old video numb nuts, it was recorded before the SOU. It’s on this channel now a week later. It was on dumb fucks Website, doesn’t matter if it happened or not. The fifth rate “celebrity” wanted to do it what a pathetic orange twat.

    • Posted by Mathew Thomas, at Reply

      Social Justice Warriors…Come Out To Play-ee-yay!

      You are the late one.

  16. Posted by knawmean2, at Reply

    Bro you’re a genius. That’s exactly what happened.

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      knawmean2 ….”stable genius”…

  17. Posted by America First, at Reply

    Donald Trumps great. I love this man. He got 50 from me and I’ll do it again next time he offers it.

    • Posted by CyberRonin, at Reply

      Youre a chromosome short I see.

    • Posted by America First, at Reply

      She is hot. Be 50 well spent

    • Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

      America first . You only give him $ 50 ? You cheap bastard !

    • Posted by Toma Hawk, at Reply

      America First troller.

  18. Posted by ThirtyFiveEDU, at Reply

    I’m glad he made profit from speech. Melania’s divorce settlement will be that much more painful for his wallet.

    • Posted by Henrik Enemark, at Reply

  19. Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

    100% Nambian Covfefe was served at the State of the Uniom address.